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Assistance with Mission: Deliverance

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Assistance with Mission: Deliverance - 12/24/2018 4:42:08 PM   


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Hey Guys,

So I have completely run into a brick wall with Deliverance. Some of the previous missions in this campaign have been difficult, hair tearing or puzzling but with some luck and reading some suggestions I have been able to get along with mainly major victories.

This mission though I am finding nearly impossible. I am playing from steam with fully validated game files. I am unsure if the scenario has been altered from patching or what.

At the start of the mission a USSR raid in inbound. They have my location whether or not I turn on radar on my AEW aircraft or put up choppers for ASW, fleet EMCOM is passive as inherited. They are immediately inbound on my position. Creating a AAW patrol for my fleets CAP and putting up crusaders with full weapons free regularly yields one enemy down to at least 2-3 Crusaders. Due to the volume of raids there are not enough craft to even thin the heard and missiles start coming into the convoy. By the time I could remove Keflavik air strip from play I cannot field a strike or if I do the strike craft and their paltry escorts are swatted down by MIGs easily yielding no damage on the target.

What am I missing with this level? I have watched an individual play it and they were not detected by the first raid for 2 hours. Within minutes of game start I have one inbound.

I have a feeling I should be instantly trying to send an alpha strike at Keflavik but due to lacking tanker assets and the quality of the crusaders it does not seem likely to succeed. Any pointers, suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I really want to complete this campaign and at this time it doesn't seem in the cards.

Thank you for any help and suggestions.
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RE: Assistance with Mission: Deliverance - 12/24/2018 6:02:15 PM   


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It's been a while since I played it, but I remember the Soviets having a radar-picket submarine (Whiskey class, Canvas Bag subtype) near your fleet. They are probably detecting you with it. It must be surfaced to employ it's search radar, so try sending some MPAs with radars on.

If you find again under attack, there is a risky but viable trick: All the missile armed strikers are carrying anti-radiation missiles and not proper anti-ship ones (mostly because at scenario date the Soviets still haven't developed a tactical one), so if you uncheck "ignore EMCON during attack" you will deny them their stand off fire. Of course they are accompanied by iron-bomb carrying ones just for this eventuality but, since iron-bombs have near zero range you can:

a) Maintain EMCON at the start of the raid
b) Atritte the raid as much as you can with CAP
c) Turn lights on when they are near enough to shot at the planes themselves before they launch (you hace a little window of opportunity due to the OODA loop).

It is a dangerous plan that requires excellent timing, to soon and you are engaged by ARM missiles at point-blank range, too late and you are bombed the old fashioned way, but it has been done succesfully before.

As an emergency measure, remember that your strike armed fighters also carry a pair of AAM and a gun and can use them as well as the CAP armed ones (it's while being shot at when the heavy strike load becomes a problem but saving the ship takes priority).

Good luck, this is indeed a tough one but can be won.


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RE: Assistance with Mission: Deliverance - 12/24/2018 10:28:08 PM   

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From: Denmark
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Hi ColMendoza

I have completed this scen using the following tactics:

First and foremost. Do NOT get detected. If your forces are detected you WILL get destroyed by the superior forces on Iceland.
To prevent getting detected you have to shut down all active sensors from your surface units including active sonar.
It is the sonar that gets you detected initially by the enemy subs.

Then send your forces south and loop them around the biggest concentration of enemy subs.
You have plenty of time to take this detour, so it won´t be a problem.

While you are heading south, setup an AEW patrol to keep an eye on things, especially on the MPA comming from the north.
It will detect you initially, but being unable to classify the contacts, the enemy will not attack.
Take this plane out with fighters with tanker support.

Also, setup ASW patrols in front of your forces as well as towards Iceland.

While this is going on, start sending fighter sweeps over Iceland to deal with the CAP.
You are out gunned so you have to outnumber the enemy CAP, so only take on one patrol at a time and use lots of planes.
You have plenty of time, so don´t try to take all patrols out at once.

When the CAP is gone, start hitting Keflavik.
Forget about ammo and fuel, and concentrate on hangars and open parking spots.
When the enemy airforce is destroyed, you can concentrate on the other ground targets.

There are some other surprises that I don´t wan´t to spoil, but if you follow this approach you should do alright.
It worked for me

Good luck, and let me know how it goes.


(in reply to Ancalagon451)
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RE: Assistance with Mission: Deliverance - 12/25/2018 12:27:54 AM   


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Thank you both very much for your response. I was feeling very stuck earlier after putting in about five hours on this map with no real progress.
After I posted I loaded the map in the sitor and viewed the Russian side and saw the location of the subs and also the anti radiation misses. I will take what both of you offered and give it a try the next time I have the time.
I totally forgot that having the fleet pounding with sonar would so obviously reveal what the group is to the listening subs.
Thank you both for your help. I will update the thread after I have time to give these pointers a try. Happy holidays!

(in reply to Schr75)
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RE: Assistance with Mission: Deliverance - 12/26/2018 2:41:10 PM   


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Hello Schr75 and Ancalagon451,

Thank you again for getting back to me. I wanted to update the thread. Following Schr75's suggestions I was able to complete the mission.

1. Disabled active sonar and steamed the group south/south east, then in an easterly/NE direction to Iceland.
2. Sank the radar picket sub with one of the torp equipped prop planes off the french carrier after detecting the contact with my AEW. Scrambled on each Bear in patrol when detected
3. Arrived 120NM off iceland without incident.
4. Struggled greatly with overwhelming their CAP. With flights of 2 planes in a total of 4-6 planes vs 2 migs I would regularly lose %75 of my craft per engagement.
5. I was able to shut down Keflavik by targeting only their landing strips with all heavy dropped ordinance that could attack runways. No planes could be launched by the enemy.
6. Proceeded to have very difficult time understanding the remaining steps to complete the objectives. Land troops in a Anti-surface patrol would not move unless i manually told them the speed to use. USSR AAA could not be target by my SEAD patrols, and essentially operated until the end of the scenario.

I am sure a large amount of my frustration came from attempting to rush the mission and also just my inexperience. I have only about 65hrs with the game all in Northern Inferno and tutorials. I do not customize land strikes enough and each scenario I normally learn alot. I am sure finally tuned land strikes and possibly manually flying your CAP could allow for better engagements with the MIGS but i much prefer a more hands off approach wanting to play a command role not a hand of god role interacting with every detail.
I found this map to essentially fight me every step of the way. I have greatly enjoyed Northern Inferno thus far as a campaign and hope to finish the last mission soon. I love CMANO but just was brought to the edge of sanity by this mission. Maybe I have succeeded on other maps that have driven others to madness I don't know. This map was just my kryptonite. Again thank you to both of you for your help. I was doomed without it.

(in reply to ColMendoza)
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RE: Assistance with Mission: Deliverance - 12/26/2018 4:07:09 PM   


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Glad to see you did it, good work.

Personally I found much worse "Damn the Torpedoes" but every player is a world unto itself.

Also while I find "Needle in a Haystack" (second-to-last scenario) far too short and easy I'm sure you'll find that "Fail Safe" (the last one) is a Big Blast .


(in reply to ColMendoza)
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RE: Assistance with Mission: Deliverance - 12/26/2018 7:07:12 PM   

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From: Denmark
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Good to hear you made it.

Always nice to help fellow commanders.

I personally micro manage (almost) everything, and in this scen I think it´s necessary.
At least with the fighter sweeps, to prevent excessive losses, but as you have shown, it can be done without.

Happy hunting, and as Ancalagon said.
Fail safe is a blast. (I´m actually playing it right now)


(in reply to Ancalagon451)
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