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Yearly Reports: Queensland, Vososa Oriana

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Yearly Reports: Queensland, Vososa Oriana - 7/3/2020 10:22:23 PM   


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I will be trying a new format. Turn by turn posts clearly are a bit to "verbose". So this time, I will be making 1 post per planetary year (5 turns in this case). This may keep it to more interesting stuff.

Vososa Oriana
Siwa Class
3.8 Billion Years
7° Tilt
33 hour days

8& Mountain, 12% Ocean, 80% Plains
13m/s windspeed
655mm/year Railfall
Seasons: 5 (2 Summers)
Artic: 6-7 °C
Antarctic: 2-5°C
Tropic: 31/32 °C, 25°C in Summer
(Yes, the 2 Summer Seasons are the coldest time of the year. I reported it as bugs).
Geologically Active: Yes
Heavy Elements: 109%

41% O2, 34% N2, 11% CH4, 649 mBar
0 Respiratory, Xenobio and Atmos Farming Hazard
Good (2) Alient Tissue Nutrition
Highest Lifeform: Sola-Squid, aquatic 2m carnivore
Plantlife: vascular, forests, earth sized

6.68 Billion
1% Farming
99% Services
Relevant History:
- Farming and Mining Development, to many times to count
- Sector Capitol
- Scientific Research Major Player*
- Automated Farms*
- Liquid Energy relay and supply hub*
- Quadrant Capitol*
- UCM drive facility
- Spaceyards
- Key Quantum Satelites

*First time I see those

79% Scavengers
0% Hunters
4% Raiders
17% Farmers
Important events:
- heavy conventional Reformist/Loyalist warefare
- Togalia exploding reactor
- Econus and Vogalia nuked
- Afaris and Xezonion heavy infighting
279AA (January 8230)

Everyone works hard for the good of society, high faith in leaders - wich are the best of the whole

Merchant Syndic Society (MSS): Mertiocracy, Government, Mind ++
The Government party. Mind a minor problem

Armed Front (AF): Enforcement++
Enforcement easily supressed by Government. Can be kept around

Mystic Temple Religion: Meritocracy, Commerce: ++
Rare Meritocracy Bonus, but severe Government issue from Commerce

Anima Circle and Syndic better options - positive impact, Democracy supressable

Gus Cretaman, SHQ, MSS Leader, III/42/45/38; Well placed
Sofia Johnhall, Governor, I/36/17/23; should be replaced, but expensive to do
Toryn Hamilhands, OHQ, III/55/40/27; needs Promotion to Int Council.
Bryce Menkib, SCC, III/26/36/30; Some Diplomacy. Better for OHQ?
Zed Ishtar, Advisor, Armed Front Leader, IV/35/30/46; Militia Chief
Lacy Thomplord, Secretary, I/18/23/14; Propably best job for her
Archie Orosilove, Reservere, II/25/23/32; Good Improv. Advisor Replacement?

No starting Councils
Capitol City: Boston: Resoruces: Ruin Fields, Fertile plains, good defenses
Zeitgeist: Time of efficiency

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RE: Yearly Reports: Queensland, Vososa Oriana - 7/3/2020 11:27:56 PM   


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I enjoy your AAR's, so thank you for them
Question; I am not sure I am understanding the 'bug' reference per this:

Artic: 6-7 °C
Antarctic: 2-5°C
Tropic: 31/32 °C, 25°C in Summer
(Yes, the 2 Summer Seasons are the coldest time of the year. I reported it as bugs).

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RE: Yearly Reports: Queensland, Vososa Oriana - 7/4/2020 11:37:41 AM   


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ORIGINAL: eddieballgame

I enjoy your AAR's, so thank you for them
Question; I am not sure I am understanding the 'bug' reference per this:

Artic: 6-7 °C
Antarctic: 2-5°C
Tropic: 31/32 °C, 25°C in Summer
(Yes, the 2 Summer Seasons are the coldest time of the year. I reported it as bugs).


Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, falling after spring and before autumn.

And I do not know a math in wich 25°C is hotter then 31°C. The 2 "summers" are the coldest of the 5 seasons, wich runs counter to teh very definition of the term.

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RE: Yearly Reports: Queensland, Vososa Oriana - 7/4/2020 1:15:41 PM   


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Winter 279 AA:
The big news first: My ascension to president cause a rebellion (Rebellion Fate Card). The large rebel groups, way to close to Boston for comfort. The group right next to boston was shelled and charged into oblivion.

I ordered the formation of a Interior Council. It seems rather important to make sure we got the proper leaders for every job.

Some peace overtures came from Genemark, but I had to reject it for now. We can not allow their people to suffer under that Farmer regime. Unfortunately they overreacted, declaring war on Queensland.

Our troops went North into the Galan Meadows. The terrai there should be much more suiteable for open farming the Zoetfield in the middle of the Boston Ruin Patch.

And speaking of the Ruins, it is high time we started properly exploting them. 1 Scavenger community every 200 km or so, that is my near future goal. The Start is making the new Community Piofwall, just north/west of Boston proper.

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RE: Yearly Reports: Queensland, Vososa Oriana - 7/4/2020 3:25:58 PM   


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Winter 280 AA:

- A "able commander" offered his services for freeing his hometone. It was rejected - he seems not nearly skilled enough and we will liberate the people in due time anyway.
- The interior council needed someone with optimal administration/Intelligence, and ideally some Leadership/Charisma. Advisor zed Isthar was promoted to the post. While there are smarter people, he has existing experience in the nessesary skills.
- Reservist Archie Orisolove ended up as the new Advisor and was attached to the Interior Council
- Perry Taurus (a military guy) was hired. II/26/38/32. He had some command skills

- A Fat Merchant placed a casino in boston, drawing additional Private Investment.
- the buildings around boston hit a delay, due to having stared to many at once.

Fighting & Diplomacy:
We made Peace with "Nebelland" to the north/east.

Fighting with the soutehrn Rebel group ended up happening in a slight radiation field, of up to 150 RAD. But our soldiers know we would not send them there without a good reason.
Despite serious losses, they were eventually defeated.
The last group was evetually squashed against the Quartzridge Border (when they were still neutral).

The wildness of the eastern Togalo and southern Xegalo territories had to be investigated, and our spies were send out.
- Togalo turned out to be a nesting place of arachnids, wich were not overly agressive. Just one small group of spiders had to be encircleed.
- Xegalo turned out to be a surviving AI. Wich was unfortunately very agressive and started approaching Boston. A 2nd Brigade had to be raised to challenge them, but they are severely under strenght. Perry Taurus took over. The 1st pulled back to hold a frontline against the approaching Sentinels.
The city is in grave danger.

Grenemark and Quartzridge to the east have been expanding their territory as well - taking over most of our eastern territory.
Quartzridge eventualyl declared war on us as well.

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RE: Yearly Reports: Queensland, Vososa Oriana - 7/4/2020 6:45:10 PM   


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Winter 281AA:

- Our Soldiers are proud of cour country and what we archieved together. They know what they are fighting for (Regime Feat: National Pride)
- Our Bureacracy is pretty efficient (Regime Feat: Bureaucracy)
- The same is t rue for our Zone Administration (Regime Feat: Capable Supervisors)
- A meeting on the Mystic Temple commenced. They have proove to be rather disruption for the public sector, so Polcies were changed to disfavor them
- hired 3 new Leaders:
Isolda Kepler III/57/35/28
Phobe Hydrus II/31/20/33
Olly Toniman II/21/29/29
- a Model council has been formed. While teh basic designs are not bad per say, the total lack of armor is costing us a lot of people right now. Isolda Kepler was given the job
- income tax has reached 50%, Sales Tax 25%
- the Brauneiber Corporation of Frida Brauneiber has taken root in Boston.

- work on a Metal Mine and Scavenger in Craig has begun and finished
- another Scavenger post started

Fighting & Diplomacy:
- a massive Volunteer drive in Boston has given sufficient reinforcements for the 2nd Brigade.
- the war against the surviving AI sentinels has begun.
The 2nd Brigade with most of the 1st dealt with most of the sentinels. Fighting was hard and had a very high casualty rate, as they have armor but our foot soldiers did not.
- The issuing of padded environmental suits and complete encirclement allowed the 2nd brigrade to destroy the larger group. By the end of the year, all Soldiers - MG or Infantry - had been equipped with this kind of gear.
- Unfortunatley, the 1st Brigade failed at replicating this sucess and lost it's commander when trying to do so.
- While this was happening 2 Batallions (2nd and 4th) of the 1st Brigade held the line against Quartzbridge. Thus far they have not attempted any attacks, but the defensive line of Ruins and Forrests is a daunting task anyway. Our spies meanwhile have infiltrated that minor regime, garhering intelligence for our pending invasion

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RE: Yearly Reports: Queensland, Vososa Oriana - 7/4/2020 8:36:01 PM   


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"And I do not know a math in which 25°C is hotter then 31°C.
The 2 "summers" are the coldest of the 5 seasons, which runs counter to the very definition of the term."

Agreed, but I am wondering if this is more about how 'Vic' worded it then it being an actual 'bug'.
Anyways, I know this AAR is not about that, so carry on & thank you for doing this.

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RE: Yearly Reports: Queensland, Vososa Oriana - 7/5/2020 4:30:09 PM   


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Winter 282 AA:

- the Zeitgeist has shifted. We are no longer in a time of efficiency (Public Production), but a time of Passion (Unrest Events)
- The interior ocuncile hired:
Junior Yuri Capella III/41/37/37. He may make a decent governor
Ex Miltiary Cobb Copernicus I/28/19/15. Hired for a new Council, but prooved worthless for that job.
- had to retire Phoebe Hydrus II/31/20/33. Her boundless Ambition (100), made her extremely unhappy in the reserve pool. She would be a problem in anything short of a Council job and she clearly lacks the skills for that. She did manage to negotiate a good deal for herself, however (accidentally hit bronce rather the Zero Retriement Plan)
- income tax is now 50%
- the Interior council held sucessfull wargames for the OHQ commanders
- Elections have been held. The situation is:
Merchant Syndic Society: 77%
Armed Front: 23%
- a Staff Council has been created. Gus Creteman was promoted from the SHQ, as no good candidate for the spot could be found
-slightly increased slaries for Secretary and Workers

- meetings with teh CEO of Brauneiber Corporation commenced. They want less taxes and even a subsidy. This goes against our goals. The Private Economy can not be allowed to run unctrollably. Otherwise the equality based on Merit we have reached would suffer.
- barracks have been added to Boston. It will help with training and also make sure people feel secure in the city.
- Work on Solar Panel has also begun
- we got such a high rare metal income, we have issues even selling teh stuff to the traders.
- the great feeling of danger is causing some unrest, and Citizens started harassing state workers. A invenstigation into who was inciting this unfortunately ended in failure causing even more unrest
- feasts have been held in boston, in hopes of salvagign the overall situation there (Fate Card Feasts used. +8/+8)
- now there is a worker strike in boston. Luckily there is plenty of money to adress their greivances (Democracy option, as is supressed)

Fighting & Diplomacy:
- with the new upgrades, the Sentinels are only a small challenge. On defense, our troops were holding effortlessly, but the attack did cost us 300 men. Either way, the Surviving AI is no more. The 2nd Brigade has moved south to secure the former AI's land
- the Model council is burning through model work quickly: Upgraded Artillery,
- A new Commander for the 1st Brigade was nessesary. The existing Cadidates had no miltiary skill, but hiring a new ex-military quickly fixed that Dee Titanrock (II/33/33/28) - existing skills in Ledership, Op Command, Strategic Command and Tactics - is the right person for this job
- Quartzbridge is almost entirely passive, with the 1st Brigade advancing consistently. Thier only attacks happened in the far north, against some militia units. While our troops could easily maneuver through gaps in their frontline. No combat casualties for our soldiers, but plenty for theirs

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RE: Yearly Reports: Queensland, Vososa Oriana - 7/5/2020 6:08:19 PM   


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Winter 283 AA:

- the new SHQ commander needed to be selected. While Cobb Copernicus had some skill in Operation command, he is a very slow learner. So the choice fell to Yuri Capella. While he brings no exsting Strategic Command skill, he has tradign skill and should learn the Strategic Side of the job quickly
- many of our leaders are friends and there is a serious spirit of comradery (Regime Feat: Friendship).
- Dee Titanrock found a odd companion and wanted him to have part of his life - including during meetings that related to state secrets. He was reproached for that. This is not how a Leader of Queensstate should act!
- to improove teh running of several areas, State Companies have been founded (Regime Feat: State Companies)
- as opposed ot all otehr Councilors, relations with the Interior Council Leader Zed Isthar keep slipping
- a new party has formed. The "Humanist School" (Heart +++) with the current leader Sofia Johnhall, the Governor of Boston

- with the Solar Panels and Baracks beign finished and the truck station well underway, work on a Hospital has begun in Boston
The goal is a much higher Civilistion standart, but there is no option to increase Entertainment right now - only health, Security and Education can be provided by the state.
- the coporation askwer for help with deciding their future course. We stressed the need for efficiency
- A upgrade of the HQ Bunker and the Bureaucratic Offices in boston has begun
- while worker happiness in boston is stable now,m the population happiness keeps going down. The Unrest, the Danger and the Corporation control all have their parts in this.
- the many expansions and building project lead to a slight worker shortage in Boston
- after numerous failed Anti-Trust operations, inreaasing of the Corporate taxes and rejection of a subsidy requst, our relation with the corporation is at a all time low.
- despite improoving worker relations, there was another strike. But we have lots of money stored away, so fixing it was trivial
- about 106 thousand people call boston home now. It is now a honest Minor City
- Sofia Johnhall managed to talk protesters into dispersing.

- there are about 1600 Infanterists and 400 MG Units in reserve in the SHQ - training - all the time.
- protection was offered to Nebelland, to the north/east. Unfortunately, they interpreted this as a veiled agression
- the Dragon Medium tank design has been finished. While the structural design is (as usually) solid, Engine, Weapon and Armor need some work
- the 1st Brigade Encircled the town of Quartzridge. The small part of their soldiers actually inside the city weer captrued or killed
- the 2nd Brigade is doing field training, while scouting, but now it is pulling back towards the road network

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RE: Yearly Reports: Queensland, Vososa Oriana - 7/6/2020 10:26:15 PM   


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I upgraded to 1.04beta4.
Savegame is 1.04beta3.

Winter 284 AA:

- the Zeitgeist has again shifted. This time, towards a time of learning
- the option for another council came up, but right now is not the right time. The formation has been postponed.
- With 3 new Hires, the Reserve Pool has grown:
Reesse Scannight I/24/17/30
Pax Quintfort II/32/19/24
Eugene Zaran I/25/26/20
Cobb Copernicus I/28/19/15
- with Quartzridge, we also got their "Eternity Movement" cult do deal with. It is the same story as the Mystic Cult: They favor meritocracy, but hate just about anything else about our Nation. There was no other choice but to penalize them in the Policy area
- we found a Ancient Archive and managed to secure the secrets of Universities. Wich is not a boon, since Education is not a weakpoint - Entertainment is.
- Interior director Zed Ishatar is a problem. After a troubleshooter had pointed out a flaw in his management, said troubleshooter was fired. Wich cause a bit of a uproar. He was reprimanded for this action (Meritocracy Choice)
- Our Diplomats - despite the lack of a Dedicated council - are some of the best on the planet (Regime Feat: Accomplished Envoys)
- Our workers are given teh special attention they deserve, wich makes the happier then most other empires workers (Regime Feat: Workers Rights)

- Governorship of Quartzride well to Pax Quintfort. His first attempd at dealing with Unrest in his City by talking down the protesters failed
- the people of Boston are suffering from a form of Paranoid Episode. Fear has gone up to a relevant level. And least it might help quell the unrest
- Work on Barracks and a Hospital have begun in Quartridge. Not much more work seems usefull. The city is not exceptionally well placed and I might even keep the private Truckstop.
-the command bunker in boston finished. Time to go one step further, for a High Command. It is also a good time to improove the Civil Office Infrastructure
- The workers in Boston were being harassed and Sofia Johnhall was tasked with investigating the Instigator. Unfortunatley she tried to arrest the wrong person - wich then died during hte attempt at aprehension - causing massive Unrest and unhappy workers.
- on the plus side, Boston now has a Gladiatoral Arena
- damn that copropration! They managed to cause a toxic spill in Boston. There was no option but to support them
- Salvagers realized that one particular region of the Boston Ruin fields - just around the Free Folk Town of Eskdale - is a promising site to find Galactic Republic Era artifcats. Despite persistent worker shortages in boston, a scavenger has been build there.
- speaking of worker shortages, it is high time to deal with that. Increasing worker Salaries from 4 to 6 should do the trick

- Quartzbridge as a Independant Regime is gone. But in turn, Genemark is now on top of us The 1st and 2nd Brigade moved to intercept
- Rebels in Nebelland contacted us. They proposed we ally in overthrowing the current Government. WE would not want anyones to do that to us, so rejection was the only option
- A slave trader has set up shop in Quartzridge. Buying his "wares" to free them was the only real option.
- the regions west of Quartzidge may be interesting. Spies have been dispatched to gather some Intel
- Genemark is a whole lot more agressive then Quartzbridge. But still, the 1st Brigade is steadily advancing with minimal casualities.
- the 2nd Brigade meanwhile - after helping to fill in some gaps - is returning to training and garission duty
- a new type of light tank - the crusader - has been finished. However "light" may be a slight misnomer, given taht it has the biggest gun and heaviest armor and biggest engine possible, while still being technicalyl a light tank. The focus of the Model Design council will be on discovery for a while now.
- speaking of tanks, we have raised our first formation. While we easily had the resources to raise up to a full Brigade of these "light" tanks, a small brigade of 50 units should be enough to helpo with advancing against Genemark
- Nebelland just declared war on us! Apparently their missinterpretation of our offers of Protection has reached a boiling point (antagonisation by critically failing Diplomacy Rolls). The 2nd Bigrad has been strategically redployed to deal with the issue. They have also been reinforced with a attached tank and Artillery unit.

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RE: Yearly Reports: Queensland, Vososa Oriana - 7/7/2020 10:03:26 PM   


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Winter 285 AA:

- our people finally start realizing that our leaders are on their side. This is a struggle we are all in - togetehr (Regime Feat: Joint Struggle)
- elections have been held:
Merchant Syndic Society: 60%
Armed Front: 33%
Humanist School: 7%
- it was high time to add a new Council. This time the choice fell to the Economc council. The newly recruite 64 Year old Ronny Spicca was choosen (II/36/30/25)
- several sports leagues promoting martial arts have formed (egime Feat: Martial Tournaments). That gives our operation commanders a new source of inspiration

- distances to the cities of Sandholt in the north/east and genemark in teh north/west are vrather long, with Sandholt being the worse offender. Supplies bases have been planend and build to allow traffic from boston to easily reach those places and the soldiers fighting there.
- despite Quickly improoving relations with our Local workers (the workers rights truly are a blessing), there was a agitator getting people to walk out of their workplace. Governor Pax Quintfort tried to figure out who the Instigator was, but this failed and workers left us - leaving quite some unrest in their wake.
- Boston meanwhile is doing relativey okay. Worker happines is good and Unrest quickly decaying. However, Population happiness is still low and worker recruitment not keeping up with the needs.
- the corporation is causing issues again - this time in Quartzridge. Again, we had to help to to risk danger to the population
- Quartzridge is working on a open air farm. However, due to being mich closer to the equator with it's high temperature, Earth crops may not grow that well. Accordingly, indigenous crops will be used instead.

- the 2nd Brigade managed to form a battle line towards Nebelland. It seems this war surprised their forces as much as ours - they are still in the capitol of Sandholt. They have steadily advanced, while their defenders scramble almost as madly as we did
- the resistance met by the 1st Brigade was determined - but largely ineffeective. The Greenmark soldiers are almost pityable. They got no weapons even cabale of scratching our Crusader Tanks. When we had any relevant casualties, it was usually the hard terrain.
- however, both fronts pushed within 600 km of the enemies city now. However teh final assaults may proove difficult, as both cities sit in natural chokepoints, surrounded by the northern ocean.

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RE: Yearly Reports: Queensland, Vososa Oriana - 7/8/2020 2:24:40 PM   


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6 local Years or 5 Earth Years have passed. Time for a small repition of the Original Post:

Merchan Syndic Society (MSS). 60% Votes. Meritocracy, Government, Mind ++, Commerce +
Still the Government Faction. Gained Commerce+ due to the Coporate Lobbying

Armed Front (AF). 33% Votes. Enforcement +++, Heart ++
A bit of a problem party. Luckily Enforcement is easily supressed by government.

Humanist School (HS). 7% Votes. Heart +++
A better version of the armed front, at least for me. If they just had more members that I could promote...

Optional Concent:
Mystic Temple
Eternity Movement
Both are + Meritocracy, but dislike the other 2/3 of my Profile.
And no other cults within sight.

Corporation has 20% Control in Boston. But commerce runs counter to Goernment.

Crime Syndicate spawned with Corporation, but was instantly wiped out by (at least back then) strong Corporate Anti-Crime abilities.

Gus Cretaman, Staff Council, MSS Lader, III/42/45/38; Well placed after promotion as well
Bryce Menkib, Supreme Command Council, III/26/36/30; Exceptional 6th Sense and Improv
Zed Isthar, Interior Council, AF Leader, IV/35/30/46; Bad Relations, may be better as Governor
Isolda Kepler, Model Design Council, III/57/35/28; Awesome Intellignece, bad Relations, unaligned
Tracy Thomplord, Secretary, I/18/23/14; Abysmal skills, but acceptable relations
Archie Orosilove, Advisor, II/25/23/23; "Meh" as a leader
Sofia Johnhall, Boston Governor, HS Leader and Founder, I/36/17/23; Incapable, but politically usefull. If he could just get some recruits for his faction already...
Yuri Capella, 1st SHQ, III/41/37/37; Good Trader. Would be a really good High Command, if he could finally convert those useage points into Skills. Right now he is at 19/54
Perry Taurus, 2nd Brigade, II/26/38/32; Needs XP
Dee Titanrock, 1st Brigade, III/33/33/28; Needs XP
Pax Quintfort, Governor Quartzridge, II/32/19/24;
Ronny Spicca, Economic Council, II/36/30/25; Exceptional 6th sense and Improvisation
Skip Kaus, Reserve Pool, II/26/28/44; Future Governor

Major Regimes:
To the west we have Wurmstaat. #1 in Victory Score. And we are approaching each other fast.
Queenstate is only #2
Paysanerra is the one hugging the southpole on both sides
Last and Least, the Rostock Imperium. The only ones at least nominally friendly
Data on their Cultures and leading parties are very limited. I will need to fix that.

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RE: Yearly Reports: Queensland, Vososa Oriana - 7/8/2020 5:20:39 PM   


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Game: 1.04beta5
Savegame: 1.04beta3

Winter 286 AA:

- we finally get a faction demanding we hire their candidate - and it is the armed front.
- finally, research into Vidcom Broadcasting has begun. This will give me a option to also create entertainment in every city I choose
- the "Time of Learning" has passed. A Crisis of Egoism has begun in it's stead.
- 3 Military Leaders have been recruited:
Archibald Taylor. III/34/39/53
Ophelia Johnrock. III/37/35/19
Archer Cunningham. IV/41/39/38
Originally they were hired to lead the 3rd Brigade. But upon closer inspection, they seem way more suited for other jobs
- a Militar Reserach council has been formed

- the corporation in Boston is still entirely too active and widespread. But I think I found a working solution: Taxing the dude into space!
- another Upgrade of the HQ and Bureaucratic Offices in Boston has begun
- A upgrade of teh Solar Plant in boston soon followed
- Local Plants did not proof particulary resilient to equatorial temperatures. The 35°C in Quartzbridge is making harvesting very hard (-25% yield)
- Archibald Taylor has been made Governor of Genemark
- soon every single city will have a Barracks, a Hospital, a University and a VidCom station.

- using their Crusader Tanks, both brigades managed to cut off a lot of enemy forces, before they could retreat into the city. That should make taking said cities all the easier.
- The 1st Brigade captured Genemark by Fall. The attack was done exclusively by infantery, so no damage happened to the buildings already present
- the 2nd Brigade Captured Sandholt in Winter
- Both units Tank and Artillery attachments are being disbanded. The troops will be usefull training new people, back in the SHQ.
- plenty of spies have been send into each of the 3 other Major Regimes. But most of them failed to gather anything before the had to flee. All I know now is that Paysanerra is a Republic
- the new Heavy "Tiger" Tank has been finished. And hte design is utter garbage (78 STR/59 Eng/79 Weap/67 Arm). Indeed, the engine is so weak that it is practically immobile and can only be moved via strategic redeployment.
- the new "Speed Runners" Motorcycle troop in turn is almost a work of art
- a 3rd Brigade has been raised. Same equipment as the previous ones. This one will primarily deal with garission duty in Quartzridge. That unrest must be supressed.
- Despite hiring 3 ex-military leaders, it fell to Skip Kaus to run the 3rd Brigade.

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