Shadow Empire - Subcultures update v1.25e out now

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Shadow Empire - Subcultures update v1.25e out now

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Hi everyone,

You can download the update here.

a new update for Shadow Empire (v1.25e) is out now. This update adds many new subcultures: Guardians, Confeds, Scavengers, Warmongers, Roaders, Mercanteers, Ferals, Beastmen and Demons. These are variations on the existing Minor Cultures, to add more variety during the early game. Last but not least, there are a lot of bug fixing and rule changes.
Read the changelog below to know more and if you want to have a look at what the update adds, please watch this video of DasTactic.

Full Changelog:


v1.25e brings some more flavour and immersion. Nine new subcultures have been added. These act as variations for the existing Minor Cultures.

- Guardians: A subculture of the Farmer Culture Group. These are similar to Farmers but have happened to find themselves with a treasure chest of still functioning GR technology. Note that these Guardians use some GR Tech, but do not understand this Tech, nor can they reproduce it. Their Militia Infantry will be slightly weaker than that of regular Farmers, but will be reinforced with some GR Tech and will get stronger faster over time.

- Confeds: A subculture of the Farmer Culture Group. These are similar to Farmers but they went through a phase of conflict with other Farmer Zones and eventually installed a Confederation that united several small Farmer Zones. Expect Confeds to have higher Populace levels as well as a higher level of eventual Militia mobilization.

- Scavengers: A subculture of the Raider Culture Group. These are similar to Raiders but less aggressive. They tend to focus on low intensity scavenging and as such expect some recuperated GR Tech used by their Militia’s. Also their Militia will get stronger faster over time.

- Warmongers: A subculture of the Raider Culture Group. These are similar to Raiders but even more aggressive. They live in a cult of worship of the physical body and strength. They glorify warfare and will be very eager to engage you.

- Roaders: A subculture of the Nomad Culture Group. These are similar to Nomads but more mechanized and always start the game controlling some serious road network.

- Mercanteers: A subculture of the Nomad Culture Group. These are similar to Nomads but more peaceful and focussed on helping their Traders, at which they are very good (their Traders get a boost similar to Commerce Bonus). They also have a much higher trading volume with other Minors or with Majors that they are at peace with. Due to their close and synergetic cooperation with the Traders they levy a capital tax on their Traders to finance their Militia.

- Ferals, Beastmen and Demons: These are subcultures of the Mutant Culture Group. They are similar in behavior but are stronger. Especially beware of Beastmen and Demons, though these will most likely only appear on higher difficulty levels.


Features + Rule changes:
- Added 9 Minor Subcultures (2 for Raiders, 2 for Farmers, 2 for Nomads and 3 for Mutants) for more variety during the early game.
- Upon incessant request you can now change Leader names in the Leader Management Tab *
- Upon your resigning of the game being implemented (the turn after the decision) the whole map will become visible now, without fog of war, if it is a single player game
- Difficulty for Offer Protection / Offer Client increased with the Tradition Culture Key of the target Culture.*
- Ammo Factory Level 1 now needs 1000 workers to produce, instead of 500 *
- Natural relation growth is now also possible for Leaders with Ambition 66 or higher. It's just slow and very irregular. Increasingly so when approaching the maximum of Ambition 100.
- Gas powered Rifle base Fire Power reduced from 100 to 85*
- Skewed the initial random portrait selection a bit more towards more caucasian *
- Added option to consult the Battle Report after regular combat during your turn *
- 25mm AT and 25mm Artillery Guns now have Foot movement instead of artillery movement. *
- Added Public Production Penalty to the Asset Log.
- Triple Electric Engine can now longer be installed on the smallest vehicles *

Bugs & Glitch Fixes:
- Fixed Group Move crash if way more than 16 units on a Hex (freak cases) (matthew)
- Fixed issue with SAMs not firing from distance (voker)
- Fixed “rolled” result mouse over for name of advisor that was displayed as -1,-1 in many cases
- Fixed strategem mini map regime targeting issue with regime that had no hexes with recon on it and selecting it in the list to the left (Xebec)
- Fixed turn process crash due to Zone without traders (Voker + Other reports)
- Nudge to ship building for some MTHs in some special cases (Thrake)
- Starting Asset construction on Hex will no longer remove the “start new zone” flag from previous asset construction order (Trake)
- Irregular artillery,tank and walker now get a little bit of structural damage points capability as well (Thrake) *
- Expell Pop now is generated by Staff Council (Cranky) *
- Fixed renaming upon creation of custom independent formation (Cranky)
- Leaders originated from 3rd parties (like corporate) now get included in seniority ranking
- Better drawing of thermal clothing for Militia
- Fixed heavy metals in water display glitch (huge negative value) on Lava Planets.
- Fixed “resign reveals whole map”, it now also works if you resign after losing or winning the game (thanks Das)
- Fixed Unit log glitch that was confusing energy with food consumption
- Made a fix to private economy being blocked from constructing new farms if enough pop present, but suboptimal prodmod average of existing farms
- Fixed a mouse-over production detail glitch in Management’s Assets Tab
- Fixed a crash with attempting to Disband an Asset in a Zone that does not have a City yet. Disband no longer possible in such rare occasions.
- Fixed some farming areal bonus calculations*
- Fixed rather serious double food production of agricultural assets*
- Fixed an issue where a Minor Regime under your protection got attacked by a Maor Regime AI and where Pacts where remaining in place (not that between human player pact levels due to indirect cause of war should stay intact)
- Fixed a rare AI glitch where it could possibly build a second mine Asset in a Hex
- Added the missing graphic for Tech #10 : Furnaces
- Adapted the Zone Border painting algorithm to take into account enemy neighbor Hexes in the same way we take Sea Hexes into account
- AI no longer receives airbase on Zone City if low pop+workers.
- AI no longer abandons “safe” strategic reserve allocation for hex that also has air units.
- Fixed a glitch with sea water heavy metals calculations on ocean worlds that are frozen over
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Re: Shadow Empire - Subcultures update v1.25e out now

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Great, will it be out for GOG soon? Thanks!
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