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How many times have you restarted?

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How many times have you restarted? - 6/12/2020 7:01:19 PM   


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I'm on my 6th restart probably soon to be my 7th. How many times have you restarted and why?

I've only restarted when my game is lost or obviously going to be lost.

It seems the early game is really important and almost a game in itself. Set up production and logistics, grab some territory, not die horribly. You know the usual stuff.

Messing around and trying new things in the early game is also a great way to learn too. Plus the awesome planet generation sequence is truly fascinating.
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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/12/2020 7:20:52 PM   


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A lot. Like a lot.

I have played 3 games to 50+ turns:

My first Siwa game, abandoned when victory became an inevitable and tedious grind. I ended up spawning isolated from all other majors by difficult terrain and next to 5 well populated minors. I had like 40% of planetary population and still had met no majors. The main challenges would have been sorting out my newly acquired zones to stop constant rebellions and unrest and solving a logistics problem. Basically the map had a densely populated strip of land in the middle. The north of this strip was densely populated and so was the south (both 3+ cities within like 12 hexes of each other) but the middle was mostly rough terrain. There was a single preexisting road and a single minor on that road. Unfortunately I made friends with them early and did not want to break my word so I went round. Turns out trying to push thousands of LP through very rough terrain and over twenty plus continuous hexes without a single logistics hub of any sort is quite a tough problem to solve. I actually did it and conquered like three more cities. Conquering the first helped a lot because even with all the unrest that city gave me some logistics in the south. I solved the problems long-term by building a small colony around a truck station. Then said station fell into an unrest spiral and the south became subject to intermittent and sometimes prolonged supply interruptions. All solvable and I had largely sorted things out with railways, though not perfectly. Just kinda boring with no other polities left apart from my ally/vassal.

My first Seth game. Despite playing it for quite a while, relatively, I cannot remember much about it. I think that alone speaks to why I didn't mind abandoning it when the first patch rolled around.

My second Siwa game. Active and great fun. I'll probably post about that in the Emergent Narratives thread Jdane started.

Note by first and second etc. I mean substantive games played not planets generated.

I've had numerous Siwa starts where I screwed up or got screwed by an underestimated early game threat, like slavers. Tried a few barren planets (Limmus, Limmos?) but never really settled in to them. Generated a couple of Seth planets before the one I settled into. I think I've generated a Cerberus but I don't think I actually hit play on the game so that doesn't really count. I also had a brief run of Planetoid games that invariably ended with my early death to unexpectedly mobile raiders and leaving me with a permanent fixation on garrisoning every settlement, no matter how small, with, at least, a permanent MG regiment purpose-raised.

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/12/2020 7:21:16 PM   


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at this stage, probably a dozen times. mainly because i make mistakes and need to fix (ie not being able to research engergy production, not knowing how the logistics system works, etc)

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/12/2020 7:24:23 PM   


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I've restarted a couple of times in the first days after learning something important. I also restarted twice cause the starting position was not fun (lock on all sides with mountains and once after two DoW's in the first turn... (hard difficulty is hard :))

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/12/2020 7:52:23 PM   


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Think I abandoned 2 games at first within 50 turns or so due to having no clue what was going on. 3rd game is now up to round 200 (on super-slow development) and is shaping up to be me vs 2 very powerful AI majors once we've finished dividing up the failed states. Have learned a lot from this one and would do a ton of stuff very, very differently now, but decided to keep going rather than restart.

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/12/2020 7:53:20 PM   


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Wrong button. Meant to edit a post not quote. Apologies. Anyone with deletion rights please delete if you have the time.

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/12/2020 7:58:47 PM   


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I reloaded about six times to learn the various subsystems. Each time I played a bit farther. Now I'm confident enough to actually finish the playthrough. Crucially, though, I reloaded the same turn 1 save each time, so things didn't get too confusing. That let me get a feel for how doing things a certain way can change the tempo of various parts of the game (like budget sliders speeding research and building industrial capacity before expansion).

In the process the game went from weird and inscrutable to "where's that menu again" to zipping around the interface like a squirrel chasing hazelnuts. I love this game. :-) Any word on how its selling, btw?

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/12/2020 9:55:28 PM   

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/12/2020 10:05:48 PM   

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Way too many times. I gave up counting.

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/12/2020 10:10:23 PM   


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From: Louisiana, USA
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3. 3.5 I actually started a game per DasTactics tips and tricks after 1.02 and then started a game on a moon but have paused the moon game because I am finally starting to grasp how some things work and am stumbling forward on my other game. But 3 definite games that I killed.

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/13/2020 1:01:43 AM   


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I spend 3-4 hours of rerolling and then play a game to about turn 100, I'm on iteration 5 of that now

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/13/2020 1:18:07 AM   


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Once, because I had about 8% pop while an AI major had 40%. On my second game now.

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/13/2020 1:32:40 AM   


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I'm on my 5th game (at Beginner level). I wiped out one major and at war with another. I have 45% of the world right now. I expect to win this one but I am having "worker problems" with lots of mothballed stuff.

Game 4, I thought I was winning as I had taken over 4 minors but my empire was in a L shape - the Minor to the west started overrunning my territory so I had to go to war. Then after I beat him, a couple turns later the minor to the north of him attacked me. I took him out and the minor north of him I had this L shaped empire. There was a minor in the middle of the L but they were friendly and stayed in their borders. I had planned to eventually attack them but was way too busy with the other minors.

Just as soon as I had defeated another minor, a raider minor started infiltrating my territory from the West so I started dealing with him. Then another Minor from the North, attacked and I had to deal with both of them. Then the "friendly" minor decided to attack and that was the end of Game 4 as all my forces were tied up with the other minors.

Game 3 while I was engaged with one Major on one side of the map, the other Major attacked... end of Game 3...

Games 1 and 2, I don't remember well but I made errors learning the systems..

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/13/2020 5:22:41 AM   

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From: Grand Rapids, MI, USA
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Several, and enjoyed the planet generation and opening each time. Circumstances (on Beginner) led to my demise in 20 to 100 turns (or maybe it was my play?) but I learned a ton each time. Off to a good start on a new planet now with access to valuable resources and good defensive terrain on an world rife with diplomatic possibilities. What could go wrong?



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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/13/2020 5:42:24 AM   


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4 now. Well 5 counting the moon game I generated but never played. Just started a new one with 1.03.

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/13/2020 8:19:35 AM   


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4 times, all on normal difficulty.

1) Seth planet on large with super low population. Too stark and my logistics was messed up by turn 50. (lesson was Seth is too dry and I need to understand logistics better)

2) Realized I wanted a Road Warrior sort of feel in my games and so wanted a splash of green so tried a dry Siwa and loved the look and feel on large, unfortunately had 30% mountains and started me in a valley and I absolutely hated being gated into a narrow corridor that I couldn't get out of. Quit about turn 30 (lesson was that I love Siwa and hate mountains until perhaps I master the game and want that challenge).

3) Siwa on normal size with 5% mountains, 10% ocean and "brush" being the highest form meaning no forests. Loved the world size, loved the world look and feel, loved the lack of forests. I spawned near the lower ice cap which gave a very interesting alternate between snow and no snow. This is the first game I really enjoyed. Played up to turn 90 where I was in 2nd place with 15% against the leader with about 30% victory (other majors eliminated by me). Was still beating him back successfully even though he had combat armor to my patched and slightly better weapons. My tanks, tactics, and especially my leaders allowed me to win about 1-2 against his superior tech and massive numbers. I got to 20% vs. his 29% and was rolling him back in an epic line that ran almost top to bottom. I felt I understood logistics but couldn't resupply my line as it went into his territory, which slowed me a bit but I was still winning. Then on one turn both of my elite generals were killed in combat (no, the OHQs were not in the battles), and that is what allowed him to roll me most of the way back... I quit about turn 130.

4) Siwa/normal size/5% mountains/8% oceans/brush/30c average/big tilt for heavy seasons/lots of pop before apocalypse (so many ruins)/fairly low pop after/good mix of sand, grass, brush, savannah, and a smattering of mountains (these are my fave settings for my newbie phase). Current game which is the best yet. Full understanding of logistics, how to get essential strategems, pacing on buildings, got me to 1st place by turn 20 while getting attacked from 3 different angles (building tons of troops early is key and easy to do once I discovered how). I have now slipped to 2nd place on turn 50, but have several great OHQs, perfectly crafted light tanks, super infantry (mostly mobile), and amazing logistics, production, and economies. I expect to get back to 1st place after current minor is removed and never look back.. great fun!

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/13/2020 10:26:15 AM   

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4-5 times before my first real game. Still plan to go back to some of them as there were really interesting starts among them.

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/13/2020 10:38:55 AM   


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Zero. Bought the game day 1, read the manual, watched Dastactics Tips & Tricks, set start to Siwa Planet / Huge / Complete FOW / Beginner. Am 81 turns in. Have explored about 70% of the planet. Currently engaged with several minor powers and one major. Playing thru my mistakes but overall doing fairly well. The current war with the major power has been challenging and their defense is stiffening. The only change I would make would be to disable the Epochs. Otherwise, it has been a challenging and very immersive / fun experience.
Edit: Should also add that I set start to slowest / epic tech setting which I have enjoyed.

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/13/2020 3:17:54 PM   


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I kept epochs on but, for now, turned off all of the optional features like cults and corp. I like them, but want to focus on learning the basics. I also play being able to see the entire map, but full FOW on units and details. Every one of the settings I have come to is important to get the experience I prefer.

Unlike some, I like how the settings work quite a bit.

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RE: How many times have you restarted? - 6/13/2020 3:40:29 PM   


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Over 120 turns on my 6th game and it's going bad again. I kept 3 major powers friendly for as long as I could. Cerebus class, lovely map, lava lakes create great choke points. One major has been coming at me for the last 40 turns. I held out ok for a while but now they killing 12,000 of my troops per turn and I'm killing 500 of them. I am still playing on Beginner. I'm seeing combat odds of 1:10000. One unit of enemy with 3000 can kill 5-6000 of mine and 20000+ stack of mine can do no damage back even when surrounding the enemy.

I've tried lots of new things this time. Supply logistics and economy were good and was using corps level formations and keeping them together with formation cards employed. Even on Defense and Hold the Line the AI goes through my men like butter.

If I put out even small independent units of tanks, motorised arty, tank destroyers or assault guns my oil just goes down too fast.

I am now at war with 2 major powers. The diplomacy seems to have the old Total War problem when things go from great (80+ relations) to war with no real reason behind it.

I want to try to hang on but I am going to start losing cities soon and I cannot replenish 12k losses per turn for much longer.

I have yet to see anything like what I have experienced vs AI major powers on youtube or twitch yet. I would really like to see some practical advice on how to face major powers with 50 times your own forces who just keep coming.

I'm working my way through the planets so will be Siwa Class for 7th start...

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