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40K Beginning Years of Distant Worlds

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40K Beginning Years of Distant Worlds - 6/15/2015 10:16:29 PM   

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The idea of this mod is to fit it into Distant Worlds, and stay close to lore as possible. I have an initial list of races here. I will attempt to make them as unique as possible. Some of them little is known.

This is a brief description and an idea to make each race different. The only issues is pictures of each race.

Humans- Ferisian wolf- fight alongside space wolves
Slann- servants of the old ones-minor race
Jokaero- orange furred great apes
Ratling- small ape like creatures
Ogryn-huge brutes human like in appearance
Squats- metal dwarves
Old Ones-cold blooded fat repilians
Dark eldar
Tau- frontline men are kroots, Nicassar-phykers allied with tau, Vespid- tau allies who can fly insectoid in nature
C’tan- minor race swirling gas robots
Orks- Gretchin- meat shields of the orks
Necrons- myserious green robots
Tyranids- Zoat-tyranid diplomats
Enslavers- jelly fish like, psychic abilities from other realm
Hrud- can use aging like a plague, live underground
Watchers in the dark- humanoid with strong psychic shield, so ships have stronger shields than anyone else
[bTarellians]- minor race working as mercenaries mostly
Rak’gol- eight limbed giants,twisted, and enjoy slaughtering the weak
Megarachnids- home planet of murder, giant spiders
Diasporex- nomad’s who lived on ship’s and stations in space- so logically are pirates
Laer- prize perfection, worshipped chaos lord, reptilian
Cabal- dedicated to destroying chaos, mixed of human and xenos races
Galgs- frog like mercanaries- therefore pirate race
Umbra- shadow like and hate everyone
Sslyth- are a sentient race of reptilian creatures with a snake-like lower body and vaguely humanoid torso, though they sport multiple arms and a head more serpentine than human- bodyguards- therefore another pirate race
Ur-ghul- hard iron like skin, so will have stronger armor than anyone on ships and troops.
Grox- survive in any environment, and can eat anything.
Medusae- parasite race, feed on daydreams and nightmares, look like a collection of brains and spinal cords.
Killian’s bane- worm or snake like, ten feet tall, with very hard exterior
Catachan devil- scorpion like and very large in size, so have population growth issues, but are very fast, so have faster ships than most others.
Lacrymole- shapeshifter, assassins, so have great spies.
Gykon-very intelligent, so have bonus to research
Olanic quietude- iceworlds are there preference, cybernetic humans
Stryxis- are a truly hideous xenoform to look upon beneath swathes of ragged, bone-coloured cloth and trinkets, described variously by human onlookers as a gangling and multi-eyed creature that resembles a human-sized, skinned, dog embryo. Yet they communicate easily with willing humans through a common language of greed, curiosity, and self-interest. Scavengers and obsessive hoarders, they possess a wealth of technology stolen and bartered from countless races- pirates
Yu’vath- were an ancient and corrupted alien-empire that inhabited the Calyx Expanse two standard millennia ago, during the Angevin Crusade. These evil xenos were no more than twisted servants of the Warp who built an empire on a foundation of dark sorcery, soul-slavery and daemon worship- slave like race.
Barghesi- very aggressive and violent and intelligent.
Loxatl- are a loathsome species of particularly vile and inhuman intelligent xenos that resemble slimy-skinned quadrupedal reptiles, somewhat larger than a human male, that run close to the ground on four crooked limbs ending in wickedly hooked claws, aquatic repitilian.
Vampire- polymorphic parasites who prey on other races, infiltration is their specialty so are going to have excellent spies.
Mitu conglomerate- was one of the countless xenos empires that rose to power and preyed upon human worlds during the Age of Strife. Powerful and possessing devastating weapons and technologies, the Mitu Conglomerate comprised scores of worlds and held dominion over several vassal systems, both human and alien.
Cryptos- The strange and sinister xenos race known to the Inquisition as the Cryptos comes from the cold darkness of the interstellar void where it can scarcely be conceived that anything could live. Without solid physical form, they appear as strange gaseous clouds tinted with an eerie greenish glow and filled with maddening, half-formed shapes. They are able to pass through solid matter and even through the hulls of star vessels, and far more dangerously, they have the power to take living human bodies as hosts in order to fulfil their inscrutable aims. They are a cold and mysterious race whose desires and thoughts remain hidden from others and possess an implacable and patient intelligence
Khymera- born from nightmares, can vanish, also should have excellent spies.
Razorwing- avain species are excellent at scouting
Grynix- large catlike, ships will have high hitpoints for ships.
Mukaali- desert raiders, home desert planet, tall and long necked
Carnodon- A Carnodon is able to resist the cuts of blades or even more advanced weaponry due to its thick hide, is a large species of mammalian felinoid native to the world of Gudrun within the Helican Sub-sector that is very similar to the ancient prehistoric sabretooth tiger of Terra's Pleistocene epoch.
Keylekid- reptilian and built powerfully.
Phyrr cat- stealthy feline creature, perhaps a stealthy ship.
Cell-kin- The Cell-Kin's method of attack and reproduction was to invade a host's body and implant a part of itself which would slowly turn the host into another Cell-Kin
Saruthi- grotesque mutation, rely on warp gates, so are likely have slow ships, but powerful weapons.
Psychneuein – wasp like insectoids
Overseers- sentient machines essentially created by the humans.

If anyone can help with ship pics, troop pics, or spy or leader pics it would much appreciated. Here is a few I have. But it will not let me post them. I have attached some pics of ships are these suitable or perhaps not?
Also are there any ship abilities that can do damage over time?

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RE: 40K Beginning Years of Distant Worlds - 6/18/2015 5:15:29 PM   

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As an update I will tell you the Tau are finished....the research tree being overhauled is a work in progress...but I have most of my images for all 47 races just need to implement them....time is something that is working against me...when I am able to I will link some pictures here....whoever has anything at all to contribute to the mod I will be more than happy to accept any contribution.

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RE: 40K Beginning Years of Distant Worlds - 6/24/2015 5:46:05 PM   

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Just some images to get a taste of what I am working on.

Ingame screenies coming soon.

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RE: 40K Beginning Years of Distant Worlds - 6/25/2015 3:56:24 PM   

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sweet ship models.

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RE: 40K Beginning Years of Distant Worlds - 6/28/2015 1:43:32 AM   

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Nice work.

Somehow I can see the Shakturi reworked as a Chaos Incursion. lol. A couple Super Laser ships makes declaring Exterminatus easy...

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RE: 40K Beginning Years of Distant Worlds - 7/3/2015 5:33:35 PM   

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That is exactly where I am going with the chaos they are going to skin right over the shakturi...with a few changes...

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