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2.00 and 2.01 Changelog

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2.00 and 2.01 Changelog - 2/21/2014 8:50:54 AM   


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Hi guys,

Here you can find the full changelog for 2.0.


V2.00 – Feb 12, 2014

Bug Fixes
o Fixed a legacy bug involving BunkerMorale (bunkers were mistakenly using TrenchMorale), and revised downward BunkerMorale from +4 to +3.
o Restored High Details to the Options menu.
o Fixed edmap & edit toolbars.
o Fixed an inherited edorg date bug.
o Fixed an inherited Battle Generator bug.
o Fixed inherited, legacy start & stop date bugs.
o Fixed the edmap horizontal banding and saw-tooth screen edge legacy bugs.
o If PBEM Replay is skipped, fixed bug where animation speed was set to slowest setting.
o Fixed an inherited frontend bug where, for the CS, earlier year pre-war GetDateValue() conversions were missing.
o Fixed an inherited bug where, for supply modifiers, dates outside a certain range might corrupt other game data, or worse perhaps even crash the game.
o Fixed the bug where edit failed to save A/I (aggressiveness) values.
o Fixed the Night Visible Hexes bug.
o Fixed the frontend Turns 0 bug.
o Fixed the phantom details button bug in the Damage Results dialog.
o Fixed several problems involving gliders.
o Fixed the edmap Elevation Max Height < 12 to 19 bug. For EF, WF & RS.
o Fixed the eforg Allied Bulgaria 'Unknown' nation bug.
o Fixed the edit window title bug.
o Fixed a bug involving potential crashes when selecting/deselecting Background Music or Background Sound.
o Fixed a bug where, for PBEM (and possibly also Hot Seat) play, Dynamic Day/Night & Visibility were inoperative.

o The game engine now runs as a full-fledged, resizable, movable windowed application. Before now, the game engine was a fixed, immobile, full-screen application. (In future, the player will have the option to switch between the two game windowed/non-windowed (full-screen) modes.)
o Hot keys documented in-game in the Menu Bar options, also in the toolbar tooltips.
o Relocated and resequenced several of the Menu Bar options (in engine mainly, but also in edit, edmap & edorg).
o Variable Animation Speeds.
o Changed "slots" and/or "slot" designations for several nations: Australia, New Zealand, Communist Vietnam, Communist China, South Africa, Philippines.
o Merged the Campaign Series & Modern Wars codebases.
o Implemented File>New & File>Open in the game engine .exe.
o Added TEM & Morale modifiers to the unit Info Box display.
o Added new LayManyMines & Commando unit capabilities. (For now, ME & VN only.)
o Moved unit capability (graphical) display from the unit Info Box to (as text) the Unit Handbook.
o Variable highlight colors, available via the Options menu. Includes five new graphics .bmp files: StackHighlights1D.bmp, StackHighlights2D.bmp, BaseHighlights3D.bmp, BaseHighlights4D.bmp, BaseHighlights5D.bmp. Install them in the top-level game folder (alongside the game .exe's).
o New Continuous AI Play mode.
o New game engine toolbar.
o New Units menu options, and toolbar buttons, for: Banzai, Fire Smoke, Fire Starshell.
o New player-selectable A/I options: Aggressiveness, Audacious, Cautious, Shifting.
o New ai.ini AI configuration file.
o New Backup Saves option.
o New Test Trial Play mode.
o New -X NOENCRYPTION command-line option, permitting access to unencrypted data files (e.g., OOB instead of OBX) (for testing and solo play only, not for multiplayer).
o At the frontend Main Menu, selecting Edit Map takes you directly to the edmap EXE, bypassing the frontend Map Editor display (no more direct random map generation).
o The frontend Scenarios selection screen no longer displays Backup Saves versions.
o Reorganized the nation names & sides Msg strings.
o The screen-top main Menu is now fixed, and cannot be toggled off. Removed the Menu icon from the screen-bottom toolbar, and freed up the Ctrl-M hot key for other uses.
o With High Details in effect, the Damage Report dialog box now reports the firing side.
o Removed the Details/Delay toggle from the Damage Report. (One sets this in Options > Highlights.)
o With Extreme FOW in effect, High Details are unavailable.
o Removed several hard-coded numbers in edit, redoing them as macros instead (defined in misc.h).
o Added support for AlliedFinland & AlliedGermany.
o Added game-specific Results & Command dialog boxes.
o New feature: dynamic, designer specified day/night & visibility.
o Restored game-specific Damage Reports & Command Reports.
o For nations ID#s & Msg* strings, fixed many omissions, inconsistencies, and other faults.
o Implemented a flexible, full-featured logging facility, all EXEs (frontend.log, engine.log, edit.log, edmap.log, edorg.log, error.log, ai.log).
o Added a Redraw Display (Alt-D) menu selection (hot key), for fixing any graphics glitches and map display corruption.
o Added Jump Map (J) menu selection (& hot key) to edit & edmap.
o Like engine, edit & edmap now have all available hot keys annotated in the top-level menu, also in the status bar.
o Incorporated Warhorse's new terrain[12]d.bmp files, all regions. These support elevations from 0 to +19.
o Incorporated Warhorse's new Beach[12]d.bmp files. These show beaches in the proper sandy color.
o Coded in support for elevations > 12, also separate beach graphics.
o For all logging, added the option to show in-EXE message pop-ups indicating significant, noteworthy error conditions.
o Implemented a functioning in-game (for engine only) F1 General Help access of the CS Manual PDF file.
o On edorg launch, added a message box warning of data loading/processing delay.
o Redid the implementation of Variable Visibility (optional rule). (Note: Visibility varies only once per turn. The same Visibility applies throughout the turn, both sides, all phases.)
o In the engine, F2 now summons the EBOOK version of the game Manual (with table of contents), no longer the LIGHT version.
o Toned down some needlessly worrisome logging "errors".
o At the Status Bar, clarified use of the Unit Handbook icon.
o Due to a, for now, unfixable bug, retired Hot Seat Replay. Will be fixed and restored in future. (Standard & PBEM Replay remain intact.)
o Changed the WF window border & toolbar color to match the EF color. (Had been matching the tropical RS color.)
o Fine tuned the "duplicate ID" error messages in edorg.log.
o Further refined the error messages in edorg.log, adding file & line number where the error occurs.
o Improved (if not quite fixed) night shading in ZoomIn25 (3-key) map mode. Includes three new files: Gray3d.bmp, Gray4d.bmp, Gray5d.bmp.
o If a unit has no assigned Unit Handbook picture file, attempt to display any graphic defined in its bitmap3d field instead.

You can get the patch here



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RE: 2.0 Changelog - 2/27/2014 1:14:04 PM   

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Finally,. Will download it soon. Whats another few minutes.


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RE: 2.0 Changelog - 2/28/2014 3:40:40 PM   

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Holy crap! I never knew this game was still being worked on. This is so cool. I can't wait to try it out. Thanks a lot for continuing to give a great game a lot of love!



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RE: 2.0 Changelog - 3/16/2014 5:38:08 AM   


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Greetings from Germany

I've been playing this game ever since. And that is for allmost 20 years. What game in the computer age can proclaim that for itself? And it is still one of the best strategic games I know.

Thanks a lot for keeping it up to date!

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RE: 2.0 Changelog - 3/19/2014 3:07:32 PM   


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Hello, does anyone know if the complete CG version on sale now by matrixgames is version 2.0 ? Or is it the old version 1.0 or 1.4 ?


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RE: 2.0 Changelog - 3/19/2014 6:52:24 PM   

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Effectively version 2.00.

You need to install the original base version 1.00, then apply the 2.00 Update over it. As a new purchaser, you would have access to both.

Note: A 2.01 Update patch will also be available soon!


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RE: 2.0 Changelog - 4/30/2014 6:56:41 AM   


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My forever 'goto game' - but calling it a 'game' even seems silly - 'strategic historical military simulation' is more like it. Hats off to Matrix and their dedicated design, development, testing, and everyone else at Matrix that continues to breathe new life into this eternal classic



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RE: 2.0 Changelog - 6/4/2014 6:46:57 PM   

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Here you can find the full change log for MCS 2.01


V2.01 – May 10, 2014


⦁ Implemented Options > Toolbar > None/Classic/Standard/Large.
⦁ Implemented Options > System Colors.
⦁ Implemented Help > Unit Viewer (F3).
⦁ Implemented the -X NoEncryption option implemented in all of: engine, edit, edorg, edmap.
⦁ Added, in ai.ini and elsewhere, three new moddable A/I parameters: AI_smoke_prob, AI_blind_fire_prob, AI_dig_prob.
⦁ Tweaked the highlight/selected colors for greater color contrast.
⦁ The game engine now defaults to window maximized mode on startup.
⦁ Adapted paradrop and airplane animations to the new Variable Animation Speed system. (Also, flight animations are now capped at 80% of the max ground unit animation speed.)
⦁ Applied a minor code tweak for ground unit animations.
⦁ Added more logreturn() calls and better exception handling for missing files.
⦁ Added a new Campaign.pdt and .pdx data file for all engines
⦁ Added a new Main.pdt and .pdx data file for all engines (supply covers now all countries for 1930-1952
⦁ Implemented a moddable timelines.dat, for customizing nation timelines.
⦁ Corrected several nation timelines.
⦁ Improved frontend exception handling and crash prevention.
⦁ Improved and extended frontend error reporting/logging.
⦁ Eliminated many code & data redundancies between the (TS) frontend and the other four (JT) EXEs.
⦁ West Front 2D graphics:
⦁ Most units now will have an unique 2d picture on the game counter when using graphical icons.
⦁ Units were all given a military icon to add more variety to the very limited original mix. The original game had less than 90, now there are 303!
⦁ Enhanced many of the 3D graphics as well.
⦁ Updated all countrys to include common files such as trains, supply depots, etc.
⦁ Updated a lot of the Minor countrys kit, especially Belgium, France, Italy, Albania, Yugoslavia, Norway, and Ethiopia.
⦁ East Front and Rising Sun to follow in Patch 2.1

Bug Fixes

⦁ Fixed the A/I "dithering unit" bug, and implemented A/I > Prohibit A/I Backtracking.
⦁ Fixed the campaign game PlayVictory() crash bug, and various other DCG-related crash bugs.
⦁ Fixed various issues with Campaign.pdt, and recoded the frontend
⦁ Fixed several other frontend bugs.
⦁ Fixed the F2 Unit Handbook unit text bug.
⦁ Fixed the broken frontend scenario list sort-by-date.
⦁ Fixed several broken options settings saves/restores.
⦁ Fixed the broken Options > Opaque Infobox check (selected) display.
⦁ Applied various other minor bug fixes and code improvements.
⦁ Added a correct Icons[3/4/5]d.bmp with Russian bases properly aligned colorwise.
⦁ Added new versions of Icons[1/2]d.bmp files.
⦁ West Front: All stock scenarios and Linked Campaign Games (LCG) that were affected by the Unit ID change in patch 1.03 were modified to use correct units.
⦁ Added missing unit Bitmap and Bit files

A couple of late minute additions were included as well, such as:

- Implemented Help > Manual (F1).

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Visit us at: Campaign Series Legion
CS: Vietnam | CS: East Front 1939-1941 IN-THE-WORKS
CS: Middle East 1948-1985 Fully reimaged v2.0 available now!

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