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New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available!

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New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available! - 6/13/2016 3:48:06 PM   
Andrew Loveridge

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Joined: 7/20/2009
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Hello Everyone,

We have a new update ready for Public Beta. If you have registered your copy of War in the West, you can download the latest beta update from our Members Club.

This updates the base War in the West and the Operation Torch expansion.

Change History:

V1.01.37 – 25 May 2016

    New Features and Rule Changes

      1. Added a new Living Manual that contains New Features and Rule Changes since the initial release of the game.

      2. Added Optional City VP item to the Options screen. This impacts campaign games if toggled on. When on, the victory screen lists that the Allies start with -1200 city victory points due to this option. However, they can earn up to 1600 city victory points in total if they occupy the cities listed in the victory screen. When the cities are captured by the Allies, the points for the city are added to the total Optional City VP total, and this amount is also reflected in the Campaign column of the City Points. For example, at the start of the 1945 campaign, Paris (worth 400 points) and Antwerp (worth 200 points) are occupied by the Allies. Thus, the Optional City Points is equal to -600 (-1200+400+200), and this amount is reflected in the City Points Campaign score. The intention of this rule is to provide additional rewards for the Axis player to accept casualties and advance into Germany. While we recommend this game option for all games, we strongly suggest that this game option be turned on when not playing with the East Front Option. This prevents the Allies from accepting a Soviet takeover of Germany, while striving to maximize bombing points and minimize casualties. This was not politically acceptable to the Allies.

      3. Display Change - Adjusted unit names on counters. Removed suffixes - st,nd,rd.

      4. Display Change - Unit name is shown on counter of enemy units with detection 5 or greater.

      5. Display Change – Added new elements to the battle report to provide more information regarding fort destruction.

        a) Added combat intensity (CI) value (when relevant) to the battle report (small infantry symbol with number). If CI is over 15 and engineer value is >0 or if over 30, then it is relevant (per clarified fort level reduction rules below).

        b) Added artillery fort reduction value to the battle report (small artillery symbol with number). This indicates the number of fort points reduced due to artillery fire (each point is 2% of a fort level).

        c) Engineer value in battle report is the number of fort points destroyed by engineers (combined pre and post-odds destruction per clarified rules).

      6. Improved map current hex cursor (should be better aligned with hex).

      7. Formula Adjustment - Slightly reduced night air combat intensity.

      8. East Front Option - We are now dealing with German air groups when using the East Front option the same way we deal with ground units. Added code to remove the duplicate air groups at game start when the EF option is selected, and disabled withdrawals (leaving withdrawal choices to the players as it is for ground units). This should remove some duplicate German air units in games using the EF option.

      9. East Front Option - Made tweaks to East Front combat, offsetting the impact of other changes, to improve East Front balance.

      10. Restricted OB upgrade if it is pointing to an invalid slot (ob type <1).

      11. Editor - Added ability to mark/unmark units.

      12. Manual correction/clarification (section – Forts can be reduced during combat in these ways:

        a) From artillery fire during fire combat, with heavy artillery weapons causing the greatest reduction. These reductions are generally small fractional reductions.

        b) If the attack was not halted, the full engineer value is applied prior to the odds calculation and may reduce the fort levels.

        c) Once the final combat odds and intensity level of the combat is calculated (defined by the unit size of the attacking force where a division equals 9 points), forts may be destroyed if;

          i. Odds are >= 1.5 or combat intensity is > 30 - automatic 50 point fort reduction (one full fort level reduction) and possibility of additional fort reduction based on the engineer value similar to part b) above but with the AE value divided by 2.

          ii. Odds are >=1 and <1.5 or combat intensity is higher than 15 - 1/4 of engineer value attempts to reduce forts as in b) above.

        d) Minesweeper and MSW Tanks count as two engineer squads for purposes of determining the engineering value.

        e) This sentence in the original manual is void: In addition, if the attacking force is unable to force a retreat on the defender, but has a combat value ratio between 1:1 and 1:1.99, there is a chance that the defending fort level will be reduced up to one additional level, with fractional reductions once again possible.

    Bug Fixes

      1. Fixed a memory leak (that could eventually cause the game to crash).

      2. Fixes for the game load/save routine.

      3. Fixed late war (1944) night fighter detection issue in the late war.

      4. Fixed some text in logistics report where values reported in tons were not being divided by 4 (internal values are in 1/4 tons, so they need to be divided by 4).

      5. Fixed bug where Support units in rail HQs were not getting supplies.

      6. Some units that should not have been buildable (very high build limit) were being built. Fixed.

      7. Vehicles lost in the supply phase due to enemy air interdiction were sometimes getting listed as lost without the vehicles actually being removed from the depot or pool as they should have been. Fixed.

      8. Fixed map flicker in WITW after unit movement.

      9. Rail path cache is now reset whenever rail usage in the hex is going up to the next “cost” level. The impact of this is that when rail capacity usage has altered the cost of continued use of a rail hex, the system will update and future rail paths will account for the added costs properly. This wasn’t always happening as often as it should have.

      10. Fixed crash bug when browsing map near eastern border.

      11. Fixed land combat bug that in theory might cause unintentional friendly fire (in practice we don’t think this bug impacted WitW).

      12. Fixed possible CTD when swapping the planes during logistics.

      13. Commanding HQ is not selected when very weak unit is taking part in the battle. Fixed.

      14. Assault engineer value is not displayed in case of halted attack. Fixed.

      15. Fixed issue when game options could be cleared by server game.

      16. VP are not cleared when loading new scenario. Fixed.

      17. Fixed option screen display in MP(Server) game.

      18. Adjusted code to fix image scaling.

      19. Fixed blinking text appearance (faster map draw).

      20. Added fix for the potential player's access to enemy units.

    Data and Scenario Changes

      1. Updates to all scenario files. All files were scrubbed to fix issues with units that were incorrectly listed as temp motorized or motorized when they should have been non-motorized. The net is that in most scenarios the vehicle needs of units have dropped, but so have the number of vehicles in units.

      2. Made corrections to the Build Limit of WitW artillery weapons that should be set to a build limit of 9999 (so they aren’t produced).

      3. P-47D-5 and P47D-15 150 Drop Tank weapon set now available 2/1944.

1.01.31 Public Beta Change Log -


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RE: New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available! - 6/13/2016 5:19:25 PM   

Posts: 243
Joined: 9/9/2007
From: Italy - Sicily
Status: offline
Really interesting update


(in reply to Andrew Loveridge)
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RE: New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available! - 6/14/2016 6:42:11 AM   

Posts: 95
Joined: 7/11/2015
From: New York, New York
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Wow! Thank you :D The changes sound cool.
Any chance of save compatibility?

(in reply to Andrew Loveridge)
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RE: New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available! - 6/14/2016 7:06:44 AM   

Posts: 15504
Joined: 8/27/2004
Status: online

Any chance of save compatibility?

There was no save format change. All saves from previous versions should be valid.


Pavel Zagzin
WITE/WITW/WITE-2 Development

(in reply to jacktimes2)
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RE: New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available! - 6/14/2016 2:32:54 PM   
Erik Rutins


Posts: 33964
Joined: 3/28/2000
From: Vermont, USA
Status: offline
Hi everyone, this should fix the game menu issue some folks were having. Please let us know if it works for you!


Erik Rutins
Director of Product Development

For official support, please use our Help Desk:

Freedom is not Free.

(in reply to Helpless)
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RE: New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available! - 6/19/2016 8:02:31 PM   


Posts: 4
Joined: 6/9/2016
Status: offline
I was one of the people who had an issue with the game menu. After downloading the file and trying to unzip, I receive a message with the file destination saying it is a corrupt archive. Hopefully someone else has some feedback whether this is just me.

(in reply to Erik Rutins)
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RE: New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available! - 6/19/2016 8:05:49 PM   

Posts: 22005
Joined: 10/4/2012
Status: online
delete and please try again, seems it was just a bad download, i've done it and it's fine, but it doesn't always work on all browsers first time either i'm sorry to say, some are much better with downloads than others for the size etc and resumes if and when needed...

(in reply to ToddJohn)
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RE: New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available! - 6/20/2016 12:08:32 AM   


Posts: 4
Joined: 6/9/2016
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Finally no more error after opening the quick start for the game! Thanks guys

(in reply to zakblood)
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RE: New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available! - 6/20/2016 7:12:27 AM   

Posts: 22005
Joined: 10/4/2012
Status: online
glad to hear it, anyone else?

< Message edited by zakblood -- 7/12/2016 7:54:32 AM >

(in reply to ToddJohn)
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RE: New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available! - 7/11/2016 7:24:29 PM   

Posts: 11426
Joined: 9/8/2006
From: Poland
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WitW auto-update tool insists is newer than and proceeds to download.

(in reply to zakblood)
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RE: New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available! - 7/11/2016 11:56:09 PM   
Joel Billings

Posts: 27289
Joined: 9/20/2000
From: Santa Rosa, CA
Status: offline
Is that new behavior for how an auto updater treats public beta versions?


All understanding comes after the fact.
-- Soren Kierkegaard

(in reply to morvael)
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RE: New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available! - 7/12/2016 7:43:24 AM   


Posts: 6527
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From: Germany, Hannover (region)
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Pobably not new, I assume it reads the version string from registry and if that doesn't match the latest official version it downloads and installs the latest official version.
Room for improvements.

(in reply to Joel Billings)
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RE: New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available! - 7/12/2016 7:52:56 AM   

Posts: 11426
Joined: 9/8/2006
From: Poland
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Probably not new, I rarely use autoupdater.

Yes, the check should be aware in which direction version numbers increase.

(in reply to Denniss)
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RE: New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available! - 7/12/2016 7:53:02 AM   

Posts: 22005
Joined: 10/4/2012
Status: online
it's always been the same, auto updates doesn't count beta releases so will always do the latest official update, and over write beta's, it's how it works and always has been.

(in reply to Denniss)
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RE: New 1.01.37 Public Beta Now Available! - 7/21/2016 11:08:03 PM   

Posts: 116
Joined: 12/29/2006
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Matrix is the best. No one else, that I'm aware of, provides the level of support and number/type of updates as they do. I've been a customer for a long time now and continue to be impressed by this company.

Thanks much,


Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.
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(in reply to zakblood)
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