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Bug List as of July 6, 2005

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Bug List as of July 6, 2005 - 7/6/2005 9:02:42 PM   

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From: Milwaukee, WI
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As requested here is the current List of Bugs we have compiled. Please note that the number in []s is the priority number and due to always having resource constraints (Developer, testing, etc.) and lack of repeatability some of these low priority bugs may never be fixed. 5 is the highest priority, and level 4 and 5 bugs are those we think should be targeted for early fixes. There are also many references to save files these, of course, are not readily available to be distributed to the public.

BG0002 [2] Getting an odd bug with the VCR. When I rewind frame by frame, the number of units in an area begins to grow and grow and grow. At one point the display showed 400 as the number of units in some of the areas (and the same number next to each unit there). This is from our PBEM, so maybe it's a fog of war issue? Save on ftp site. Here is one way to duplicate:
1. Start VCR. Press the Japanese icon, watch the Japanese turn.
2. Use the slider on the VCR to go back before the start of the
Japanese turn. (alternatively just click on japan and then start rewinding without watching anything). Scroll over to Germany.
3. Press the ""back one frame"" button repeatedly and watch the unit
numbers on the map.

BG0021 [1] Units on a transport ship or carried by a plane that is shot down by op fire or in combat do not show up as destroyed in the combat reports. Keith's fix did not fully fix this. Now, units on transports are shown as in the area on the full screen battle info screen, but do not show as casualties when the transport they are on is sunk. Paratroopers shot down by op fire against the plane do not show up on any combat reports as being in the battle or being hit.

BG0022 [2] Videos - Videos reported to not work on Windows 2000 system.

BG0023 [2] Sometimes heavy fleets will attack light fleets 1 on 1 even when there are heavy fleets on the light fleet side available to fight. Should never force a mismatch if there are HFs on both sides. Save sent. This does not happen always, even with save.

BG0026 [5] Code that drives the tutorial attack on France and forces a win is not working. France needs to always fall when attacked in the tutorial. (needed for demo).

BG0031 [2] The Replay controller loses the buttons under some conditions. This can be recovered by exiting the program and reloading. First user report of this has come in.

BG0035 [3] On the unit data screen (F4) the mouse over popup reads “Torpedo value value”. Should be Torpedo Attack Value.

BG0047 [2] AI should build artillery in Leningrad and infantry in Austrailia/India in 1940.

BG0049 [2] Get debug folder text file to print out where things are being built to help ai.txt production work.

BG0050 [3] After Japanese surrender, the Strategic map kept displaying the ex-Japanese regions as Japanese owned, even though there was no more Japan. i.e. Japan conquered - still had red provinces on my strategic map. They were displayed properly on the regular map.

BG0054 [2] The scrollbar/sidebar has a balance point at the very top of the bar, i.e. if you click on the bar and pull downwards the cursor will be fixed at the top of the bar. The windows standard is to fix it wherever on the bar you click or fix it centralized.

BG0055 [1] There is no sign whatsoever on which characteristics you have added research points to during that turn, i.e. while I am in the research screen I easily forget which ones I already have added points to and have to click on several of the repeated times to see whether I had. A shading of the box for example would do the trick – then you would know you hade already put in research.

BG0059 [2] Some unit icons are too big for the two top windows in the combat resolution screen, does not look good. It is the HF in a few instances, which is pushed ”behind” the right-hand window.

BG0079 [3] I noticed a new potential minor bug. When Japan is starting her 'massacre in the South Pacific' in W'42, I sent fleets in to wipe out the WAllied Light Fleets and transports in the SRI area. The Transport and Light Fleet off of Luzon was attacked by a BB and the Light Fleet was hit. The transport was forced to flee and went into the Luzon port. The port graphic showed both a warship and the transport as present, even though the Light Fleet was not actually there (having been damaged, it went elsewhere). I'm not sure if this is anything but a display bug, but I thought I'd mention it (see BG0079a.sav). BG0079b is a save where fleets are "interred" in a Vichy Frozen area.

BG0082 [3] The Repair Screen scrolls back to the top every time I repair something

BG0083 [3] It does appear that carrier air units aren't able to retreat with their carriers if they were in the battle. I set up 2 test cases and in both the Japanese lost all planes destroyed whether they had a transport path back to a factory or not, and even when the air units were not damaged in the combat and the carriers got away. It appears that carriers that lose a battle and must retreat are going to lose all their planes destroyed. I can live with the damaged planes destroyed (if a link to a live carrier is for some reason too hard to check for before the retreat-as a link to a live carrier is what should allow the carrier air to go to a factory), but it's very harsh to lose the carrier planes that aren't even damaged .Undamaged planes not retreating being the must fix part of the bug. The 2 carrier air retreat saves attached are from me and if a retreat is forced they will show the problem.

BG0085 [3] Under some conditions the second sub being counterattacked has its evasion reduced by 1. The conditions that make this occur have not been isolated, but a two on two battle between light fleets where no one hits does not seem to cause the bug (tried a few times). The save posted will have the AI attack in the Central Med and a large battle may result. In cases where the 2 WA light fleets survive to counterattack the German subs, the second sub had its evasion go down. In at least one case when this happened, the first sub was hit and then the second sub had its evasion go down and was then also hit. Other reports of sub evasion being down 1 for no explained reason have been reported , but these are very hard to duplicate (and can't be consistently repeated).
- There have also been reports that if a sub hits a ship, it gets +1 evasion when it is shot back at (as if the sub attack was not simultaneous with the counterattack by the damaged ship, which I seem to recall is the way it works). We need confirmation so we can clarify the rules for sub combat.

BG0086 [4] I am playing a MP game as the Allies and have found a move that froze the game. I had a CV in the port of Scotland which I moved to the Irish sea. I then moved a CAG from England to the Irish sea. Later, I reconsidered and moved the CV back to the Scotland port. I realized my CAG was still onboard, so I moved it back to England. When I went back to the port of Scotland I noticed the carrier still had the link icon, even though the CAG was shown as being in England. And when I tried to click on the CAG in England, the game froze.

BG0091 [3] In fixing BG0048 we removed the ability to undo the bombers move after it has picked up the para. As a side note though shouldn't I be able to move the bomber back if it also undo's the picking up of the para? In other words shouldn't I be able to completely undo the move as nothing was revealed by FOW?

BG0097 [3] I had 2 WA carriers with CAG Speed at 3 attack 3 Japanese carriers with CAG Speed at 2. The attack took place from the Pacific NW area so the WA planes had to cross 1 single and 1 double line. During the attack over the Japanese carriers the WA CAG damaged two Japan planes. They also destroyed two Japan carriers. The summary report showed that 2 Japan planes were damaged AND two Japan planes were destroyed along with 2 carriers. Japan had only 3 planes in on the fight.
- I'm thinking the combat engine is destroying the attached plane when a carrier goes down and doesn't remove it from the damaged list when it had been damaged before. Also, I had one Japanese CAG survive the dogfight unscathed, shouldn't it have been the one to land on my one surviving carrier? It looks like the combat engine destroyed it because its carrier was destroyed.

BG0114 [3] After a Carrier Air attack on other Carriers (with Air) it just skips right to the counter-strike. You don't get to see the combat report for the initial attack. Of course this has to have enemy Carrier Air that survives the first attack.

BG0118 [5] In this save the Russian units that attack any Germans this turn should get +2 to their evade when they are attacked by Germans in Russia (+1 due to being fired at by Germans during first winter and +1 due to being a defender in a cold area in winter).

BG0119 [4] Russians attacking in the same save from BG0118 with all units moving into Kiev showed that artillery that were hit in the air phase or in the range 2 land combat phase, were not allowed to fire at range 1. This goes against what Keith has recently told me and we added to the clarifications that all units except air units hit would get to fight in following rounds of combat. This is not always the case (although I saw some of the artillery get shot at during range 1 combat, it didn't shoot back).
BG0120 [4] It appears that with 1.033 that artillery does not get a bonus when attacking the same unit at range 1 that it did at range 2 (that is the evasion mod on the target for having been shot at previously). This is even true when another unit shoots at the same unit at range 1 before the artillery does. Also, it appears that artillery always targets the same unit at range 1 that it targeted at range 2 (user claims that when the target is destroyed at range 2, the arty does not fire at range 1). All of these things taken together hurts arty. Also, the user claims this wasn't the case in 1.016, so some combat fix caused this to start happening with 1.033. Related to bug 0129.

BG0121 [3] Someone on forum reported that a Soviet DOW on Persia cost then 75 supply points. The save file I received was corrupted. Need Save.

BG0122 [4] This is in response to my post ( ) about the PBEM anti-cheat "console"" feature not working in my PBEM games versus one opponent. The thread for this is noted at the bottom. I have attached two filed for you to look at. One is called ""security,"" and it is an example of the problem. It is from the very first turn my PBEM opponent sent me -- so you can enter your own password for the allies and observe that the anti-cheat feature does not seem to be working. The other is a PBEM game I created myself and called ""test,"" from the same point in the game - the beginning of the allied first turn. In the test game, the anti-cheat feature seems to be working properly.

Note that I have played games as both Axis and Allies with this opponent - and the anti-cheat feature seems to not be working at this point in either (although I quickly tested the first game that I sent to the opponent with me as Axis and it was working at that point!). I hope this wasn't too confusing - and again, I have no other reason to suspect any cheating from the progress of my games. Let me know if you would like another example of a more recent turn and I can provide at least my own password if necessary.

BG0123 [5] The Allied Auto Victory for nuclear capability is showing Marginal in 1945 (should be Decisive). I suspect that the data file is not using the format that Keith wanted and is passing the Decisive Victory line (with a time factor on it) and dropping down to the Marginal Victory line.

BG0125 [5] If the Germans retake Western France and Vichy is once again declared (pop up message). Now this all happens while Vichy is still on the map (frozen). The bad thing is that when this happens, Eastern France is turned to German and the Allied units there are removed. I'd guess it's going through the Vichy declared data file which will end up destroying things that we don't want destroyed. Vichy was supposed to only come up a maximum of one time per game. Taking Western France a second time should never cause Vichy.

BG0126 [2] Using same save from above bug if you load the save and try to move a fighter from Northern Italy to Southern France, you'll see some numbers show up on the map near the mouse (they flicker on and off). These numbers should obviously not be displaying.

BG0127 [5] Take a look at the arty unit in North Africa. I can't resolve combat and I can't move it back out - so I can't end the turn either and alas - the game is effiectively frozen. May be related to bug 0130. Need a way to execute combats like this and others that are preventing the player from ending their turn.

BG0128 [4] The game does not always give back supply for undoing naval unit movement. Use the attached save and move the US LF from the Caribbean to NA3 and undo and you lose 3 supplies (unit stays fueled). The fact that this doesn't happen in all similar cases (see note below) makes me think there is a bug that could be fixed here.

BG0129 [4] Enclosed are two save files - one before an attack and one after the same attack:
10 German ART + some misc units attack
3 Russian ART + alot of misc units defend.
- At range 2 fire all three Russian ART as well as three of the ten German ART are damaged. The IDs for the German ones are 557, 456 and 475.
- At range 1 the three Russian ART do fire again - but only 7 of the German ART fire again. The three ART that do not fire are exactly the ones that were damaged at range 2.
- I have reproduced this repliably several times - so I sincerely doubt its coincidental. If its a bug or an intended design feature I cannot say. Related to bug 0120."

BG0130 [5] 1) Start a 1940 campaign playing all 5 sides.
2) Move a German AA to Tobruk.
3) Move a WA Art to Egypt.
4) Move the German AA from Tobruk to Egypt.
5) Try to end the turn.
6) The AA will not be allowed to attack in Egypt.
7) Joel confirmed this, and also confirmed that a WA flak is allowed to attack when moving into an area with a German artillery. Also, since the German AA must be up against an arty to not be able to attack (against an infantry it is allowed to attack, but not against an infantry and artillery), is the analyzer predicting the flak will have no chance to hit the arty because it will be destroyed at range 2? May be related to bug 0127.

BG0131 [5] Transports are getting stuck in areas with enemy units and then can't end the turn as they can't attack. Need a method to allow players to force combats even when units can't hit if it is a mandatory combat.

BG0132 [5] Narrows Op-fire is currently shooting at air units (should only shoot at ships). Air units currently Op-fire at air units moving past adjacent sea areas (should only shoot at non-sub ships and cargo moving over transports).

BG0133 [4] The previous turn Chinese units attacked and retreated Japanese units from Mongolia. When asked if i wanted to occupy area I clicked no ( territory reverts to Russian controlled, Chinese units move away). On the next turn much to my surprise I was able to move Chinese units into Mongolia and again asked if I wanted to occupy, I clicked yes.

BG0135 [4] Combat Analyzer improvements can be made based on the attached saves and doc file details.

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Maurice Buttazoni
Project Coordinator, Playtest Coordinator

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RE: Bug List as of July 6, 2005 - 7/6/2005 11:34:39 PM   


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I am very impressed by this list - thank you for posting it.

I will definitely be going over every item very carefully and maybe try to add suggestions or additions if I can. I hope others might do similarly to help spot any remaining problems.

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RE: Bug List as of July 6, 2005 - 7/7/2005 2:58:49 AM   


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Just a couple of comments based on a few games:


We hate auto-supply!
Just turn it off, it doesn't really help much since you have to fix everything at the end of the turn anyhow. Also it tends to freeze your transports for no particular reason, and doesn't account for Partisan duty (which needs 1 supply) or defensive supplies (which needs another supply).

1. Auto-supply could use some attention. 5cats identified three issues in the above quote that should be resolved.

2. If Axis fails to take Yugoslavia, WA can attack Bulgaria and occupy with the Yugoslavs, and Axis AI then ignores occupied Bulgaria. Somebody mentioned this a while back and I did this in a game. Strange that the Axis AI would not fight to retake the area.

(in reply to JanSorensen)
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RE: Bug List as of July 6, 2005 - 7/7/2005 3:27:50 AM   
Joel Billings

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ORIGINAL: pzgndr

Just a couple of comments based on a few games:


We hate auto-supply!
Just turn it off, it doesn't really help much since you have to fix everything at the end of the turn anyhow. Also it tends to freeze your transports for no particular reason, and doesn't account for Partisan duty (which needs 1 supply) or defensive supplies (which needs another supply).

1. Auto-supply could use some attention. 5cats identified three issues in the above quote that should be resolved.

2. If Axis fails to take Yugoslavia, WA can attack Bulgaria and occupy with the Yugoslavs, and Axis AI then ignores occupied Bulgaria. Somebody mentioned this a while back and I did this in a game. Strange that the Axis AI would not fight to retake the area.

The auto supply issues you mention aren't bugs. Changing the auto supply to deal with what you mentioned would be additional functionality and are best addressed in a list for future enhancements. Auto supply was never intended to deal with partisan or defensive supply (maybe unclear in the manual, but it was for supplies required during the movement phase only). Freezing your transports is due to the need to move them over transports when called for. They are split among all transports (instead of on one) due to programming issues around the undo command. I'm not saying some changes wouldn't be good, they're just not bugs, which was the intention of this list.

The Yugoslavia problem (as in not taking it) is on our AI improvements list (not a bug), and I'll add Bulgaria to the improvement list. Thanks.

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RE: Bug List as of July 6, 2005 - 7/7/2005 6:33:16 AM   

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in one of my pbem game where i play the allied, after the russian took E-Germany (in a 50-50 scenario) and the allied took W-Germany in the same turn , nothing happened immediately (the germans still occupy italy and denmark). but after i end the turn, the movie played stating the germans' surrender and then i am allowed to play the IJN!!

if requested, i can send u the saves b4 and after.


(in reply to Joel Billings)
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RE: Bug List as of July 6, 2005 - 7/7/2005 7:03:48 AM   
Joel Billings

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Please send the saves to Sounds like a bug to me. Please detail in the email how many players there were and what the passwords were (or ask your opponents to send me their emails). Thanks.

(in reply to a511)
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RE: Bug List as of July 6, 2005 - 8/13/2005 3:02:01 AM   


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I didn't see this listed - but maybe I just missed it. There appears to be a bug with all partisan attacks. Factories and Rail will be damaged by partisans, but even when the attack succeeds against resources there is no effect in the current version of the game. Also - and perhaps I didn't test it enough to be sure - but it appears that when partisans are sufficiently strong, they will attack most enemy units but will not attack militia for some reasons.

(in reply to Joel Billings)
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