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AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia

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AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/11/2020 9:59:11 AM   


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Terms and Abbreviations
AGp.: Army Group
Pz: Panzer
PzGp./PzGps. : Panzergruppe/Panzergruppen
Inf. : Infantry
Mot. : Motorized
Mech. : Mechanized
SO: Sustained offensive.

this text will present a campaign made against the ai.
Settings are: non historical, normal difficulty (I'm not a champion), no geneva convention.

The structure of the text will be made of chapters regrouping several paragraphs. Each paragraph will present german moves first per front and then soviet moves for a 4 days time frame.Therefore the text will display each round of the campaign.

Screenshots will illustrate this AAR when the board will let me do so. (10 posts needed)
And I need 7 days more now...

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/11/2020 10:02:41 AM   


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Chapter I "The Battle of the Frontiers"


Halder's Diary the day of invasion:
Tactical surprise of the enemy has apparently been achieved along the entire line. All bridges across the Bug river, as on the entire river frontier, were undefended and are in our hands intact. That the enemy was taken by surprise is evident from the facts that troops were caught in their quarters, that planes on the airfields were covered up, and that enemy groups faced with the unexpected development at the front inquired at their Hqs in the rear what they should do.

Status on June 22, 1941


German troops:
inf :1,222,600
pzII :950
pzIII :1,275
pzIV: 510
H-T :11,600
Guns: 20,300
trucks: 10,200

154 inf divisions
25 cavalry divisions
37 armored divisions

I decided to not confront Hitler and to get along with his views on Barbabossa's strategic goals at the Fuhrer conference. Hitler wants the Baltic states and Leningrad has a trophy. He also wants at a lesser degree the whole Ukraine. Moscow comes last.
My relationships with Leeb and Rundstedt are really poor while Bock is simply neutral towards me. Logistics' wise, Gercke and I have good relations. Wagner is not really fond of my leadership but at least he does not disapprove. Hitler seems to enjoy chatting with me. If only he knew I always had a loaded pistol with me each time I met him...
Brauchitsch is on neutral gear and Göring feels more concerned by his daily shipments of 'stimulants' than the Heer.
Jodl liked the Denmark campaign and so feels confident in my capacities. Himmler believes I took part in the Zossen conspiracy and he is quite cold.

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/11/2020 10:08:01 AM   


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I.1: From June 22 to June 25, 1941 German moves

Finnish Front: The Finns have manouvered around Soviet positions at Viborg and they progressing fast towards their previous border everywhere.
AGp. North: Hoepner and his 4th PzGp. broke through soviet lines. the 8th army HQ has surrendered to the 6th Panzer Div. Eleventh soviet army is still defending the Niemen and Kaunas.
AGp. Center: 3rd and 4th soviet armies have been shocked by Hoth and Guderian PzGps. respectively. 3rd soviet army has been pushed out of Grodno and the 3PzGp holds the bridge. 4th soviet army has been forced to retreat for most of its units into Brest.
10th soviet army is about to be surrounded by the 9th and 4th armies.
AGp. South: Kleist has located the 5th soviet army HQ and hopes to destroy it in the coming days. He has also elements within 30kms range of Lvov. 6th soviet army is in pretty bad position.
Romanian Front: Eleventh army is still mustering and romanian troops have not received order to attack.

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/11/2020 10:10:21 AM   


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I.2 June 26, 1941. Soviet moves.

Finnish Front: No movement. Soviets stayed in place.
AGp. North : 11th army didn't move much.
AGp. Center:Western HQ seems to move in direction of minsk.
AGp. South:6th soviet army HQ relocated in Lvov.
Romanian Front: The Soviets conterattacked sporadically on the 3rd Romanian Army. The soviet armies in this sector stayed on contact of our forces.

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/11/2020 10:12:27 AM   


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I.3: From June 26 to June 29, 1941 German moves

Finnish Front: Finnish South East Army has a hard time against Soviet 23rd Army defenses. Karelian army progressing amazingly well agaisnt Soviet 7th Ind. Army and inflicts heavy losses to the ennemy. One Soviet divison is traped and expected to be destroyed during the next four days.

AGp. North: 7th Pz Div of 3rd PzGp. took Kaunas defenders by surprise and make them retreat outside the city. 16th army invested the city. The bridges over the Niemen are ours.
1st Pz Div of Hoepner PzGp. located a huge amount of soviet division West of Jacobstadt while doing a recon at the railway crossroad at 25,28. Hoepner intends to capture Daugavpills and trap the Soviet 11th army with the help of the 3rd PzGp. From there he intends to cut from the rear units defending the Dvina by taking Jacobstadt and Riga in a swift move.

AGp. Center: Brest Litowsk captured by 2nd PzGp. infantry . Soviet 4th army HQ surrendered to us with more than 40 000 soldiers. 2nd PzGp. Moved in direction of Minsk and started to engage retreating Western HQ divisions.
Soviet 10th Army expelled from Bialistok and encircled.
Soviet 3rd Army HQ destroyed as Hoth's 3rd PzGp. moved towards Vilnius. Vilnius has been captured. Many soviets divisions left behind.

AGp. South: Soviet 5th army HQ surrendered to 6th army. Soviet 5th army remnants are sweeped out by 6th army. Soviet 6th Army HQ surrendered to 1st PzGp. Lvov is captured. Soviet 6th Army between hammer and anvil in a land strip of 150*30km. Przemysl is captured and defenders have been killed or surrendered to 17th army.

Romanian Front: 3rd Army positioned to endure 12th army assault. 11th army and 4th romanian army engage combat with Soviet 9th army & Southern HQ.

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/11/2020 10:14:50 AM   


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I.4: June 30, 1941. Soviet moves.

Finnish Front: Soviet 23rd Army strengthen its positions. Soviet 7th Ind Army trying to evacuate but very slowly.

AGp. North: Soviet Eleventh army tries to escape the pocket. Soviet 27th Army seems to protect the access to Daugavpills.

AGp. Center: A single counter attack on 20th Mot. Division. No german casualties.

AGp. South: Former 6th army elements are regrouping. Soviet 26th army elements have retreated.

Romanian Front: A single counter attack on 4th romanian army. Romanians hold their ground with low casualties.

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/11/2020 10:22:44 AM   


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I.5: From June 30 to July 3, 1941. German moves

Finnish Front: Karelian Army has destroyed a division and has encircled two other ones. Gen.Lt Heinrichs Send 4 divisions to hel the Finnish South East Army against the Soviet 23rd Army.

AGp. North: 18th Army progresses towards the Dvina and captured Liepaja on the shores. 16th Army sweeped ahead several divisions north west of Kaunas and is now free to move towards the Dvina.
SS Totenkopf took Daugavpills undefended. 6th Pz Div moved to the Velikaïa river. Recon elements from 6th Pz. Div. took Ostrov undefended.

AGp.Center: 4th army captured and destroyed what's left of Soviet 10th Army. Hoth's 3rd PzGp. cut the escape route of Soviet Eleventh army with the 29th Pz Div. 14th Mot.division tired to enter Minsk by surprised but was welcomed by deeply entrenched soviet forces. Hoth decided to block the escape route of the western HQ divisions by bypassing the city by the north. Guderian's group struggle with the lack of fuel and can not push as fast as he wants.
9th and 4th army resume march towards the East. Most Western HQ units will not escape the forming pocket.

AGp. South: 17th Army destroyed the last elements of the Soviet 6th Army. tenths of thousand of sovietic soldiers have been captured.
6th Army of Reichenau still sweeping remnant of 5th while marching towards Kiev.
1st PzGp. seized Tarnopol and liberated 120km of railway between Lvov and Proscurow. 2 enemy divisions destroyed in the process.

Romanian Front: 3rd Romanian army stood still. 11th and 4rd Romanian Armies are slowly bleeding the Soviets 9th and South HQ divisions. Soviets losses have raised.

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/11/2020 10:05:49 PM   


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I.6 Soviet moves; 4th of July 1941.

Finnish Front: Soviet 23rd Army begins to evacuate Viborg. Soviet 7th Independant Army is moving its lasts divisions to pre-war borders.

AGp. North: Soviets 27th and 11th armies have opened a poorly defended corridor to allow supplies to reach to the Soviet 11th army.
Soviet 27th Army has taken position around Jacobstadt. Some divisions apparently belonging to BMD are moving East towards Riga

AGp. Center: Western HQ divisions are starting a retreating movement to avoid encirclement. New Soviet Divisions(unknown army) have been spotted on the eastern bank of the Berezina river at Borisov and Bobruisk bridges.

AGp. South: Nothing.

Romanian Front: Soviet 12th army is retreating to avoid encirclement by the northen movement of Kleist's Panzers. Failed attack from an armored division on the 15th Romanian Inf. Division to free the Soviet 218 mot. division. Minor losses on both sides.

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/11/2020 11:25:57 PM   


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I.7:From July 4 to July 7, 1941 German moves

I'm worried of the weather forecast announcing probable rains soon. This could bog down the whole dynamic. and could delay our victory by a few weeks if Soviets manage to form cohesive defensive lines.

Finnish Front: Finnish South East army with the help of some divisions from the Karelian Army tried to isolate ennemy divisions in Viborg. Attack was a failure and divisions sustained heavy losses. General Viinikka decided to attack Viborg's defenders and was successful.
Karelian Army cleaned two surrounded divisions from the 7th independant army.

AGp. North: Overall fuel situation critical. Luftwaffe is providing Air support now.
18th army forwards elements have reached Riga vicinity. Some BMD units engaged.
16th Army are captured Soviet 11th army HQ and has eliminated the whole 11th army with the help of the 3rd PzGp.
6th panzer division secured Ostrov and its bridge unopposed. Hoepner captured Jaocabstadt with minor losses. Soviet 27th Army is about to be encircled in the coming days

AGp. Center: Fuel situation is below critical level.
Hoth captured Minsk to avoid being pressured on both flanks if the new soviets divisions start to attack. Western HQ army is pocketed and took heavy casualties.
9th and 4th continue to progress East. 3 divisions from the 4th army are secruring the railway runnng in the Pripiet marshes.

AGp. South: Fuel situation critical. Kleist lost some time cleaning a soviet corps instead of moving forward Proscurow and cut the retreat of 12th army. 6th and 17th army progressing east fast.

Romanian Front: 3rd Romanian Army followed 12th soviet amry move and engage a division with success.
11th army is encountering a stiff resistance from 9th and South armies divisions and was unable to score a significant progress. 4th romanian army is beginning to outflanck the soviet line by the south.

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/12/2020 2:47:33 PM   

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Good AAR, looking forward to the screenshots.


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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/13/2020 9:31:22 AM   


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I'm on lockdown for pictures for 7 days. :p

Anyway... it gives me time to make annotations on pictures.

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/17/2020 7:23:13 AM   


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I.8: July 8, 1941, Soviet moves

Finnish front :23rd Army and Leningrad armies are strengthening their positions. 7th Ind .Army is trying to form a front line at the border.
AGp. North : 27th Army undertook a bold move and cut the supply route to the 4th PzGp.

AGp. Center: Soviet 21st Army Tried to free the WesternHQ army but failed. Low casualties on both sides

AGp. South: Retrograde movement of soviet armies.
Romanian Front :Soviets are counterattacking on several point of the front line inflicting sometimes more losses than they took. However they are retreating in disorder north of Kishinev behind the Dniestr river.

I.9:From July 8 to July 11, 1941 German moves

Weather forecast is still the same as the previous four days.
I ordered a comprehensive study to prepare our troops for the Russian winter. they'll be holding a line behind Moscow, they will need an adequate equipment.

Finnish Front: Karelian army has reached the prewar border near the Onega lake. Leningrad HQ lost one division due to decisive action of Onion and 1st finnish infantry divisions.
23rd and Leningrad Armies are holding the railway to Leningrad and encroach themselves here.

AGp. North:
Soviet 27th army is trapped in several pockets. SS polizeï division proved to be very helpful. 16th army is nearly reaching the Dvina. 18th Army is positionning itself to assault Riga soon.
18tyh army is receiveing air & artillery support. 16th army adopt a sustained offensive posture.
AGp. Center:

The whole Western Army has been destroyed and countless soldiers surrendered to us.
v. Bock announces he has attained destruction of all soviets armies protecting the Soviet borders.
FSB is moved to Minsk.
9th and 4th armies are adopting a sustained offensive posture. 2nd PzGp. will rest and refit being protected by the 3rd PzGp. from soviet counter attacks. 3rd PzGp. is receiving air support and shifts to SO posture.

AGp. South: 6th army continues to march east mostly unopposed but slowly due to the terrain features. 1st PzGp. engaged the south wing of the Southwestern HQ army and made a tiny breakthrough in order to reach proscurow during the next 4 days. The plan is to block the retreat of the 12th army. Fuel situation is a real issue and slows down armored units.
6th army adopts a sustained offensive posture.

Romanian Front: 3rd Romanian Army progresses slowly. 11th army reports it has breakthrough ennmy front with 90km wide breach north of Kishinev. 1st romanian Armored division has crossed the Dniestr river.

I.10: July 12, 1941. Soviet moves

Finnish Front: Soviets are retreating fast

AGp. North. 27th army tried to regroup pockets but failed to. BMD units are marching towards Riga but haven't acheiving anything significant.

AGp. Center: Soviet 21st army retreated and is not anymore in sight of our recon elements.

AGp. South: 6th army is being somehow counterattacked. Soviet 12th army retreats east and gathered around Proscurow.
Romanian Front: The breakthrough has generated a quick withdrawal. Even if the 1st romanian armd. div. have been pushed back over the Dniestr river, soviet armies are retreating fast.

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/17/2020 7:26:37 AM   


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Chapter II "The Lernean Hydra"


"Halder's diary July 12th 1941"

A field order by Timoshenko threatening court-martial
for anybody talking of retreat.

Status of the Wehrmacht :
Infantry: 1,192,800 men
pzII :640
pzIII :865
pzIV :395
H-T :10,200
Guns :21,300
trucks : 10,600

infantry : 109,100 men (including 22,000 Finns and 21,600 Romanians)
pzII :295
pzIII :370
pzIV :115
H-T : 1,400
Guns :250
trucks : 250

Soviet losses:
Infantry : 851,400 men
Armor: 3,340 T26 & 130 T34 (3,470 armored vehicules)
Guns :11,600
trucks : 3,650

So far, 8 HQ and 98 soviet divisions have been destroyed.

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/17/2020 7:29:55 AM   


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II.1 From July 12 to July 15, 1941. German moves.

Finnish Front :Karelian Army recalls the divisions sent to help the south east army. South East Army pushes the last soviet divisions still inside the pre-war Finnish territory outside.

AGp. North: Soviet 27th army eradicated by a combination of units from 18th, 16th armies and the 4th PzGp.
Riga is under german control due to a combined action between 18th army and 4th PzGp.

AGp. Center: Some repositonning. 6th and 4th army march east while shifting to SO posture.

AGp. South: Fuel more than critical. 1st PzGp. adopts SO posture to save fuel until a depot is build close to the front line.
6th Army still changing posture but continues to march east.
17th army is changing posture to SO from now and moves East.

Romanian front: This front merges with the AGp. South main front from now. 3rd Romanian army reaches the outskirts of Proscurow.

II.2 July 16, 1941. Soviet moves.

Finnish Front: Nothing to signal. No combat, no specific moves. RKKA seems happy to have lose their winter war conquest.

AGp. North: BMD units trapped between Riga and the Baltic Sea moves to break into soviet territory.

AGp. Center: 21st army reappeared at Borisov. A new 20th army spotted near Bobruisk.

AGp. South: Soviets evacuated Proscurow but kept contact. 9th and South armies are retreating again.

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/17/2020 7:33:08 AM   


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II.3 July 16 to July 19, 1941 German moves

AGp. North: Nothing significant happend on the Finnish border
18th army starts to clean BMD pocket west of minsk. Approx 40 000 soviet soldiers.
16th army continue to march in direction of leningrad.
4.PzGp. moves some elements in direction of Ostrov. Still awaiting FSB to be moved there.

AGp. Center: 9th and 4th army are deploying themselves in lines. 2nd army HQ installed in Minsk awaiting its divisions.

AGP. South: Proscurow has been taken, undefended. 1.PzGp is moving in direction of proscurow.
6th, 17th, 3rd Romanian army have battled against some divisions.
11th army engulfed itself in the hole made by the withdrawal of the soviet 9th army. Odessa has got a major garrison. 4th romanian army aims to not trap any units inside Odessa.

II.4 July 20, 1941. Soviet moves

AGp. North: nothing significant.

AGp. Center: massive troops movement detected between Orsha, Borissov, Mogilev and Bobruisk.

AGp. South: soviet counterattacks are still ponctual but a bit more effective. A new army(47th) has appeared North of Zhitomir.
9th army HQ is isolated and close to the frontline. Odessa defense is left to the major garrison.

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/17/2020 7:37:54 AM   


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II.5 July 20 to july 23, 1941. German moves

AGp. North: 4.PzGp. starts to move in direction of Luga and Novgorod. Slow progress due to summer rains. 16th army reach the Velikaia river. BMD Pocket eliminated by 18th army. Only Windau and one division left behind. 18th army shows signs of fatigue. Finnish armies are preparing to rest their divisions (if PP are available for).
v. Leeb announces the destruction of the Soviet Northern Army group.
AGp. Center: 3.PzGp. and 2.PzGp. take their position for the next attack. Air tac support is now affected to 2.PzGp. Guderian is in Bobruisk and aims to Mogilev, Hoth's moving towards Vitebsk. The idea is to trap the armies Recon reports ans sigint indicates presence of a front line between running from Polotsk to Gomel.
2nd army started to deploy divisions and take position on the south wing of the 4th army.

AGp. South: Soviet 9th army HQ surrendered to 14th infantry division. 4th Rom. Army begins to encircle Odessa.
1.PzGp. is preparing to rest and refit the time the FSB is moved to Proscurow. Focus is set to inspire troops. Next operation will be to engage soviet forces in a decisive battle between Zhitomir and Kiev.

Notes:Next round will announce reinforcements. There is a clear dilemma. 1.pzgp is at 61% of its tanks, 2&3 PzGps. around 74% and 4.PzGp is at 63%. 4.PzGp is affected to the north, the objective. 2&3 will do a major battle very soon and 1. PzGp has the secondary objective (which is somehow able to become primary due to the Fuhrer's "enlightened visions") which is still far and will do a major battle soon.
Hard choice.... So let's think in priorities. First prioriy is to be able to have some infatry able to clear the way for the panzers, so each SS divisions will be prioritized. They crack open any defensive position and they can withstand a entire army if well entrenched.

For the panzers, this reinforcement turn will see the 1.PzGp receiving armored vehicules. 4.PzGp is about to fight in woods where tanks have severe difficulties and so the value of each vehicule is decreased. Instead 4.PzGp. will have priority on its Motorized & foot infantry has they will fight in the woods, cities & forests.
Then will be prioritized foot divisions with less than 86 integrity(divisions marked S! or S!!) and not foreign
However foreign troops won't be less prioritized.

II.6 July 24, Soviet moves

AGp. North: a new 48th army is spotted at the Finnish border near Leningrad.

AGp. Center: Stavka seems on the offensive, that's surprising but this is good news, they will be less on the defensive. Bad news is they are numerous. Plenty new armies (the 16th 19th 22nd 24th 28th 29th to add the 21st and 20th armies spotted before). Just like if the complete destruction of the Western army group didn't happened. Other bad news is the counteroffensive who started from Gomel apparently and heading to outflank the 4th Army.

AGp. South: New armies too. 45th army is joining the 47th in front of the 6th army. Unindetified forces have been spotted behind.
44th army is joining the party located at the bridge west of Nikolaiev.
Unidentified forces have been spotted between Vinnitsa and Pervomaisk behind a new 46th army...

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/17/2020 7:43:12 AM   


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II.7 July 24 to july 27, german moves

AGp. North : 18th army finishes to clean the rear near Windau while securing the land north of Riga. 4.PzGP took Pskov and its airfield, forcing to retreat the small garrison posted there and is now receiveing Air support. 16th army secures the flank of 4.PzGp.

AGp. Center : Guderian pushes. His PzGp. killed or captured 21600 soviet soldiers and cut 5 divisions (3armored, 1 mech & 1inf) from their rear. However the 2.PzGp failed to capture Mogilev this turn despite defenders' heavy casualties.
3.PzGp killed or captured 13800 soldiers and has progressed of 60km in 4 days.

The soviet line is apparently thin. Sigint indicates presence of isolated HQ in Vitebsk and Orsha.

AGp. South: 1.PzGp. Shifts to blitzkrieg posture to be ready when the fsb will be operational. The plan being to encricle the mass of troops near Zhitomir no major offensive action have been undertook. 11th army pushed a bit its advantages by taking Pervomaisk and crossing again the Bug 60km north of the town.
Odessa will prove to a problematic matter. We can refresh the 4th Rom. Army before having making an assault or we can leave the city and never take it as the garrison won't move. dilemma.

II.8 July 28, Soviet Moves

AGp. North: Units from 30th and 48th army are tring to stop 4.PzGp. divisions near Novgorod

AGp. Center: Successful Soviet Counter attack on 29th Motorized. low casualties.
North wing of Soviet front is concentrating forces around Polotsk. Hoth's came with the idea of encircling this wing by moving deep into the land bridge the next four days and then going straight up to the north to meet with the 16th army.
Guderian came with a similar idea but at a bigger scale as he proposes a massive encirclement with the help of the 1.PzGp.

AGp. South: Soviet front is forming. 2 Small counterattacks on romanian units.

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/17/2020 7:47:28 AM   


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II.9 July 28 to July 31, German moves

AGp. North: 16th army started to lob the mass of divisions stationned around Polotsk. Let's hope Hoth will close the pocket the next 4 days.
Hoepner did a tremendous job. His motorized division secured the railway to Luga and overan the soviet fortifications with easiness. Totenkopf division is leading the way and is at less than 30km of Luga. His panzers are opening the road to Novgorod, destroyed a soviet division in the process and engaging several ther ones. All with minor casualies.
18th army cleaned the last pocket of Soviet forces in Latvia and Windau's port is now under Wehrmacht control. 18th army continues to liberate the Balts from soviet oppression. TAllin is only 150km from the most advanced elements. Howver 18th army shows signs of increasing fatigue.

AGp. Center: 3.PzGp. pierces through 28th and 29th armies' divisions and bypass Vitebsk. Next move will be to move north to isolate the whole northern wing of this Western Front. However some divisions have been spotted far behind the soviet line. This might be a reserve army.
4th army and 2.PzGp assaulted the 5 divisions' pocket aforementioned. Hundreds of armored vehicules and more than 20 000 soldiers are out of the equation now. 2.PzGp. continues its march and pushed Mogilev defenders out of the city. Unfortunately he was unable to secure the eastern bridge abutment. 2.PzGp. has narrowed the soviet controled space in such a fashion the soviet must evacuate the very narrow bulge formed.
4th and 2nd armies starts to hammer the head of the soviet counteroffensive in the Pripiet Marshes.
Von Bock sent a letter close to insubordination. I've lost hours to calm him down without using my stripes. However I think he begins to appreciate, at least to understand, my leadership. Our relations merely improved I think.

AGp. South: Some limited attacks from 17th and 11th army. 17th army isolated 2 Soviet divisions from 12th Army. 11th begins to have a solid foothold on the eastern bank of the Bug river. Von Kleist switches the focus to manouver.

II.10 August 1, Soviet moves.

AGp. North: Totenkopf division was attacked by 12000 men and 520 armored vehicules (including 10 KV-1 and 70 T34). They held with minor losses.

AGp. Center: Soviets tried to evacuate has much as they can some units from the center's bulge. They also formed a front running from Orsha to Nikolaiev. Hopefully Mogilev's last bridge didn't blow up as well as Orsha's one.

AGp. South: Romanian units have been attacked by two offensives and they had heavy casualties. Soviets have concentrated their armor(somewhat 500 armored vehicules) in order to rejoin Odessa. The most worrying being this part of front is guarded by the 4th Romanian army mainly.

Question being from where do comes these armored vehicules? It seems the soviets have an endless reserves of them.

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RE: AAR (vs AI) The Campaign In Russia - 9/20/2020 8:14:07 PM   

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Sneaky Move by the Soviets near the Daugava around July 8the. But you are already across the next river so I guess you are fine in AGN.

The later turns are still imageless (is that even a word?), are you still catching up?


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