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New Scenario Draft: Six Frigates, 2025

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New Scenario Draft: Six Frigates, 2025 - 6/10/2019 3:30:31 AM   


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Greetings, community!

This scenario is in pretty rough draft form at the moment, but should be in a playable state.

You command an American carrier and amphibious group in the SCS on the eve of a war with China.

Unfortunately, the outbreak of hostilities will catch you unprepared. The carrier is in port in the Philippines, and needs time to make ready to sail - time the Chinese don't intend to allow. Meanwhile, your surface forces - a squadron of six frigates - escort your LHA on a FONOPS near the Chinese island bases.

Can you survive the opening onslaught?

My objective in designing this scenario was to create added tension and challenge by nerfing the CV and putting the player on the defense, before allowing them to transition to offense towards the end. It's a race against the clock to get the carrier out to sea before the Chinese attacks become totally overwhelming.

Currently, I still need to add neutral units/false contacts. I also need to fine-tune the difficulty - it's probably a bit too hard at the moment. It is also very micro-intensive - you will have to make every shot count to avoid depleting your limited ammunition.

Please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, or other reactions!

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RE: New Scenario Draft: Six Frigates, 2025 - 9/11/2019 3:18:32 AM   


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RE: New Scenario Draft: Six Frigates, 2025 - 9/14/2019 6:11:50 AM   

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I think you're very humble to call this scenario "Six Frigates"! It's much bigger than that and I really enjoyed it.

On my first playthrough I lost the carrier to ASBMs not too long after getting it to sea and embarking the airwing. I think this might be because I used SM-6s earlier for non-BMD work and thus ran out. I also could have ordered the Patriot battery to reposition a lot earlier than I did (once most aircraft were out of Clark) but it didn't occur to me very early. I'm going to do a second playthrough and see if it'll work. There's always a tension in these scenarios between realism and not making it a simple question of relative magazine depths.

My oldest Burke was seriously damaged by a mine just outside of the bay, which means the only way I can see of resolving the scenario is to get the Bougainville within helicopter range of Subic Bay in order to clear a path for the carrier to escape. I wonder whether it might be a good idea to flag the mine threat (and MCM assets available) a little more in the briefing.

Edit: I realised the LCSs have MCM UUVs too.

I made a few notes of problems encountered so far which probably need fixes.

- I picked up a Snoop Tray radar from a submarine near the eastern SAG. It persisted in emitting for a long time until I could get a helicopter over to prosecute it. I'm guessing this is a doctrine setting.

- The SPQ-9 radar on the Anzio detected a submarine outside Subic Bay when I went active to defend against the first volley of DF-21s. I presume this means it started the scenario surfaced maybe?

- Z-9 Helicopters buzzed USS Freedom overhead after hostilities erupted. They didn't launch any weapons though, which was odd. They only got overhead because her guns failed to kill them despite many shots, comically.

- KJ-500s from the mainland seemed to be patrolling in closely spaced pairs, which is odd.

- My liberal message log settings revealed that at least two Yuans were killed by Chinese torpedo mines! I liked this in terms of realism as there isn't nearly enough fratricide in CMANO relative to real life, but was it intended?

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RE: New Scenario Draft: Six Frigates, 2025 - 9/14/2019 11:54:47 AM   


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Hi templar - thanks for playing through it!

Thank you for pointing out those issues - I'll take a look and try to resolve them.

The sub detection by the Anzio has happened to me sometimes when playing through, but not always. I think it is because the sub starts out at such shallow depth that it occasionally broaches. Perhaps I can fix that by changing its entry angle into the bay.

The torpedo mine fratricide was not intended - will have to examine that more.

I'll definitely re-write the briefing to flag the mines better.

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RE: New Scenario Draft: Six Frigates, 2025 - 9/18/2019 6:17:23 AM   

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It was my pleasure to play through! It's a fun scenario that highlights some very important issues.

This time I played to the very end and got the CVN and LHA escape points when I arrived just north of Brunei, having decided to avoid chokepoints where possible. I've noted a few further points:

With mines outside Subic Bay, there is basically a long gap between getting the carrier out of the dock and being able to sail her out of the bay, because the LHA and any surviving LCSs need to get there to clear the mines. This is perfectly reasonable if intended, as forces are caught off balance, but I thought I'd note it. My solution was to move the Patriots over to protect the bay to reduce expenditure of shipboard ABMs as soon as I'd launched most of the aircraft from Clark ahead of the CVN going to sea. In fact I still had SM-6s left at the end of the scenario, so it seems to be possible to survive the ASBMs with a rigorous shoot-look-shoot approach.

At 1400z on the 2nd June my CVBG sailed out of Subic Bay after extensive searches for mines using the MH-60S and my one surviving LCS along a path to the southeast of the bay found nothing. As I hit a mine on the first playthrough, I'm guessing maybe there aren't actually that many mines deployed, or they don't extend very far to the eastern side of Subic Bay?

Once I sent the LCACs back to base at the LHA, they didn't refuel. Not sure why. It would be handy if they did as it crossed my mind they might explode mines and could be imagined to be rigged to drive unmanned through a minefield if a desperate situation demanded it.

Soar Dragons were in pairs, right next to each other, which is quite reundant, as were the Black Bats at some points from the Liaoning. I wonder whether this is because their missions are set to the 1/3 rule and have 6 or more aircraft assigned.

The mine fratricide issue extends to the enemy carrier group. A Jiangkai II was killed as the group transited a chokepoint around N 12 31 E 124 10, perhaps because the group was chasing my ships. My second strike on the carrier group benefited from the Type 55 having become separated, probably because CMANO has quite poor formation AI when close to land.

I loosed off a salvo of TACTOMs at the OTH radar site as an afterthought once my F-35s had killed lots of AEW planes, and destroyed it. The no-nav zone doesn't prevent the launch of weapons. So I think the briefing should rule such strikes out of court or permit them explicitly. If it had occurred to me earlier I probably would have done it ASAP.

Everything else worked really well, apart from the subs going active mentioned in my last post. The scenario certainly demonstrates the prodigious expenditure of munitions that is required to blunt a determined Chinese attack.

Final tally for what it's worth:

3rd June 2025 2018Z:


2x MH-60R Seahawk
4x MQ-8B Fire Scout UAV
4x Fleet Class CUSV [MCM Mission Module]
4x Knifefish UUV
1x LCS 1 Freedom
1x LCS 17 Indianapolis [Freedom LCS]
2x F/A-18F Super Hornet Blk III
2x Structure (Naval Dock)
4x Structure (Port Crane)
4x CH-53K King Stallion
1x E-2D Advanced Hawkeye
1x Diesel (150k Liter Tank)
2x F/A-18E Super Hornet Blk III
1x Multi-Mission Launcher [15 Cells]
2x Ammo Shelter
1x A/C Hangar (2x Large Aircraft)
1x AvGas Tank Farm (10 x 75k Liter Tank)
1x EA-18G Growler

1x RUM-139C VLA [Mk54]
470x AIM-120D AMRAAM P3I.4
62x RIM-116C RAM Blk II
226x 57mm/70 Mk295 Mod 0 3P CIGS Burst [4 rnds]
126x RIM-162B ESSM
123x 76mm/62 Compact HE Burst [4 rnds]
48x RIM-161E SM-3 NTW Blk IIA
43x RIM-174A-2 ERAM SM-6MR Blk IA [Dual I]
7x RIM-162D ESSM
3x RIM-116B RAM Blk I
100x 30mm Mk46 Mod 1 [Bushmaster II Mk44 Mod 2] Burst [20 rnds]
6x Mk214 Sea Gnat Chaff [Seduction]
89x AIM-9X Sidewinder
42x 20mm/85 M61A2 Vulcan Burst [100 rnds]
58x 12.7mm/50 MG Burst [10 rnds]
571x 7.62mm MG Burst [20 rnds]
23x Generic Unguided Anti Tank Weapon
16x FGM-148 Javelin
8x 25mm/75 Bushmaster Mod 1 Burst [12 rnds]
4x 20mm/85 Mk15 Phalanx Blk 1 Burst [300 rnds]
3x AIM-9M Sidewinder
56x AGM-114K Hellfire II
16x RGM-114L Hellfire II
4x Generic Flare Salvo [3x Cartridges, Dual Spectral]
89x HYDRA APKWS II 70mm Rocket [WGU-59/B]
49x 12.7mm/72 Burst [20 rnds]
45x RIM-162A ESSM
36x MIM-9X Sidewinder
18x Generic Chaff Salvo [5x Cartridges]
33x RIM-66M-5 SM-2MR Blk IIIB
4x Mk46 NEARTIP Mod 5A(SW)
36x Tamir [Iron Dome]
23x MIM-104F Patriot PAC-3 ERINT
7x MIM-104F Patriot PAC-3 MSE
4x 20mm M197 Burst [25 rnds]
31x MIM-104E Patriot PAC-2 GEM+
112x MHTK
5x 20mm/100 Mk15 Phalanx Blk 1B Burst [300 rnds]
1x Mk54 LHT Mod 0
48x GBU-53/B SDB-II
34x AGM-154C-1 JSOW [BROACH]
19x RGM-109E Tomahawk Blk IV TACTOM
4x ADM-141C ITALD [Active RF]
16x ADM-160C MALD-J [Stand-In OECM]
20x AGM-158C LRASM
46x AGM-88C HARM

SIDE: China

6x Type 041 Yuan
11x KJ-500 Cub [GX9]
24x Su-35K Flanker E
15x Z-9D Dauphin 2
40x J-20 Mighty Dragon
14x HQ-17 TELAR
14x 35mm/90 PGZ-07 SPAAG
2x Radar (China YLC-8B)
44x JH-7B Flounder
24x YJ-12 Triple
6x Vehicle (China Type 352 Square Tie)
12x HQ-16B TEL
3x Vehicle (HQ-16 FCR)
3x Radar (Big Bird D [91N6])
34x J-11D Flanker B [Su-27SK Copy]
16x J-10C Vigorous Dragon
39x Su-30MKK Flanker G
9x SA-16 Gimlet [9K310 Igla-1] MANPADS
5x Type 056 Jiangdao [582 Bengbu]
8x SA-20b Gargoyle [5P85SE] TEL
2x Vehicle (Cheese Board [96L6E])
2x Vehicle (Tombstone [30N6E])
15x J-16 Flying Shark [Su-30MKK Copy]
8x SA-21a/b Growler TEL
1x Vehicle (Cheese Board [96L6])
1x Vehicle (Grave Stone [92N2])
3x JD-16 Flying Shark [Su-30MKK Copy]
12x J-31
1x Radar (China JY-26)
35x JH-7A Flounder
24x J-31 [Carrier Variant]
7x H-6G Badger [H-6M]
5x HY-6D Badger [H-6DU]
9x Il-78M Midas
4x Type 052D Luyang III [173 Changsha]
4x EA-03 Soar Dragon UAV
4x DF-16B [Submuntions] TEL
3x Type 054A Jiangkai II [530 Xuzhou]
1x Type 093B Shang
4x Z-18YJ Super Frelon [Black Bat]
1x Radar (China OTH-SW Transmitter)
1x Type 001 Liaoning [16 Liaoning, Shi Lang, Ex-Varyag]

6x MDM-6 Bottom Mine [Pressure Fuze & Target Discrimination]
40x DF-21C [Conventional, CSS-5 Mod-3]
116x YJ-12
88x YJ-18 [3M54E Klub Copy]
8x YJ-82 [YJ-802Q]
40x DF-21C RV [Conventional, CSS-5 Mod-3]
20x AA-12 Adder B [R-77-1, RVV-SD]
369x Generic Chaff Salvo [4x Cartridges]
76x YJ-83 [C-802A, CSS-N-8 Saccade]
57x YJ-18 [3M54E Klub Copy, Rocket Boosted Penetrator]
107x PL-15
5x PL-10
156x HQ-10 [FL-3000N]
31x 30mm China H/PJ-17 [20 rnds]
4x SA-20b Gargoyle [48N6E2]
2x KAB-500Kr TV/EO
63x Generic Flare Salvo [4x Cartridges, Single Spectral]
34x KD-88 LACM
18x DF-16B [Submunitions]
18x DF-16B RV [Submunitions]
9x PL-12
2x AA-11 Archer [R-73M1]
8x Generic Acoustic Decoy
44x LS-6-500 Extended-Range Bomb, GPS/INS [500kg HE]
2x LT-2 LGB [LS-500J, 500kg HE]
8x 76mm/60 China H/PJ-26 HE Burst [2 rnds]
144x KD-20 [CJ-10A] ALCM
32x DF-21D [ASBM, Conventional, CSS-5 Mod-4]
32x DF-21D RV [ASBM, CSS-5 Mod-4]
165x HQ-9B
4x 130mm China H/PJ-38 HE
17x 30mm China H/PJ-12 [Type 730, 240 rnds]
164x Generic Chaff Rocket
73x Generic Flare Rocket [Single Spectral]
30x HQ-16A [SA-17 Semi-Copy]
48x HQ-9A
16x 30mm China H/PJ-14 [Type 1130, 500 rnds]

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RE: New Scenario Draft: Six Frigates, 2025 - 9/20/2019 10:43:52 PM   


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Pardon my ignorance...
What is a DLC?
How do I get it to play this?


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RE: New Scenario Draft: Six Frigates, 2025 - 9/21/2019 10:39:16 AM   


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A DLC is aditional game content, purchased separatedly of the base game.

CMANO ones usually consist on aditional scenarios and can be purchased or not without any fuss.

But one of them, the "Chains of War" DLC contains aditional game features, like aircraft damage and communicatios disruption, that are paywalled and cannot be used withoud purchasing the aforementioned DLC even when they appear in an community made scenario.

Since this scenario does make use of said features, you need to purchase the "Chains of war" DLC before being able to play it.


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RE: New Scenario Draft: Six Frigates, 2025 - 9/21/2019 8:26:08 PM   


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Just taking a look at this one - nice setup, I like the play on the 'Six Nation Talks' over Korea.

Going over the OOB it all looks good but I would think that the USN would have an SSN or probably two in the area, I doubt if the carrier would leave home without them. Be a good chance to play with a Flight IV or even V Virginia.



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