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RE: first impressions

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RE: first impressions - 3/19/2016 12:46:16 AM   


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i started playing wargames at 15 years and are over the 40's years now, this is one of the best napoleonic games i played and is my favorite (also us. civil war too).

played in easy my first game to learn the mistakes i can make, won so i can go to other scenarios or try harder difficulty, the game really gives the napoleonic flavour without killing playability,

i just love it, possibly purchasing this month the hannibal game, to support the developers and looking forward for that game of "the fall of rome",

have best regards and, Please keep making games like this.

Edit... some can disagree but is my oppinion, i played crown of glory emperor edition, empires in arms and wars of napoleon, for me, this is exactly the best game from all them, no offense, is just my oppinion. best.

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There is no plan of battle that survives the contact with the enemy.

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RE: first impressions - 3/19/2016 12:05:17 PM   


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The game looks cool BUT is it possible to play any other country?

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RE: first impressions - 3/19/2016 1:44:37 PM   


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I really wish you could make the animations shorter. It gets reeeeealy tedious.

May I ask which animations in particular are too long? Moving routed and eliminated units? The attack/firing sequences? The AI movement on the strategy map?

All three of these and also the things like the short animation when opening dialogs.

But I get in general very impatient with these small delays in any kind of software, and with turn-based strategy games in general play on the fastest animation speed settings. So I am propably not in the majority with that complaint

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RE: first impressions - 3/19/2016 2:47:57 PM   

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Congratulations on a really intriguing game. On first playthrough in 1806. Serious problems in the low countries from Wellington until Soult just managed to beat him and even killed him in the pursuit :-)

Austrians and Russians also just beaten by Napoleon in Tyrol and then, after a punishing Winter advance on Vienna another nail biter has knocked Austria out of the war. Meanwhile the British fleet has decimated that of the French in the Med.

Now to decide whether I send Napoleon south or North........

Highly recommended.


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RE: first impressions - 3/19/2016 6:30:36 PM   


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PScipio -

We designed the game from the get-go for the player to be Napoleon.
This means that you can only play as France against Great Britain and whatever allies she can entice into the war.
The benefit of this is that it allowed us to balance the game well: It is challenging and almost always a pushing the player.
It also allowed us to create a very strong AI. I think that you will find that even at medium difficulty (General), that it will give you fits.
At Marshal, it should be a nail-biter (without any cheating by the AI).

As for re-playability, we included 6 campaigns that are each quite unique and offer different challenges.
Combining this with the fact that every time you play the same campaign, it plays very differently due to how the Event Cards impact the flow of play, the main game offers over 100 hours of play (or more).
I have played the game dozens of times in play-testing, over the last year, and I'm still on the edge of my seat every time I play and finding fun new outcomes of alternate history.

All that said, we are still planning on creating a DLC that will expand the game to allow the player to play as Britain and her allies (and creating a very strong French AI of course)!
The DLC will also add lots of new content such as a greatly expanded naval game and other surprises.

I think that owners will find that there is a ton of value in this game and many, many hours of fun over the years.

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RE: first impressions - 3/19/2016 7:30:27 PM   


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I do not think it would be desirable or valuable to pursue any effort to make the game playable from any other country's point of view. It is fine now as a Napoleon game only. I would prefer that the developers take the basic system that they have and treat some other subjects that will benefit from this game's mechanics. I'd like to see a game like CIVIL WAR II done with this V&G:N system.

Also, as has already been mentioned, the use of this system in a remake of the Hannibal and other Ancient campaigns would be desirable as well.

My vote is for a Civil War game with the combat system and the Event Cards system. Simply put, if they could reproduce CIVIL WAR II with the combat system I'd buy it at once.

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RE: first impressions - 3/19/2016 7:38:30 PM   


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I agree. Great game, same system applied to Civil War would ensure wider player community and support for developers.

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RE: first impressions - 3/20/2016 1:10:05 PM   


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I played my first game yesterday, after watching all the tutorial videos.

1805 Campaign, just like the real Napoleon, I force march my big 20 Army from Boulogne to Austria (I took with me an extra troop to reach the 20 max figure).
Bad idea to force march straight into the Alps, I had to take a longer route as Tyrol is not reachable from Switzerland.

While I'm trekking in Europe, England attacks one of my fleet cruising in the Med (I did not know I had one there). I sink one of their ship while they only sink 3 of mine and capture a fourth. Hurrah !

I play 2 political cards giving me the ownership of 2 German regions. England discuss with the Prussian and they declare war to me!
Napoleon reaches the main Austrian army concentration and just like the tutorial shows, we attack !!
But contrary to the tutorial, my victory is not that decisive. I lose 7 troops while they lose only 2. Most of theirs fled the battlefield routed to see another day while mine got eliminated outright. Lannes is killed (how do you see the names of the generals before they get killed ??), the French Guards did not fare well. After the battle, the losing Austrian get 2 promotions while I get nothing but at least it's a victory.

Also contrary to the tutorial, the other Austrian armies in the same area attack me just after that first "victory". That was not part of the plan !

It will be difficult to win, I can not even field a full line (3 x 4 units), I have only eleven, including my 2 guards units and I wanted to keep one in reserve. A message warns me against leaving troops in reserve while my line is not fully manned. OK, so no reserve ! Another message warns me that Napoleon could be killed if no guard unit is kept in reserve... What to do ? Napoleon doesn't need body guards I believe, he needs fighters, so no reserve.

The second battle begins, but it seems we are a bit more successful than during the first one the day before. Once again, the guard performance is appalling: they charge a lousy 1 quality disordered infantry (guard quality is 4) and are repulsed and disordered themselves... hopefully, our cavalry charges and artillery work better and I see the tide turning in my favour. When suddenly a message pops up: Napoleon was killed by a stray shot!!!

The game is over, the allies won a smashing victory, I did not even last the whole year 1805...

I'm ready to start again but I wonder if luck doesn't play a too big role.
Little things I'd like:
-when selecting an army, highlight the areas to which it could go
-make different strategic symbols for armies with or without generals
-make the general symbols REALLY different from the troops (I thought they were cavalry units!). Why not portraits ?
-tell me how to know which general is which

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RE: first impressions - 3/20/2016 6:19:00 PM   


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There can be some luck involved, but using strong tactics will almost always make the difference. Napoleon gives you a big advantage with his Command Rating vs. the much lower Austrian generals, but HOW you manage the battle has a huge impact. There is a hints section at the end of the manual.
Here are few critical hints:
* Attack and Defense is not only dependent on the quality rating of the unit attacking and defending. The other supporting units with them have a big impact on the outcome. Make sure that your attacking unit has 2 or 3 other units in the battle area with them, and that there are all three types in that battle area to gain the best 'combined arms' bonus.
* Leaving artillery behind to bombard from a distance keeps them safe, but means that the combined arms bonus is less for attacking infantry and artillery ahead of them. I like to push at least one artillery unit forward to give support to my attacking units.
* attack and destroy the enemy unit type that they have the least of and that they cannot replace from the reserve (usually artillery) in order to break up their combined arms and support bonuses.
* force their infantry into square with cavalry attacks first (this gives those infantry a big penalty when they try to attack), and then attack the squared infantry with infantry and artillery.
* Throwing the guard forward in the initial attack when the enemy is fresh can lead to losing them. Napoleon only used them when the enemy had committed all of their reserves and the remaining enemy forces were tired and disrupted. Then the fresh '4' rated infantry should have a big impact and not run the risk of being lost.
* Strategically, I like to always have a second (reserve) army in the region next to a battle. This way, if you take losses in a victory and the enemy counter-attacks the next turn, you can play the 'Corps d' Armee' card and bring reinforcements into the battle.

There can certainly be bad luck from time to time, but good tactics will minimize this.

Good Luck!

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RE: first impressions - 3/20/2016 6:51:45 PM   


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I've been using lots of artillery, though never more than two in each line at start.

Works really well if you have the Napoleon card.

Shoot at the enemy cavalry and artillery till they run or die, then send in the rest.

Managed to get some infantry rated higher than the Guard.

Still, the battles can be real nail biters


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RE: first impressions - 3/20/2016 11:02:51 PM   

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I do not think it would be desirable or valuable to pursue any effort to make the game playable from any other country's point of view. It is fine now as a Napoleon game only.

I'm hoping for a Great Britain DLC myslef. I'd gladly pay to be able to play as the Allies.

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