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Gary Grigsby's War in the East Updated to 1.06.19!

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Gary Grigsby's War in the East Updated to 1.06.19! - 10/30/2012 7:46:15 PM   
Scott Parrino


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Update keeps strategy game in fighting trim!

Matrix Games, Slitherine ( and 2by3 Games ( are proud to release the comprehensive v1.06.19 update for the critically-acclaimed World War II mega-strategy game Gary Grigsby’s War in the East. The update includes a few new features and rule changes, as well as bug fixes and data and scenario changes to keep this beloved and huge wargame running smoothly.

The v1.06.19 features changes such as removing all Italian units from the map by August 1, 1943, along with ending Italian production on that date as it is assumed that all Italian production is focused entirely on the Western Front after that time. Additional bug fixes were made such as off-map cities being destroyed by movement along the edge of the map has been fixed.

To get the update, visit the download page for Gary Grigsby’s War in the East or run “Check for Update” via the game menu. The update is comprehensive and will bring all versions of the game to 1.06.19.

For more information on Gary Grigsby’s War in the East, visit the official product page on the Matrix Games and Slitherine website.

Full Changelog:

New Features and Rule Changes
  • Rule change - All Italian units will be removed from the map by August 1, 1943 and Italian production will cease on August 1, 1943. It is assumed that all Italian production is thereafter focused on the Western Front.
  • Formula change - Changed the amount of Hiwis generated each turn from captured Manpower centers from 10 to 3. This was done to counteract the impact of a bug fix involving Hiwi generation. Also, it should be noted that manpower generation from cities is reduced by the percentage of German production that is being sent to the Western Front.
  • Interface Change – The CV values shown on counters of units that include ski units will now reflect the modified CV value of the ski units, when they are in snow or blizzard hexes.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where Hiwi generation was being inversely impacted by damage to manpower centers (i.e. the more damage to manpower centers, the more Hiwis generated).
  • Fixed a bug where off-map cities could be destroyed by movement along the edge of the map.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI was changing the status of some human controlled from refit to ready.

Data and Scenario Changes
  • OBs 42a Guards Rifle Corps (OB 395) and the 42b Guards Rifle Corps (OB 199) have been expanded to consist of five (5) rather than four (4) Guards rifle brigades. This corresponds to the expansion that was previously done to the regular early war Rifle Corps.

Previous changes:

New Features and Rule Changes
  • New Interface - Added an extra confirmation dialog when setting the support level in the commander’s report screen.
  • Rule Correction (Section 14.1.1) – The minimum MPs for non-motorized units is eight, not six as originally detailed in the manual.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented support units from receiving support help from HQs within range.

Data and Scenario Changes
  • Made changes to the 900th Lehr Brigade in the Road to Smolensk, Road to Moscow, Road to Minsk and Operation Barbarossa scenarios.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the AI was changing formation attachments of some human player controlled armies between Army Groups A and B in 1942.
  • Fixed a discrepancy between the in-game victory screen and the one displayed in the Multiplayer lobby (the Multiplayer lobby was wrong).
  • Fixed a bug where units that were not intended to arrive in a limited map scenario were arriving as reinforcements. Now, any unit set in the editor to arrive on a hex outside the playable map area will not enter the scenario.
  • Fixed a bug where non-isolated empty units could get disbanded (and would created looping disband messages).

Data and Scenario Changes

  • Corrected the build limit of the SdKfz-251/2 Mortar Carrier (64) to agree with the initial factory size.
  • Cleaned up the device file by removing many duplicate weapons.


New Features and Rule Changes

  • Rule Change (Section 18.1.1) – Reinforcements that do not have a specific entry hex set and do not have a valid city/town of their nationality to appear at may appear at a city/town of a different nationality as long as it is friendly controlled and connected to a supply source.
  • Rule Change (Section 20.4.4) – Excess supplies will be sent back to friendly cities instead of to HQs.
  • Rule Change (Section 20.1.1) - In limited map scenarios, rail hexes outside of the limited area can provide supply. This may prevent some units along the map edge from being isolated, and will also allow OKH and other HQs positioned outside the play area to be considered in supply. This should allow arriving reinforcements that are attached to out of play HQ’s to receive supplies on the turn of arrival.
  • Code Optimization - Optimized game memory usage, reducing memory usage by map art.
  • Code Optimization – Optimized HHQ selection code.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where inactive air groups could appear on the air transfer screen.

Data and Scenario Changes

  • OBs 42a Rifle Corps (OB 394) and the 42b Rifle Corps (OB 195) have been expanded to consist of five (5) rather than four (4) rifle brigades. Soviet players can now create these corps by first combining 4 rifle brigades into two rifle divisions then combining those divisions with another rifle brigade to form a corps based primarily on rifle brigade TOEs (although this is not necessary).


    New Features and Rule Changes

    • Rule Change (Section 20.6) – Several changes have been made to the HQ Build up rules as follows:
      • The amount of supplies and fuel delivered to a HQ conducting HQ Buildup is now equal to the total needs of all of the on map units attached to the HQ (supplies/fuel already on hand do not alter this calculation). This replaces the old method of basing supplies/fuel delivered on the AP cost of the buildup. These will then be distributed to bring the units up to 100% of their need with the unused remainder remaining in the HQ.
      • For each 2 tons of supplies or fuel sent to the HQ, 1 vehicle will be damaged and 1 vehicle will be sent to the HQ. The number of vehicles destroyed remains unchanged.

    • Rule Change (Sections 14.1.4 and – Axis Brigade and Regiment sized units must pay the standard 2 additional movement points when entering enemy controlled hexes on 22 June 1941 (in addition to the special +1 cost).
    • Rule Change (Section 17.2.1) - A Soviet player with FOW on will no longer be able to see the garrison percentage in Axis held cities.
    • Rule Change (Section 16.3.6) – Airborne units may only be dropped within 8 hexes of a supplied friendly unit. See the next item for the interface change that has been made for airborne drops.
    • Interface Change (Section – To airdrop a unit, now you must go to air transport mode and then left click on the hex containing the airbase and airborne unit. Make sure the airborne unit(s) you wish to drop are selected in the unit bar. Next, shift-left click on a hex near the airfield. This will cause the pick air units mission window to be displayed. Close this window and you will now see the hexes where you may conduct an airdrop lit up, while those that are not possible will be displayed in. Shift-left click on the hex you wish to drop the airborne unit and the pick air units mission window will appear. Due to some issues with the interface, the only way to indicate the valid hexes to airdrop in is to click on a valid hex. If you click on an invalid hex it will not bring up the air window nor will it indicate the valid hexes. This is why we suggest you click somewhere near the airbase. Whenever the air window appears, you can execute the air drop. It is important that you select the airborne unit after you have entered air transport mode (previously the airborne unit was supposed to be selected while still in movement mode).
    • Formula change (Sections 15.5.3 and 15.9) – The limitation that a unit will not be eligible to rout if it passes a check where it’s morale is greater than 40+Die(15) is now 40+Die(30) for any brigade or regiment sized unit that is defending alone in a battle (no other units in the hex or committed from reserve are participating in the battle). Thus, a regiment or brigade defending alone with morale between 41 and 55 will be more likely to rout, and between 56 and 70 will now have a chance to rout.
    • Formula change (Section 15.9.2) – The chance of men in shattering units being captured has been increased (by at least double).

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that caused partisan units to disappear from the map when in show battle sites mode.
    • Fixed a bug in the AI that were the AI was moving fortified region (most obviously moving them north of the Svir River line).
    • Fixed a bug where HQs arriving as reinforcements could arriver without a valid leader.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing brigades from broken down Soviet Mech and Tank Corps were counting as 4 command points instead of 1.
    • Fixed a bug in the AP cost of HQ buildup where sub units of broken down divisions and corps were each being counted as a division or corps instead of as regiments or brigades.
    • Fixed a bug where the broken down brigades from Soviet Mech and Tank Corps were being treated in the CR screen as if they were corps size instead of brigade size.

    Data and Scenario Changes

    Changes in Device and OB files

    • Renamed 41 Hungarian Security Brigade (23) to 41a Hungarian Security Brigade.
    • Renamed 41 Rumanian Mountain Brigade (39) to 41a Rumanian Mountain Brigade.
    • Added 41b Hungarian Security Brigade (363).
    • Added 41b Rumanian Mountain Brigade (372).
    • Changed IS-2 model in TOE 247 to the IS-2 M1943.
    • Changed the GAZ-AAMG (772) from SPAAMG to SP Flak to relieve SP Flak shortage issues.
    • Revised the ROF modifiers to be consistent across all ground elements. The actual changes amount to an increase or decrease of the ROF modifier for an element (where applicable) by 1 or 2 at most so these changes are primarily to standardize the methodology of the ROF modifier and will have only a minor game effect.

    Don to the Danube Scenario Changes
    • Drama on the Danube
      • Rebuilt Rumanian Construction Battalions with the proper OB
      • Rumanian Mountain Brigades now use a new OB that does not automatically upgrade to divisions

    • Decision in the Ukraine
      • Removed German aircraft from the Rumanian equipment pool
      • Hungarian Security Brigades changed to Hungarian Border Guard Brigades
      • 14th Panzer Division now has a proper arrival location

    • Red Army Resurgent
      • 1st Rum. Armored Division rebuilt to use the latest OB

    • Operation Kutuzov-Rumyantsev
      • 113th Infantry Division and 8th Army now have proper arrival locations


    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a crash bug that occurred when scrolling the screen to the south edge of the map.


    New Features and Rule Changes

    • Improved the map redrawing routines which should speed up game play on slower systems.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug where all units with a new TOE available would upgrade immediately, instead of it being a 20% chance per turn. We think this bug was introduced at some point in the past three months but we’re not sure exactly when.
    • Fixed a rare crash bug in the AI that could occur in a small map scenario when the lines were pushed to the edge of the map.
    • Fixed a bug in the AI causing it to warp units into a pocket near Leningrad.
    • Fixed a bug in the airborne drop loss function which was causing excessive losses to the airborne units.

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    Scott Parrino
    Public Relations Manager
    Slitherine/Matrix Games
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    RE: Gary Grigsby's War in the East Updated to 1.06.19! - 10/30/2012 9:06:02 PM   


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    Please fix the no upgrade path for AI Soviet aircraft....

    (in reply to Scott Parrino)
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    RE: Gary Grigsby's War in the East Updated to 1.06.19! - 11/2/2012 12:37:35 AM   


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    There's a scenario in the mod forum that takes care of much of the Russian aircraft upgrade dead-ends, and simplifies equipment upgrade and factory allocation for both sides. I hope that the game devs take a serious look at the mod to include in the future.

    (in reply to Bronze)
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    RE: Gary Grigsby's War in the East Updated to 1.06.19! - 11/2/2012 4:57:34 PM   


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    Which MOD is that?

    (in reply to Schmart)
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    RE: Gary Grigsby's War in the East Updated to 1.06.19! - 11/2/2012 5:20:54 PM   

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    ORIGINAL: Von Hindenburg

    Which MOD is that?


    I think he refers to the "1941 Historical Factory mod" from Denniss.

    Hope it helps...



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    RE: Gary Grigsby's War in the East Updated to 1.06.19! - 11/4/2012 10:48:11 PM   

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    Is this supposed to be an official update that the in-game updater can find?

    Logging on to multiplayer still indicates that 1.06.06 is the latest version, and any attempt to run the update tool (from 4 different networks now) produces the attached error message.

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    (in reply to Omat)
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    RE: Gary Grigsby's War in the East Updated to 1.06.19! - 11/5/2012 5:40:08 PM   
    Joel Billings

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    1.06.19 is the current official update. Thanks for reminding us to change this on the multiplayer server (just did this). If you are still having problems updating, please post information in the tech support forum and/or contact the Matrix helpdesk.


    All understanding comes after the fact.
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