Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm Out Now on Steam

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Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm Out Now on Steam

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Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm is now available on Steam! It includes hundreds of meticulously researched platforms and weapons, detailed orders of battle, and realistic modeling of modern combat, including armor, infantry, helicopters, airpower, and chemical and nuclear weapons, all wrapped up with a new user interface and PBEM++ multiplayer support.

Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm features a mix of 25 stand-alone and 18 linked campaign scenarios in four detailed campaigns involving NATO and Warsaw Pact forces from the US, France, Canada, West Germany, Soviet Union, East Germany and Czechoslovakia.

Purchase the game on Steam now to take advantage of the 25% off launch discount.

There's also a 25% discount for Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm on the Matrix Games store for a limited time only.

Moreover, today we have released a new official update for Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm, v2.1.2.7120, to bring all players up to the same level as the Steam release.

Download the changelog from here

Download the update from here
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