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WWIII '87 Air Campaign Denmark 10 July

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WWIII '87 Air Campaign Denmark 10 July - 7/28/2018 4:36:23 PM   


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This scenario is in the test phase and this started out as a test. It ended up as an AAR as I was having so much fun playing it and making notes: So here it is:

Setup: The author has a great web page which tells you his story and where the scenario is set up:

1987, Baltic Approaches 10 July, 1987 Part I

The player starts with 3 dozen Danish F-16As, 20 or so F-35 Draken and 6 German Tornado IDS, spread across seven bases. The Danish Hawk Batteries are present but that, and some radar, are the only non-air assets in the game. You’re told to defend your airspace against the Soviets and East Germans, probably some Pols as well. No specifics except that Mig-21s and Su-22s were used yesterday; OK we can handle those, but what about the newer stuff. 1987 should see the start of a re-equipped VVS, where are the Flankers, Fulcrums and Flogger MLDs – further south perhaps?

The Plan: Generally I’ll do things manually here, it’s not overly complex so there is no need for missions. One worry is that there are no NATO support AC – AWACs, Tankers or MPA. So its ground based radar or nothing – and that will be targeted for certain.

Main Effort: Defend Radars.

CONOP: I’ll have three standing patrols: One south of Bornholm, one south of Zeeland and a reserve south of Copenhagen. Falcons will be forward with Draken holding back. My Tonkas will hang out in the Luebeck area to catch tail end Charlies out of the DDR base. I’ll keep about 1/3rd of my AC airborne, its only a 7-hour scenario and unlimited ammo so I’ll rebase some Falcons forward to Copenhagen and evacuate Bornholm. The two Zeeland bases will man the Bornholm CAP with some rebased assets from Aalbord and Karup, while Vandel and Skrystrup defend the western CAP reinforced by Karup who will also man the reserve.

OK on with the show.

First while was very quiet

Adjustments I made were to reload the Recon Drakens to an A2A loadout and set Side Doctrine/Weapon State to allow opportunity fire with guns. I figure that my F-16s anyway will be nimble enough to deal with most of the oncoming Soviet horde and I will need everything I’ve got to deal with the numbers. Drakens, I’m not sure about – may set them back to no guns but that nice 30mm hammer is so tempting.

1st strike comes in towards Bornholm – about 24 AC I think, I’ve got a flock of F-16 and a pair of Drakens in position, nicely ambushed and easily defeated. 18/0 but one of my Falcons is badly damaged and limping home without coms (Love CoW!). Although I am down to guns on all aircraft at the end and a few Su-24’s obligingly jettison and abort, so I turn everyone back to base. As predicted the All Aspect Aim-9s and agility of the F-16 prevails. The Drakens are put on sweep-up duty and they are well used and completely empty on RTB. Great dog-fight for the good guys. Thankfully my I-Hawk recognizes the No-Comm wounded bird returning.

2nd Strike – Oh Ohh. I was focusing too much on one area and forgot about the other. Flock of Falcons inbound on burner with a pair of Drakens alone at the front – not good. Looks like 30+ inbound – scrambling more fighters and bringing over some Tonkas to help out. First blush I’m outnumbered 4-1! The ‘rear only’ aspect Aim-9s on the Draken make a big difference at the merge – not a good one. Needing half a county to turn doesn’t help them either – good thing they are up against Fitters!

More bad guys – over 40 now – err, this could be bad.

Drakens do a great job of breaking up a flight of 8 Fitters, and sandwich them between some oncoming Falcons. 7 Su-22s down, one F-16 damaged, and the Drakens follow the last one in on its bombing run, target is a radar and it misses – must have been distracted by those 30mm hammering at him. All three flights disperse, good guys completely Winchester with both an F-16 and a Draken damaged. OK – now onto the other 40 incoming Bogies – yes there are more!

Another flight of Fitters is diced up by two pair of Falcons, not much of a fight but many missiles expended. The Tonkas come in from the west and nail a bunch of Mig-27s, the Tornados are out of role here, maneuverability slightly better than the Drakens but with good Sidewinders – just not enough of them. They do a good job but I wish they were RAF F.3s (I guess F.2 at this time). About 20 Su-27s are making a move on Zeeland but are squeezed between some oncoming Drakens and Falcons, which were on the way to defend Bornholm – scramble more… oh wait, there aren’t any more!!! I-Hawks get into this fight as well. Another damaged F-16 limping home.

2nd attack defeated – just. Score 30-1, an F-16 is lost but I cannot say where. Three other F-16s are badly damaged as well as a Draken. Attack is defeated, but I had better get some jets re-armed quickly. Right now I have 6x Drakens defending Bornholm with a pair of F-16s on the way. 4x F-16s north of Rostock with a pair of Drakens and another pair of Tonkas on the way. In reserve over Zeeland are a pair of F-16s with 7 winders and ¾ of their gun ammo left. Total of 6 Falcons inbound to fill in the ranks but ready on the ground are 2 Drakens, 1 Falcon and 2 Tonkas. Thin!

Ok one of the damaged Falcons is going to require 21 hrs, a second 13 hrs and the third is 25 hrs. The Draken will take 5 hrs, not bad but still a Scenario Kill. Scrambled AC are in positon now so feeling more secure. All quiet on the Denmark front for almost 90 min now as ground crews scramble to turn jets around. Many are coming on line. For the fist time in this scenario fuel is becoming a concern, several of the pairs on station did a bit of burner time in the last fight and are getting close to Bingo now, hate to send them home without expending their missiles into some Migs though. Noticed that some of the Falcons have a mixed loadout with some Aim-9Ns. No time to fix that now.

OK – not to worry. Here they come again! East and West at the same time and in good numbers. Scramble! Oh-ohh – Medium range FCR radars, that means SARA missiles – these aren’t no Fitters! Drakens to the rear – fast.

In the west it looks like 12 A2A fighters, there making a bee-line for my Tonkas which makes sense as they have the most powerful radars – I see a trap being developed here. There are at least 4 others, probably bombers heading northwest though.

In the east it is not good, most of the defenders there are Drakens and I count at least a dozen MR FCR radars, no ID yet but they are probably loaded with AA-10s – bugger.

I’ve got a couple singleton Falcons that need to form up as the result of the casualties. Once they’re together I’ll rebase them to Copenhagen. Earlier I rebased 4 Falcons each to Vaerlose and Roskilde, unfortunately there is a singleton there as well. These scramble and head to Bornholm while some Drakens and the scrambled Falcons from Jutland head to the Rostock/Luebeck area.

The fighters in the west don’t take the bate so my trap is blown. I’ll go Falcons head to head with the fighters, looks like its only 2-1, about 12 of them to 6 of mine. The Tonkas will come in from the flank and pick off any bombers with the Drakens hanging back to hold the line until the reinforcements arrive. Its going to be an ugly fur-ball.

The east will be uglier. 6 Falcons, all short on fuel and 2 short on missiles against at least 12 long range shooters – probably more. 6 more Drakens will pull back directly over Bornholm to catch any leakers. CSAR has been alerted!

West: Missiles at the merge for the first time. Mig-23s – OK my Falcons can handle them, just need to be careful. They are coming on in two groups 6-8 per group, just need to keep them engaged so they lose lock on their targets until I can close the range. They’re firing SARA but AS-7 so not that great.

Wraps up with 10 Floggers and 7 Fencers knocked out at the cost of two Falcons and one more badly damaged. Not great but another attack defeated. The Tonkas did a great job coming in behind the fur-ball and picking off the bombers. The last Flogger was picked off by a Draken, is was Winchester and limping back but a kill is a kill!.

East: More bogies, and then more yet! It seems that the Fighters have picked on a pair of Falcons, I’ll try and draw them off. The new guys are not emitting so are probably bombers. If I kill them – read Draken bait – job done.

OK – Tu-16 missile sponges coming in, 2 Falcon and 6 Drakens working them over. I’ve got a pair of F-16s leading 10 long range shooters on a merry goose chase – quiet fun, another pair of falcons, radars off coming up behind. This might work. 4 more Falcons coming in on burner.

The deception only goes so far and the escorts turn back to help the bombers, but now I have Falcons on three sides and I can play missile tag with them until their long spear quivers are empty. I don’t know what they are yet but there’s missile in the air. Just need to hold them off long enough to kill the last of the bombers, which are starting to abort but their guns have damaged 2 Drakens and a Falcon.

Flankers! Oh crap! Alamos for sure. First contact 1-1 but many of their AA-10 are gone and I think one more is damaged. 4 of them have turned back to defend the bombers and fired a bunch of missiles at max range. 6 of them are tangling with one lone Falcon – help is on the way.

A Draken is hit, as is my lonely falcon. One bomber is pushing on the rest have turned back or been killed. Job done but it’s not over yet. A pair of Falcons are in a short range knife fight with 4 Flankers. Falcons are slightly more maneuverable and carry more IR missiles so this might be OK – probably not though.

First hit and a Falcon has engine damage! Crap, redirect him to land at Bornholm but before too long he is hit be two Alamos almost simultaneously from the group of 5 returning from the NE. Before long my 4 Falcons coming on burner are reduced to three, but at least they are keeping the Flanker’s radars busy. The lone bomber is being chased by 3 Drakens, soon to be 2 Drakens as the following AA-10s catch up. 9 Flankers vs 4 Falcons but most of the AA-10s are still heading to kill the Drakens – who are still trying to kill the last Badger.

The Badger bites it, but so does another chasing Draken. Of the 4 Falcons, two are dead, a third is heading to Bornholm with an engine fire and the last is trying to keep 4 Flankers off the retreating Drakens. It looks like the big group of Flankers is heading home Winchester. A parathion shot damages another Draken!

Crap – that was expensive! 9 Bombers and 1 Flanker at the cost of 4 Draken and 4 Falcons. Attack defeated but there are at least three others damaged and out of the fight! Bugger. Time to re-position.

Nothing – I say again: Nothing left on the ground, but a bunch returning from their second sortie so probably out for the rest of the scenario. 6 Falcons and 6 Draken heading for Bornholm, 4 Falcon and 8 Draken ivo Rostock. 3 Falcons in Reserve south of Zeeland. 2 Tonkas ivo Luebeck and 2 more ready in a couple minutes. Did I mention that I hate Flankers! Where are my Eagles! Boo Hoo. 3.5 hours left.

Hah! Tonka got a sniff of a Jammer, snuck up and killed it. Nice. One damaged F-16 is out for a couple days! Ouch. A Draken will be ready with 38 min repair time – those buggers are though. A second Jammer gets bagged, I’ll wait around for its friend to show up. The third one got off a missile but didn’t survive.

A bunch of AC are heading home low on fuel now – hope the next strike smaller than the last one!

No Final strike coming in.

Summary: This was fun! I would classify it somewhere between a basic and intermediate difficulty. Red force could have been much more difficult had they led with their better AC, but just numbers alone kept me hopping.

I was a little concerned when I saw this one, as I have a couple Baltic Fury scenarios in the works and didn’t want to duplicate anyone’s work – but no worries. The 7-year difference in technology (Fury is in 94) and structure makes a huge difference, as does the setup. The scenario author wanted to concentrate on Air to Air warfare and that’s exactly what this scenario is.

Highly recommended.

SIDE: Blue

9x F-16A Falcon
3x F-35XD Draken
1x RF-35XD Draken

73x 20mm/85 M61A1 Vulcan Burst [100 rnds]
14x 27mm Mauser BK-27 x 2 Burst [60 rnds]
31x 30mm ADEN M/55 x 2 Burst [40 rnds]
174x AIM-9L Sidewinder
57x AIM-9N Sidewinder
36x Generic Chaff Salvo [5x Cartridges]
20x Generic Flare Salvo [3x Cartridges, Single Spectral]
1x Generic Flare Salvo [4x Cartridges, Single Spectral]
16x MIM-23C I-HAWK


10x MiG-23ML Flogger G
14x MiG-27 Flogger D
10x Su-22M-4K Fitter K
16x Su-22M-4K Fitter K
7x Su-24 Fencer C
9x Su-24M Fencer D
3x Su-24MP Fencer F
1x Su-27S Flanker B
9x Tu-16K-26PM Badger G Mod

49x 23mm AM-23 x 2 Burst [50 rnds]
17x 23mm AM-23 x 2 Burst [50 rnds]
2x 23mm Gsh-6-23 [50 rnds]
2x 30mm Gsh-6-30 Burst [50 rnds]
3x 30mm NR-30 x 2 Burst [20 rnds]
1x 800 liter Drop Tank
2x 820 liter Drop Tank
54x AA-10 Alamo A [R-27R, MR SARH]
13x AA-11 Archer [R-73]
18x AA-7 Apex C [R-24R, SARH]
1x AA-8 Aphid [R-60T]
10x AA-8 Aphid [R-60TM]
2x AS-7 Kerry [Kh-23]
8x FAB-250M-54 GPB
5x FAB-500M-54 GPB
1x Generic Chaff Salvo [4x Cartridges]
98x Generic Flare Salvo [2x Cartridges, Single Spectral]
133x Generic Flare Salvo [4x Cartridges, Single Spectral]


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RE: WWIII '87 Air Campaign Denmark 10 July - 7/29/2018 1:47:45 PM   


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Wow, imagine my surprise when I awoke this morning to find an AAR of my Baltic scenario penned by the master himself! I'm so glad you had the chance to try out this scenario, and am equally as happy that you enjoyed it. You played it very well, though that's no shock, all things considered. The scenario really boils down to quality vs quantity, at least until the Flankers show up. The Danes have a smaller air force, but have better pilots, aircraft, etc.

To response to some points you made in the AAR: yes, the majority of frontline Soviet regiments are busy down south where the battle is not going as planned. So the WP air units in this scenario are the second team. But there are a lot of them.

For NATO, all of the available AWACS, tankers, etc are busy in the south. Except for the few Tonkas, this is exclusively a Danish show.

How did the HAWKs work out? Did they score a decent number of kills?

In one version of this scenario I placed 8 USAF F-15s and some RAF Tornadoes in northern Jutland and took away the West German Tornadoes in Schleswig-Holstein. They really helped out the Danes, although to remain true to the timeline I'm working with, I kept them out of this scenario.

Just one Flanker killed, eh? Don't feel bad, I had the same result just about every time I tested this scenario. Your kill ratio was certainly acceptable to say the least and the losses you suffered were definitely acceptable.

Again, thanks for trying the scenario out and uploading the AAR!

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RE: WWIII '87 Air Campaign Denmark 10 July - 7/29/2018 2:21:55 PM   


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Hay no problem.

The force mix is fine, just consideration for planning. All those other bits would make the scenario more complex and it is just fine the way it is.

The Hawks didn't do as well as I expected. I think they got a couple Fitters, however they caused a bunch to evade which made them easy pickings for the Falcons.

The scenario would be much more difficult - and imposing, if the Sov's led with the Flankers and Fulcrums, keeping the Fitters and Floggers for follow up. I found the Fencers were a little too exposed, they're powerful aircraft but need protection.

But I think it is great the way it is, and easily explained by your storyline. The final strike would have been tricky to defeat I think depending on how much time is left after the Flanker sweep.

Keep building them - and I'll play em. Nice scenario.




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RE: WWIII '87 Air Campaign Denmark 10 July - 7/29/2018 5:22:45 PM   


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Good read Gunner! I'm glad you get to actually play the game sometimes!

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