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First AAR

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First AAR - 12/30/2016 8:48:34 AM   


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I'm a longtime lurker on this forum. I'm finally going to contribute in a meaningful way.

So, I've started a scenario for testing both the software my computers limit. IE, a 14 player Unplayably large map. Settings are 1 city start, raw materials off, and stone age. Raw materials are off because I wanted to be able to spam factories and not worry about sending engineers off to the corners of the world.

Also, I played through a year before writing this. Whoops

Currently, it is August 1st, 1938. The New Union of Germanic People has run a brief offensive into the Imperial Hiroshima State. This was in reaction to a declaration of war by several nations, including Burgundy, the Middle Kingdom, and so on and so forth. Most of them have an ocean in between us, so no worries. This might come back to haunt me latter.

Well anyways, a program of industrial mobilization is in place. The plan is to have at least three factory complexes up and running by the end of September, two producing armored cars, and one for miscellaneous guns. We already have one, and the next will come shortly. This is barring a redirection of assets to production of experimental anti-tank weapons, the bazooka. We a certain a specialized artillery piece would work better for this purpose, defense against armored cars, but bazookas are cheaper.

Background Info:

After the great war ended, many nations collapsed. Several colonies broke free, including the New Union of German People. The old nations agreed to heavy arms reduction treaties. They thought this would lessen the scope of a new war. Now, those leaders are dead, and new, populist leaders take their place. It should have been an age of progression. It is an age of war.

Arms limitation treaties do not stop military innovation though.

During the Interwar period, there was a newfound emphasis on mobility, leading to armored cars. The idea was that the tanks used in the great war were not very good. One of the reasons why they weren't good was that they used tracks. Certainly, the tracks had an advantage in rough terrain. Another advantage was armament. Treads allowed for more guns of larger caliber to be added. The thought was that this trade of mobility for firepower was not worth it. There was a consensus that great war tanks were produced out of necessity to deal with the horrors of trench warfare. There was the general idea that masses of armored cars would be able to end the war more quickly, and with less loss of life.

And so was born the modern armored car that lead to the success in the opening Otsuki offensive. It was armored well enough that infantry weapons could not penetrate it. Some historians think that the offensive succeeded not because of the armored cars, but because of the lack of Japanese troops in the area.

The effect of this was that the Japanese would assemble an armored force of cars of its own. The rapidity of this surprised the German generals. 2 Japanese armored cars captured the supply wagon of the first armored car division.

In the western forest around Sonkovo, more enemy armored cars appeared. The plan for the 4th and 5th submachine gun divisions to cut off the 203rd Division failed, as the 203rth division simply went over the mountains to threaten the general staff of the area, waiting near Otsuki.

Another note is the development of motorized forces to go with the armored cars. Trucks were designed to transport infantry alongside the armored cars, so as to be able to follow up an offensive with "assimilation" into the Union.

In the east, some Slavic towns Kotovo and Elista have joined the Union. This will likely not last very long, as the Japanese are advancing upon them.

Erich Albrecht, the commander of this force, is a new officer in the NUGP. As so, his leadership has come to be... questionable. Still, with no war happening since the Great War, along with the development of new technology, there are few leaders who are very knowledgeable in these new forms of war. In the northern front, the NUGP are occupying the nearby German states in the name of unification. Not a bullet has dropped in these territories.

The Anglican Empire nearby has taken the cities of Prebitz and Gera, cutting German forces from the road to Trier and Pskov. Their position is one of neutrality. If the war with Hiroshima was not ongoing, there would likely be an offensive into their poorly guarded oversea territory. That might happen anyways, as the President does not want the Anglicans occupying rightful German land.

Elsewhere on the map, nations are going to war. Most are wars that will require a naval invasion, but one other war has been declared, between the neighboring Arab Kaliphate and Independent Philadelphia. Not much information is known about this war. Normally, advisers would be sent to each nation, but with the ongoing war in Hiroshima, none have been dispatched.

Anyways 2/3 factories are completed in the economic mobilization plan for war with Hiroshima. That means 16 armored cars per turn.

Pics of the front in the next post.

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RE: First AAR - 12/30/2016 8:59:16 AM   


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For some reason imgur doesn't want to link the picture, so I'll link the post.

My second and third Armored Car Divisions are in the center of the picture. A brief maneuver lead to my cars defeating those two armored cars I mentioned earlier.

That force in the mountain took me by surprise. I didn't think he could move that far in rough terrain. I assumed he was out of supply like most of the elements I have been facing. The armored car unit up in the north cut my troops off, so I cut him off in return.

Anyways, totally expecting a massive amount of reinforcements to come off of the border with Burgundy in the south.

Also note, I have artillery, but not very much. I plan to have two types of artillery, horse artillery, and motorized artillery. The horse artillery will follow along troops moving through forests and other terrain that trucks cannot go through. Motorized artillery will supplement the armored cars and other motorized forces. That is the plan, we'll see how it goes.

Also you'll note that in the east, there are some divisions of infantry, but I'm ignoring those and assuming they are out of supply.

Onto division layout

My Armored Car Divisions are 10 AC with 30 rifles each. I might add 5 mortars latter.

My Motorized Infantry Divisions are 40 rifles, 20 smgs (for urban combat), 5 trucks, 5 mortars, 5 machine guns, and because I can fit them in, 3 infantry guns.

Train Infantry are Motorized infantry with trains instead of trucks. They are lighter and lose the infantry guns and 10 rifles.

Infantry is standard 40 rifles, 5 mgs, 5 mortars. For the SMG variant, just make rifles into smgs.

And that is my army comp. NOTE* I don't produce or own any infantry guns yet.

OOB of the southern front Aug 1st 1938

5 SMG Divisions

2 AC Divisions

5 Infantry Divisions including 2 undermanned

2 Motorized Infantry Divisions 1 undermanned

1 Horse Artillery Division

1 Engineer Division

And that makes up my army against the Imperial Hiroshima.

Up north, there are two more AC units which have been used mostly for taking cities quickly. I had some train units, but I figured AC would work just as well as I had spares on hand.

Oh yeah, the reason for all the SMGs is because I thought I would be doing a defensive war, and my land has lots of forests. I was preparing for a limited defensive war before I attacked.

EDIT: I forgot to say what difficulty the AI was set at, which is Normal.

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RE: First AAR - 12/30/2016 9:45:27 AM   


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Well, next turn in, and it is becoming VERY apparent that I am lacking infantry. As coinciding with the opening of the the third industrial factory, I shall turn my attention to mass conscription.

State of the front October 1st 1938.

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RE: First AAR - 12/30/2016 11:17:11 AM   


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So it seems Imperial Hiroshima is going for soviet tactics. Infantry Gun III, and both arty and heavy arty II. Interesting, but it fails to compete with armored car spam. :P

Also important is the limited deployment of anti-tank guns. We'll see how my armored cars fare against them. I might have to invest in more artillery. We'll see.

Edit: Fare vs Fair.

Just a note, the turn times are actually pretty reasonable at this stage. I'm thinking that as more nations go to war, it will take longer.

Another point, the AIs haven't been going to war very much. The war that has been happening in the uncivilized west seems to have ground down into a stalemate. Well, I like me some stalemate. I don't have any on the ground intel on either side, but I'm pretty sure there is fighting around Fuwwah. The Arabs are trying to take their land back from the Anglican interlopers. Seems all the English do in this world is take other people's land and sit on it.

Adding in the Strategic Map for December 1938. Nothing really drastic has changed.

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RE: First AAR - 12/31/2016 2:07:23 AM   


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Still don't know why the pictures aren't working. I have to post them as links. I might have to change my image hosting site.

March 1939. So far the Japanese are falling. The weather has turned for the better, and we've captured several new towns. This should cut down the Japanese army's size.

I do believe that the New Union of German People should be able to rapidly adjust tactics in case of a pronounced troop inferiority when the Burgundian border is met.

My worry is that I'll roll up to them with my Armored Car Divisions, and the floodgates will open with tons of artillery, tanks, and planes take on my troops, and that I'll get pushed back soundly. That is to come latter, but still important to note.

Oh yeah, because of a surplus in infantry guns, I gave my infantry divisions some. Obviously they are towed. I'd get AT guns, but I'm on the offensive and fighting at an advantage.

Due to a lack of horses, some of my infantry divisions have trucks to tow with instead.

But yeah, I found that the trucks actually hindered movement, so they will be replaced by horses. I really don't know why I used trucks instead of horses.

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RE: First AAR - 12/8/2017 3:30:37 AM   


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I enjoyed these, thank you! I really liked the flavor you added.

For some reason it won't let me quote.

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RE: First AAR - 12/8/2017 3:25:10 PM   

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Enjoying the AAR reading them now... for me, I just screen shot the picture, then adjust the file size. I'm sure you are doing all that. So when you figure out why it won't upload let us know, so we can learn from your wisdom and avoid the pitfall.

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