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Arctic Tsunami version 4.2 Russian side FIXED

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Arctic Tsunami version 4.2 Russian side FIXED - 8/7/2018 6:54:58 PM   


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Times are given in “Time to go” scale, starting from 3 days, counting backward, and ending with Time To Go of 0 at the end of the scenario.
Please note that S-300/400 refers to either one of these, I did not keep track exactly which one was where.

Overall, I did not attack. I waited for them to come to me, doing my anti-air defense, and I did three air strikes, hitting airbases first (so they have no CAP), then QE CVBG, then Anzio SAG. In each strike, I relied heavily on SEAD (ARM missiles) and on Kent missiles as makeshift decoys. I never moved my ships forward, mostly because I was concerned with subs.

Initial setup.

Delete all preconfigured missions and their reference points for a blank slate.

Immediately start returning all submarines to Barents sea, just because I don’t like playing submarines.
Let’s then move SAMs westward as much as possible.
Position all three ship groups along 34E. I’m not going forward, at least not immediately.


Next up on the agenda is inventory of what’s available and reloads.

Severomorsk has ASW, loadouts look good as is.

Olenegorsk has
Tu-160s with Kents (land-only) and
Tu-22s with Kitchens (land- and ship-capable)
As they will be ready in 4 hours, this will have to do for the first strike. I would rather have ARMs, but actual loadout looks good enough. Next reload for Tu-160s will probably be Kh-101s, because the flight carries like 160 of these; that’d be good for NATO to expend their SAMs and AAMs (this loadout change was never implemented).

Monchegorsk has
Su-24s with Kedge missiles. Change these to Krypton ARMs.
Mig-31s with Amos, which is good, and
6x Fencers which are ELINT only (not JAM capable?)

Kuznetsov CVBG has
Su-33s which are only good for short-range CAP, and
MiG-29s with variety of loadouts available. Let’s rearm them with Adders/Heavy to improve anti-air capability, at least for the time being.

Also, somewhere else are Mainstays and Tu-142 ASW aircraft

Doctrine adjustments

Weapon control, air – set to FREE
Weapon controls, land and surface – set to HOLD to prevent launches when satellites detect a target and it jumps all over the place
Kinematic range for torpedoes – set to Kinematic range for manual launches only.
Refuel/UNREP – set to Not allowed
Fuel state RTB – set to Yes, units leave group
Weapon state RTB – set to aircraft do not RTB
Use SAMs in ASuW mode – set to No.

EMCON is good as configured, radars active, jammers active, sonars passive.

Leave WRA as configured, looks reasonably good. Maybe I will have to adjust it later (based on the first engagements) but the current configuration looks like a very good starting point.


Set up CAP, two large-scale ASW missions with land-based aircraft, helicopter ASW mission around ships, and two AEW points. AEW radars are so crap as to require as many planes aloft as possible to provide triangulation. Each AEW mission orbiting a fixed point is assigned 2x Mainstay and 3x Fencer-E ELINT aircraft.
All fighters are assigned to CAP, and all in all the mission setup is pretty simple (see attached map).


Fired a few P-800 Onyx missiles at fixed coastal radars.

At 2d 22hrs to go, first vampires start flying, hitting MV Volgograd. This actually is a good idea, and I send all the cargo ships towards enemy missile boats, to suck up some missiles. 160K ton container vessel sucks up many ASMs and, true to the age-long Russian tradition, to hell with the crews. So far, NATO missile boats firing what looks like NSMs at him with little effect.

At 2d 21hrs to go, inbound TLAMs. Adjust CAP doctrine to RTB when all BVR weapons are expended, allow WVR and guns opportunism. Just in case, launch all ready ASW aircraft from Severomorsk because it is where TLAMs appear to be heading.

MV Volgograd sank around 2d21 hrs to go.
As far as observations go, Russian aircraft are lacking endurance and sensors.
Was contemplating using Lubov Orlova for recon, but then decided against it.

At 2d 18 hrs to go, sent SEAD and bombers forward, for a look-see-shoot, 108x Kent missiles,34x Kitchen, 16x Krypton C. At the same time, released forward S-400 batteries just in case strike aircraft needs anti-air support.
Firing Kent missiles at Andoya, Bradufoss, and Evens, targeting runways and unprotected parking, and Kitchens targeting runways. After that send SEAD aircraft in. Hopefully CAP will be busy dealing with missiles.

At 2d 16 hours to go, the results look promising as no more NATO CAP aircraft is seen.
On Kuznetsov, start arming Mig-29s with Krypton-C heavy loadout in anticipation of anti-ship SEAD.

Around that time (about 2d 15h to go), NATO sub sank Lubov Orlova with a torpedo, giving me 1500 score points. Well, well…. I should have sent her in for recon.

Bring in A-50 to get a fix on QE position and wait.

At about 1d 19 hours to go,
Fencers with Kryptons, Backfires with Kitchens and Blackjacks with Kents. QE group too far away for MiGs with short-range Krypton loadout to reach them (note that for the next strike).
108x Kents at Bodo runways, but route them so that they pass above QE group. Kents are going at 500 kts, and amidst their group goes a group of Fencers at 480kt. This prevents SAMs and AAMs (there is an air patrol after all) from attacking Fencers. Fire Krypton ARM missiles as soon as targets are in range, and also fire Kitchens to arrive slightly behind Kryptons. Note that I never seen any CAP over QE (F-35s) no matter what sensors, including A-50 air search radar. However, I know they where orbiting around because they attacked my ASMs.

At 1d 19 hours to go, the entire QE CVBG is sunk and after that Bodo runways are hit with whatever Kent missiles survived (not sure how many).

At 1d 17 hours to go aircraft return home to reload.
Now waiting for aircraft to reload while Anzio SAG creeps closer. Well, I don’t care. Repeat performance as above will most certainly get rid of Anzio. There is no danger of missiles any longer with two SAGs close together and additionally covered by three batteries of S-300/400.

At 1 d 13 hours to go, distance from my SAG to Anzio about 380 NM, and Anzio is closing at about 7 kts.

At 1 d 4 hours to go, distance is 320 NM and they are still closing at 7 kts. Bombers will be ready in six more hours.

At 1d 3 hours to go, got a sub contact on the border of my ASW barrier. No ID but I’m fairly sure it’s a sub. Dispatched Il-38s to investigate further. 5kt at -95ft… someone creeping just above layer. Half an hour later fished from the log that it was USS Newport News.

At 22 hours to go, aircraft taking off for a final strike. This time, distance from Kuznetsov to Anzio SAG is 280 NM, close enough for MiGs to participate. This time, however, their SAM range is longer than my ARM range, so I have to rely heavily on Kent missiles for decoys. With SEAD aircraft carrying upwards of 90 Krypton C missiles, I don’t think Ticonderoga stands much chance though.

At 21 hours to go, festivities commence.
Tu-160s fire 108x Kent C at Orland, routing over Anzio SAG.
Then, surprisingly, Anzio SAG does not fire back as SEAD aircraft closes in. Kryptons get some good hits, sinking one unidentified DDG, sinking Anzio, sinking another DDG, leaving AOE afloat, which Backfires happily mop up with two Kitchen missiles. Kent missiles proceed on their merry way towards Orland. Damnit, should have only fired one Kitchen, the second one went for a neutral ship. Too bad.

Still having some unspent Kitchens, 32 of them, sent Backfires west to find and kill DDG Mahan, which they do by 19 hours to go.

Score 12550 but NO GRADING.

Final death toll as follows

SIDE: Russia
1x Commercial Container Vessel - Ultra Large [15,000 TEU, 160,000t DWT]
1x Commercial Dry-Bulk Carrier - Capesize Size [150,000t DWT]
1x PL-877M Kilo
4x MiG-27M Flogger J <-- To AMRAAM-derived SAMs
1x Commercial Cruise Liner [45,000t GT] <-- Lubov Orlova sank by NATO sub
1x Commercial Tanker - Large Range 2 [150,000t DWT]

388x RGB-16MK [Search, Passive Omni]
496x RGB-48 [Search, Passive Directional]
1271x RGB-41 [Search, Passive Omni]
493x RGB-58 [Track, Active/Passive]
296x RGB-NM-1 [Passive Omni]
4x SS-N-26 Strobile [P-800 Onyx]
28x AA-9 Amos [R-33S, SARH] <-- against TLAMs
10x AA-10 Alamo C [R-27RE, LR SARH] <-- against TLAMs
10x AA-10 Alamo A [R-27R, MR SARH] <-- against TLAMs
4x AA-11 Archer [R-73] <-- against TLAMs
1x 30mm Gsh-30-1 Burst [30 rnds] <-- against TLAMs
1x 23mm Gsh-6-23 [50 rnds] <-- against TLAMs
564x RGB-15 [Refined Search, Passive Omni]
757x RGB-75 [Basic Search, Passive Omni]
167x RGB-25 [Track, Passive Directional]
246x RGB-55A [Track, Active/Passive]
324x AS-15 Kent C [Kh-555] <-- these make good decoys
96x AS-4 Kitchen D [Kh-32] <-- quite nice
111x AS-17 Krypton C [Kh-31P, ARM] <-- wish for better range but good as they are
15x Generic Chaff Salvo [4x Cartridges]
2x Generic Acoustic Decoy
4x USET-80K
5x AS-7 Kerry [Kh-23] <-- too short-range
20x Generic Chaff Salvo [5x Cartridges]
1x Generic Chaff Salvo [8x Cartridges]
1x AT-2M
8x AS-17 Krypton A [Kh-31A, ASM] <-- useful


2x Radar (AN/FPS-110)
3x Radar (Coastal ACSR)
1x Building (Control Tower)
1x Radar (RAT-31SL/N)
3x P-3C Orion Update III <-- on the ground
1x A/C Hangar (4x Large Aircraft)
1x A/C Hangar (2x Very Large Aircraft)
3x Vehicle (AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel [NASAMS II])
2x Radar (RAT-31SL/N SINDRE II)
4x P 960 Skjold <-- torpedoed
1x Radar (AN/FPS-6A HF)
2x F-16BM Falcon MLU <-- on the ground
4x Lynx HMA.8
2x D 35 Dragon [Type 45 Batch 2]
24x Lightning II [F-35B] <-- on Queen Elizabeth mostly
4x Sea King AEW.2A
13x Merlin HM.2 <-- on Queen Elizabeth
1x F 230 Norfolk [Type 23 Duke]
1x R 08 Queen Elizabeth
1x F 230 Norfolk [Type 23 Duke]
1x SSN 751 San Juan [Improved Los Angeles Class]
3x SH-60B Seahawk
1x DDG 79 Oscar Austin [Arleigh Burke Flight IIA]
2x UH-46D Sea Knight
2x SH-60F Oceanhawk
1x CG 68 Anzio [Ticonderoga Baseline 4, VLS]
1x DDG 81 Winston S. Churchill [Arleigh Burke Flight IIA]
1x AOE 8 Arctic
1x A/C Hangar (1x Very Large Aircraft)
1x DDG 72 Mahan [Arleigh Burke Flight II]

776x AN/SSQ-77B VLAD
34x Naval Strike Missile (NSM) <-- spent against my cargo ships
83x SSQ-926 ALFEA
20x UGM-109E Tomahawk Blk IV TACTOM
1200x 76mm/62 Super Rapido HE Burst [2 rnds]
1x Stingray Mod 0
4x Mk48 Mod 7 ADCAP CBASS
16x RGM-84D Harpoon IC <-- also spent against cargo ships
14x AIM-120C-5 AMRAAM P3I.2
8x AIM-120C-7 AMRAAM P3I.3
64x Aster 30 PAAMS [GWS.45 Sea Viper]
32x RIM-174A ERAM SM-6MR Blk I
32x Aster 15 PAAMS [GWS.45 Sea Viper]
50x Sea Wolf VLS Blk 2
15x 114mm/55 Mk8 HE(MP)ER HE
53x Mk214 Sea Gnat Chaff [Seduction]
22x Mk251 Siren Active Decoy Round
4x FDS-3 Floating Decoy
13x 20mm/100 Mk15 Phalanx Blk 1B Burst [300 rnds]
4x DLF(3) Advanced Inflatable Decoy
4x AIM-2000A IRIS-T
4x ADC Mk3 Mod 1 Torpedo Countermeasure
4x ADC Mk4 Mod 1 Sonar Jammer
2x ADC Mk2 Mod 0 Torpedo Decoy
4x ADC Mk2 Mod 3 Torpedo Decoy
32x RIM-66M-2 SM-2MR Blk IIIA
96x RIM-162A ESSM
8x RIM-7M Sea Sparrow
5x 127mm/54 HE-CVT [HiFrag]
12x Mk234 Nulka
4x Mk59 Mod 0 Floating Decoy
22x RIM-66M-5 SM-2MR Blk IIIB
2x 20mm/85 Mk15 Phalanx Blk 1 Burst [300 rnds]

SIDE: Civilian

1x Commercial Trawler [800t DWT] <--- my Kitchen overshot

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RE: Arctic Tsunami version 4.2 Russian side FIXED - 8/7/2018 6:55:41 PM   


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Initial setup map

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RE: Arctic Tsunami version 4.2 Russian side FIXED - 8/7/2018 6:56:13 PM   


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Anzio SAG engagement map

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RE: Arctic Tsunami version 4.2 Russian side FIXED - 11/28/2018 2:59:52 PM   

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Delete all preconfigured missions and their reference points for a blank slate.

Scrubbed missions if human in update, player will have to delete the RPs.


"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem."

I was Navy, but Assigned TAD to the 24th MAU Hq in Beirut. By far the finest period of my service!

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