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Some suggestions.

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Some suggestions. - 12/28/2019 4:06:34 AM   


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There were so many things we suggested and pointed out before... I cannot even recall all. But let me introduce some in here as far as I remember.

1. Waypoint
- 1) More number of way points - but looks like this will be implemented in SS.
- 2) Enable players to change the movement type (assault/deliberate/hasty) after setting waypoints.
- 3) Enable players to change posture at the end of waypoint (screen/hold/resupply) after setting waypoints.
- 4) After engineering or resupply: enable players to select and/or change posture after the end of those activities.

2. Fire control
- 1) Overwatch / engagement arc. Give bonus to detection against the enemy within arc. Of course, too wide arc should be less effective then narrow arc.
- 2) Defensive side: TRP setting for all units (within main weapon range). Give bonus to accuracy to enemy on TRP tile and slightly less bonus to nearby 1 tiles from TRPs.
- 3) Option to "turn off" fire arm, or hold fire option.
- 4) AA radar units: option to "turn off" radar or option to control frequency of AA radar operation. So that AA units less frequently tracked by SIGINT.

3. Quality of life
- 1) Artillery and HQ and AA: option for the frequency of automatic shoot-and-scoot to nearby 1 tile after fire or after speicific amount of time.
- 2) Waypoints: I already wrote in #1.
- 3) Replay with full enemy movement view.
- 4) Show what features are influencing on command delay (example: delay time 55 min = Basic delay 10min + EW 10min + HQ readiness 5 min + PHQ readiness 5 min + unit readiness 10 min...)
- 5) LoS of radar AA units and helicopters. I think LOS view from LOS check for radar AA units and gunships is sometimes different from their actual engagement range.

4. Game play
- 1) "Skirmish" game option. Make players "set up" or "purchase" their formation for given point limit and slot limit. Just like Eugen's Wargame franchise. This could help players to enjoy better MP.
- 2) Enbale players to "set up" their own formations and name them and save them and use them later, for battalion / regiment / brigade / division size.
- 3) Multiple factions and multiple turn time command cycle in single game.
- 4) 2~3 player Co-op PBEM against AI.
- 5) 2 vs 2 PBEM

5. Introduction of battlefield dust
- 1) Dust appears on tiles hit by artillery / tile with many vehicles wrecked.
- 2) Make guidance using near-IR beam unavailable or inaccurate. For LRF, I think gunners are trained to estimate the range without LRF so dust should not influence on accuracy, or only very slightly.

6. Infantry and vehicle
- 1) Separate icon of infantry after dismount.
- 2) Mount / dismount option, and make mount / dismount commands to be included in the waypoint.

7. Partial damage or sub-system damage of vehicles and repair
- 1) Current model = Life or death. OK or damage / wreck (both combat unavailable). How about introducing 1 or 2 degree of damage degree to vehicles? Depending on damage, give penalty to chance to hit, shooting frequency and speed, yet make them combat available.
- 2) Subsystem damage model instead of damage degree model would be cool, but I'm not sure if FPC game engine is ready for that.
- 3) Repair should be different from resupply. Maintanance groups in "Service station" type resupply station can perform MEMO (Mission Essential Maintanance Operations) and BDAR (Battle Damage Assessment and Repair). But those are not full repair, just field emergency treatments or parts-swap to make the vehicle just combat available. I'm not sure about typical time cost of those operations, but it wouldn't be that fast.
- 4) I'm not sure about Red Army, but I read from FM 100-2-1 that they also have similar service station type resupply station, available from battalion size forces. I guess they also have similar concepts?
- 5) If repair is introduced, this should have more time cost then resupply + units should move back to tile within 1500m of regiment / brigade / division HQ just like helicopters do. So that players should judge if the repair is really necessary or not.
- 6) Separate 'decontamination' option for chemical weapon. Inoperable vehicles by chemical weapons should be available to use after decontamination.

8. Artillery Rework
- 1) HE damage to vehcile by heavy mortar / artillery: IMO FPC-RS's HE damage model is bit too high. I can understand with DPICM, but with HE? I'm not sure about that. I think chance of HE munitions to induce damage to tanks should be reduced. Maybe partial damage or subsystem damage model would hekp this issue.
- 2) Vehicles in reinforced position (blue arc) should have less chance to hit from HE and DPICM of artillery and mortar then now, including DPICMs. I'm assuming those reinforced positions have top concrete covers, just like bunker.
- 3) Infantry hold in the building tile and reinforced position (blue arc) should take far less damage from artillery and mortar then now.
- 4) Introduce WP and HC smoke from artillery. HC smoke is the current smoke model. WP smoke should have slight infantry damage chance and influence on thermal sight for short time duration.
- 5) FASCAM: IMO, currently they have almost similar damage potential of DPICMs against tanks. But is this realistic? I think FASCAM is a bit OP.

9. Description and introduction of pure line infantry & shock infantry (non-mechanized / non-motorized)
- 1) Foot speed = based on real movement speed of typical infantry.
- 2) Infantry in the building tile should receive far less damage from artillery then now.
- 3) Infantry in the forest tile should receive little less damage from artillery then now.
- 4) Good stealth = Hard to be detected in the cover rich tile.

10. Light infantry / SF
- 1) Higher tier infantry with infiltration / search-and-destory AI, specialized to recon, counter infiltration, and hunt for opponent HQs and artillery / AAs with recon team.
- 2) Description of small infantry team / squad, far less chance to be detected.
- 3) Faster foot speed, more stamina = slow readiness consumption, more morale, better optics, better weapons.
- 4) Good stealth = Hard to be detected in the cover rich tile, and even in coverless tile.
- 5) Able to ride vehicles or helicopters.

11. Heliborne
- 1) Heliborne depolyment of line / light / shock / recon infantry
- 2) Disembark / deployment tiles for heliborne infantry should be able to controlled by player or AI.

12. GSR and thermal and signals
- 1) GSR cannot detect stationary units. It cannot distinguish environment objects and units when they are not moving.
- 2) MMW can see through fog, but weak in the rain / Thermal can see through the rain, but very weak in fog.
- 3) Introduction of foggy condition, especially around dawn ~ morning? I'm not sure which season is the best for fog in Germany.
- 4) HC/WP smoke and battlefield dust cannot fully block thermal signal or short wavelength signal for battlefield radar. However, they still can interfere with near-IR spectrum beams. This can influence on LRF and LTG beams. So, I think laser-guidance weapons which rely on near-IR beam should be influenced by smokes and dusts.
- 5) SIGINT detect CB radar, and put CB radar in the battery HQ? But this can be unrealistic, as CB radar operates far outside of AO usually.
- 6) AA radar units: option to "turn off" radar or option to control frequency of AA radar operation.

13. FIST / COLT / observer / air controller
- 1) If it is hard to make them as separate unit, then include them in CHQ / PHQ.
- 2) If target is within LOS of observer: more chance to hit artillery / mortar.
- 3) If target is within LOS of air contoller: more chance to hit air strike.
- 4) Apache Hellfire's guidance from FIST team LTG: enable indirect fire of hellfire from Apache and hunter-killer option among Apaches.
- 5) Recons, SFs, light infantry: can work as observer as well.

14. Others
- 1) Little bit fancier icons then dark silhouettes. Painted model graphics, or etc.
- 2) Graphic of missile / rockets / gun and autocannon tracers / tank and artillery munitions.
- 3) Better weapon sound and effect sound.

15. Scenarios and campaigns.
- 1) More dramatic / narrative scenarios and campaigns. Save the bridge/city at all cost, escape from pocket, breakthorugh the encirclement, evacuate from AO...
- 2) Civilian AI and save civilians?

16. Bug fix
- 1) Tweaking of waypoint to bring faster reaction speed, bypassing command delay.
- 2) Airstrike can see enemy units near target.
- 3) Sometimes I can see "enemy HQ detected in tile XXX" message, but that tile was my HQ's position, not opponents.
- 4) Other bugs...

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RE: Some suggestions. - 12/28/2019 10:11:57 AM   
Jo van der Pluym

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Excellent suggestions.



Greetings from the Netherlands

Jo van der Pluym

(in reply to exsonic01)
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