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Aicurean Combine

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Aicurean Combine - 12/24/2019 4:24:59 PM   


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Aicurean Combine

Narrator: Ages after the Shakturi invasion, small remnants of once might humanity survive on the fringes of the galaxy. Their past forgotten through the ages, only passed from generation to generation, carried on as myths and legends. On one such planet in the Omicron Deltiri System, in the forgotten corners of the galaxy. One woman, Indara Belisarius unites humanity against the abundance of corruption, political rivalry, religious hatred, and political bickering.

Indara watches the bustling city below from her residence within the Administrative center. The City Erine was a flagship project started by herself. Built from the ground up, equipped with the latest technologies, which incorporates information and communication technologies to enhance the quality of life and efficiency in energy, transportation, and utilities and at the same time reduce resource consumption.

The massive administrative complex managed the day to day working of the entire planet. The center of the administrative complex was a massive 2500 meter long skyscraper, 10 years in the making. The entire complex had schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, shopping complexes, research centers, spaces for families of govt. and military staff and scientists to stay protected.

She wasn't always known as the Iron lady. Earlier in her political career, she was known among her peers as shy and reserved. After the assassination of the previous President. Her party leaders had propped her up to be the President, assuming she could easily be manipulated to do their bidding. After she got the high office however, things turned out to be a little different.

She soon ended up in a courtship with the intelligence chief Cornell Demetrias. A rather tall individual who had a very athletic built. He had grown up the ranks rapidly, partly due to his hard work and partly due to trapping his own senior officers in scandals to force them to give him what he wanted. It was only a matter of time before he got the attention of the Empress.

Within months, her political and other vocal opposition started either disappearing or dying due to accidents. Few others had ended up with "honey traps" and sex scandals, humiliating them in front of the populace.

Her strong economic measures, Industrial projects, and expansion reduced any opposition the public had. The practice of religion was heavily discouraged. TV shows and documentaries and schools were designed in such a way, that the next generation would entierly grow into a meritocratic thinking. Empress was not a title bestowed on her, it was a title given by the people or at least that is what the people were made to believe.

The year 2100, the first day of the new year. From the center of the parliament in the administrative complex. She announces the birth of a new existence, a new empire. A vision to look beyond the stars. As crowds of people gather together to watch the spectacle, in her own thundering feminine voice she announces the birth of the Aicurean Combine. With a new flag. The red color indicating strength, power, determination. The Circle represents the planet. The 3 bars denoting Unity, Persiviarance and Intellect.

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RE: Aicurean Combine - 12/25/2019 5:43:26 AM   


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Narrator - Indara sits on the front of the massive conference table, her chair on a slightly elevated position. A meeting has been called with the Intel Chief head Cornell Demetrias Belesarius, Science department head Stanton Bowdoin and the Engineering division head Armand Engstrom. She glances towards the Engineering division.

Indara - What is the status of the space station? When can we expect it to be completed

Armand Engstrom (Engineering) - We expect the station to be completed within the next 1 week. The space elevators have made transportation of materials to orbit a lot cheaper and more efficient. Once completed, the station should make it a even less cost-effective to build interplanetary space ships.

Indara - "Looking at the science chief" - Talking about interplanetary space ships, you had mentioned earlier that a prototype for an Ion Engine was almost ready? When can we expect to see tangible results?

Stanton (Science) - Prilimnary prototype tests were successful, the designs will work. We are doing stress tests at the moment. We should have a fully functional engine by the time the station is built. Most of the technologies have already been developed. We have developed the blueprints to build space-based freighters, exploration ships and massive constructors which would help us build additional facilities in space.

Indara - You had mentioned last month, we could go as far as mining other planets for raw materials?

Stanton (Science)- Theoretically it could work, Once we have technologies to travel easily between planets in our solar system. We could build facilities and stations in space that could support life, do research and even mine asteroids and other planets. We already have technologies.

Armand (Engineering) - True, the station once built will be the hub of all the activity, we already have the blueprints and also created an artificial mining station beneath the oceans to check if humans could survive and work in deep space for years and still work effectively.

Indara - Good work. Then I assume once we built the space station we could work towards building mining stations and freighters and other ships much faster?

Armand (Engineering) - Affirmative, as mentioned earlier we already have the technologies, its only the matter of building them in space. That will be done once we have the space station.

Indara - what's the situation with internal security?

Cornell Demetrias (Internal Security) - The people support you, we still have minor unrest in the Ceim and Zesa provinces. Rumors being spread that you were responsible for the demise of their political leaders.

Indara - Do what you can to suppress these rumors, also find out who is creating these rumors and deal with them. Make a list of people who are still unhappy with the current situation. We will provide them with "off-planet" employment opportunities. What is the situation with the fuel reserves?

Stanton (Science) - We have almost run out of Caslon on our planet, there is probably enough for the next 1 or max 2 years. We have to expand our mining operations. Once the station is built, we should immediately build a survey ship to locate and exploit the necessary resources. I have already had several meetings with Corporate leaders, they see planetary and asteroid mining as a massive business opportunity. I believe we should take full advantage of this.

Indara - Agreed, anybody have any other concerns?

Indara - Stanton, You told me you were researching energy-based weapons and some form of shields? How is that progressing?

Stanton (Science) - We have made considerable progress in energy-based weapons, We already built a prototype of the weapon last month. It's ready to be integrated into any ship design. As for shielding technology, we only have a theory, it should take a while before we come up with a working model. I have ordered the weapons division to create fighter designs, which can be incorporated into space stations or ships.

Indara - Allright, I want all space-based assets to be equipped with armor, shielding and some form of energy-based weapons.

Cornell Demetrias (Internal Security) - Are we expecting any sort of threat to these assets?

Indara - I am always expecting threats.

Stanton (Science) - One more thing, a few days ago one of our astronomers located a strange object on the moon Shuin orbiting the Gas giant Bardon 13. From what we can see, it looks like an artificially created object orbiting the system, we also located a few parts of it crashed on the planet. I suggest we investigate the matter as soon as possible.

Indara - Yes, once we have the means to travel there. We will have someone investigate it as soon as possible. Good work everyone. Now lets all get back to work.

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RE: Aicurean Combine - 12/30/2019 1:36:18 PM   

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Bravo! We don't get nearly enough AAR's for DWU. Hope you continue it.



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RE: Aicurean Combine - 1/1/2020 6:31:49 PM   


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Chapter - 2 - The Expanse

Narrator : A few years have passed since the Aiecurean combine has reached for the stars, the invention of the warp drive and space industry has galvanized the private sector. With the massive space station being built and expanded, the empress commands over her planet from the massive station orbiting the planet. Another meeting has been called to discuss the ongoing situation with nearby Alien Pirate clans.

Indara - Cornell, Can you please explain to me who/what these Colancia league are? What exactly are we dealing with here?

Cornell Demetrias (Internal Security) - We have managed to infiltrate their organization, including a few space stations. These are basically Pirate clans operating out of rather decrepit looking bases. They raid what ever colonies deemed advanced enough to give them what they might need. Refined materials, fuel technology, etc..

Indara - This isn't what I expected when meeting aliens. What else did you learn? Pirates operating without any existing empires?

Cornell Demetrias (Internal Security) - We are so far not aware of any other established alien species. These Pirates have been surviving for centuries like this. Their origin stories are mostly myths and legends, but there are some interesting similarities.

Indara - I don't care for myths and legends, learn what you can from them. See if we can take a few technologies. Before I proceed I would like to introduce our new Admiral that I appointed yesterday. Admiral Alfred Tyron Cooke.

Other members part of the meeting clap with some apprehension and a bit of hesitation.

Indara - What is the status of the fleet?

Cooke (Admiral) - The civilian fleet seems to be expanding rapidly, the private sector has given us huge orders for the bulk freighters and haulers, they also seem to be eager to invest in off-world mining. SO far the pirates have left us alone, our monthly payments seem to have kept them at bay, at least for the moment.

As for the military, we have our first Destroyer and Light cruiser blue prints ready, But we will need to better sub light engines for quicker movement between planets. Otherwise, it's going to take for ever for our ships to escape our stars gravity well just to get somewhere.

Stanton(Science)- We are already working on an advanced model of sublight engines we have called the Proton Ionization thruster. We should have a prototype ready by next year. Hopefully, if all goes well, we should be able to upgrade both our military and civilian freighters.

Cooke (Admiral) - Also, if I may have the freedom to speak freely. I would suggest we give General Mikhail Terzo the big responsibility of leading our armies. He had recently written a report on the strategy of using ground-based military forces to be rapidly deployed to hot zones across the empire, or so we call it as Elastic Defence. He had called me last week to discuss the feasibility of moving a large number of troops over interstellar space. The idea is to have smaller garrison on planets as a holding force while we have massive space-based armies part of the "Elite Corps" based in deep space which can be quickly transported to troubled spots. This means we can hit the enemy hard with over whelming counter-attack every time we are hit and yet should be a lot more cost-effective than manning all the planets with sizable garrisons.

Indara - Interesting, I'll have a word with him this week then. How do you plan to deal with these pirates, we cannot keep paying them for too long.

Cooke (Admiral) - Frankly, they are too powerful to be taken head-on at the moment. Intelligence reports suggested this pirate faction alone has around 120 ships at their disposal and at least half a dozen bases spread through out. If we are to fight them, we will need to engage them on multiple fronts. That includes targetting their logistics, fuel depot. Paying other pirate factions to engage them, drawing them away from your planets and have a large portion of our own fleet target smaller enemy task forces in smaller slices, rather than have a war of attrition.

Indara - Have we noticed anything else in deep space.

Stanton(Science)- We still have 12 survey ships exploring nearby systems. We haven't noticed anything interesting. The Mega Corporations has been expanding its operations further and further away from our systems. So far most of the resources are flowing in without any issues.

The Gas clouds in sector A5 and A6 possibly contains massive stores of Caslon fuel. We could build deep space repair and refueling outposts in the sector for deep space exploration or for any other ops.

Indara- Noted. We have a lot to do. So lets all get back to business.

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RE: Aicurean Combine - 1/16/2020 3:30:48 PM   

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How did I miss this? Really enjoyed the read, and will be waiting for the next one :P


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RE: Aicurean Combine - 1/19/2020 11:26:38 AM   


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Due to lack of time and vacation, I had nearly forgotten about the AAR and binge played for few hours. SO my next post will be few decades into the future.

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RE: Aicurean Combine - 1/19/2020 1:12:32 PM   


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CHAPTER 3 - The Empire Expands

Narrator : The year is 2143, decades into the future. Modern medical technology has allowed many of Aicurean Combine's leaders to maintain their age. Due to the cost associated with the tech, it is a privilege given to only the best of the best and one of the best kept secrets while the common populace believe this is a result of divine intervention.(Characters in the character screen).

Nearly 10 years ago, Aicurean combine detected a planet filled with life, almost 4 billion life forms of a species who called themselves "Caleph" Flying Reptilian life forms. Extremely aggressive.

Intelligence had suggested that the entire quadrant was filled with planets with these species. How multiple planets ended up with the same pre-space faring species is a question which will be asked/answered later. As of right now, Aicurean combine considers them as a threat. If these species achieves space flight or is colonized by other empires. They could be a massive problem.

The authority was given on Jan 01st 2133 by Empress Indara to create a force large enough to invade the Caleph homeworld.

5 Years ago, 2143

Indara - What kind of resistance do we expect.

Admiral Cooke - The area is filled with Pirates, we suspect Pirates might also have several bases on the planet below. We will be deploying our Home fleet to escort the Invasion fleet.

Gen Terzo - We have 101st Elite Corps trained and ready with 60 Battalions of Dominion light infantry. We are just waiting for your order.

The Invasion fleet alone can accomadate upto 70 batallions.

Indara - How many of our men are we going to loose in this invasion.

Gen Terzo - Impossible to predict, the enemy has 40 Battalions on the ground. Most of them with post Industrial age weapons, but they have the home advantage.. But with the technological superiority and training. We should be able to take over the planet in few months time.

Cornell Demetrias (Internal Security)- What happens after we win ? You think our population is ready to accept 4 billion people of a different species. They barely got along with themselves until a few decades ago.

Indara - We will employ the same methods there to pacify the population. From what i understood from our Science chief Stanton. They are much simpler to deal with than our own kind. Less cultural diversity among their own kind. They respect power. Once we project our military might, improve their lifestyle and give their species a chance to be an equal part in the empire. They will change. Admiral, if our home fleet is busy escorting the invasion fleet, What will we do if we need the fleet for any emergency back at home.

Admiral Cooke - In addition to the home fleet, we have three smaller fleets protecting the mining stations and the nearby colonies from pirate raids. The Utopia Prime(Main star-port on Capital) and the defending fleet should be more than enough to protect the homeworld from pirate raids. If help is required. We can call in the smaller fleets.

1st Jan 2138 - Invasion Begins

Troops from the 21st Dominion light Infantry after securing the landing site on the planet Calep1.

After nearly two months of brutal fighting, Calep surrendered. Our losses were nearly 30%. Majority of them lost in the urban fighting. It took another 1 year to control the population and the rioting from the masses. By the end of 2140. Majority of the Calep population had come to accept our rule after some of the main Calep resistance leaders were either assassinated or bribed/abducted and brainwashed to force/encourage their followers to submit..

Status of the Galaxy as of now

The South of us we have Betrusius Empire of Visareans, rather passive and supposedly peaceful empire. On the North we have the Bugs, Grendelsbane collective who has been rapidly expanding in territory and military strength. I get the feeling I will have to fight them sooner or later.

My South east is a pirate Haven with almost 4 Pirate Factions operating in the region.

Fleet strength

Aicurean Defense fleet - - 6 Light cruisers , 6 Heavy Cruisers , 1 Battleship
2nd Systems Patrol Fleet - 5 Light cruisers
3rd System Patrol Fleet - 5 Light cruisers
4th System Patrol Fleet - 5 Light cruisers

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