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an altrenative history

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an altrenative history - 5/7/2021 8:56:36 AM   


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I share with you a mod that I created from the many interesting forum posts.
I put down the different modifications!
What do you think? is the balance of the game maintained?
Are there any bugs on DE in particular?
thank you for your tests.

Game mod translated only into English and French.
Sorry for my English level.
Unit markers have changed, the game is only playable with the markers and mods provided
Thanks to all the players who through their post gave me the ideas to develop this Mod.

A Campaign
A1 Changing the turn duration - Simultaneous Turn

A2 Germany starts the game on 1939/09/01 without being at war.
This allows other game options.

A3 Poland is a minor country _UK
Free France replaces Polish state as major nation
Poland start at mobilisation 99%

A4 India is a minor country _UK
The British Raj was the British colonial regime of the Indian subcontinent from 1858 to 1947. Unlike the Commonwealth states, it never had its free will before its independence.

B Map
B1 Maginot Line of the Alps - France
The structures of the alpine line are therefore installed to lock important crossing points.

B2 Fortress in Iwo-Jima - Japan
In 1940, Iwo-Jima is considered a defensive fortress and its ridges are laid out with bunkers concreted and buried and connected by a vast underground network.

B3 Rabaul becomes Primary supply
The Japanese set up an important base in Rabaul, which also became the headquarters of the 17th Army. Miles of tunnels were dug to protect the facilities, and in 1943there were about 110,000 Japanese soldiers in Rabaul.

B4 Seine major river to Paris

B5 Garonne major river beyond Bordeaux

B6 Major river Thame to London

B7 Increased effects of scorched earth in the USSR

C Units
C1 Changing units
c11-Considering that anti-aircraft weapons at close combat level have changed little during the conflict; And that anti-tank weapons have evolved a lot but that there has been no unit constituted level army corps;
I removed Anti-Tank units and integrated anti-tank capability into upgrades of units formed instead of anti-aircraft upgrades.
Except Germany and USSR will product AT units after May 1942. (DE416/645)
C12-Integration of the improvement rocket weapon in the heavy artillery units (Stalin organ, Nebelwefer...) and disappearance of the rocket artillery units.
C13-Increased de-removal of engineers units (3)
C14-Offensive bonus upgrade of engineers units on major river
C15-Decrease land detection range of naval units except naval aircraft units (1)
C16-Decrease strike range of naval bombers (10)
C17-Increased range (10) and attack capabilities of medium bombers (1.5)
C18-Increased attack value of strategic bombers (4)

C2 Creating elite troops:
on the infantry division unit markers, creation of special units styles SS division, British Guard, X Chinese forces, Russian Siberian, US Ranger, foreign legion Free French Forces, Italian black shirt

C3 Modified naval symbol
BB becomes DN, CC becomes BB, CA becomes CC and CL becomes CA.
This is only a name change.

C4 Removing the CL class

C5 Decrease Partisan Strength (4)

C6 Conversion units WIE to WAW

D Events
D1 Nepal declares war on Germany
on 04/09/1939 (historical)

D2 Madagascar occupied by Japan before the war with the USA
Increases US mobilization.

D3 Changes to US war conditions - Germany/Italy
President Roosevelt, who was hostile to fascist dictatorships, had to take into account American public opinion, which was then quite unfavorable to a war.
USA only go to war with Germany if they are at war with Japan, and Japan at war with the United Kingdom.

D4 Changes to US war conditions _AI allied _ Japan
Day OF Infamy: The USA goes to war with Japan only if Japan first attacks the US or a US minor (Philippines)

D5 Change in mobilization conditions on the axis of Argentina and Peru

D6 Increased defenses of the Atlantic Wall (DE 692 and 694)

D7 Payment of "Burma road" MPPs by the United States (DE 350 and 365)

D8 U.S. national morale decrease by 1000 per Japanese occupation turn in Honolulu

D9 hiding allied supplies on Pacific Islands including Hawaii (10% to 15% chance of triggering)
When installing Japanese units on the islands of the Carolinas, Marshall, Gilbert, Bismarck, Salomon as well as Guam, Wake, Midway, Palau
USA must position troops to protect supplies from Japanese Air attack from the pacific islands. (DE 320…)

D10 Increased partisan activity in China and the USSR

D11 Increase MPP Indian’s convoys to RU

E Decisions
Please note that some DE numbers change

DE 129 support for Greece _UK
With 44 ships and more than 8,500 men, the Greek navy became the second Allied fleet in the Mediterranean Sea and represented 80% of the non-British force.
The Greek merchant fleet, which served the Allies, was 70% sunk in the Atlantic.
Without British support, the Greek merchant navy might have served German interests.
Sending an expeditionary force during the aggression of Greece by the axis.
On pain of loss of ship of Greek convoys (DE130)
Maintaining all Greek warships after surrender.

DE 163 Bengal famine
The Bengal Famine of 1943 was the second deadliest famine to have occurred during the colonization of the Indian subcontinent by the British Empire.
A mismanagement of the crisis by the British army in the face of the Japanese advance in Burma combined with a terrible cyclone is at the origin of this famine.
Agree to reduce its supply by 10 MMP for 1 year under penalty of disturbance in Bengal but also in all of India.

DE 170 Franco-British Union
Just before the fall of France, Churchill and Lebrun join forces to defeat the enemy... Or not!
At a time of peril when the destiny of the modern world is decided, the governments of the French Republic and the United Kingdom make this declaration of an indissoluble Union and proclaim their unwavering resolve to continue to defend Justice and Freedom against enslavement to a regime that lowers man to live a life of automaton and slave.
Both governments declare that France and Great Britain are no longer two nations, but a Franco-British Union...
Frangleterre was born.
The USSR then switches pro axis by 25%

DE 171_172/386_387 Soviets supplies by Persian Road
Of the 17.5 million tons of US aid to the USSR, 4 million (25%) went through Persia, as much for the British Empire.
If Persia is under Allied influence or if Operation Countenance is triggered and the Persian Gulf - Tehran corridor is clear, the USSR will receive 40 MPP from the UK and 40 from the US via this route.
Axis can cut off this road

DE 385 Philippine Convoy _USA
After the capture of the Carolinas and Marshall Islands, the liberal Philippines can send rubber and oil to the USA necessary for the war effort.
Introducing a convoy between Davao and San Diego

DE 402 Industry transfer to the Urals _USSR
In addition to resource losses:
Loss of 50MPPfor 10 laps to simulate the shutdown and transfer of western plants.

DE 458 Appendix Bessarabia to protect Odessa and Slavic minorities _USSR
As far as South-East Europe is concerned, the Soviet side is drawn to its interest in Bessarabia. The German side declares its total political disinterest in these areas.
Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Article III, Secret Additional Protocol.
The annexation of Bessarabia increased the influence of the axis on Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary and increased Soviet mobilization.
The opposite causes the USSR to lose 5000 NM

DE 459 Creation of the Normandy-Niemen Squadron _USSR
In 1942, General de Gaulle, considering it important that French soldiers serve on all fronts of the war, decided to commit forces to the Eastern Front .
Arriving in the USSR on November 28, the instruction of the French on Yak-7 lasts from December 2, 1942 to March 14, 1943.
Arrival of a half-strength and 2 experience fighter unit for 75MPP in March 1943.

DE 460 Mongolian Troops
At the Yalta conference, Stalin made China's recognition of Mongolia's independence as a condition of his entry into the war against the Japanese; Chiang Kai-shek finally gave in.
On February 10, 1945, if Japanese morale fell below 30%, Mongolia declared war on Japan.

DE 602 Changes in the consequences of France's surrender
1-France continues the fight:
DE 602=0 transfer of French troops to Algiers
2-France capitulates:
DE 602=1, DE 100=0 Creation of the Vichy State with all the colonies associated with it
3-France capitulated, but General De Gaulle convinced the allies of the usefulness of a free France that relies on its colonies:
DE 602=1 to 100=1 Creation of the Vichy state and creation of free French forces in an independent Major country to the French colonies, capital Brazzaville;
Creation of the Free French Army with the support of the USA (DE 382)

DE 680_681 Ukraine _axis:
A Reichskommissariat refers to an administration of the Third Reich during the Second World War, on territory conquered in the Soviet Union.
Given the Ukrainian aversion to the USSR, why not consider a reichsprotektorat modelled on Bohemia-Moravia.
Establishing an independent Reich protectorate in Ukraine after the liberation of Ukraine and the removal of Russian troops.
1 HQ - 1 Army - 1 Ukrainian Cavalry Corps
Disappearance of Soviet supporters on Ukraine
Russian Moral boosted 7500NM and mobilization of an HQ and a Caucasian shock army

DE 682 Plan Z
Two schools of thought opposed to leading the fleet's re-equipment line:
A large surface fleet capable of facing the most powerful potential enemies (France and the United Kingdom);
A large fleet of U-boats and medium-toned ships such as battleships for the destruction of enemy merchant fleets.
However, it was shown that to attack trade in the Atlantic, one would have to go through the North Sea anyway, which would certainly be blocked by the Royal Navy. That's why the powerful surface fleet was retained and why not the other way around.
Replacement of German surface units under construction in the production line by active submarines from September 1939 (4 submarines)

DE 686_ DE 687_752 Italian-German convoys to Japan
Trade between Japan and Germany could only be done by submarines. Only six submarines made the journey for a contribution to the anecdotal war.
And if it had been otherwise
After the re-election of Egypt,
0 to 5% of German resources and 0 to 10% of Italian resources can be sent to Japan by convoys through the Suez Canal and the Strait of Malacca.

DE 688 Contribution from Vichy France
This debt, which was supposed to correspond to the maintenance of the occupying troops, was on average 400 million francs per day, the equivalent of four million workers' daily wages.
Contribution to the German war effort as long as the Vichy regime is independent.

DE 689 STO
From April 1942, Fritz Sauckel will demand that France send two million workers under the STO.
10 MPP/turn
Threat of great partisans movements in Vosges and Massif Central.

DE 690 2nd Vienna Award Hungary/Rumania
On 30 August 1940, Germany and Italy assigned the territory of Northern Transylvania, including all of Maramureș and part of Crișana, from Romania to Hungary.
Rumania decrease her axis mobilization
Hungary gain territory
Otherwise Hungary not enter war with USSR until Moscow has fallen.

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RE: an altrenative history - 5/7/2021 9:02:57 AM   


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Here the link to .pdf Francais/English

(in reply to Yvan1326)
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RE: an altrenative history - 5/7/2021 9:21:13 AM   


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That's a lot of changes! It'll be good to hear what players think, well done.


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RE: an altrenative history - 5/7/2021 9:25:24 AM   


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Thank you, that's why I'm posting it here
I love the possibility that the game offers to change thanks to the editor, it is really a big strong point.
and thank you for this really exciting game (too much even for family life)

(in reply to BillRunacre)
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