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  • Achtung Panzer Operation Star
    Achtung Panzer:Operation Star is an Eastern Front wargame with solid graphics and sprawling battlefields that really emphasize the scope of WWII tank combat. The gameplay is a remarkably realistic turn-based and real-time operational/tactical hybrid wargame that continues the series begun by the acclaimed Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943.
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  • Across the Dnepr - Second Edition
    Can the Blitzkrieg be stopped? Across the Dnepr: Second Edition revisits a classic on a new system. Created from the ground up as an expansion for SSG’s latest acclaimed game engine, Kharkov: Disaster on the Donets, the Second Edition of Across the Dnepr includes Areas of Operations, the latest AI programming and multiple Mystery Variants to keep gamers guessing. Also includes 3 free scenarios in addition to the Across the Dnepr mega-scenario: Operation Husky, Operation Konrad and Kirovograd
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  • Battlefront
    Battlefront features the power of battalion-level combat in some of this period's most bloody and intense conflicts: Saipan, Market Garden, Novorossisk, and Gazala. Players will have realistic control over their soldiers, with a tactical scale just large enough to make a telling difference in the strategic picture.
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  • Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory
    Battle of Britain II “Wings of Victory” re-creates the famous and desperate air battles over southern England in 1940 at both the strategic level of the Air Commander and that of the individual plane and pilot. Relive what Churchill called "their finest hour", join the fight in the Battle of Britain!
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  • Carriers At War
    Carriers At War is Strategic Studies Group famed simulation of Fleet Carrier Air and Naval Operations in the Pacific from 1941 - 1945.
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  • Combat Command Series
    Combat Command is Boku Strategy Games World War II operational game. strategy games played warfare on a hex playing field with turn-based game play utilizing company-sized units. Game design aspects include turn phases, combat resolution, unit design, scenarios and artificial intelligence.
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  • Commander - Europe at War Gold
    Commander – Europe at War Gold is the first in a series of high level turn based strategy games. The first game spans WW2, allowing players to control the axis or allied forces through the entire war in the European Theatre.
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  • Decisive Battles: Battles In Italy
    Battles In Italy is the fourth game in the award-winning Decisive Battles of WWII game series from Strategic Studies Group. Battles in Italy recreates all aspects of the Italy campaign, from the landings on Sicily to Salerno, Anzio and Rome. Strategic Studies Group has again updated the Decisive Battles game engine for Battles in Italy with campaign specific features and other enhancements.
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  • Decisive Battles: Battles in Normandy
    Battles In Normandy is the third game in the Decisive Battles game series. Battles in Normandy recreates all aspects of the Normandy campaign, from the landings on the first day to the final climax of the campaign at Falaise. Strategic Studies Group rewrote the Decisive Battles game engine for Battles in Normandy with a host of new special rules for amphibious and airborne operations, plus a huge number of other enhancements.
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  • Decisive Battles: Korsun Pocket
    Korsun Pocket is a the second game using the award winning SSG Decisive Battles game engine. Korsun Pocket recreates the desperate German attempt to escape encirclement on the Russian Front early in 1944. The battle is a tense and exciting struggle, with neither side having a decisive advantage, as the Russians struggle to form the pocket, then try to resist successive German rescue efforts and last ditch attempts at breakout.
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  • España: 1936
    Ageod’s upcoming strategy game España: 1936 covers the entire Spanish Civil War from 1936-1939. With more than 200 regions, cities, roads, weapons factories, weather types, factions and sub-factions it is one of the few games to ever examine the period.
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  • Frontline Series
    The Frontline Series is an approachable collection of wargames set during the iconic battles of World War II. Available for PC, iOS and Android.

    The variety of maps and battle situations is what makes Frontline so different and engaging: players are confronted with blitzkriegs, trench wars and dog fights, but also unusual situation such as missions to capture an armoured convoy, recover important documents, capturing strategic positions and destroy fortifications.
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  • Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941
    Germany At War: Operation Barbarossa 1941 is an elegant turn-based design, inspired by classics such as Panzer General, but with more of a historical focus. You command the German forces through a branching historical campaign covering the entire 1941 campaign as well as part of the 1942 campaign. Dozens of scenarios stretch from the Soviet border all the way to Archangel and towards Astrakhan, the original military goals of Operation Barbarossa. Step into a wargame where your performance will rewrite history, through an addictive combination of compelling gameplay, realistic events and challenging battles.
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  • John Tiller's Campaign Series
    John Tiller's Campaign Series exemplifies tactical war-gaming at its finest by bringing you the entire collection of TalonSoft's award-winning campaign series. Containing TalonSoft's West Front, East Front, and Rising Sun platoon-level combat series, as well as all of the official add-ons and expansion packs, the Matrix Edition allows players to dictate the events of World War II from the tumultuous beginning to its climatic conclusion. We are working together with original programmer John Tiller to bring you this updated edition.
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  • Kharkov: Disaster on the Donets
    Kharkov: Disaster on the Donets is the latest strategy title from the award-winning team at Strategic Studies Group. A synthesis of the very best elements of two critically acclaimed and top-rated game systems, Decisive Battles and Battlefront, and a successor to both, the new Kharkov: Disaster on the Donets brings to life a campaign of epic scale and dynamic battles on the Eastern Front of World War II.
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  • Legends of War
    Assume the role of one of the best and most charismatic generals of World War II, George S. Patton, commanding the Third U.S. Army into historical conflicts from Normandy to Berlin along a Campaign composed of 21 different mission with varying objectives.
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  • Lock ‘n Load: Heroes of Stalingrad
    Get ready for Mark H. Walker's Lock ‘n Load: Heroes of Stalingrad. This is the first complete computer game in the Lock ‘n Load series, covering the battles in and around Stalingrad during World War II.
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  • Making History II: The War of the World
    Armchair generals and fans of grand strategy can take their turns building great empires or protecting the world from tyranny during these pivotal moments in world history. In addition to nation-level trade and diplomatic concerns, you are tasked with managing region and city-level projects, choosing the right technologies to research, directing military movement and development, conducting international diplomacy, maintaining domestic stability and producing resources vital to making everything else possible. No two games of Making History II: The War of the World will be the same as there are an unlimited number of ways to achieve your goals. The choices you make determine the history of your nation. Whether that history will speak of a liberator or a conqueror is up to you!
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  • Norm Koger's The Operational Art Of War III
    Norm Koger's The Operational Art of War III is the next game in the award-winning Operational Art of War game series. TOAW3 is updated and enhanced version of the TOAW: Century of Warfare game series. TOAW3 is a turn based game covering operational warfare from 1850-2015. Game scale is from 2.5km to 50km and half day to full week turns. TOAW3 scenarios have been designed by over 70 designers and included over 130 scenarios. TOAW3 comes complete with a full game editor.
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  • Officers - The Matrix Edition
    Officers - The Matrix Edition puts you in command of the Allied force in the largest conflict of our time. Take control of the US and British armies in order to strike back and defeat the Axis menace on the Western front of Europe. With over 1500 units on maps up to 10 square miles, Officers is the first WWII real time strategy game to let you fight on a truly massive scale. Historical battles like Operation Overlord, Millennium, and Cobra will put your tactical skills to the test using combined forces from infantry and engineers to tanks, artillery and bombers. The Matrix Edition is an enhanced release with additional fixes and improvements that cannot be found elsewhere.
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  • Operation Barbarossa: The Struggle for Russia
    In this elegant turn-based strategy game, compelling gameplay combines with gripping history to create an addictive mix. Aimed at all levels, from those who have never played a wargame before to those who know the history of World War II in detail, this is an entertaining and mentally challenging game of combined arms strategy. Your armor, infantry, artillery and air units will follow you through the most crucial battles of the Eastern Front. You will be able to choose from 47 different upgrades and improvements for your units as well as add new forces based on your success in the campaign. Take command in two German and one Soviet campaign as well as individual scenarios and determine the fate of the Eastern Front.
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  • Panzer Command: Ostfront
    Panzer Command: Ostfront is the latest in a new series of 3D turn-based tactical wargames which include single battles, multi-battle operations and full war campaigns with realistic units, tactics and terrain and an informative and practical interface. Including a full Map Editor, 60+ Scenarios, 10 Campaigns and a very long list of improvements, this is the ultimate Panzer Command release for the Eastern Front!
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  • Panzer & Land Doctrine
    A forum for discussion on Panzer Doctrine and Land Doctrine
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  • Piercing Fortress Europa
    Piercing Fortress Europa is a new game from veteran game designer Frank Hunter, which covers the campaigns of the Western Allies from July, 1943 through the end of April, 1945 in Sicily and Italy. Each area has its own map and time scale to best represent the campaigns for Sicily and Italy and the player is offered complete freedom, limited only by a historical order of battle and logistics model, to plan his operations and explore all of the many “what ifs” that the Italian theater has to offer.
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  • Steel Panthers World At War & Mega Campaigns
    SPWaW is a tactical squad-level World War II game on single platoon or up to an entire battalion through Europe and the Pacific (1939 to 1945).
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  • Storm over the Pacific
    The creators of WW2: Time of Wrath move to the Pacific theater with Storm over the Pacific. Depicting the epic conflict between Japan and the United States, players choose from 26 available countries with historically accurate orders of battle including land, sea and air units and leaders. Concentrate on directing one country or command several to lead an alliance of nations. Engage in battle over the vast Pacific with 16 unit types modelled with an intuitive supply system and more.
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  • Strategic War in Europe
    Strategic War in Europe is a grand strategy game where you command one or more of the 25 countries in the game. War, diplomacy, technological progress, recruitment, conquest – this is all in your hands. There are no restrictions to the actions you can perform during your turn: unit movement, purchase, attack, technology investment, reinforcement, all of those can be done at any moment during the turn.
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  • Team Assault: Baptism of Fire
    Team Assault: Baptism of Fire is a 3D turn-based tactical game where players take command of infantry squads to engage the enemy in intense close combat. Although the combat system is turn-based, the game play can be as fast paced and dynamic as you'd like. Dynamic turns, counter actions and continual feedback keep you constantly engaged while still giving you enough time to make important decisions to change the course of battle!
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  • Time of Fury
    Time of Fury spans the whole war in Europe and gives players the opportunity to control all types of units, ground, air and naval. Not only that, each player will be able to pick a single country or selection of countries and fight his way against either the AI or in multiplayer in hotseat or Play by E-Mail. This innovative multiplayer feature will give player the chance to fight bigger scenarios against many opponents, giving the game a strategic angle that has no equal in the market. The game uses Slitherine’s revolutionary PBEM++ server system.
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  • Uncommon Valor - Campaign for the South Pacific
    Uncommon Valor: Campaign for the South Pacific covers the campaigns for New Guinea, New Britain, New Ireland and the Solomon chain.
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  • Unity of Command Series
    Unity of Command lets you replay the epic conflict that was the Stalingrad Campaign of World War II. In this turn-based game of strategy and cunning, observe how opportunity leads the German army to advance recklessly into the steppes of southern Russia. And as the story unfolds, join the Soviet campaign to repel the invaders... As these legendary battles play out on the hex board, the tension of decision making and difficulties of conducting operations on a massive scale emerge. Command armies and fronts in maneuver warfare, thrust and encircle, capture cities and cross continents; but never, ever forget to watch your supply lines. The Red Turn expansion ads a gigantic Soviet expansion centered on the Kursk campaign.
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  • War In The Pacific - Struggle Against Japan 1941 - 1945
    Gary Grigsby's strategic level wargame covering the entire War in the Pacific from 1941 to 1945 or beyond.
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  • World War II: General Commander
    World War II: General Commander is an introductory war strategy game which brings a unique mix of scale, combat dynamics, and force management. An intuitive combination of rules and controls will give beginning wargamers and real time strategy fans the opportunity to simulate Germany’s famous last Blitzkrieg from either side.
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  • WW2: Road to Victory
    WW2: Road to Victory is the first grand strategy release from IQ Software/Wastelands Interactive, which covers World War II in Europe and the Mediterranean. Hex-based and Turn-based, it allows you to choose any combination of Axis, Allied, Neutral, Major or Minor countries to play and gives you full control over production, diplomacy, land, air and naval strategy. Start your campaign in 1939, 1940 or 1941 and see if you can better the results of your historical counterparts. A series of historical events and choices add flavor and strategic options for great replayability.
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  • WW2: Time of Wrath
    From the front lines in France and Russia to the deserts of North Africa and the airfields and convoys of Britain, the campaigns of World War II are yours to command in WW2: Time of Wrath! This turn-based grand strategy title, the highly improved and expanded sequel to WW2: Road to Victory, puts the player in charge of the political, economic and military decisions of one or more Axis or Allied nations, including minor nations.
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  • Desert War 1940 - 1942
    Brian Kellys Desert War: 1940-42 captures the drama of the campaign for North Africa during World War II.
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  • Conflict of Heroes Series
    This exciting new release is a faithful adaptation of the renowned Conflict of Heroes board game that won the Origins Historical Game of the Year, Charles Roberts Wargame of the Year and the James F. Dunnigan Design Elegance Award, as well as many others!

    Designed and developed in cooperation with Uwe Eickert, the original designer of Conflict of Heroes, and Western Civlization Software, the award-winning computer wargame studio, no effort has been spared to bring the outstanding Conflict of Heroes gameplay to the computer. Conflict of Heroes includes an AI opponent as well as full multiplayer support with an integrated forum and game lobby. To remain true to the core gameplay of the board game, the PC version is designed to be fun, fast and easy to play, though hard to master. The game design is also historically accurate and teaches and rewards platoon and company-level combined arms tactics without overwhelming the player with rules.
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  • Battle For Korsun
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  • Battle Academy Series
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