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RE: War in the Pacific Release thread

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RE: War in the Pacific Release thread - 11/14/2021 11:16:02 PM   

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Jazon that is all very helpful.

The air unit island operate thing was because I kept vanilla's minimum requirement of 5 resource supply. It's 3 now for the next version (the game engine ignores the actual supply of the hex as boosted by its port).

Note the British Indian ocean fleet also got their clock cleaned early on in our match as well. I likewise began major offensives in India & China to soak up his MPPs, tho he skimped on them sufficiently to upgrade his fleet in time for the Big Clash.

Interesting that you won your 1944 MoaB. Did your low NM not significantly reduce your damage like it apparently did mine? Note after like 3 breakthroughs I hit Naval Weapons 3 in mid-'43. Fighters were also L3, tho AA only L2. OCB can confirm that he was also at 332 I believe. I'm not sure how you can get to 3:1 in numerical odds by mid-'44 when I (with the Australian fleet added in) just barely hit 1:1 in late '43. Did your opponent choose the 4 Shokaku's?

I do agree that carriers seem to lack some punch. The other issue there is that ship movement rates are "faster" than plane movement rates (= ranges), by a factor of about 3:1 which means that any carrier vs. carrier battle will then devolve quickly into a slugfest of the escorts because they'll be within easy reach even if they hit a ZoC or two. I see no way in the current game system to reduce the effect of this issue.

Just a quick note: while I plan to release .900 within ~2-3 weeks and plan to stick it out to get a full release version out by hopefully the 1st of the year, I am toying with expanding the map by a factor of 2 [20 Statue Mile hexes] using the Map Exporter by taking the current map, editing the blue ocean color in, and converting it thru the application. Yeah if I do it means another 3+ months of work just on the map, but I'll be using the existing map as a template, and all of the existing balance tweaks can be easily readded in.

As I PM'ed OCB last night, this will help to remedy several issues. The surface ship slugfests, the lack of stealth for these huge task forces since they take up so much space, the inability of subs to hide from their gangbangers, the high supply that the Chinese get (another brainstorm I had was to double their NM losses per strength point of damage; in my offensives even tho I was killing IJA units left and right it ate up my attackers something nasty (OCB's nemesis the Chinese Tank Corps had to be repaired from 4 like 4-5 times)). But meanhoo my Euro scenario sits unloved half-complete, can't do everything...

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RE: War in the Pacific Release thread - 11/15/2021 1:53:30 AM   

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good to hear you will solve the strategical movement of planes, that would really give more realism. As from my observations, it is true you can't hide your fleet, IF enemy got air force along those tiny Pacific Islands. Actually apart from NM objectives, the only reason I took them was in order to control approach routes to Japan and conceal my movement.
As for Big Clash on Philippines sea, I got one screenshot, one turn BEFORE it. Both our fleet were level 2 Naval Weaponry, but as you can see from the map below, his morale was reduced due to morale loss (China, and Islands on the Pacific), also he did choose to built additional carriers, but apparently didn't have enough MPPs to equip them. As you can see on the map, whole US NAVY is operating together(I did take a lesson from Java Sea defeat, when my forces where spread too much). Near Okinawa Japanese Task Force is approaching. You can see it is like 1/3 of my quantity. I assume that was the ships, that weren't damaged, and ready for battle. While US NAVY did not take any serious involvement up to this moment in the game.
I was also thinking how to balance game more...
It seems for sure AU NAvy should share Royal Navy tech, but maybe less MPP's itself so it will rely more on the US help. Also those Dutch, shouldn't be under US control maybe? Because with US MPP's it is so easy to strengthen them a lot in quick time.
Also Partisans in China seem too harsh, maybe leave the China's both sides forces intact, but ease a lot the partisan burden for Japanese? That will give Japanese more flexibility. Also in Chinese theater at this time, a big factor that helped to stop Rising Sun expansion was terrain and supply issues. Maybe Chinese get weaker, but modify supply to make it more focused on few narrow lanes? Doing like this may reflect the lack of progress for both sides until late in the war.

These just my ideas, anyway scenario on that epic scale, must have issues to adjust the balance, it is natural this issue came up.



Map shows situation in 13th October 1943, one turn before Big Fight of the fleets

PS 2
What does OCB stand for? Opponent in Current Battle?

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RE: War in the Pacific Release thread - 11/16/2021 2:24:08 AM   

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LOL, OCB is my opponent, the esteemed Old Crow Balthazor.

Interesting that you attacked at the same time I did, but got wildly different results. As intimated in my other post in the AAR, I am currently testing CV vs. CV combat, and have discovered one very crazy anomaly. [More to come after I do some more testing to confirm these patterns...] What was your CV:CV ratio (incl. CVLs)? Final sinking exchange rate? I would really appreciate an extra set of detailed data on this...

I am weakening China by several means (lower tech rates, lower builds until they get hits on Army Mobilization, lower HQ ratings). Partisans stay, otherwise we may see the blitzkriegs that we get in vanilla; if Japan wants to do that, they can give it a shot, but it will require some tanks/mechs + tank tech, and a mess of garrisons. The partisans should be sufficient by themselves to threaten to pork IJA supply and slow down any dramatic advances.

As also said, Aussies will share US/Commonwealth tech but with the -1 chits across the board to slow down their advances. Catchup and S&I bonuses count for far more than they do in vanilla.

I do think I'll keep China & US cooperative since US bombers did historically operate from Chinese bases, but I'll need to test it both ways to decide for sure.

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RE: War in the Pacific Release thread - 11/17/2021 12:52:20 AM   

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Naval Test Scenario

Built off of my main scenario, this will allow you to run tests of naval battles.

1. National Morale levels for the US & Japan have been reset to 90 (both start at-war with each other), tho a couple of scripts will drop the US value down a tad.

2. Choose NO for the 4 Shokaku's DE to avoid the drop in Japanese NM.

3. You have 2 groups of fleets at your disposal, 10 CV's & 2 CVL's near French Frigate Shoals, and then non carriers NE of Hawaii. I didn't delete the autospawns of the US Pearl Harbor fleet, you can ignore them in your tests. I kept the +1 experience levels for the 4 veteran IJN fleet CVs (you can drop them to zero in the editor if desired).

I'll be starting a new thread in Tech Support with more details and suggestions here in a moment.

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