Valor & Victory: Arnhem is out now

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Valor & Victory: Arnhem is out now

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The third DLC for Valor & Victory is out now.

Valor & Victory: Arnhem is now available on PC.

Set in the ferocious battle for the Arnhem Bridge on September 18-21, 1944. Operation Market Garden was the code name for a large offensive which aimed to advance from liberated Belgium straight to the middle of the Netherlands and then turn off towards Germany.

Tune in today on our Slitherine Twitch Channel at 3.30pm GMT where Hexaboo will show you the new DLC.

After downloading Valor & Victory: Arnhem, do not miss the chance to sign-up to the new tournament “Battle of Arnhem (DLC Required)”. You can sign-up here.
The tournament follows Swiss Tournament rules: you can find the full list of rules here.
The first round will commence on Thursday, 13th October 2022 at 9am GMT. No further entries can be accepted after the tournament has begun.

The tournament will last 3 rounds, 28 days each. Games are paired, so each matchup will be played both ways. All you need to do is sign up, then the system will pair you with opponents and create your PBEM games. You will be notified by mail of when the tournament is starting and when it will be time to play your turns.

To celebrate this moment, the DLC will be part of the Valor & Victory complete bundle here. If you don't own Valor & Victory yet, you can buy the base game and the two DLCs with a 10% off discount. If you already own the base game or the DLC, or both, you can buy the games you are missing and complete your collection with a 10% discount.
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