Strategic Command: American Civil War - 1904 Imperial Sunrise release and update 1.08.00

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Strategic Command: American Civil War - 1904 Imperial Sunrise release and update 1.08.00

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"It is February 1904 and Russia and Japan are at war!

This is a conflict in which neither side can afford delay. A long war for Japan means not only overwhelming numbers of Russian reinforcements, including the prestigious Baltic Fleet, but also the threat of financial collapse. The Tsar, meanwhile, has been promised an easy victory over the scorned Japanese, and failure to defeat them quickly risks not only humiliation but perhaps even revolution.

A grand battle for the control of East Asia is about to begin. Are you ready to take sides?"

We are proud to announce the release of 1904 Imperial Sunrise, a free campaign for all the owners of Strategic Command: American Civil War.

Alongside the free campaign we also release the update 1.08.00

You can download the update here

Here is the full changelog:

- Fixed an upgrade tool error that would sometimes allow you to upgrade resources beyond available MPPs (Jkap).
- Fixed an issue where towns would sometimes change control, despite not entering or formally gaining control of the town, after being attacked by a unit that moved first before attacking (Chernobyl).
- Land units will now be surprised by an enemy naval unit that is located on a Land + Sea hex (Tanaka).
- Coastal Guns will now fire back at attacking naval units (archmache).

- Units set to a default of zero action points in the Editor can no longer transport.
- Enemy ZoC movement penalty values can now be separately set for land and naval units in the Movement Costs screen.

- Fixed naval zone error making hex 34,41 impassable
- Fixed weather zones around map boundaries
- Hexes 17,54 and 17,58 now sea hexes instead of land+sea
- Hex 26,38 now a land/Carrizal hex instead of land+sea, allows the fortress there to fire correctly (Edprem)
- Corrected name of the Neembucu River

- Campaign now grouped with ACW release campaigns in the selection menu to make clearer the distinction between DLC and non-DLC campaigns

- DE 1 (Chile Declare Major Victory) will only fire if Peru still controls Lima
- DE 2 (Peru Declare Major Victory) will only fire if Chile still controls Santiago

- Fixed minor translation error (xavi_san_lla)

- Added '1904 Imperial Sunrise' campaign

All CW Campaigns
- Fixed location error for the Union Capture of Shreveport FS event (Mithrilotter)
- Mobility research will no longer show as an upgrade for Siege Artillery (Mithrilotter)
- Fixed the location of Valley Forge (jimpyle)
- Corrected route of the Appomattox River (jimpyle)
- Union War Weariness increased to 400 FS points per turn (was 200) (Scum)
- Each border/Southern state capital, marked with blue stars, now provides 25 FS points to its owner each turn (Scum)
- Railroad at Dover TN now connected to the line immediately south of the town (Tanaka)

- Updated Strategy Guides
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