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Anarchy & Rebel Hunter ***SPOILERS!!!***

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Anarchy & Rebel Hunter ***SPOILERS!!!*** - 4/14/2004 7:51:39 AM   


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This action report contains spoilers for the upcoming Rebel Hunter Campaign.


(Don’t worry, once Anarchy is done with this campaign, more action reports will be done in an alternate thread)





Rebel Hunter: Mission One

After our success in squashing the Android Rebellion, Anarchy was called to assist with another problem brewing. It appears that th^re is tr%ublX on gy*$ …



…rygh%. Consequently, we had to drop into the area to secure an outpost, which will also serve as a base for operations for our subsequent missions (presumably).

Now let me introduce you to the squad “Anarchy”:

McManlo (Leader) – Sickle (100ton) – 2x Black Ray Gun (BRG) Specs located in the Titan Arena
Sarge (Business) – Imp (70ton) – 2x Tesla Bolt
Marshall (Mechanic) – Inferno (70ton) – 2x Flamethrower, 4x Napalm Missles
Billy – Berserker (70ton) – 2x Chainsaw
Johnnie – Wolverine (70ton) – Light Meson Guns

Mission Summary: Take out Patrols and Secure Base

Now, as we were going to drop into the area, all participating titans require jump jets. Therefore only McManlo, Marshall and Billy were going to drop, with Sarge and Johnnie joining them next mission once the area is secure (presumably).

Anarchy was the second out of two teams to go into the area. The squad, Shadowbane, was sent ahead of us to secure the drop site. As we were preparing for the drop Shadowbane was ambushed calling for immediate help. We suited up as fast as we could and dropped. As we descended, we heard the cries of the Shadowbane jocks and sounds of a heavy firefight below coming through our communications channels.

When we came into view from our drop we briefly saw:

Shadowbane Squad:
Club - Disabled
Locust – Disabled
Leader in 70ton Cutthroat being charged by a Prowler (40ton). A Dragonfly (40ton) was also attacking it from a short distance. This combat was on the north side of a lake near a Radio Uplink and Armour Bay.
Shadowbane2 in a Recon disappearing behind some hills to the southeast.

Upon landing, our line-of-sight was blocked by hills and a copse of trees to the east. As we were getting our bearings, a Zealot (40ton) and Unicorn (40ton) started attacking Marshall from a forest to the south with long range cannons.

McManlo and Marshall set their target on the Zealot and charged. Billy, who dropped much farther north began to run to where we last saw the Shadowbane leader in turmoil.

As we closed in, BRG attacks kept the Zealot grounded for the most part. McManlo upon reaching the Zealot landed a Chainsaw to the Centre Torso Disabling the enemy. Marshall took a number of hits to the legs, but targeted the unicorn with flamethrowers and Napalm Missiles. The Unicorn, suffering from high heat had an ammo explosion. Backing our titans away, the BRG kept the Unicorn in place while we continued to pepper it with NMs to stay hot. Eventually a BRG destroyed first the LT, then the RT, then finally a leg. Unicorn Disabled. We took very little damage, aside from concentrated attacks to Marshall’s left leg, which was down to internal armour.

Meanwhile, Billy came into view of the Shadowbane Leader’s Cutthroat who was moving SE through the hills. He fought off the Prowler (disabled) but was being harassed by the Dragonfly. Sounds of further heavy combat came from Shadowbane2, who was beyond view. Damage Reports flooded the screen... Right Torso Destroyed.... Right Leg ripped off... Shadowbane2 was out of action.

The Cutthroat continued to limp along, critical hit reports continued to flash our communications. Eventually his Centre Back Torso was destroyed and he tumbled down the mountainside, losing a leg in the process. The Cutthroat wouldn’t give up and kept attacking back, the best it could. Until a cockpit hit knocked the Shadowbane Leader unconscious. Billy was within a kilometre of the Dragonfly, shooting his AC4 as he closed in. The Dragonfly began to turn around, but not before he took one last shot at the injured Cutthroat. Engine Hit. Titan Explodes! I don’t think the unconscious leader had any time to escape.

Billy then jumped on the Dragonfly, Chainsaw to the Left Torso, Chainsaw to the Leg, Chainsaw to the Head…. and the Dragonfly pilot ejected to safety.

With no enemies currently in sight, we explored the buildings and regrouped to the north of the lake by the armour bay. We suspected a big fight awaited us to the southeast where Shadowbane2 disappeared, and the Radio Uplink confirmed the presence of a few buildings surrounded by the hills, with a few passes to gain entry. Billy patched himself up in the Armour Bay, which only had enough supplies for one Titan.

We cautiously advanced to the southeast, taking the easternmost pass. As we arrived at the end of the pass (Billy in the lead) we spotted two Spiders (70ton) in close proximity. Billy charged the closer Spider (Spider1) but fell down. McManlo then blew it off it’s feet with a BRG, giving Billy enough time to stand and insert two Chainsaws. Marshall began heating Spider1 up with napalms and Flamethrowers when Spider2 charged Billy. Soon Billy was in Close Combat with both Spiders! Continuing on Spider1, a Chainsaw ripped off it’s Right Arm, and excess heat led to a HMG ammo explosion. McManlo then charged Spider2 (I figured Spider1 was almost out of action and would soon be toast after a few more Chainsaw hits).

Then the scary event happened. Billy took a second hit to the Torso – Medium Engine Damage. This was quickly followed by a punch causing heavy Engine Damage. Billy quickly activated his jump jets and leapt into the air, beyond the range of further punches, as McManlo downed Spider2 with BRG and Chainsaw attacks. Both Spiders began concentrating their fire on McManlo as Billy flew away as fast as he could…whew. When Billy landed he didn't even have enough power to walk forward!

McManlo then applied the finishing blows. A Chainsaw, followed by BRG, both to the head of Spider2, ripped it clean off. Without losing any momentum, he quickly targeted Spider1 and a punch to the Lower Torso disabled it. Both Spiders disabled within 10 seconds of each other. Ah Victory, Sweet Victory.

88k Salvage
+17k Bounty
+112k Payment
- 123k Salaries/Upkeep (high, due to two idle jocks)
- 67k Repairs (Mostly probably due to the heavy engine damage)
= 27k Profit

Final Comments: The Sickle performed quite well. It was able to supply great support fire for the Berserker, and yet able to step into the fro to take the heat off Billy when he desperately needed it. I was happy with it’s performance. (I’m not saying that I still won’t tweak any aspects of it though).

Also, after the Battle we did a few more modifications to the Berserker. The AC4 was a mild irritant at best, even against a 40ton Dragonfly, and was removed. This freed up 3.5tons. Still wanting an additional weapon to the Chainsaws, we mounted a medium laser into the head (more damage than the AC4, but shorter range). Previously, I already increased the Heat and Engine both to level 2, so these should not be a problem, the Berserker runs very cool when not on a “thermal” world. I also installed a DCS1 at the minor expense of decreasing the life support from 2 to 1. Were these modifications wise? Only future battles will tell…

Stay tuned to this thread for more action from this exciting new campaign.
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RE: Anarchy & Rebel Hunter ***SPOILERS!!!*** - 4/15/2004 2:49:49 AM   

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Billy is either really brave or really foolish don't really matter which, as long as he's EXTREMELY lucky . Atleast he's smart enough to know when to get the h*** out of Dodge.


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RE: Anarchy & Rebel Hunter ***SPOILERS!!!*** - 4/19/2004 1:24:17 AM   

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These are great AAR's I am really enjoying reading them. Keep up the good work.



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RE: Anarchy & Rebel Hunter ***SPOILERS!!!*** - 4/26/2004 3:51:05 AM   


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**SPOILERS ** - but hey,you should already know that from the Subject Title, right?

Synopsis: With Anarchy having to leave on urgent business, Bedlam, who are Green as Grass, took over. With the departure of Anarchy, the enemy recaptured their base and Bedlam was forced to battle for ground that was previously won. (i.e. They had to begin at mission one )

The Squad: Bedlam (220 tons)
O'Brien - Pharoah (70t)
Carson - Mosquito (40t)
Marshall - Gremlin (40t)
Washington - Apparition (70t)

Mission One (Details are a bit scant, sorry, I was anxious to get to mission two!)
Suggested tonnage: 190-280tons

Setting: As we landed (jumping down from our dropship), we saw an enemy Prowler and Dragonfly engaged with our allies (Shadowbane) to the East. To the south were some woods which concealed an enemy Zealot and Unicorn. Our drop team was separated with O'Brien and Carson dropping near the Zealot and Unicorn, and Marshall and Washington dropping far to the north. So we knew that initially, O'Brien and Carson would have to hold their own, while Marshall and Washington went in pursuit of the Prowler and Dragonfly.

Zealot and Unicorn - After exchanging a little of medium/short range fire O'Brien charged the Zealot (with Carson directly behind him). The Zealot was knocked off it's feet by the charge and Carson planted a kick to it's Lower Torso disabling it. O'Brien then charged the Unicorn (only a few hexes away) and bowled it over, doing 18 damage to the Left Leg. After a few quick exchanges, the left leg was ripped off. Our titan's backed off and blew the right arm off the Unicorn, disabling it.

Meanwhile, the Shadowbane leader managed to take down the Prowler before the Dragonfly finished him off. Shadowbane2 was no help and disappeared to the Southeast, never to be seen agian. Opie let some GMEs fly and luckily took out the left torso of the Dragonfly, the jock ejected to safety.

We regrouped by the enemy armour bay, healed O'Brien's Pharoah (which was the target of all the Zealot and Unicorn attacks) and proceeded to the southeast, following the trail of the mission Shadowbane2. Washington led the way.

Enemy Encampment - The final clash was incredibly short. As we came into the clearing, Washington spotted an Inferno (70t) and a Thor (70t) within a kilometre. Washington pounced on the Inferno and landed both chainsaws to it's Centre Torso, destroying it. Opie charged the Thor and missed, and was attacked. This distracted the Thor long enough for Washington to perform a Death-from-Above doing 42 points of damage to the Thor's upper body. All four titans were now locked on to the damaged Thor and it didn't take long before the enemy was reduced to steaming scrap. VICTORY!

Aftermath - Washington, the key jock in the battle was promoted to novice. We earned 140k, after salaries, and had repairs of 76k.

Mission Two – Intelligence suggested tonnage of 210-280 tons

Squad – As above (220 tons)

There was little time to celebrate; we now had the enemy on his heels. After a quick repair, we were called to a sector to the east. A mountainous area with a hidden armour bay (to the far east). The mountain took up the majority of the map, with enough area to squeeze by the north or south.

As we approached the mountain from the west, we spotted a Pharoah rounding the mountain on the northern side, with a Mosquito right behind it. Washington charged (as he tends to do.) and Opie and Carson got within range and crouched down to provide support fire. O’Brien, was furthest to the South, and therefore was caught in the rear of our file, but proceeded to run northwards as quick as possible.

As we closed in, a Guillotine (70tons – LRMs) poked it’s head to the far southeast from on top of the mountain.

Washington clashed with the Pharoah and deposited his Chainsaw into the left leg, knocking it over. He then targeted the leg with his Machine Guns ripping it off. He then switched targets and proceeded to run away, but not before the Pharoah, still firing from the ground planted two Cold Light Rays to his Centre Back Torso, damaging his Gyro.

All titans switched targets to the Mosquito, and moved to the northeast, behind a hill. This took all of our titans out of sight of the Guillotine (still kms away) who was beginning to lob LRMs at us.

Washington charged the Mosquito and knocked it over. Both chainsaws then ripped it’s Right Arm off. With some support fire, a machinegun destroyed it’s left torso disabling it. We then returned our attention to the downed Pharoah, targeting it’s Right Arm (the arm with the energy weapon) and blew it off.

It was at this moment, that the Guillotine arrived from around the south side of our protective hill. Consequently, O’Brien was almost on top of it, when it appeared. O’Brien leaped into the air and successfully performed a Death from Above, and the Guillotine, not made for close combat went sprawling. O’Brien readied his chainsaw and shredded the Guillotine’s Right Arm, then Left Torso, then Left Leg. It was eject time for the Guillotine.

We regrouped and decided to circle the mountain to the south (the direction the Guillotine came from). We thought that if there was anyone guarding the northern pass, we could circle from behind, patching up our titans in the armour bay if need be.

The Light Titans led, with the Recons following at their heels. We spotted a lone Quantum (40t) in the southern pass, but with all of our titans taking aim, it didn’t take long until its left leg was ripped off, followed by its Lower Torso and Left Torso destroyed. We left it steaming as we continued eastwards.

We already met tonnage, equal to our own, so we didn’t expect too much more resistance at our objective (Intelligence usually isn’t far off the mark). Also, we thought that perhaps the enemy armour bay would be deserted and the northern pass occupied. By this time, ammunition was running quite low and we let the Recons take the point.

As we arrived at the eastern base, we spotted a lone Enigma (40tons). Opie and Carson charged. Opie and the Enigma ran into each other doing 23points each and crashed to the ground. This suited us well, as Carson began to punch and kick the downed Enigma. O’Brien and Washington arrived and a Machine Gun took out the Right Arm as the Cold Light Ray ripped off the Right Leg.

The enemy base was ours and no more titans were found. Victory!

Aftermath: We earned a whopping $160k and had $66k in repairs. As we were near the minimum tonnage for this mission, we’re focusing on upgrading both Recons. Opie drew the long straw and was given a Poltergeist (even more guided missiles). Carson will have to wait until at least next mission.

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RE: Anarchy & Rebel Hunter ***SPOILERS!!!*** - 4/27/2004 3:20:09 AM   


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Rebel Hunter – Mission 3

The Mission: Defend. Disable all opposition and protect the (censored). Recommended: (210-280 tons)

The Squad: Bedlam (250 tons)
O’Brien – Pharaoh
Carson – Mosquito
Opie – Poltergeist
Washington – Apparition

The Setting: The building we had to guard was situated on a small hill surrounded by vast plains in all directions. A small river was near the base of the hill on the western side. This terrain meant that we were likely to engage in long range combat. Also on the hill, for our use, were ammo and armour bays.

The Enemy: We first spotted two titans to the far west; a Unicorn (40t) and Mirage (70t). Shortly after, a Tripwire (40t) and Fang (40t) were seen to the east/southeast.

Western Assault :Washington and Carson targeted the unicorn. Carson crouched down as Washington flew over the river and charged towards the enemy. The enemies focused their long range weapons (GMEs, ACs, and LRMs) on Carson. When Washington reached the Unicorn (a couple kms out) he unleashed full fire of MGs and Chainsaws and ripped off the Left Leg and destroyed the Right Torso.

As we then switched targets to the Mirage, it ran right by Washington, who turned around to pursue his quarry. Eventually Washington caught up to the Mirage as it slowed down when it reached the river. Washington stuck a chainsaw into each leg and a MG ripped off the left leg. He then backed up as Carson continued to exchange fire. (Carson took quite a lot of damage from the GMEs and LRMs – and retreated toward the armour bay).

Eastern Assault: As Opie set himself up on the hill, firing his GMHs at long range (and as they approached his GMEs), O’Brien proceeded to some trees at the bottom of the hill to intercept the enemy. The Fang was our first target and was tripped about 1km away from GME fire (after being continuously pelted by GMHs). O’Brien’s Cold Ray Gun ripped into the Fang’s Centre Torso and the jock ejected. The Tripwire was close on it’s tail, but after a quick target switch was blasted in the chest by Opie’s GMEs and fell, further damaging his Centre Torso (19 pts total). As it stood up, O’Brien charged into it and knocked it over once again. A CRG caught it in the leg and a GME ripped the leg off. We backed up, towards the hill on all fronts as all 4 enemy jocks ejected.

We, were at this point regathering (Carson using the armour bay) when…AIRDROP! Two enemy titans (Wasp & Dagger) appeared out of the sky just north of our hill. Washington, who was still on the far side of the River, went in pursuit of the Dagger, as Opie and O’Brien focused on the Wasp. The Wasp took two GMEs and Cold Ray to its Left Torso (destroying it) but kept its balance and kept approaching. Carson came out of the armour bay, and was targeted by both enemies! Washington harassed the Dagger with MG fire, but couldn’t catch up to the smaller titan until it slowed down. We found ourselves in a large melee, with both enemies and our 4 titans all within a km diameter. Eventually Washington caught up to the Dagger and smacked it off its feet. Opie and O’Brien continued their fire on the Wasp taking out its Centre torso and leg. Everyone changed their target to the Dagger, but they were too late, as Washington ripped off the Dagger’s right leg with his chainsaw. All enemies down. Victory!

Aftermath: The reward was sweet. With full salvage of $115k, payment of $160k and upkeep of only $54k & repairs of $93k we netted $131k profit. Carson received an upgrade to a Light Titan (Bloodhound – 70 tons). Although we kept (and repaired) the Mosquito as the new Bloodhound doesn’t have jump capability.

I'll try to post a squad printout with next report.

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RE: Anarchy & Rebel Hunter ***SPOILERS!!!*** - 6/11/2004 9:54:26 PM   


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(Disclaimer: It's almost 5am, so I haven't spell-checked it, hopefully it isn't too full of errors )

Rebel Hunter: Mission 4

The Squad:

O’Brien: Pharoah
Carson: Poltergeist
Opie: Bloodhound
Washington: Apparition

The Mission:

We must locate the enemy base and destroy the buildings there.

The Setting:

Mountainous region. We must traverse a maze of valleys leading to our objective. It appears possible from the satellite image that numerous choke points and ambushes could await us.

The Plan:

Washington will take the point, closely followed by O’Brien. Carson will take the middle and Opie will follow-up in the rear.

The Action:

As soon as we entered the area we spotted a light titan about 8kms away. We proceeded to lock on and assemble ourselves into our marching file. We positively identified it as a Spider, but a copse of trees blocked us getting a direct shot. When we were about 4kms away a second titan appeared, a 40t Stinger. We continued to advance, exchanging long and medium range fire.

Before long Washington and O’Brien were at close range. Washington charged the enemy, but not until after Opie planted two GME strikes to the Spider’s Left Leg. Washington successfully charged the Spider and both titans went down. Washington stood first and planted two chainsaws into the Spider, one hitting its right arm. He then let loose his MGs and one hit the Spider’s ammo in its Right Arm, blowing it off.

We continued to pummel away at the Spider until it was red at almost all locations. Eventually we blew away its Left Torso. It was at this time that the rest of the squad switched targets to the Stinger and O’Brien began to charge it while Washington finished off the Spider with a Right Kick ripping off it’s Right Leg.

We began to pummel the Stinger when Washington jumped into the fray and planted a Chainsaw to its head. We could almost smell the fear of the enemy pilot, who after taking a few heavy hits to his Lower Torso Ejected. We reassembled our “line” with O’Brien taking point (as Washington took the brunt of the enemy fire so far).

Intelligence suggested that there may be some ammo and armour bays in the area. So instead of taking the direct route east, we took a detour south through a winding valley, which we thought, may conceal the automated facilities (and perhaps some enemies as well!)

The first enemy we spotted in the winding valley was a lone 40t Pest.

As we charged, Washington let loose the last of his MG ammo.

O’Brien and the Pest charged each other causing massive damage to both titans. Except O’Brien was able to stay on his feet and mow into the Pest with his Chainsaws. Washington was close behind and joined in with the Chainsaw Massacre. Right Torso Destroyed, GME to the Head, Right Leg, Left Leg, Both Arms all were hit and all external armour was destroyed. Pest was out for the count.

We continued through the detour and found and ammo and armour bay. We reloaded and repaired our two point men. We then continued through the valley towards the objective back in our normal file with Washington taking point.

Just as we rounded the corner we spotted an Exhuminator about 3km away. We proceeded to lock and do what we do best… CHARGE!

WHOA! Stingray at Close Quarters hiding in the woods! Washington and O’Brien changed targets as Opie and Carson continued to target the Exhuminator that started firing its LRMs.

O’Brien knocked the Stingray over then leapt into the air for a DFA. SUCCESS! And 42 damage to the enemy titan! A Chainsaw ripped through the downed titans LT destroying it. Machine Gun fire ripped off a leg and our two Close Combat Specialists raced off towards the Exhuminator.

Meanwhile, Carson began the assault on the Exhuminator and planted two AC12 shells into its Left Leg. Both the enemy and we proceeded to launch flares. An AC12 strike to the Left Torso knocked the enemy titan over and the Left Torso was destroyed in the fall. By this time, Washington was only a km away and proceeded to fire his MGs, but a Cold Light Gun hit the downed titan in its damaged Left Leg and ripped it off. Enemy Disabled.

We continued on our trek with Washington at point, when all of a sudden the canyon flooded and Washington found himself knee-deep in water with an enemy Stingray 1.6kms to the northeast. As he began to charge, the remainder of the squad rounded the corner and began taking aim.

The Stingray got in a number of pot shots with his energy weapons before O’Brien was able to make it through the water and take him down with a charge. Washington then DFA’d the recon titan and that was just about more than the little pest could take. A Cold Light Gun took out the Right Leg. A Chainsaw the Lower Torso and a GME the Right Torso. Enemy Disabled. We continued…

We finally had a clear view down a long valley toward our final objective. The buildings were guarded by a Zealot and Spider (maybe more). Opie and Carson locked onto the further Spider while our point men concentrated on the closer threat, the Zealot.

O’Brien DFA’d the Zealot severely damaging both its CT and RA. Washington then laid into it with its Chainsaws destroying its LT. O’Brien was also taking hits from the Spider and began taking internal damage at this time. Washington ripped out the right torso and right leg. Titan Disabled. All Battle Computers were locking on to the Spider.

O’Brien began to dodge away with his left torso destroyed as Washington charged. The Spider began to charge once Washington got within 1km but Carson managed to unbalance it with an AC12 shell, which allowed Washington to dig in with his Chainsaws! Left Arm was ripped off and both legs severely damaged. With a single GMH strike Opie destroyed both the LOT and LL. This Titan was history.

We then had the leisure of destroying the enemy buildings.

Total income $210k. O’Brien promoted to Novice. Repairs: $108k. $100k profit.


Jock: Tommy O'Brien aka O'Brien
Squad: Bedlam

Age: 19 years 11 months
Size: 188 cm
Weight: 86 kg
Rank: NOVICE [3]
Salary: 13708 $ / month
Titan: Pharaoh [70.0 t]
Battles: 08 [Wins/Losses: 08/00]
Hit ratio: 43 %
Kills: 1
XP: 13437 / 22200
DP: Pilot: 237 / Combat: 145 / Other: 168
Leader: Recruit rookie mod 50%


RECON/LIGHT: 060 % [060]
MEDIUM/HEAVY: 003 % [053] ---
ASSAULT: 010 % [053] --
JUMP: 056 % [060]
SCOUTING: 044 % [053]

CLOSE COMBAT: 055 % [056]
GUIDED MSL.: 051 % [051]
UNGUIDED MSL.: 027 % [060] -
CANNON: 026 % [060] -
ENERGY WEAPON: 054 % [060]
INDIRECT FIRE: 008 % [053] ---

EL. WARFARE: 031 % [051]
SCANNER: 050 % [050]
DEFENSIVE: 050 % [056]
DMG. CONTROL: 017 % [053] --
LEADERSHIP: 060 % [060]
BUSINESS: 001 % [055] ---
SURVIVAL: 025 % [056] -
MEDICAL: 015 % [053] --

Jock: Charles Carson aka Carson
Squad: Bedlam

Age: 28 years 0 months
Size: 193 cm
Weight: 96 kg
Rank: NOVICE [3]
Salary: 8556 $ / month
Titan: Bloodhound [70.0 t]
Battles: 09 [Wins/Losses: 09/00]
Hit ratio: 42 %
Kills: 0
XP: 13188 / 22800
DP: Pilot: 038 / Combat: 062 / Other: 022
Manager: Purchase markup 12%


RECON/LIGHT: 060 % [061]
MEDIUM/HEAVY: 021 % [053] -
ASSAULT: 014 % [053] --
JUMP: 056 % [061]
SCOUTING: 040 % [063]

CLOSE COMBAT: 057 % [065]
GUIDED MSL.: 016 % [061] --
UNGUIDED MSL.: 017 % [061] --
CANNON: 063 % [063]
ENERGY WEAPON: 022 % [063] -
INDIRECT FIRE: 031 % [063]

EL. WARFARE: 005 % [061] ---
SCANNER: 049 % [056]
DEFENSIVE: 033 % [060]
DMG. CONTROL: 014 % [060] --
LEADERSHIP: 004 % [060] ---
BUSINESS: 058 % [060]
SURVIVAL: 026 % [063] -
MEDICAL: 025 % [060] -

Jock: Ophellius Gella aka Opie
Squad: Bedlam

Age: 24 years 10 months
Size: 183 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Rank: GREEN [2]
Salary: 9384 $ / month
Titan: Poltergeist [70.0 t]
Battles: 09 [Wins/Losses: 09/00]
Hit ratio: 36 %
Kills: 0
XP: 10551 / 12000
DP: Pilot: 047 / Combat: 086 / Other: 049
Mechanic: Repair markup 09%


RECON/LIGHT: 055 % [055]
MEDIUM/HEAVY: 020 % [055] -
ASSAULT: 007 % [055] ---
JUMP: 055 % [055]
SCOUTING: 052 % [058]

CLOSE COMBAT: 050 % [055]
GUIDED MSL.: 054 % [061]
UNGUIDED MSL.: 013 % [055] --
CANNON: 022 % [055] -
ENERGY WEAPON: 035 % [055]
INDIRECT FIRE: 023 % [058] -

EL. WARFARE: 022 % [061] -
SCANNER: 043 % [061]
DEFENSIVE: 028 % [058] -
DMG. CONTROL: 061 % [061]
LEADERSHIP: 014 % [055] --
BUSINESS: 012 % [060] --
SURVIVAL: 047 % [055]
MEDICAL: 040 % [061]

Jock: WSX 146 aka Washington
Squad: Bedlam

Age: 23 years 9 months
Size: 166 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Rank: NOVICE [3]
Salary: 10560 $ / month
Titan: Apparition [70.0 t]
Battles: 09 [Wins/Losses: 09/00]
Hit ratio: 52 %
Kills: 3
XP: 19454 / 24000
DP: Pilot: 081 / Combat: 064 / Other: 069


RECON/LIGHT: 063 % [063]
MEDIUM/HEAVY: 016 % [056] --
ASSAULT: 020 % [056] -
JUMP: 063 % [063]
SCOUTING: 048 % [060]

CLOSE COMBAT: 062 % [063]
GUIDED MSL.: 008 % [060] ---
UNGUIDED MSL.: 005 % [063] ---
CANNON: 062 % [066]
ENERGY WEAPON: 040 % [066]
INDIRECT FIRE: 014 % [060] --

EL. WARFARE: 031 % [060]
SCANNER: 055 % [058]
DEFENSIVE: 051 % [060]
DMG. CONTROL: 049 % [060]
LEADERSHIP: 026 % [053] -
BUSINESS: 040 % [056]
SURVIVAL: 031 % [061]
MEDICAL: 026 % [060] -

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