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Ideas - 10/24/2020 7:33:29 AM   

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Looking for feedback for new component or research techs. Is there anything you'd like to see?

I'm running into the wall of diversity and I'm having problems thinking of something fresh.

Any ideas are welcome.
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RE: Ideas - 10/24/2020 8:13:25 AM   


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From: Sydney, Australia
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I'm currently doing Star Wars and Star Trek tech and components.
Maybe you could give a more updated list of tech for 2020 of research and components in vanilla DWU.


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RE: Ideas - 10/24/2020 6:27:34 PM   

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From: Wisconsin
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Not sure what you mean.

I decided awhile back to bring some later game techs forward but at reduced effectiveness. Energy to fuel, shield recharge, and hyper-blocking. I'm still testing whether I like it.

I wish I could split shield recharge into two camps. One line for recharge, one line for depletion (you could argue weapons deplete shields already so why bother). I could try negative values, but since shield recharge isn't a weapon you'd hurt your own ships (allegedly).

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RE: Ideas - 11/25/2020 9:58:57 PM   

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You can make something different from the soft coded modding?

In that case it can be very interesting, I work currently on a Farscape mod ! I read my race list for remember (I put between "_ _" the race name, you can ignore it).

Fresh idea could be :

Components :
-_Acquaran_ Electronic disable, give a huge debuff to any ships entering in the range
-_Ancient_ Worm hole displacement, all ships near the one using this technology (ally or not) warp and follow at the same speed the main ship.
-_Ancient_ Worm hole confusion, enemies ships are dispersed in further distance.
-_Banik_ Sharing damage, when one ship is damaged, damage are shared with nearest ally ships.
-_Boolite_ Second breath, if the ship is wrecked it have a chance to repair itself after a moment.
-_Breakaway_ Defensive grid, more ships are near each other more it increase there defense and/or damages.
-_Calcivorian_ calcivor, ships get a long duration buff when destroy a creature.
-_Charrid_ Hunting, if a ship load is warp, our ships get a buff of damage.
-_Ch'Talla_ Prolonged weaponry, more the fight take time, more ships gain damage
-_Clansmen_ Humble Sacrifice, more ally ships are destroyed, more survivor have an high buff
-_Colarta_ Track, the ship can follow the signature of a recent movement of ship
-_Coreeshi_ Furtive boarding, the boarding pod ignore the shield
-_Delvian_ Harmony : our own planete give a buff to our ships (% depending the population).
-_Delvian_ photogasm, if ships are close to a star, they get a buff
-_Denean_ Fuel enchancing : buff depending of the % of fuel
-_Diagnosan_ Diagnostic, one ship buff ally but is disabled the during the process
-_Draks_ Huge boarding : The ships not need to use boarding launcher, and just need to destroy the shield and raming against the enemy ships
-_Eidelons_ Cease of Fire, all ships in range, ally or not can't attack for a short period of time. But can still move.
-_Energy Rider_ Phasing technology, rendering the ship not targetable for a short time.
-_Energy Rider_ Vampirism, the ship absorb enemy shield and Hp for regenerate its own ship.
-_Faa'oor_ Planet cloaking, when on an ocean planet, the ships become untargetable for x time when the fight start
-_Foonek_ Premonition, cancel damage taken from first seconds of fight
-_Gose_ Death call, get a buff for every ships destroyed for x time
-_Grennij_ Waaagh (or hive spirit), more there are ally ships, more ships have buff
-_Grisoldian_ Fast attack, after a warp jump ships have buff of damages
-_Grudek_ Joust, ships get a buff depending of % of their maximal speed
-_Halosians_ scavenger, have a permanent 10% buff, but this buff reduce and become negative if ally ships are too many to their foe
-_Han'jee_ Visibility Cloaking, the ships become not detectable for a short time when getting in a system with enemies ships
-_Human_ inertial gravity, fuel consumption reduction but slower attack hast
-_Hynerian_ Electro static discharge, if the enemy ships is 1.5(can change depending upgrade) max the size of our ship, it's disabled, until our ship stop to attack.
-_Intellant_ infection boarding, can boarding with fewer troops, but it make more time.
-_Intellant_ planet infection, can infect a planet with a virus (components ship weapons), it kill population and make riot, if riot succeed, the planet become our.
-_Interdimensionnal_ displacement, make a portal, but ships can't pass by it, in fact they can only fire from this place and take damage, but the ships are still at the same place.
-_Interdimensionnal_ invade, use the fire power of our troops on another planet, but the battle take place on our own planet.
-_Interion_ Acoustic metalo liquefaction, deplete a % of the total enemy hull around (not a number), when the enemy shield is down.
-_Jakench_ Feedback module, damage the attacker back with a % of his damages
-_Jexogan_ Creature exoskeleton, when kill creature get permanent maximal hull
-_Juh'ha_ Taming, module for tame alien creature.
-_Kalish_ Inertial ignorance, the ships can maneuver at high speed and avoid shoots.
-_Kampeks_ Electromagnetic storm (see facilities) can move a storm for destroy enemies base and ships
-_Kurthanan_ Asteroid construction, increase the hull a lot but slow the ships, can't be used on a base.
-_Litigarian_ Justice antenna, when close to an ally colony, the ships reduce the corruption passively
-_Lukythian_ Genophagous, weapon against colony, disable the enemy birth rate for a long time
-_Luxan_ Brave, gain a buff when in minority
-_Maldis_ Wizard portal, can send troops directly from a planet (see Facilities)
-_Maldis_ Wizard nightmare, the same but for directly boarding enemies ships from a planet !
-_Montim_ Thief boarding, when boarding, steal resources instead of capture the ships
-_N'dix_ shadowian, if ships are in the interstellar space they have a buff
-_Nunbano_ Radio music, give a passive buff to ally around
-_Oath_ Chrysalis, if not attacking or moving gain a buff to shield and hull
-_Otolek_ Full throttle slowly increase the max speed until a % of maximum
-_Pathfinder_ Transphasic weapons, pass the shield
-_Patriqu'ro_ Solar attraction, attract enemies ships to a star for crash them on, take time to use.
-_Peacekeeper_ Formation, when a bigger ship is here, smaller ships get a buff.
-_Leviathan_ Starburst, almost instantly warp, but the destination is very inaccurate.
-_Leviathan_ weapon mutation, can't use weapon without this module (race locked)
-_Plokavian_ Dampening net gas, emit a gas that remind behind the ship and disable everything following, no damages
-_Plokavian_ Seismic disruptor, planet killer (effective against facilities)
-_Proprietor_ Landmark disruptor, make unable to build bases around around on a large space.
-_Qato_ Serenity, ships have a buff at 1 vs 1. If many ships target the ships it not work and the reverse too.
-_Qo'anliss_ Ice shield, when shield is depleted, ships cover them-self with ice, increased their armor a lot, but preventing to move or use weapons
-_Qo'anliss_ Ice weapon, freeze enemy ship but increase also there armor.
-_Reguru_ Confusion, the enemy ships can shoot other enemies ships for a short duration.
-_Saltici_ Spike hull, when enemies ships ramming against them they take damages
-_Sheyang_ Wrecker module Ships Can fusion with wreck for get component and pass the maximal size
-_Tarkan_ Charging weaponry, when taking damage, increase their own damage with a % of damage taken
-_Talvek_ force field net, make a net around a ship this one is unable to move and when attack lose firepower.
-_Traskan_ Puple Mist, make a gas around ships slowing attack hast of enemy ships and make minor damages
-_Tregan_ Harpoon, for slow down the enemy ships and damage it if it try to break the harpoon.
-_United clans_ Black sheep, When alone a ship have an huge buff
-_Venek_ Aries, ramming damage increasing with speed
-_Whaela'an_ macro infection, bombarding weapon that make ally troops (attacking) on the planet and remove enemy population.
-_Wolaxian_ Vore module, when boarding, increase the number of troops when succeed.
-_Xuleshan_ Paradise ship, luxury/entertainment module, when the ship approach a scenery system it generate cash
-_Yuglut_ acide/poison, damage at time
-experiance, all ships can get a permanent buff when destroy enemies
-modible factory, module for make a mobile spaceport


Experimental weapon (high range weapon targeting other planet):
-missile launcher,
-death ray
-Electromagnetic storm
-Black hole
-Plasma pulse

-Wizard portal, send troops directly on a planet, long recharge time and unique building
-Wizard nightmare, the same but for directly boarding enemies ships from a planet !

-_Nebari_ Mind cleanser, remove passively corruption and prevent riot

space elevator, like a spaceport but as facility

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RE: Ideas - 11/26/2020 3:59:26 AM   

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From: Wisconsin
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Cool list but impossible using normal modding means.

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RE: Ideas - 11/26/2020 1:43:18 PM   

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Ok thanks you, I will try to make something close to that !

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RE: Ideas - 12/25/2020 6:32:11 AM   


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From: Australia
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"Hill sphere warp dynamics" in energy research as a technology that enables ships to jump between Lagrange points in solar systems, though they will still need to exit the stellar influence if they want to leave the solar system.

Would love to see this as a mod to 'smooth' out the roughness of a complete solar system gravity well.

Thinking of attempting to mod this myself...

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RE: Ideas - 12/31/2020 11:16:22 PM   

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Is this for your existing mod or a new one?

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RE: Ideas - 1/1/2021 7:50:22 AM   

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From: Wisconsin
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For me this is dead. DW2 is around the corner.

(in reply to Shogouki)
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RE: Ideas - 1/3/2021 12:04:01 PM   


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From: Sydney, Australia
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ORIGINAL: Retreat1970

For me this is dead. DW2 is around the corner.

is there a release date........?


(in reply to Retreat1970)
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