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Pounding head against Wall

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Pounding head against Wall - 12/9/2016 2:51:48 PM   


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OK. Pretty frustrated. Playing as Axis for the 1939 scenario. Do fine (kill Poland usually in 2 turns, sometimes 3 with bad dice) and have learned to beat France in 4-5 turns. I usually take the Vichy option but that doesn't seem to matter.

These problems below occur EVEN with everything set on Green (easy I think)

A) I have no idea how people are actually grabbing Egypt. I usually get an extra German Army and an extra panzer before the A. Korp shows and reinforce with an Italain Corp or Army. But I can't overcome the AI who will put several tac bombers there as well as up to 3 British Armies. I haven't tried Sealion but given the state of the British Navy that seems foolishly difficult. Guess I could try. I can make some progress but can never break through against the far superior British Supply situation in the Middle east.

B) Russia. Usually will launch first good weather turn in 41. Can make progress. If I send all the panzers to the South I can usually get to Kursk. If I go north about 50/50 of getting Leningrad by Winter. But THen winter strikes, the siberian army is redployed and the Russians show up with tanks and start punching holes in my line. I can make tactical breakthroughs as the game grinds on and tactically retreat to bleed him but I don't have a clue how people are getting to Moscow by 42. The closest I think I have been is 8-9 hexes.

Yes. I do everything supposed to. Invest in HQs, minimize research for German units, avoid overpaying in extreme when I hit unit counts, mixed arm attacks with air and panzers but even on easy the AI beats me because of Russia's size and the Allies Internal lines of communication when it comes to how SC treats supply.

What am I doing wrong???
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RE: Pounding head against Wall - 12/9/2016 3:02:30 PM   


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First off I'd say "minimizing research" is not what's recommended, just minimizing the actual *upgrading" (in favour of buying units) at first UNTIL YOU NEED IT.

About Africa, I usually have additional aircraft there myself. Then I meet them at the Quatara depression, trying to concentrate fire on single units. Every turn, one enemy unit is eliminated until they finally run out of replacements.

About Russia, I'm not sure what you're doing wrong, but it really might have to do with trying to keep up in research and upgrade when you find you're falling behind.

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RE: Pounding head against Wall - 12/9/2016 4:23:35 PM   


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Here's a trick for Africa. Even before Italy enters war reinforce the tank uni and an army to full. Then ship that tank unit, army and get the army in the west all the way to Tobruk. When war breaks out move these units (1 HQ, 1 tank, 2 armies, 2 corps) all the way east to Al Alamein. It is just 3 hexes wide. The Italians should be able to hold this till the AK spawns. Don't forget the Italian fighter unit and remember to take Malta.

The added benefit is I usually catch the UK engineer unit trying to fortify some hex and destroy it easily.

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RE: Pounding head against Wall - 12/9/2016 6:12:22 PM   


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Goodmongo has good advice! Also, the Italians usually can hold until the DAK arrives. Oh, what I do, is make sure to have 3 Italian armies leading the assault; the armies hold up much better than corps.

Another part, if supply is a huge issue (and this is my favorite tactical use of German air), move all the medium and TAC aircraft to Sicily as soon as they aren't needed in France. That should give you 5 bombers, and it will take 4 turns (maybe 5) to fly them down to the boot toe. Operate an HQ there too. Bomb Malta clean, and use an Airborne to take the place when clear. Use the Italian sub to scout the island (make sure to move it away from Malta after you bomb, and keep in silent mode). Yes, it will probably take away the air from U.S.S.R. in the opening offensive, as I move the air through the Balkans to help (especially Greece).

Part Two: (Fire in the East)

Wow, this is nothing but a meat grinder. You should have 7 tank units, and 3 mechanized units to open the offensive. The tanks should be at least Tech 2, and the Mech should be at Inf 2. I break it up with 2 tanks north, 3 center, and 2 south. The 3 Mech have all been going center. The most important thing is to have as many HQs as possible. I usually have 5 or 6 to open the war. Try to kill units when their supply is 4 or lower. Even if you have to wait one extra turn, it is worth it to make Uncle Joe pay full price to bring those units back to life.

This is Terif advice: Use forced march to move them Germans west, then east as much as possible, and Operate as little as possible. That will add up to quite a few units in a short amount of time.

Terif btw, is one of the firstest and bestest SC players, evah! Terif, if you are still around /bow. You are missed! He had a page of advice, and it was for the first version, but it still applies. Can't find it, but it might be out there somewhere.

Long term advice: buy one piece of tech every turn until you hit cap. Mixing it up between tech and units is so important. Of course, there are some times to change it, but if you follow this idea, this mix will keep you competitive in most games. I like to save up extra MPPs from September 1941 through the end of the year. Reason being to help recover from the Severe Winter in Russia, and to get the 3 Heavy tanks as soon as possible. So, having an extra thousand MPP sitting there in October is very useful.

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RE: Pounding head against Wall - 12/9/2016 7:37:58 PM   


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Africa is a wall as the UK can build improbably high amounts of units to just get chewed up. Plus, I think the entire RAF is outside Cairo most games.

Russia is hard to get used to. The scale is so big you can't afford to spread too thin and you have to focus only on killing units. Beating up 3 units is not nearly as good as killing one. To win you have to focus on your killing weapons - tanks, mechanized and tactical bombers. Everything else is just there to get in the way. I attack the following way:
1. Artillery to break down entrenchments if I have it
2. Corps are tossed at foes to rip down entrenchment levels not to kill.
3. If it is weak enough armies can finish it.
4. Otherwise, tactical bombers cripple it
5. Then tanks and mechanized finish the job

(in reply to Hartmann)
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RE: Pounding head against Wall - 12/10/2016 2:29:40 PM   


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Do not use any corps there: it is typically a place where low-level units are bad, because you don't have alot of place, so you want very strong troops.

Spend every Italian MPP on creating an decent force for Africa: transport the starting armies and HQ there (no corpses), repair your fighter & tank and sent it there, buy extra armies and sent them there: you'll be able to take Cairo just fine.

Russia is pure experience... focus on killing units, one at a time. Always keep EVERY unit under HQ control. Research Command and Logistics, so you can have more HQs & commanded troops: it's better to have less & stronger units (armies, tanks, mechanised, artillery & bombers) under HQ command than a bunch of corpses not only HQ command. HQ is very, very important.
But, yes, it is hard, experience is important in Russia, it takes a while to get the hang of it!

Aside from that, it's difficult to find the right balance for tech, but a rule-of-thumb would be to buy at least one tech chit every turn. At least. It my be tempting not todo it and focus on units-only, but you will get slaughtered in 1942 by Russia if you don't have decent troops.

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RE: Pounding head against Wall - 12/10/2016 2:40:16 PM   


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Aside from that, it's difficult to find the right balance for tech, but a rule-of-thumb would be to buy at least one tech chit every turn. At least.

That is my rule of thumb too: Always research one tech per turn if possible. There will come a point where more is easily possible, but one has to develop a "feel" for that.

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RE: Pounding head against Wall - 12/22/2016 11:02:04 PM   


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OK. Thanks all this was helpful. I can now reliably take the Middle East and get to the gates of Moscow. So that is "progress". Still can't get over the hump so some questions.

A) Could someone explain how to "chain" HQs on the Eastern Front (even say city names if helpful) to maximize your supply chain? I find that 1942 is sorta the tipping point - which makes sense - the Russians stiffen and supply into the areas to reinforce my flanks is the biggest issue. Want to see if the "supply chain" helps.

B) As I understand it, you can degrade the supply coming to a unit "turtling up" in a city by placing 2 units (I would assume corps are great for this) adjacent to the city even if it has an intact rail line connecting it to the Rear? I have focused on cutting rail lines but that doesn't seem to be the right thing to do - instead just keep destroying russian units, and getting 2 units next to cities ASAP (So for example, place two units next to Riga and then simply keep moving toward Lenigrad as fast as possible). Is that right?

(in reply to Hartmann)
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