Command: Modern Operations - Falklands Out Now

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Re: Command: Modern Operations - Falklands Out Now

Post by ultradave »

Run the installer. On the first screen it will allow you to license additional products. Select Falklands from the pulldown menu, input license, then you can exit the installer and should be good to go.

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Re: Command: Modern Operations - Falklands Out Now

Post by rmwilsonjr »

Reinstall and when you get to the screen where it asks if you want to register a new game, in addition to clicking on Falklands in the drop-down menu, there is a blank in front of the "Activate Code" button you have to manually insert the code into. There is no warning or error message if you don't insert the code, and the game will install successfully without it, and I have missed it a couple of times myself in my haste to install. Its only when I go to play and find the DLC still locked that it dawns on me that I didn't enter the code.
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Re: Command: Modern Operations - Falklands Out Now

Post by GlassHoppa »

Hello, I watched today's Twitch session of CMO - Falklands (today being Nov 30), where you played "The Empire Strikes Back" scenario. I was somewhat thoroughly amazed that 6 low-flying Harriers got downed in less than 60 seconds by BlowPipe MANPADS. These missiles were notoriously unreliable, among other facts they are manually controlled via a joystick. The British also used them, with one confirmed kill (an Aermacchi MB-339 COIN aircraft) for 95 missiles fired, with about 50% of them failing on launch. Argentine performance with them is unknown. They claimed 1 kill - a Harrier GR.3 - although the pilot believed he was hit by anti-aircraft guns.

Anyway, having the entire British Ground Strike wiped out by Blowpipes seems somewhat unrealistic, to put it mildly. Can any of the Slitherine Team please explain? My guess is that the ColdWar DB may need revising. Or that the Argies were somehow provisioned with the Javelin, the semi-automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS) upgrade to the Blowpipe (1984 onwards). This is obviously a hypothetical scenario (HMS Ark Royal SLEP), but "Super-Blowpipes?" Was that intentional or... ?

Speaking of which, same scenario with a CVA-01 (HMS Queen Elizabeth?) would be interesting. Maybe two, replace the HMS Hermes as well. 36 Phantoms and Bucs instead of Ark Royal's 26. To keep things balanced, give Argentina more Mirages (Black Buck 1 fails, the Argentine Air Force doesn't withdraw the Mirages to protect Buenos Aires). And maybe stay with Gannet AEW.3's instead of Hawkeyes. Something to try out one day...
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Re: Command: Modern Operations - Falklands Out Now

Post by burbigo »

Evolution more than revolution, if we compare it to its predecessor Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations, CMO takes up everything that made the success of its elder, seeking to make the experience more accessible and polished than in the past.

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Re: Command: Modern Operations - Falklands Out Now

Post by DavidRN »


Good campaign brings back memories of seeing on the news daily in Australia, the names and places, Goose Green, Margaret Thatcher, Atlantic Conveyor, HMS Sheffield etc.
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