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4 QuickDistant Worlds Legends Questions

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4 QuickDistant Worlds Legends Questions - 9/11/2012 2:27:06 AM   


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I have just some quick questions after reading tons in the forums but still am confused about a couple of things.. and Nobody seems to explain them Well to be honest.. but I believe in the helpful people here on this forum so I await your responses and thank you.

1. for the Population with colonies.., the (resettle, assimilate etc..) Can someone really explain those - for example when I set to Resettle for the home family and also set it for the "other" races.. what does that really do? Perhaps a quick explanation of those commands and what would happen if I wanted to only have my 1 race on all colonies.. what would I set those at to have all my colonies have only my race. (continuing in the colony menu, does the "home, own family race" setting mean only for the 1 planet you have selected at the moment or for your actual race you chose to play in the game... as opposed to the "other races" setting below it which I thought meant any other races other than your own on the planet selected)

2. How do you set your own Penal Colony? Where is the button to do that?

3. Fleet Operation.. -

A. What happens with a fleet with no Current Attack Target set and you automate them? And like-wise no Home base set and you automate them?

B. What is the main difference between Attack/Defend setting for fleets? I always want my fleets to intercept enemies in my zones.. so why put on defend etc? Perhaps this is because I can't select an "attack target" of my own zones? so thats why defend is necessary?

C. I in my current game have gone a bit crazy and put like seriously 200+ ships in 1 fleet..The only downside I have noticed so far is that it takes forever for them to refuel and retrofit.. What is the most smart way to resolve that? (putting more docking bays on the space ports?


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RE: 4 QuickDistant Worlds Legends Questions - 9/11/2012 3:00:39 AM   

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1. page 46 of the manual
Actively migrate these races away from the colony to other colonies that will accept them. (assimilate) .

If you have enabled the empire policy setting “Use Penal colonies to implement Enslavement” then these unwanted races will be migrated to Penal colonies for enslavement there.

Enslaves these races, forcing them into hard labor.

For each race that you enslave, the corresponding empires of those races will take offense at your actions.
The amount of offense is directly related to the population amount that you enslave.
Enslavement also provides a bonus to the colony’s economy.
The amount of the bonus depends on the proportion of the total population that is enslaved, up to a maximum of 50% if all of the
population is enslaved.
If you have enabled the empire policy setting “Use Penal colonies to implement Enslavement”
then some of your colonies will automatically be set as Penal Colonies (policy = Enslave).
Your other colonies with policy set to Resettle will migrate their unwanted races to the Penal
colonies for enslavement.

F6 Set empire policies (check mark Colonization enslavement policies)

or set manually 1 or 2 planets to resettle and 1 separate planet to enslave and those races will go to that planet and be enslaved.

If you set 1 or 2 planets to resettle and 1 separate planet to assimilate then those 2 planets will feed the 3rd if all others are on do not accept. This does not enslave them.

If all planets are on assimilate the AI will direct passenger traffic.

This can also backfire if another empire is very close, on assimilate, from the same family or better developed.

If you on the other hand are better developed you could attract their races. Use this to resettle these new races to 1 planet to be able to take advantage of colonizing new types of planets if applicable.

The AI will make the final decision as you are only offering suggestions on movement. Many variables can change things slightly.


Go back to base if you have set a base of operations. Always set a home base.

pdf manual

Fleets can also have Postures assigned. The buttons across the bottom of the selection panel
allow the player to set the type of posture and the range that it affects. Fleets will stay within
these postures if at all possible.
Set Home Base: Setting the Home Base of a fleet tells it where to return when it completes
missions. It also prioritizes that location as a fuel depot and fuel will be stockpiled there as long
as at least one fleet has a home base set there.
Attack Posture: When at War, the fleet will attack enemy targets. A specific target may be set
using the Set Attack Target button. In this case, when conflict begins, the fleet will immediately
attack the selected target.
Defend Posture: The fleet will always try to protect friendly ships, bases and colonies in the
assigned area.
Set Range (Anywhere / Target / System / Nearby Systems / Sector): This defines the range of
the Attack and Defend postures.
Fleet postures allow the player a middle ground between full automation and manual control.
Fleets can now be assigned to defend or attack specific locations or entire areas, which allows
defences to be planned and contingency attacks fo be made ready.


Never exceed what you can refuel at bases in the area unless you have refueling ships. Depending on fuel , fuel storage and extraction rates it varies widely. 200 is way overboard.

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RE: 4 QuickDistant Worlds Legends Questions - 9/11/2012 3:33:20 AM   


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NOW thats what I'm talking about. Thank you Pipewrench!

It is definitely clearer to me.. Though I may have a few more questions later in different areas this clears it up for this session most definitely.

Although some of my questions were talked about in the manual, You have actually explained it further and more clear atleast for me.. props to you.

Game on.

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RE: 4 QuickDistant Worlds Legends Questions - 9/11/2012 8:41:12 AM   


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In the days of old, when the AI designer loved to make 403 size cruiser designs when max size was 400, I tried to bash a hostile main fleet with far too many destroyers. Like 170. I did a bit wrong calculating how many should be needed, it was probably more like 40

Anyways, the huge fleet did almost nothing when it attacked. The game crawled to a halt, and they seemed to forget to fire as the game crawled forward. 20 cruisers on the other hand (when the AI let me build them), made progress on that nasty fleet...

So that could be one drawback of the giant fleet...

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RE: 4 QuickDistant Worlds Legends Questions - 9/12/2012 10:04:08 AM   


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200? I don't think I have that many in any, or perhaps ALL games I've played...

But seriously, what number of warships should a mature-ish civilisation with a few unfriendlies have, approx? More than 2? More than 10? A fleet for each colony and a few more?


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RE: 4 QuickDistant Worlds Legends Questions - 9/12/2012 11:12:51 AM   


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How many ships? Enough. Try to get a feel for what you lack, if anything.

I build some battle fleets to kill space ports, and other large fleets. I can hardly ever see the need for 10 of these.

I build some raider fleets able to bust pirate bases, mining stations, small enemy fleets. Maybe one per sector in areas where I have presence? How many you need to protect yourself depend on the hyper drives, the faster into hyper space, and the the faster speed while there, the more they can be spread out. If your area is large, and parts of it "safe" (nowhere for pirates to pop up), you don't need fleets sitting there. Also, if you have lots of automated ships, you only need some fleets around to kill pirate bases, and a few to use during wars. If you have no automated ships, you need more fleets...

At some point in the game the pirates becomes an annoyance that attacks all the time, and your empire has some size. This is when I start hire automated frigates. 80 at a time. The theory should be that there is a frigate somewhere near any attack that can be diverted to kill the pirate.

If I discover that I lack a raider fleet, I build one more. If I discover they have become too weak, I add ships, or redesign them if doing manual ship design (or both). If I fight a war, I rarely attack with more than 4 main battle fleets. If I have 6 fleets, I have two in reserve in case of backstabs. I build more and improve their strength as needed.

My 45 colony empire in the current game has:

6 battle fleets of 11 cruisers and 4 carriers. Almost a separate fleet backing up the ones chasing Silvermist (the ships there tend to die, and it is nice to have replacements close-ish). Capitals will be added once 650 ship size is available, and over time they will move towards capitals+carriers.

16 2 ship destroyer fleets that have become too weak. Enough to cover my empire with sector posture circles, and have a few extra in areas harried by pirates. I have to decide what to do with these.

I have 15 somewhat larger than normal troop transports, but they have not been in action for ages, since I have been busy fighting Silvermist. They have 9 troops each.

I got a 4 ships cruiser-carrier fleet to kill pirate bases in a cloud where they pop up all the time.

79 automated frigates (pirates became annoying). I thought I ordered 80, so maybe one died.

3 resupply ships. It should be 4, but a silvermist ate one, and I don't need any more right now.

In total, just over 200 military ships

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RE: 4 QuickDistant Worlds Legends Questions - 9/12/2012 1:15:57 PM   


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by they way, I had fleets with over 200 ships because I got so pissed off at the Shakturi kicking the crap out of me.. (and by the way... i still lost with that many ships..)

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RE: 4 QuickDistant Worlds Legends Questions - 9/12/2012 2:39:49 PM   


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I must admit that I have played a lot of rots and never met the Shakturi. Apart from a quick game I did not like where they appeared straight away. I would still go with capitals+carriers at that stage, your technology should be mature. And I would be surprised if you need more than 40 in one fleet.

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RE: 4 QuickDistant Worlds Legends Questions - 9/13/2012 3:41:02 AM   


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Perhaps my tech isnt mature.. cause I cant stand in a battle with 200 ships when they attack with thier nonstop waves of ships! they attack me sometimes with like 10-15 ships and I cant withstand their weapons.. I guess my tech sucked.. but check this out, in my latest game.. I custom build ships with 1000+ sheilds and armor! haha ..

can you give me examples of the best weapons to set in the ships? right now i have 1 custom ship with only rail type weapons.. 1 custom ship type with only torpedos.. and 1 type ship with only beams weapon types.. etc.. seeing which destroys the shakturi the fastest..

Also I have read EVERYONE.. EVERYONE.. sayin they dont see the shaktur.. WTF??!!!! every single game I play they come out!@#$#$@#$@#

I am playing latest update as of sept 2012 game "Distant Worlds Legends"... they always appear!! how do you get them to not appear is what I should be reading about!!


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RE: 4 QuickDistant Worlds Legends Questions - 9/13/2012 9:11:54 AM   


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If you don't want them to appear, the easy thing is not to enable the shakturi storyline in the game.

I probably have not seen them because I usually run with very slow research, and this makes the game end before the necessary tech level is reached.

1000 armor and shields sounds very wrong. 1000 armor will probably just make you slow. 1000 shields is not a lot once tech is getting to the later stages.

If you open the research screen, you can see what has been researched for the different weapons. There are separate research lines for rail guns, phasers, blasters, torpedos, and early game tech are probably not much use against the shakturi.

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