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RE: Combat in China

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RE: Combat in China - 11/30/2018 11:39:37 PM   

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Anachro: Thanks for the advice. I am also building forts at Bandoeng just in case. I have my forces scattered around for support and supply. I'm also short on eng's so some of them are being used to help build forts or AF's.

2nd Mar 42

Ens Kline of the VP-71 spots a TF at Tulagi on the 1st of March. CPT Getting of the CA Canberra with 2 DD's answer the call and move at full speed to greet the Japanese TF. Just before dawn lookouts spot the Canberra at 11k yards. Then all hell breaks loose. Canberra scores 2 direct hits with her opening salvo on a PB. The 5 PBs do their job and protect the 4 xAK's. Two PBs are sunk outright with another in sinking condition. One xAK is left with heavy fires, and heavy damage. Also answering the call was 2 CAV's. They were to far out to attack today, but they are moving further north in hopes of catching the surivors and sinking them. A French CL Jenne De Vienne was detached and will also move after the TF.

At Hengyang, 3 Vanguard fighters on CAP spot 8 Vals, the brave pilots dive down on the Vals. FO Chiong scores his 7th and 8th kills. All 8 Vals are shot down. At Luichow 11 Sallys attack ground troops, Chinese pilots dive down on them shooting down 7.

Allied bombers attack Djambi's AF, causing moderate damage. Bombers are order to hit it again tomorrow. P-40 fighter squadrons are order to sweep the AF just in case.

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RE: Combat in China - 12/2/2018 1:32:51 AM   

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3-4 Mar 42

P-40's sweep Djambi on the 3rd and find a few Tojos flying LRCAP. Two Tojos are shot down with no loses to the P-40's. On the 4th Whirlwinds sweep and find nothing but a damaged AF with 7 G.50 planes burning. After two days of bombing Dutch recon shows the AFs as closed. Bombers will stand down for a few days for rest and repairs.

FO Chiong spots Val bombers on the 3rd and shoots one down making him the leading Chinese ace with 9 kills. Not to be out done Lt Ming shoots down one Sally bomber giving him a total of 9 tying Chiong. Chinese corps finally catch up to the 21st Ind BDE and part of the 1st raiding rgt that attack Kunming. They attacked lost 473 soldiers to 250 of the Japanese. During the night Japanese forces slip away from the Chinese. Chinese forces are now following them again.

Near Buin Island British and French bombers catch the fleeing Jap transports. xAK Venice Maru takes 3 1000 pound bombs. All ships are told to head back to base to rearm and refuel. With no idea whats out there its not work the chance.

Bombardments resume at Pegu. Just under 170 Japanese soldiers are killed during the bombardment.

MacArthur sends a telegram on the 3rd reporting 20 Japanese units is outside Clark Field. He notices that Cabanatuan is only guarded by one unit. A bomber will attack on the 5th to see what the unit is.

On the night of the 3rd Gen Wainright walks down to the coastal artillery batteries and has a talk with everyone. He said, Make Sure of Your Target, Don't Shoot any Friendly Ships, and walked off. Everyone thought he had flipped his lid. Then one observer watching the Japanese ASW TF search for US subs, say are those US Destroyers? Then a Jap PB takes a 5in shell straight to the bow. Soldiers start cheering from all around the island. They watch the one sided battle unfold. One PB and two SC's are left with heavy fires and heavy damage as another PB escapes with only one hit and on fire. Six xAKL's sail peacefully into Guam's harbor. Sailors are standing on the pier waiting on them. Wainwright watches on from his command car. He knows its only 4000 tons of supply, but it is a victory. At the end of the day Ju 87 DBs attack Cl De Ryuter. All warships will fuel up and head out ASAP. xAKL's will unload and try to hide out in the harbor. I wished I would of sent ships with a bigger cargo capacity. I would of never guessed they would of made it.

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RE: Combat in China - 12/2/2018 1:58:11 AM   

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4000 pounds? We don't DO pounds for ship loads in this game. Let the Air jockeys brag about hauling mere pounds, mariners work in tons!


No matter how bad a situation is, you can always make it worse. - Chris Hadfield : An Astronaut's Guide To Life On Earth

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RE: Combat in China - 12/2/2018 2:17:28 AM   

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BB I need to hire you as my editor

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RE: Combat in China - 12/3/2018 10:01:11 PM   

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He sent 4,000 British pounds?

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RE: Combat in China - 12/4/2018 2:04:58 AM   

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This is a tough crowd.

5th-7th Mar 42

CPT Haughton guides his bombardment TF to Pegu on the nights of the 5,6,and 7th. In route to Pegu on the night of the 7th they run across the German sub U-112 the big gun cruiser and put 3 depth charge hits on it, one penetrates the hull. In all they leave a mess of Japanese bodies behind. Reports say they killed 380 soldiers of the 55th and 33rd Divisions. Gen farewell request fighter support for the Bf 109's that have been sweeping the hex. American P 39s with British Hurricanes fly CAP over the Allied soldiers. Everyone watches the giant furball erupt, 17 or so Bf 109's are shot down(I forgot to write down how many was lost) vs 2 P 39s and 1 Hurri's.

Wainwright watches as the 4,000 tons (of British pounds) are offloaded during the night of the 4th. The next morning they are attacked by Ju 87 DB's, all bombs miss the ships. On the 6th Betty's arrive and hit 4 of the ships with torpedos. The other two try and sneak away due south of Guam. One is sunk by a Jap sub, they other runs into the old BC Ibuki and 4 DDs. The surviving crew members will be given a rifle and taught how to use it. Supply is over 38k, morale is high on the island.

Three squadrons of P40Es sweep Djambi on the 7th. Flight leaders call out all kinds of bogey's. Three different sweeps happen all with great results for the Allies. Lt Mahoney does it again as he downs his 19th Kill. One more and he will be rotated home for a war bonds tour. At the end of the day 7 P 40's are lost for 16 Zero's, 4 Me 110's, 4 Oscars, 4 Hawk III and 2 50's. Three units are reported at Djambi with a little under 19k men. It is believed from intel that all the fighters were on LRCAP mission from Padang. (Wolf says that the P 39 and P 40 are to strong. I agree with him on the P 39, I never touched the P 40, it is being flown by my best pilots that survived Guam. They should chew up the G 50 and Me 110's to a point. The Oscar and Zero should give the P 40 a run fo its money, well the Zero should eat it for lunch. I'm not for sure whats going on with the P 40.)

On the 5th MacArthur hears the Japanese artillery barrage at Clark Field. Scouts report that the Japanese have 3 Inf Div, 2 Eng units, 1 tank rgt, and abunch of artillery and AA units. Gen MacArthur touts a great victory at Cabanatuan, his 2 PI Divisons route a Jap SNLF coy unit. The Divisions start moving on Lingayen. The next day Japanese units are seen moving back towards Lingayen. Mac tells reporters that the Japanese are withdrawing from his superior PI soldiers.

I don't know whats going on with the P 40. Anyone got any idea's. I don't know the pilot exp/fatigue or even if they are LRCAPing. I don't want this mod an AFB dream. Hell it may be and I can't see it.

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RE: Combat in China - 12/4/2018 8:56:25 PM   

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This was an email from wolf. I will put in my thought someone please tell me if I'm wrong.

lol - screw opsec - I want the mod to be good. :-)

@ Djambi all of the fighters were LRCAP from Singapore @ 100%. Zero Fat was 15ish @ 11k alt, the Oscars were around 25 fat @ 31k, the Hawks were @ 30 fat @ 6k, and the 1ME-10s were 5ish @ 11000k alt. Pilot EXP vary from high 40s to mid 70s.

MY THOUGHTS: So its a 4 hex LRCAP. My fighters swept at 25k. Zeros seem to have slightly high fatigue, Oscars, Hawks have high fatigue to me. To me the fatigue and range hurt the pilots performance. Also depends on the experience of the pilots. ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS.

The P40B has:

2x50cal centre mounted with 58 accuracy

4x30cal with 35 accuracy

Armor 1

P40E has:

6x50cal @ 29 accuracy

Armor 1


A6M2 has:

2x7.7 Centre mounted with an accuracy of 54. This won't penetrate the armor...

2x20mm with 22 accuracy

Armor 0

BF 109 has:

1x 30mm centre mounted with an accuracy of 30.

2x 20mm with an accuracy of 22

2 x 13mm with an accuracy of 26. I think this is equivalent to a 50cal? I'm not sure this penetrates armor.

Armor 1


Hawk II has:

2x30cal centre mounted with an accuracy of 70. This won't penetrate armor

Armor 0

Oscar Ic has:

2x12.7mm centre mounted with an accuracy of 58. I'm not sure but I don't think this will penetrate armor

Armor 0

ME 110C has:

2x 20mm centre mount with a 32 accuracy

4x 7.9mm centre mount with a 66 accuracy. This won't penetrate armor

1x 7.9mm TR with a 33 accuracy. This seems weird to me that a tail gunner is more accurate than a pair of centre mounted 20mm cannon...

I really-really thought the BF 109 would kick some butt but so far that's not been my experience... I've lost a lot of fighters so my pilot pool is running a bit lite for experience.

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RE: Combat in China - 12/11/2018 12:47:46 AM   

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8th-12 Mar 42

Gen Selleck watches as Japanese medium bombers attacks the two PI infantry divisions under his command. He sends a runner back to MacArthur for fighter support. Jap bombers are causing major problems for the two divisions. On the 10th all the fighters PI had fly CAP over Cabanatuan. Fighters catch the bombers without fighter escort and slaughter them. 35 Betty's, 7 Liz, 5 Sally, 4 110C, 3 Nicks, and 3 Lilys are lost to the brave PI fighter pilots. Only 5 P 36 fighters are lost on the PI side. The Castillo brothers both become aces on the same day. Lt's Crespo and Salas both end the day with 9 kills. Gen Selleck's troops reach Lingayin on the 11th and perform a recon art attack. The attack shows only one infantry unit an SNLF coy. Orders for the morning are to attack. During the night Japanese are able to bring in a 2 full Naval Guard units and a good portion of another unknown to the allies. The attack goes awry. 636 PI soldiers are killed vs 65 of the Japanease. Another division is ordered to Lingayin.

Pegu see's two naval bombardments from the CL's, on the 12th DD Imogen hits a freshly laid mine. CDR Williamson of the Imogen is nursing his stricken ship back to Rangoon. The crew is working miracles to keep the ships afloat, no fires are reported but heavy damage is. On the 10 Fighters rise to meet the almost daily Bf 109 sweeps. The 109's over power the Hurri's. 7 Hurricanes are lost for just one BF 109.

Reports to ABDA command give mostly the same info as the previous days. Bombings in China, Guam and other locations.

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RE: Combat in China - 12/17/2018 12:04:34 AM   

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13th-17th Mar 42

Gen Stevensons lunch was interrupted by air raid sirens. He rushed to the window to see Japanese medium bombers attacking Rangoon's harbor. All the fighters had been stood down the day before. Three CLs are struck by bombs. CL Capetown takes suffers moderate damage, the other CLs need a new paintjob. Minutes later Zero's come in nap of the earth and attack 3 small tankers. All 3 are sunk by the Zero's 60kg bombs. At the same time he receives word that the newly arrived Australian infantry division attacked the Axis troops, without orders. The causality report lists 1600 allied KIA to 440 axis.

MacArthur listens to the signs of combat at Clark Field on the morning of the 13th, his troops fight bravely. Japanese lose 2000 troops to the PI 600. Forts are reduced to 2. With the 2 PI divisions attacking at Lingayen, the Japanese bombers have been busy attacking them instead of Clark and Manila. On the 17th engineers have repaired the AF and are back to building some fortifications. On the 14th Japanese soldiers shock attack the two battered PI divisions and one Bn. Gen Segunda's division holds the line while the other division and Bn escapes back to Cabanatuan. On the 15th Segunda's division pays the price for staying behind. After two days of battle PI loses are 3500 KIA to 800 Japanese. At the same time smaller PI units are infiltrating the rear of the Japanese, hoping to raise some hell.

Wainwright watches as bombers attack the AF's. Waiting for the amphibious attack.

In China Japanese 8th recon regiment is destroyed by Chinese forces at Kiuchaung.

Else were Japanese subs sink 2 xAKs, xAKL, and damage another xAK.

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