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  • Democracy
    Do YOU have what it takes to run a country? Democracy starts with you in the role of President (or Prime Minister) of a modern country. Choose from twelve real countries, ranging from the United States to Australia. The object of the game is to stay in power as long as possible while pursuing policies that will turn your country into your definition of a utopia.
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  • FlashPoint Germany
    Matrix Games and Simulations Canada combine and completely remake two classic NATO vs. Warsaw Pact wargames into a new classic. Based on the original wargames “Main Battle Tank: North Germany” and “Main Battle Tank: Central Germany”, Flashpoint Germany is a new grand tactical wargame of modern combat. Every aspect of modern grand tactical warfare is included, from advanced armor, air and helicopters to chemical and tactical nuclear weapons. Step into the most dangerous war.. . that never was.
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  • Frozen Synapse
    Frozen Synapse is a thrilling PC strategy game that brings the simultaneous turn-based strategy genre bang up-to-date and lets you give detailed, accurate orders to your squad. Plan your moves, test them out, then hit the "Execute" button: both you and your enemy's turns are executed simultaneously.
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  • Harpoon 3 - Advanced Naval Warfare
    Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare is the result of decades of development and fan support, resulting in the most comprehensive, realistic, and accurate simulation of modern combined air and naval operations available to the gaming public. New features include, multiplayer support, third party databases, scenario editors, and OVER 300 pre-built scenarios!
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  • Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge
    Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge is a turn-based strategy that puts you command of a squad of specialists for hire in the genre’s biggest game-world yet: the African country Diamond Coast. Diamond Coast is a playground for the cruel and corrupt, each with their own agenda. Choose your friends wisely and buy an army of ruthless mercenaries to unleash mayhem on your foes. Choose “jobs” from different factions and complete them for cash to upgrade your weapons and hire more elite soldiers of fortune.
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  • Hornet Leader PC
    In Hornet Leader PC, you command a squadron of the U.S. Navy’s elite F/A-18 Hornet Strike Fighters! You select the pilots and arm the aircraft based on real-world mission briefings. Once you reach your objective, you evaluate threats, and do what needs to be done to destroy the target!
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  • Larry Bond's Harpoon - Commander's Edition
    This new Commander's Edition of Harpoon Classic includes land units, neutral and unknown sides, an improved radar and area ECM model and a host of other improvements. Rounding that out are over 200 scenarios and the WestPac Battleset. Try out this great new version of the classic Harpoon!
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  • Larry Bond's Harpoon - Ultimate Edition
    Harpoon Ultimate Edition is the best and most comprehensive compilation of computer Harpoon games ever assembled! The two flagship products in the Harpoon line up, Advanced Naval Warfare and Commanders Edition come highly expanded and improved from their previous versions. More than twenty classic versions of Harpoon are also included! Harpoon - Ultimate Edition is the most powerful and complete modern naval warfare simulation on the market and a must have for any Harpoon fan!
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  • Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager
    This forum supports the Early Access Program for the PC for Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager (SPM). iOS, Android and Mac releases are still in development. SPM is the ultimate game of space exploration. It is the mid 1950s and the race for dominance between the US and the Soviet Union is about to move into a new dimension: space. Take charge of the US or Soviet space agencies - your duty is be the first to the moon. Carefully manage your budget by opening programs, spending R&D funds on improving the hardware, recruiting personnel and astronauts and launching space missions in this realistic turn based strategy game.
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