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  • AI War Alien Bundle
    Humanity has already fought its war against the machines -- and lost. AI death squads stand watch over every planet and every wormhole, the few remaining human settlements are held captive in orbiting bubbles, and the AIs have turned their attention outward, away from the galaxy, to alien threats or opportunities unknown. This inattention is our only hope: a small resistance, too insignificant even to be noticed by the AI central command, has survived. These are the forces you will command!
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  • Armada 2526 Series
    Armada 2526 continues the great tradition of space opera games. You guide your race from its first interstellar journeys, until it becomes a mighty galactic empire. Along the way, you'll explore the galaxy, conduct research, diplomacy and trade, found new colonies, maneuver mighty star fleets, and fight epic battles.
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  • Pandora Series
    Pandora: First Contact is a science-fiction turn-based strategy game of epic scale. The player leads his chosen human faction over multiple centuries on a newly discovered earth-like planet into an unknown future. Pandora features research, diplomacy, economy, warfare and endless replayability with the exploration of exciting and randomly-generated worlds.
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  • Smugglers IV - Doomsday
    Smugglers IV - Doomsday is a fun and challenging turn-based space-trading game where you take command of an advanced space ship amidst a galaxy torn by war and crime! With your ship and skilled crew you can choose to be a greedy trader, ambitious bounty hunter, ruthless pirate, or one of the other professions in your quest for riches, fame, and power! Through trading, fulfilling missions, or pirating, you can earn the money and skills necessary to buy new ships and upgrade your equipment. As success brings larger ships, missions, and enemies, you'll have to manage a crew, board & plunder enemy ships, and even conquer star systems.
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  • Starships Unlimited v3
    The Starships Unlimited v3 is a fun, addictive and elegant 4X space strategy game.
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  • Star Sentinel Tactics
    Star Sentinel Tactics is a turn-based tactical game that puts you in command of a squad of elite United Alliance marines - the Star Sentinels - as they battle to stop a race of bloodthirsty reptilians launching a devastating attack on our Galaxy! Along the way you'll have to use sharp thinking and effective tactics as you encounter giant mechs, rotting zombies, mutants and a host of other foes - all intent on your destruction!
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  • Warhammer® 40,000® Armageddon™
    Games Workshop’s “Battle for Armageddon” setting in a series of amazing multiplatform, turn-based, hex-based games. Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon will make full use of Slitherine's expertise in creating compelling and challenging strategy gaming experiences. The initial game is set during the Second War of Armageddon and players will lead the Imperial forces of the Armageddon Steel Legion and Space Marines®from the Ultramarines, Blood Angels and Salamanders Chapters against Ghazghkull Thraka’s massive Ork Waaagh! invasion through over 30 scenarios, on the hostile terrain of the planet and its gigantic Hive Cities.
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