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  • Campaigns on the Danube 1805 - 1809
    Frank Hunter's Campaigns on the Danube is an operational study of the campaigns along the Danube in 1805 and 1809. Campaigns on the Danube's system focuses on trying to present the player with the same sort of decisions placed on their historical counterparts; how to feed an army and move that army according to a plan, all the while trying to fight a campaign. There is also an option to allow players to play out the battles with miniatures and input the results.
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  • Commander - Napoleon at War
    Commander – Napoleon at War is the second in a series of high level turn based strategy games. It spans the Napoleonic Wars from 1805 to 1815, allowing players to control France or the Coalitions against it through the entire period or in shorter scenarios. Easy to learn, with fun and addictive gameplay, this is a Napoleonic wargame in the style of the old "Panzer General".
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  • Crown of Glory
    Crown of Glory: Europe in the Age of Napoleon, the player controls one of the crowned potentates of Europe in the Napoleonic Era, wielding authority over his nation's military strategy, economic development, diplomatic relations, and social organization. It is a very thorough simulation of the entire Napoleonic Era - spanning from 1799 to 1820, from the dockyards in Lisbon to the frozen wastes of Holy Mother Russia.
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  • Crown of Glory: Emperor's Edition
    This sequel to the award-winning Crown of Glory takes Napoleonic Grand Strategy to a whole new level. This represents a complete overhaul of the original release, including countless improvements and innovations ranging from detailed Naval combat and brigade-level Land combat to an improved AI, unit upgrades, a more detailed Strategic Map and a new simplified Economy option. More historical AND more fun than the original!
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  • Napoleon in Italy
    Step back to the age of Napoleon and travel in the footsteps of this military genius! Napoleon in Italy is a hex based strategy game that includes both the strategic level of movement and logistics combined with playable tactical battles.
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  • Napoleon's Campaigns
    The greatest historical strategy game about Napoleon's Campaigns is here!

    Napoleon's Campaigns is a realistic simulation of the campaigns fought by the renowned French emperor between 1805 and 1815. In addition to reliving these landmarks of operational maneuver across Europe, the game also includes the Peninsula War (1808-1814) and even a what-if scenario where Napoleon invades England (1805).

    Each scenario presents a unique and interesting challenge!
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  • Wars of Napoleon
    AGEod goes back to the Napoleonic era and delivers the most detailed and comprehensive strategy game ever created about a time of struggle and conquest that forged modern Europe.
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