Nuclear War Simulator Out Now

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Nuclear War Simulator Out Now

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Nuclear War Simulator Out Now


Nuclear war simulator is a detailed realistic simulation and visualization of large-scale nuclear conflicts with a focus on humanitarian consequences. It lets you design conflict scenarios and estimate the consequences using a population density map and realistic weapons effects.

This software should help you answer the question: what will happen if Russia and the United States or India and Pakistan use their arsenals? You can design warheads, missiles and carries, place them on the map and execute attack plans to tell a credible story about how nuclear conflicts play out and what are the consequences. Using a high-resolution population density map and realistic weapons effects like blast, heat and radiation you can make an estimate of how many people will die in a conflict.

Using an intuitive UI you can design warheads, place them on missiles and into silos, on aircraft, TELs and submarines.You can then place the forces onto the map simply clicking on it or importing real-world locations from KMZ files.

-Detailed effects of nuclear weapons, accurate reports on affects/results (including but not limited to radiation zones, casualties and fires)
-Realistic delivery systems, up-to-date full known arsenal of main world powers.
-Sandbox to design weapon systems and build conflict scenarios.
-Individual civilians moving on the map and taking shelter.
-22+ predefined editable scenarios.
-In-game mod upload and download.
-Adjustable AI.
-Integrated early warning and Missile Defense systems.

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