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Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S) (Completed)

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All Forums >> [New Releases from Matrix Games] >> Gary Grigsby's War in the East 2 >> After Action Reports >> Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S) (Completed) Page: [1]
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Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S) (C... - 6/5/2021 11:24:19 PM   

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Turn 1 (30 September 1941): Winter is coming

Up against my previous opponent in Road to Leningrad – JohnDoe. Another mirror match where we each take both sides and play against each other. This will be the Operation Typhoon 41 Scenario.

I know there are three Panzer Groups aimed at Moscow. I open up the turn expecting to see red…There has been a steady advance all along the front but no grand encirclements, yet!

Dangerous pincers loop around each side of Vyazma. This is possibly one of the most important objectives on the map apart from the three Moscow objectives. A Panzer Division threateningly sits just outside of Kaluga (one of the objectives)
and about 120 miles from Western Moscow.

Things are a bit of a mess so all of this encompasses a re-organisation of the fronts and armies (stupidly I hardly used Zhokov’s Reserve Front throughout the entire game).

It’s raining, at least, this might slow them down in future.

Our Northwestern Front forces (yellow) appear to be quite brittle. I pull them back a hex in the rough terrain and reform the line.

I was not able to really extract my forces from the Vyazma sack. Vyazma has a depot and it is full of supplies. I must hold it as long as possible. It is astride the Moscow-Smolensk Highway along with its double tracked railway.

To the north east of Vyazma, I stack this highway and railway route with units in depth. In the open terrain to the north, I have to go with a more checkered formation. The Mozhayak Defence Line is manned by weaker units. The defence values of my units do not look encouraging.

Around Kaluga, I try to form a line with the feeble forces available. The two Guards Divisions that are available are very helpful. It looks like it will either fall or be encircled along with Tula.

Further to the south I am more successful with retreating out of the potential pocket that 2nd Panzer and the 2nd Army were trying to form. I build a line in the hopes of avoiding further encirclement. I know the 2nd Panzer Group forces are weakened and scattered
after getting back from their thrust to Kiev in the south.

Compared to the game where I am the Germans. My opponent Turn 1 attack strategy is more direct, hence my higher Soviet casualties. This could be why the Soviet divisions on my defence lines are so weak.

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RE: Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S... - 6/6/2021 1:16:25 AM   

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TURN 2 (7th October 1941): Looking desperate

North of the Vyazma sack, the Germans opt to push north through the clear terrain to Rzhev rather than drive hard up the highway to Moscow.
Elsewhere around the sack, the Germans push up the eastern side probably with the intention of closing it. Again they fail to seal the entrance.
Their front lines now reach the fortified Mozhaysk Defence Line.

In the South, Orel and Bryansk are completely surrounded. A big pocket is formed.

Heavy rain has hit a will continue into next week. The ground is getting muddier.

In the far north we pull back and leave a thin screen to try to slow the enemy advance and give our other divisions a chance to rest and refit. This is not likely given the threat to Rzhev.

Stores and supplies in Vyazma are way too low. The divisions in the Vyazma sack are split into two armies, one makes for the exit while the other tries to form a sacrificial defence line.
Unfortunately, the mouth cannot be fully reinforced either from inside or outside.

In the south at Orel the city is well stocked and the pocket should be supplied from its depot. I begin attempting to open up an escape route to the south with a cavalry division. Additional
cavalry divisions lurk on the periphery both north and south of Kursk.

Moscow defences in detail. Where possible the Strongest divisions are placed on or near the highway. A second defensive line is set up behind Mozhaysk.

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RE: Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S... - 6/7/2021 8:01:23 AM   

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Turn 3 (14 October 1941): Its bucketing down

Northwestern Front is under attack and gives ground to the west and south. The Rzhev position holds firm.

The two Armies stuck in the Vyazma sack now appear firmly trapped. Panzer Divisions break through my lines between Mozhaysk and Kaluga. Kaluga is also enveloped from the south and now completely cut off. His position threatens to Drive on Moscow across the clear terrain north of
the Oka River. To the south of this position, Tula is threatened with envelopment.

Supplies are still good, running at 140%. The weather is a new dynamic for me. At this stage, I haven’t quite figured out the consequences of heavy mud.
Back to the action, we almost manage to open the Vyazma pocket, we are just 1-0 miles short. We are more successful at Kaluga and mange to open a slim but temporary corridor. Our Mozhaysk Defence Line is strengthened as best as possible but still looks way to weak. It is extended
all the way east up to the Oka River and along its length as far as possible. Under no illusion that these forward defences will hold, a new defence line is prepared running east from West Moscow.

In the south, we just manage to re-open the big pocket formed southwest of Orel.

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RE: Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S... - 6/10/2021 5:11:20 AM   

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TURN 4 (21 October 1941): Highway battles

In the north, the Germans appear to have pulled back from the Rzhev axis (A) and now struck against the Mozhaysk Defence Line (B), taking the town and breaking through along the highway. This is where I had my strongest defence. Perhaps the weather and combat delay slowed them down.

They also attack up the branch of the Highway (C ) running south to Kaluga but their advance is quite shallow. Behind the lines the forces at Vyazma are now firmly trapped and the pocket has been partially reduced. Likewise the pocket around Kaluga has almost been cleaned up.

Further east, they have pushed past Tula and made it to the Oka River (D). Here they run into my hastily built defence line. This protects the approach to Moscow through the clear terrain beyond.

In the south, the defenders around Orel are once again cut off by German forces. Bryansk is also lost and few minor battles have occurred.

New reinforcements have arrived. Two of them apparently form the Far East (82nd and the 93rd). They are principally used to strengthen the Mosvka River Defence Line (E) as well as strengthening and extending the Oka River Defence Line (F). This and Mikhneva is where I see the biggest
immediate threat to the capital because the terrain is easier.

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RE: Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S... - 6/14/2021 8:12:27 AM   

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TURN 5 (28 October 1941): Drowning in mud

Another strong Rifle Division and a Tank Division arrive from the Far East. In addition, we receive another lower TOE Rifle Division and three Moscow Militia Divisions. The Vyazma pocket is well and truly locked down but the Orel pocket looks like it can be broken. The Germans moved a little further east along the southern bank of the Oka River. Only a few attacks on my right (western) this turn. This is a worry but is probably because of all of the mud. I do not have the recon assets to nail down exactly where the bulk of the Panzer forces are but it looks like they are between Tula and the Oka River.

[Looks like I might have built a few forts at the end of the last turn after I took the screenshot. Or something got mixed up because of the previous issues that were occurring with the Matrix server (now fixed)].

Supplies are still good, running at 150%.
I stretch my lines further east along the Oka River and at Ryazan I bring an Armoured Division south across the river as a further deterrent. Otherwise, I strengthen the lines as best as possible at key positions and rebuild depleted and weak divisions. In the Vyazma pocket I try to be a pain in the a$$.

In the south, I break out of the pocket in the south and in the centre. I am also threatening to break out in the north. These moves will temporarily isolate eight German regiments. I would really like to extract these troops.

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RE: Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S... - 6/20/2021 7:32:55 AM   

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Turn 6 (4 November 1941): Dancing in the snow

The weather has changed to snow. My opponent hasn’t done much. A few attacks along my right flank and a bit of a Panzer shuffle. Maybe he is waiting for the snow. The VVS gets active.

Supplies are excellent, running at 170% of need. It would be nice if they could filter into the CV values more. With the change in weather I brace for a hard attack next turn. I think it might come across the Oka River as my defence values along the Smolensk-Moscow Highway are looking strong. Even though the weather is bad, I am still active. I cut off a Panzer unit
east of Tula and threaten the city itself. The Army trapped in Vyazma is also causing the enemy problems. One rifle division is threatening to attack Kaluga. Hopefully this will wholly or partially interfere with any attacks towards Moscow.

In the snowy south, I continue to make life as difficult as possible for my opponent. Orel and Kursk are still safe. I manage to un-pocket all my units and pocket at least ten enemy regiments and divisions. This is starting to become a bit of a dance.
Southeast of Kursk, he looks very vulnerable to a counterattack. If I was using motorisation I think he would have been in big trouble here.

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RE: Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S... - 6/21/2021 9:33:37 AM   

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TURN 7 (11 November 1941): Celebrations and lamentations

On the 7th Of November we celebrate the October Revolution

“…May the victorious banner of the great Lenin be your lodestar!
For the complete destruction of the German invaders! Death to the German invaders!
Long live our glorious Motherland, her liberty and her independence!
Under the banner of Lenin, forward to victory!"

However, someone forgot to tell the enemy.

North of Mozhaysk the Germans launch a major offensive, pushing back forces of the Kalinin and Western Front 20 to 30 miles. They are now 60 miles from Moscow. This is also starting to turn the left flank of the forces in Rhzev which are already under immense pressure on the right flank.
To the southeast of Mozhaysk, the Germans are able to successfully cross the Nara River, broadening their bridgehead in this position. Further to the east and as expected the Panzer forces in this area have forced a strong bridgehead across the Oka Rver.
Our trapped forces around Vyazma are brutally crushed by a series of vicious attacks. The city (and objective) also falls. This will improve the enemies supply situation. I was lucky to have held it this long given that Kaluga and Tula to the east have already fallen.

Further south, the Germans also violently attack the scattered partisan-like forces of the Bryansk Front. They have tightly surrounded Orel and many of these pseudo-partisans forces are now potentially isolated.

The defence lines on the roads to Moscow are strengthened as best as possible with the forces available. The bridgeheads are crowded as much as possible with combat ready forces. Where feasible, smashed divisions are sent back to depots for refit. There are at least three vulnerable areas leading directly to Moscow where the Germans may attack in future.
East of Rhzev our forces are so weak and have been pushed out of prepared positions that I have to pull back to the heavy forests for protection. This leaves a 40 mile gap of clear terrain. I know my opponent is not running recon. My only hope is that he does not spot this.

In the south, again our pseudo-partisans somehow managed to break clear of the encirclements. This time Orel appears to be finally locked in
an icy Germanic vice of steel.

This situation calls for a desperate measure, the “1ST SHOCK ARMY”. This new mobile army is converging, fitting and resting just outside Ryazan
right under the frozen noses of the enemy.

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RE: Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S... - 6/24/2021 8:07:53 AM   

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TURN 8 (18 November 1941): The VVS returns

German attacks go in both west and east of Rhzev. The gains are limited and we will be able to retake a lot of the lost ground with screening
forces. The Germans also advanced another 10 miles along the Smolensk-Moscow Highway. The front lines along the Oka River were quiet.

In the south the Germans have pulled back a little and tried to reform their line east of Tula.

We have rebuilt the VVS as best as we can and then throw them back into the fire. Here I am trying to interdict the Panzers and Motorised supply lines. I also go after a choice infantry regiment with a direct attack. The ones in orange might be breakable from the Moscow side.

Our supply situation is still good. The lines around Rhzev are patched up as best as possible. A determined attack here would break through. The 1st SHOCK ARMY continues to build, refit, rest and plan. The enemy is running no recon. I don’t think they know it is there.

In the south, the dance continues. I make a feint at Tula with a Cavalry Division. We apply more pressure against the Germans, trying to keep them cut off and intermittently out of supplies. The Orel garrison is still surrounded.

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RE: Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S... - 6/27/2021 5:25:07 AM   

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Turn 9 (25 November 1941): Fall of Orel

German attacks go in all along the front. Rzhev is now at risk of being cut off with German progress to the west and more particularly from the east. The Germans also manage a 20 mile penetration north of the main highway but are not able to full exploit it. Here they are 50 miles from Moscow. Even more concerning is the broadening of the
German bridgehead across the Oka river in two positions. No enemy recon is flown.

In the south, the defenders of Orel are brutally crushed and the Germans reform a solid defensive line.

Again, the VVS takes to the snowy skies interdicting and ground attacking enemy forces. This is all part of the plan to use the 1st Shock Army as a distraction when the Germans break through to Moscow. It sits 30 miles from the enemy (undetected, I believe.).
A lot of reinforcements have arrived. The better ones are incorporated into 1st Shock Army. I change my plan slightly. I decide I need to start my distraction now. I am worried that 1st Shock Army may have been or will be detected. I form a new army (the 13th, I think) from unprepared and weaker reinforcements and push them ahead of 1st Shock Army so that they make contact with the enemy. To the west of this position I test out the strength of one of the infantry regiments I have been harassing with air power. It is forced to retreat. I pull back my forces to see if I can draw these weak regiments into ground with no defences. If they advance they will also lengthen the German lines by 1 hex. Cavalry Divisions threaten to cut of the Germans at Laptevo and/or threaten Tula.

Crushing the VP score.

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RE: Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S... - 6/30/2021 9:17:01 AM   

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Turn 10 (2 December 1041): The Tula Offensive

Again, German attacks go in all along the front, this time they are more frequent and bit stronger. In some places they are held. Notably we
again lose ground northeast of Rzhev just south of Kalinin. Due to the weather and or poor logistics the Germans are not able to fully take
advantage of their efforts. German advances are also made north of the Moscow Highway putting them 40 miles away from Moscow.

Small gains that cant be capitalised on are made across the Oka River north of Kaluga. Further east Motorised and Panzers lash out at
the 13th "Pinks" Army that had dared to try and envelope them last turn. Other elements push another 10 miles towards Moscow. They are now
60 miles from the capital.

Far to the south the dance continues as forces of the Bryansk Front are cut off and have to re-gain their supply lines.

Our supply situation is still excellent. The VVS goes in north of Tula despite the bad weather. It harasses and bombs supply lines, vehicles and soldiers. Its time!

1st Shock Army launches a series of attacks from the Ryazan axis in co-ordination with the Western Front attacks across the Oka. The German positions are strong and stand up
to the attacks but they find that Soviet mobile forces have penetrated their lines and are in their rear cutting off and hindering supplies. Even worse for them, mobile
forces push all the way to and capture Tula. 1st Shock Army forces are not able to close the pincers with Western Front forces. However, a deep and dangerous sack is created.
East of Tula a Panzer Division is cut off and may struggle to return to the fold. Reinforcements are trained in to the east of Tula, out of sight of the Germans,

As expected, our Bryansk Front units in the south are able to extract themselves from their cut off positions.

It will be interesting to see if the Germans cut off in the sack created by 1st Shock Army will be able to extract themselves as the
blizzards moves in and deepen.

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RE: Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S... - 7/11/2021 4:36:03 AM   

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TURN 11 (9 December 1941): The Tula Offensive continues

Blizzard conditions now cover the entire front line areas of the map and are expected to deepen next week.

The Germans have counterattacked our forces that secured Tula last turn and cut them off. Tula is still held by Cavalry of the 1st Shock Army. Rzhev is threatened with being cut off as the Germans advance
10 miles into the western flank of the salient. On the eastern side of the salient, the Germans also advanced a further 10 miles south of Kalinin. In the south, Bryansk Front forces are once again cut off.

Supplies are in an abundance. We are receiving more than double of what is needed.

1st Shock Armies offensive has not petered out, it has just begun. Mobile forces break through the thin German lines northeast of Tula, isolating an entire German Panzer Division. Pressing forward a tentative link up occurs with 50th Armies forces which attacked across the Oka River. Here about seven German Divisions will
be temporarily isolated.

South of Tula many Panzer regiments are either cut off or threatened with being cut off from supplies. Bryansk Front forces manage
to free themselves from encirclement except in the Kursk Pocket where our forces are surrounded. Help is on its way.

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RE: Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S... - 7/12/2021 9:19:19 PM   

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TURN 12 (16 December 1941): Death of the 9th Panzer Division

More reinforcements arrive! The tide has turned.
With the intense blizzard conditions, German attacks around Rzhev have stopped. After being cut off last week from their supply lines,
seven or so German mobile Divisions begin retreating southwards back across the Oka River and out of their salient. Tula is still held
by Soviet forces. More importantly a rescue attempt to free the encircled 9th Panzer Division failed. It is securely cut off and isolated.

In the south, the dances continues, Bryansk Front forces are cut off again. Further south Kursk is tied up by German forces, will we be
able to free them?

First things first. Vatutin gathers the forces of 1st Shock Army and launches a punishing attack into the surrounded 9th Panzer Division. Intel says that it is in a very
weakened state and has little to no supplies. Intel is correct, it surrenders, giving up its guns and 76 Panzers.

Soviet forces north the Oka River begin advancing south reclaiming lost territory and belting into the German mobile Divisions that are retreating. Similarly, 1st Shock Army and other forces push from the east. Three more German Panzer regiments are cut off by strong forces of the 1st Shock Army.

South east of Tula, Bryansk Front forces have surrounded another German Panzer Regiment and it is now isolated deep behind Soviet lines.
To the south Bryansk Front, now reinforced is starting to threat an overrun of the strung out German forces west of Orel. The defenders of Kursk are still isolated.

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RE: Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S... - 8/7/2021 3:55:11 AM   

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Turn 13: Kempf loses again (23 Dec 1941)


Surrender of 3/17th Panzer


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RE: Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S... - 8/7/2021 4:04:13 AM   

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Turn 14: Going for the throat(30 Dec 1941)

Start of turn

Soviet General Offensive Moscow-Kursk begins

End of Turn (and game)

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RE: Defence of Moscow Oblast - JohnDoe(G) vs Hardradi(S... - 8/7/2021 4:14:40 AM   

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Turn 15: Soviet Major Victory

Soviet perspective (actually from T14, the end by the look of it)

German perspective:

A good result.

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