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Fallout Empires [Mod]

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Fallout Empires [Mod] - 2/3/2021 5:18:12 PM   


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The Graphics Mod sub-forum didn't seem appropriate to me although technically it IS the mod forum. Though I figured I wouldn't do any harm posting here.

Fallout Empires is my dream of bringing the Fallout universe to Shadow Empires, which I know will emulate very well the simulation of raising up a civilization in the famous wastelands. You'll research the very things that belong in that world, deal with the events and factions menacing the wastes, whether its a Minor Regime that's a Super Mutant stronghold, or a Major Regime that is a Brotherhood of Steel chapter in your world. Their immense wealth of lore will be used to make authentic reactions to your diplomacy and how their military's are structured.

Which leads into the play style conversation. Instead of Walker's, FE is going to have biological hard-targets that are the Power Armor which are best off left in urban and suburban Hexes. Whereas if you're located in zones that are lightly populated with towns and suburbs, you'll have to forgo PA in turn for Technicals and Crew-Served pieces to advance across the map. Or if you have successfully captured Super Mutant buildings in dangerous zones or even an SM Minor Regime, you can go down the warpath of employing Mutant Models that are essentially mid-to-late game war-machines scaling very well against X-01's and Light Tanks. Shadow Empires treats every Hex as if its 200km, FE will simulate each one as 50km. Thus more Hex-types will be brought in such as skyscrapers, urbanry, and suburbs to flesh out city-zones. Whereas outside the urban jungles, natural geographic features can be better simulated such as rivers that feed into an energy-producing Dam (New Vegas), with varying widths to represent sections that can, and can't be, swam over.

Thus one of the major points I want to make in this overhaul is that the map features are actually more important to hold than most of your buildings till they're levels 4+. I think this can enrich gameplay to be more like how the Fallout world was, in restoring old structures to benefit society again. Though this would require driven AI to value and prioritize your over your cities, which I think could be done via weight modifiers, whatever is permissible when the game is available to full editing on the consumer end.

What I have below is a large part of what I have been working on:

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RE: Fallout Empires [Mod] - 2/3/2021 5:18:48 PM   


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Food: Your soldiers and workers need food in order to not starve.
Water: Your soldiers, workers, and domed farms need food in order to not starve.
Oil: Needed to keep your mechanized troops mobile.
Small Gun Ammo (Bullets): “This are the primary ammo resource used for everything except Power Armor, Aircraft, Armor, and certain Crew-Served Models.”
Big Gun Ammo: (Shells) “This is the secondary ammo resource used only for PA, Armor, and Air Models.”
Metal: Base resource needed to build almost anything, includes iron, copper, nickel, and scrap metal.
Energy: Some assets require energy in-order to run. Energy can be produced in power plants.
Radioactives: Some models will require Radioactives for construction, ammunition, or survival.
Rare Metals: Includes rare earth metals for advanced production.
Brahmin: Needed to keep certain models and buildings running.
Machines: For construction of advanced equipment and assets.
Industrial Points: Key to producing almost anything.
Hi-Tech Machines: For construction of very advanced equipment and assets.
Fusion Cores: Needed to keep build advanced buildings and keep mechanized troops mobile.
Recruits: In order to raise new troops you need recruits.
Colonists: To found a new city or increase populace of a zone you need colonists.
Slaves: Needed to craft certain Stratagems, rush building construction, or form auxiliary units.
Ghouls: Needed to craft certain Stratagems, and construct certain buildings.
Mutants: Needed to craft certain Stratagems, and build unique Models.”

There's an addition of many new resources, many that allow new Models to be deployed, and some allowing the usage of Scrapped Cards to spawn specific ones at the bottom. The addition of new Ammunitions is further differentiate the scarcity of resources to make the game more nuanced, and not allow the easy transition to a highly mechanized force whenever you want, and pushing the need for heavy Infantry armies regardless of what you do. Mutants are high-powered Infantry Models that can use any Infantry Small Arms and will have 1-2x more HP than Humans. Ghouls are mainly for the preservation of societies knowledge and therefore aren't meant for military usage. Fusions and Brahmin are for the upkeep of buildings and Models that need them, or upgraded to something requiring them now. They're what staves off mass mechanization efforts and keeps a low-tech vibe for the mid-game. The major change to the original resources, is that Human Infantry require Water now. Whereas Mutant Models ALWAYS need Radioactives, Human Models will ALWAYS need Water besides Food to sustain themselves. Water will be held much more than Food, but now not having both is crippling immediately.

The Model web. Tanks, Airships, and T-60/X-01 are the pinnacle of end-game warfare. I included an ICBM to make total war more convenient and continue whats currently in SE.

I'm still working on this but its almost done. It replicates most of the tech positions currently in place, and what they do, but many more militaristic techs and some new Linear, Economic, and Air techs.

-Military Unit Sizes:

---Independent Sizes: 1 Subunit
(Battalion) – Squads (20)
(Regiment) - Platoons (50)
(Division) - Company’s (200)

---OHQ Sizes: 5 Subunits
(Brigade) - Squads/Platoons (20/100)
(Corps) – Platoons/Company (50/250)
(Army) – Battalions/Division (200/1000)


Core Region: New California, the New West or Core Region or more commonly known as California. A loosely defined area encompassing the American West Coast and Southwest, being the centerpiece of Fallout, Fallout 2, and expanded upon in Fallout: New Vegas. Maps spawned with this Scenario are often depicted with immense urban zones separated between hilly and rocky savannahs and deserts. Because of Core Region’s vast amount of lore wealth, these maps will often spawn with the most Artifacts and Free Folk in the mod, and should be considered one of the several basic maps to begin the mod with. While food and water is plentiful, it is often strangulated in a smaller number of zones and not all zones have Free Folk present consequently. Nemesis on this scenario is either a Fledgling Republic or Brotherhood Chapter. Humans are the dominant species in this scenario.

Capital Wasteland:

Columbia Commonwealth:

Mojave Wasteland: This region encompasses the second largest desert in North American, including Nevada, southern California, and parts of Utah and Arizona. The setting for Fallout: New Vegas, this scenario spawns the least radiated zones and least radiated creatures. The population potential is moderately high and resources aren’t scarce due to intact energy generation plants, dams, and salvageable intact facilities.

Midwest Commonwealth:

Gulf Commonwealth:

Appalachia: Also known as the “Eastern Commonwealth” in Fallout lore, this region encompasses the entirety of what is Fallout 76, being virtually, West Virginia itself.

Alaska Peninsula:


Children of the Cathedral:
Followers of the Apocalypse:
The Railroad:
Reaver Movement:
Hubology: A cult focused on Pre-War “teachings” of Dick Hubbell. The group promotes the idea that humans are plagued by the spirits, or ‘neurodynes’ of the dead. Through a ‘cleansing’ process offered at Hubology centers called ‘alignment’, members can remove these negative influences and gain greater powers.

-Minor Regimes Profiles:

-Steel Plague:
-BoS Rogue Chapter:
-Robot Manufactory:
-Super Mutants:

-Major Regimes Profiles:

-Brotherhood of Steel Chapter: (Fallout Tactics, 1, 3, 4)
-Fledgling Republic: (NCR, Shady Sands, Diamond City)
-Warrior Tribe: (Khans, Vipers, Jackals)
-Tribal Kingdom: (Caesar/Eden)
-Pre-War State Govt.: (Commonwealths)
-Vault City: (Institute, Vault 8)
-Free Economic Zone: (New Vegas)


Armored Tractors: “The need for our troops to be ferried into live fire to push the advance, or bring reinforcements back and forth has driven us to improvising tractors and pick-ups. Therefore our dedicated mechanics and engineers have taken upon themselves the arduous task of improvising steel plates, metal sheets, anything welded or riveted onto the frames of our vehicles to protect them from heavy enemy fire. To fulfill their primary role, enough space is made at the rear so our troops can be ferried into enemy zones with sloped armored plates around the wheels and front to protect against armor piercing shells piercing them.”
The artwork drawn for this Model will be: (Disston Tractor Tank (without mounts), Half Track Car M3, Sochaczewski Armoured Trolley, Loyd Carrier, Blindado Oviedo Model A, C.P.I.M. Improvised Armored Car).

4-WD Technical: “The advent of armored warfare is here now. With procurement of mass guns and resources from the wasteland, we can now salvage hundreds of tractors, trucks, cars; you name it for fighting at the front. The introduction of these vehicles into combat means the installation of high-powered machineguns flailing the enemy, to drive our advances through the enemy. Which subsequently requires the improvisation of armor which is applied successfully through steel plating, metal sheets, welded or riveted. Although some of our troops are wary of mechanical breakdowns or hard targets pivoted against them, the rapid speed of our Technical’s will ensure their safety as their maneuver around the enemy.”
The artwork drawn for this Model will be: (Marmon-Herrington 1⁄2-ton, Dodge D 15, 1946 Dodge Power Wagon, 1942 Ford Pickup, Blindado Oviedo Model A, (All with gun mounts on top like Technical’s).

Gun Trucks: “An armored vehicle or heavy-duty truck produced with improvised vehicle armor in limited quantities, but enough to deploy in force in our burgeoning military. Before, we relied upon numerous pick-ups and cars mounted with flimsy mounted machineguns against soft targets, but now we can mount serious crew-served weapons used by our Infantry in the field with serious protection against rockets and the denizens of the wasteland.”
The artwork drawn for this Model will be: (M54 5-ton 6x6 Cargo, Mack NO 7 1⁄2-ton 6x6, 1955 Ford C-600)

Salvaged Motorbus: “Now able to scavenge massive vehicles that used to ferry people back and forth to work, we can
The artwork drawn for this Model will be: (Ford "Rear-Engine" Transit Bus, Ford Transit Bus, Blindado Schneider-Brillié, GM Futurliner).

Self-Propelled Motorbus: “Now able to procure massive vehicles that used to ferry people back and forth to work, we have successfully went forward with retrofitting artillery pieces into them. This idea allows us to have our first mechanized artillery units numbering in the dozens to rapidly lob heavy firepower onto our enemies dug-in. But also, we have gone the route of also improvising heavy steel plating upon the exterior to protect them from sudden attacks to leave the scene alive.”
The artwork drawn for this Model will be: Ford "Rear-Engine" Transit Bus, Ford Transit Bus, Blindado Schneider-Brillié, GM Futurliner (All these must have artillery guns jutting out from the middle-top at a 45degree angle).

Light Tanks: “These vehicles weigh tonnage ranges from several to over two-dozen points on the field, sporting low-velocity guns and multiple machinegun ports. Pre-War, they were obsolete, Post-War; they’re the behemoths of the battlefield. If any fledgling republic could deploy them in numbers of only – several dozen, they would in the field of practicality stomp anything short of Power Armor.”
The artwork drawn for this Model will be: (M43 Stuart, Disston Tractor Tank, M24 Chaffee, Tetrarch Mk.VII A17, T21 Light Tank, Marmon-Herrington MTLS-1GI4, Marmon-Herrington CTLS-4TA.)

Main Battle Tanks: “Your wasteland Empire has reached peak autonomy in the field of engineering, in a world still distraught by rust and radioactivity. The MBT is supplied by your republics restored factories and once-lost blueprints. While some pieces might be only recoverable from museums and old bases, MBT’s are undeniably the mortifier to the wastelands strongest creatures and Power Armor armies at your doorstep.”
The artwork drawn for this Model will be: (M47 Patton II, M4 Sherman, M3 Lee/Grant, T6 Sherman).

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RE: Fallout Empires [Mod] - 2/3/2021 5:18:59 PM   


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RE: Fallout Empires [Mod] - 2/3/2021 7:42:59 PM   


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Wow...when modding gets implemented, brace yourself.
Mods & DLCs will keep this great game at the top of the 'gaming heap' for decades.

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RE: Fallout Empires [Mod] - 2/3/2021 7:52:16 PM   

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Sounds great, hopefully we don't have to wait years till we can have proper mod support :)


Amateurs talk about strategy. Professionals talk about logistics!

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RE: Fallout Empires [Mod] - 2/3/2021 8:21:06 PM   

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Yeah, this looks very ambitious (though the tech tree is unreadable), but I thought that SE didn't have "proper" mod support ?

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RE: Fallout Empires [Mod] - 2/4/2021 12:07:08 AM   


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ORIGINAL: BlueTemplar

Yeah, this looks very ambitious (though the tech tree is unreadable), but I thought that SE didn't have "proper" mod support ?

You can click the link of the picture and it should open up. If that doesnt work I can message you it.

It currently doesn't and I am taking a gambit of my time doing this project. If this doesn't pan out, I guess I didn't invest to much effort.

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RE: Fallout Empires [Mod] - 2/4/2021 12:17:01 AM   

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Streaming as "Grognerd" at

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RE: Fallout Empires [Mod] - 2/4/2021 12:58:08 AM   

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Never mind, it was uMatrix being a bit too strict with the blocking.
Nice tech tree !

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RE: Fallout Empires [Mod] - 2/4/2021 6:47:45 AM   


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I hope this inspires Vic to move towards full modding if he hasn't planned on doing so.

Worst case, I have this template for modding another game I like, fully fleshed out in some fashion.

If anyone has any suggestions post them. As I spend time filling out my documentation It'll post my writing here.

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