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New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Beta Update Now Available!

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New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Beta U... - 12/16/2011 11:23:58 PM   
Erik Rutins


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Hello all,

There is a new Beta version in the Members Club. It has over five hundred fixes and improvements, which are listed below. Our thanks to the AE team for their support and patience. We would have had this out to you sooner, but we have been working right up to our limit with all the pre-Christmas releases.

Please try it, if you are willing to work with a beta, and supply us with your feedback.

v1.01.08r6 – December 10, 2011

• Code Changes

1) Fixed possible LCU or Task Force being lost if not set-up properly at scenario start.
2) Added plane type filter to Pilot List screens.
3) Fixed travel delay for East Coast and off-map movement for group leaders.
4) Fixed fragment disbanding when loaded on ship.
5) Fixed refueling of barges from carried cargo.
6) Fixed bug when changing TF mission not checking TF size
7) Fixed bug changing group arrival base at scenario start due to base ownership rather than who owns base when due to arrive.
8) Removed supply requirement from returning reserve planes to the pool.
9) Removed devices from LCU that don't belong to same side as the LCU during the land replacement phase.
10) Added a destroyed LCU screen and ability to reform LCU (at 1% TOE for non-Chinese or 5% for Chinese) using Political Points.
11) Added a Nationality filter to ground reinforcement/withdrawal screens.
12) Added display of the path of a group's upgrades on the user selected upgrade screen; (+) against upgrade indicates the old original group path upgrade.
13) Added an option to retain the user over-ridden group upgrade when manually upgrading only.
14) Changed base fuel requirement to cover fuel needed to totally refuel disbanded ships.
15) Added future group size changes to the mouse-over box on group screen.
16) Changed to allow HQ units (below the base slots) to upgrade their devices; only LCUs above the base slots were upgraded.
17) Changed to show any static device in LCU on the army screen, even if none currently present.
18) Changed to the army reinforcement screen to show the LCU arrival base in RED if enemy-held at the time.
19) Fixed bug that caused ships in the list to refuel when viewing the TF screen.
20) Added option to refuel all ships in port from Anchored Ships list.
21) Fixed empty group showing after group transfer from ship.
22) Changed Auto Convoy to determine supply path based on supplying base location (on Auto Convoy screen).
23) Changed Auto Convoy to skip enemy-held main supply base (on Auto Convoy screen).
24) Added '*' to base name if supplied from the western Allied supply base (on Auto Convoy screen).
25) Added column for fuel required to Auto Convoy screen; '+' next to value indicates ships in port
26) Added ship class filter to ship list (on Auto Convoy screen).
27) Added Endurance and AA to ship (on Auto Convoy screen).
28) Changed base screen to use appropriate main supply base (on Auto Convoy screen).
29) Changed to suppress Soviet bases until activated (on Auto Convoy screen).
30) Added switch to show Supply/Fuel Required or Days Left (on Auto Convoy screen).
31) Tweaked Auto Convoy supply.
32) Tweaked TF unloading.
33) Tweaked air attacks on small craft (barge, PT, landing craft) to stop large bombers from attacking at high altitude.
34) Fixed event on a non-base hex appearing as a base.
35) Fixed over-flow issue with fuel required at a base.
36) Fixed (base screen on industry management screen) Background screen of a larger underlying screen was left behind when a smaller screen was shown and map was moved.
37) Fixed showing enemy unit count in a non-detected hex.
38) Fixed Soviet activation being on at start of scenario not allowing Japanese air attacks against Soviet locations.
39) Changed Group patrol levels increase/decrease more consistent across all types with left-click by 10% and right-click by 30%.
40) Fixed error in TF list screen for guns' ammo.
41) Fixed aerial mine-laying mission being left out of the bomber interception check.
42) Added quick ability to change repair/production state from the actual base-in-hex Industry screen.
43) Fixed error in unescorted bomber withdraw alert.
44) Fixed ship-based groups in port or on docked TF being able to be transferred from damaged ships.
45) Fixed attack bomber not being set to strafe correctly sometimes.
46) Extended the save game load checks to include checking the fuel/oil/resource/supply load does not exceed ship capacity.
47) Fixed recon/search flights were being shown with escort/sweeps in same hex.
48) Added quick ability to change repair/production state from the Industry Management screen.
49) Fixed supply/fuel/oil/resource totals that didn't always agree across screens.
50) Fixed secondary Chinese home base - was CHENGTING should have been CHENGTU
51) Tweaked distribution of supplies to units unloading from ships.
52) Fixed zone to zone movement when direct connection is not available (off-map boxes to Aden/Abadan prior to Med opening)
53) Added protection to stop connecting invalid destination zones that leads to above.
54) Tweaked turn cycle from 3 to 4; art contains 1-4 images
55) Fixed ARD repair not working
56) Fixed auto dock being allowed at port 0-2; should not be.
57) Fixed error that could stop Heavy bombers from picking a base to attack
58) Standardized skill selection and mission profile for skill improvement; experience generated updates could revert to primary mission
59) Fixed ASW experience sometimes incorrectly modified in sub combat.
60) Fixed defensive subs not working properly
61) Fixed subs might not upgrade due to patrols.
62) Fixed a follow TF error.
63) Fixed ship repair estimate error.
64) Fixed radar detection for land units being overridden by 'visual' spotting.
65) Limit the 'On Map Routing' button on the TF screen to the on-map entry hex to minimize TF routing errors
66) Fixed weather setting for non-base LCUs not being correctly set for all units in the same hex.
67) Suppress restoration of the Combat Event report in PBEM games due to Japanese info being available to Allied player
68) Tweaked airborne radar impact on Air Search as current setting is being overwhelmed.
69) Fixed search arcs being generated in reverse sequence.
70) Added direction switch on the search arcs.
71) Tweaked display of search arcs to emulate above changes - sectors sharing AM/PM search show as Black (Naval) or White (ASW).
72) Tweaked several pilot screens to retain current menu position when performing pilot assignments.
73) Fixed wrong pilot losing skill points (for flying wrong type of plane) when transferred to Pilot Reserve on the 'Request Veteran' screen.
74) Changed to form new TF to pre-set destination. Current base/hex will be the default destination, unless it is formed from another TF when that TF's will be used.
75) Added to TF mouse-over to show off-map destination details.
76) Added to base mouse-over garrison info if applicable.
77) Changes to group screen: updated group mouse-over, retain target (if appropriate) when swapping between Port/AF/Ground missions, check if within range before changing all in base.
78) Tweaked to allow port mining for AI.
79) Changed night missions on the group lists will show in BLACK to make them easier to find
80) Tweaked small map AI supply base to use closest main base with enough supply rather than just the first one. Stops AI from creating supply TF going from one end of map to the other.
81) Changed to protect AI from generating errors from data in scenario file.
82) Fixed Top Pilot list that treated TRACOM as if a Japanese group.
83) Fixed underflow issue with large naval support numbers.
84) Changed switching groups between night/day to try to retain mission for ease of play.
85) Fixed Amphibious HQ not always loading on AGC. If no Amphibious HQ, then a land or naval HQ will try to load on the AGC.
86) Added the target prepared for to the Load/Adjust Troops screen to ease LCU selection for amphibious forces.
87) Fixed loading groups not showing up in the load lists for 'Load Troops'.
88) Tweak to fuel requirements of bases' with HI to force more fuel to be routed there.
89) Added new button on base screen to show TFs home-based at the base.
90) Change to remove Cold Zone from off-map bases.
91) Tweak to make the attack bomber strafe/bomb more obvious in animation.
92) Change to add 'destroyed by flak' count to the combat report.
93) Fixed swapping of fragment and parent was not transferring some items.
94) Fixed transport of devices by non-float planes to dot base (no AF) not being allowed.
95) Added the current victory level if not a draw to the Intelligence screen.
96) Fixed plane fatigue not being restored by standing down CV groups.
97) Change to offset the original nation hex (from hot-key 4) so it can be read when a base is present.
98) Change to allowed Allies to control their industry as it can be stop/start via Industry Management screen but doesn't show up on base industry screen.
99) Change to indicate 'failed to produce' on base industry screen.
100) Added filter to show enemy bases on the List Base screen.
101) Fixed crash when withdrawing ship at a non-base off-map location.
102) Fixed sub mine numbers not always being cleared when tube/mines are removed when not in a port
103) Tweak to cap the count of the number of landing phases a TF can perform.
104) Removed ability to send pilot 'home for 180 days' as not desired or useful.
105) Change to minimize size of some text on Industry Management fields.
106) Change to keep at least one R&D point available between updates; protect against R&D being wiped out by data updates.
107) Change to verify ship and class devices match before determining damaged weapons. Force unmatched ship/class devices to conform when ship in friendly base.
108) Fix to ensure units in correct mode for Amphibious TF.
109) Show 'combat load' method on LCU when viewing ship screen.
110) Fixed group fragments on ships not combining.
111) Fix to escorts changing to bombing mission if its secondary was a bombing one.
112) Fix to CTD caused by search plane being killed.
113) Fix to not allow component LCU to be rebuilt if parent already reformed.
114) Fix to flak from ships in port being used as if in a TF.
115) Fix to suppress groups that have been lost due to a ship class change.
116) Fix to not auto-disband TF with routing parameters.
117) Fixed TFs getting stuck in off-map mode.
118) Change to not allow off-map TF to return to home base if that is already destination; mucks up the transit times.
119) Fixed Industry Management screen showing incorrect N/MSY build points.
120) Change to use the millions format (x.xxM) for large totals on Industry Management screen.
121) Fixed Withdraw ship button missing on ship screen.
122) Fixed Rebuilt LCUs changing PP on subsequent displays.
123) Change to restore of report files from save.
124) Change to preserve withdraw date to all split sub-groups.
125) Fixed 'buy-for-supply' ships remaining at 1 day delay.
126) Fixed error in Kamikaze determination in Flak Attack.
127) Fixed Kamikaze training not affecting low naval bombing.
128) Fixed Transfer of pilot to group of different type lost too many skill points.
129) Change to pilot experience hit based on category rather specific air type.
130) Change to off-map checks to better handle the TF's 'Return to ...' buttons.
131) Fix to remove ships under repair/conversion from AV support total.
132) Fixed Ground attack against enemy land units in friendly base hex.
133) Changed Re-enabled limited on-map routing for off-map TFs.
134) Removed TF disbanding limit on loaded resource/oil.
135) Fix to allow float planes to transport troops to coastal bases.
136) Changed Night missions on lists using BLUE rather than BLACK.
137) Changed to resource requirement/stockpile from 5-day to 2-day. Added earlier in patch to help with resource distribution.
138) Fixed Arriving LCU units were building more than needed devices if not enough in device pool.
139) Fixed Wrong Allied device being returned to pool on device upgrade.
140) Change to align weapon and TOE for units before taking replacements.
141) Change to adjusted off-map entry point for way-points.
142) Fixed Altitude not correct on some dive bomber attacks in AAA.
143) Fixed Auto convoy returning resource/oil to home base when not required to.
144) Added on Army screen: show a '+' next to under-strength devices that are in pool, a '=' next to device if upgrade possible from pool.
145) Fixed CTD when checking groups on withdrawing ships.
146) Restored image files for center windows.
147) Fixed Packing time and operational mode moved to editor components of parent LCU.
148) Change to vary DL for base created TFs; use same DL for TF split.
149) Fixed Leader of delayed group being continually re-assigned.
150) Fixed First HQ of wither side not being selected.
151) Changed TOE update to fix land replacements.
152) Fix to stop return cargo for CS or AC when home base and current base are the same.
153) Fixed Set TF to use off-map if destination is off-map and TF not moving off-map.
154) Fix for non-mine device being in special mine slot [#9] for sub mine-laying.
155) Fix to force ships to arrive at national base if original location is not valid to form TF; stop ships arriving at 'land-locked' base.
156) Fix to group leader-pilot losing connection to a being a pilot.
157) Change to allow 'independent' commands to change without cost to another
158) Fixed Occupying empty bases gets incorrect HQ. New HQ will be the theater HQ of base doing capture, or first LCU in hex.
159) Fixed Japanese production was over-producing upgraded devices for LCUs.
160) Changed Ship display of ARD shows lift capacity.
161) Fixed Sub-unit LCUs not having withdraw delay decremented.
162) Fixed Updated off-map checks for home base.
163) Fixed data corruption due to code overflow.
164) Fixed Not all TRACOM pilots showed in lists.
165) Fixed Retreat from TF surface combat only if actual combat occurred.
166) Changed Removed endurance limit on PTs that limited attacks.
167) Fixed AI code changing human-controlled LCU weapon devices.
168) Changed Deferred device upgrade of LCUs with fragments existing; causes errors in devices when swapping to parent or merging with other fragments/parent
169) Changed No TF unload if 'do not unload' set regardless of status of ship cargo handling.
170) Fixed Empty fragments stop editor sub-units from recombining.
171) Fixed Some leaders that moved between units retained their move lock-out so didn't show in free leader list.
172) Change to the maximum air rank for group leader.
173) Change to exclude TBs from high dive bombing accuracy.
174) Added filter for active/inactive ship upgrades on lists.
175) Change to increase ship list from 1000 to 1300 per port/tf .
176) Change to off-map TF refueling to use only TFs in same hex with same time to base.
177) Fixed Group's upgrade path lost on splitting group.
178) Fix to recombining devices of editor component subunit to handle mismatched devices.
179) Change to the land device upgrade and replacement phases to better control devices.
180) Change to suppress LCU devices that have no TOE number and are not present (ready or disabled, and wont take any replacements) in LCU
181) Fixed Add production resources to pool if scenario player's production on, else add to normal device pools.
182) Fixed Preserve highest leader when recombining subunits.
183) Fixed In loading scenario pilots not added to General Reserve (group 0). (Pilots can't be put directly into TRACOM by editor, as group 30000 can't be assigned there. It can set by using 'wtiploadae' tool.)
184) Fixed Using off-map movement, it was possible to route TFs with large ships to river ports.
185) Changed TF mission change for Amphibious and Transport limited based on transport capacity used, not on troops only.
186) Changed Improved ship-based group upgrade/replacement when in a base.
187) Fixed On-map TF hex list behaves like other TF hex lists
188) Change to LCU replacement/upgrade to handle duplicate/out of order devices in LCU.
189) Fixed TOE upgrades happening too soon due to the upgrade delay being set to 9999 which ended up as no delay.(Existing games not affected but new games will not have these TOE upgrades)
190) Fixed Detached groups wouldn't re-attach to parent group.
191) Fixed Loop in upgrade of LCU devices.
192) Change to set the base of reformed LCUs that can't arrive as usual location
193) Fixed Error in limiting CD fire.
194) Fixed Occasional drop out of base selection, disappearance of mouse over.
195) Fixed Building VM units corrupted TOE of GHQ and Kwantung HQ.
196) Fixed Old convoy units could show up in Destroyed LCU list.
197) Change to LCU rebuild requiring same Op Mode and March parameters for all subunits. Not required now.
198) Fix to LCU withdraw date not being cleared when unit killed; fixed so that destroyed LCUs can't be reformed if originally due to withdraw.
199) Added mission being trained for on group screen if primary is not TRAINING.
200) Added the group admin & stack data on the hex list screen if applicable, rather than just when overloaded. Overloaded shows in RED.
201) Fixed Build rate of supply-generated ships was '0'; should have been '1' .
202) Added number of building 'supply-generated ships' shown on ship reinforcement screen in brackets.
203) Added option to stockpile some devices in the Device Pool. LCUs wont be able to use them for upgrades or replacements.
204) Removed same march direction restriction from rebuilding LCUs.
205) Changed Play news of naval combat only if major combat ships involved
206) Added '**' to LCU view for weapon not allowing split units to combine.
207) Fixed Disbanded LCUs don't count for rebuild check.
208) Change to alignment of some fields on the Aircraft & Engine pool screen.
209) Change to the Save game screen to reflect the correct background as to WHO is saving it.
210) Added to Save screen for PBEM a button to change the player's password. It is only shown when ending the player's turn.
211) Added on load of email save if it is an in-turn or end-of-turn save.
212) Change to adjusted base air stacks during turn due to missions, movement, etc.
213) Added to army lists, experience, morale, fatigue, disruption, TOE upgrade delay.
214) Added to ship with mine device, an '*' printed in Ammo column if there are devices in the pool; acts as a quick check if mines could be loaded.
215) Fixed Auto-upgrade of squad/engineer devices when LCU takes upgrades; incorrectly changed earlier in beta.
216) Changed Ships that are still outfitting for more than one day can't be put into TF; one day delay could be put into Escort TF.
217) Added Total line of LCU details in mouse-over for multi-unit hex.
218) Tweaked recombine of editor units into parent unit with mismatched weapons.
219) Fixed Error in initial settings of manpower at start of scenario
220) Fixed Seaplane support from minor damaged disbanded ship.
221) Fixed Administration stacking info on group screen not correct.
222) Tweaked Group stacking on base with AF 6+ gains a 1/3 lowering of the "Aircraft Stack Level" for 4E planes.
223) Tweaked to how much excess resource/supply/etc is moved to/from base each turn
224) Added ability to stockpile supply, fuel, resource and oil at base. By stockpiling, no other bases can draw off them.
225) Change Stopping industry lowers base's resource requirement. Several screens showing supply/fuel/oil/resource will be color-coded if being stockpiled.
226) Added ability to cancel loading of a CS task-force.
227) Added filter to Industry Menu to show all base industry not meeting minimum requirements - potential failure to produce.
228) Fixed Return CS cargo of fuel or supply didn't always get returned. Expected only oil or resources being returned. TF could stay loading/waiting.
229) Changed Replaced top 3 skills on group pilot screen with line of skill averages.
230) Added to LCU Withdraw List: * at end of name means withdrawn unit loses devices; on LCU screen "out of theater" means loses devices.
231) Fixed Naval retreat after combat which could force TF to retreat "off-map"
232) Added Hot-key '5' will show the supply path from the selected base where the number shows the lessening effect of supply
233) Change to the location column value on TF list.
234) Change to Naval bombardment to use the minimum range setting of TF when determining best target. If unit can't hit back at range, then "less" chance of being target.
235) Fixed TFs not moving in hex subject to minefields; seemed to have been broken by an earlier fix.
236) Tweaked to AI Auto TF Build to exclude over-sized ships based on destination.
237) Added: After 6 months, an expired pooled device (squad or engineer type) will slowly convert to the upgraded version; if Japan, obsolete devices will revert to the raw materials.
238) Added Auto-conversion option to the in-game preferences.(PBEM assumes on for both players - Japanese player can turn it off/on so it applies for synchronization.)
239) Fixed Wrong screen show when returning BACK from Group screen to groups-in-base list screen.
240) Fixed Error in MP and ARM points for some squad-type devices.
241) Fixed Not all devices being shown in the device/industry/resource pool.
242) Fixed Air group detachments not on map dropped from parent group.
243) Added message on base screen if Burma Road is open (on Ledo, Rangoon and Tsuyung)
244) Added: Right-click adds/subtracts 5000 supply from base additional needs.
245) Tweaked Lowered excess resource/oil threshold from 10 days to 5 days.
246) Fixed missing password change on email save.
247) Tweak to delete more killed/captured pilots when at pilot maximum limit.
248) Tweaked TF list to standardize locations.
249) Fixed Trainee replacement pool not being reduced.
250) Tweaked Moved the combat and ops reports on the screen to the left to allow for longer lines.
251) Added: Allied groups can see air upgrades from related nationalities if PDU is on: CW group sees Australian,NZ,Can,Brit; IND group sees Brit; USMC & USN can trade planes.
252) Tweaked Allow CW nationality aircraft to be swapped between CW nations (Australia,NZ,Can,Brit).
253) Fixed Missing devices from Japan pool when device is upgraded and more are needed to be built.
254) Changed to show the supply path as dots in a PBEM rather than actual supply numbers.
255) Added Mine count on TF list.
256) Tweaked TOE upgrade in order for it to retain any the same weapons even if they have moved slot.
257) Changed the 'turret hit' from animation to show what weapon mount it is.
258) Fixed Moonlight and Turn were mixed together on top line of some screens.
259) Fixed Mines were not being removed from sub properly if TF wasn't docked.
260) Tweak to increase required oil/resource by a fraction of the load capacity of any TFs in hex wanting a load.
261) Tweak so stockpiling resource/oil creates a small 'need' for such.
262) Change to removed Ledo from Burma Road consideration.
263) Added: 'Get xx pilots' will appear to allow over-fill once group has pilot operational level.
264) Tweak to suppress some 'get pilot' buttons if not applicable.
265) Change to stop ability to overfill fragments.
266) Added group or pilot statistics to the group list screen.
267) Change to make current TOE upgrade delay show as -1 on LCU list so it can sort.
268) Tweak to LCU rebuilt in order to retain current TOE weapons.
269) Fixed Wrong altitude being used sometimes, impacting raid, co-ordination and low level intercepts.
270) Fixed Lock-up during air/land combat due to overflow.
271) Fixed Carry over replacement delay on LCU recombining.
272) Changed color of supply dot to yellow.
273) Added option to release or retire low experienced named pilots - in group and reserve lists.
274) Fixed error in movement of fuel and determination of excess resources.
275) Tweak to clear more pilots when at pilot limits
276) Fixed Auto-upgrade of squad devices when LCU taking replacements causes an upgrade.
277) Fixed Fragments were taking settings from the parent group, rather than group being created from.
278) Fixed AA rockets not showing up in some of the class/ship weapon lists.
279) Fixed Unable to get plane replacement on smaller groups.
280) Fixed Some reported altitudes are 100' off the correct value.
281) Tweaked Air attacks at 10K were not being adjusted for misses when checking each bomb dropped. [A miss after a hit should end the 'stick' or increase the odds of any further bombs in same 'stick' of missing.]
282) Fixed Large LCU killed off due to overflow issue.
283) Fixed Display issue with ship reinforce screen
284) Fixed Escorts not being marked as used in some cases causing multiple sweeps.
285) Fixed Strategic move set while packing caused move of only one hex.
286) Fixed Dedicated training group lost ability to add trainee pilots.
287) Fixed A LCU movement flag was not always being cleared which could cause a move to suddenly be canceled.
288) Tweak to rebuilding of LCU from editor sub-components that will attempt to upgrade devices in order to match common device.
289) Fixed Additional place list sort when loading a save to correct map errors.
290) Fixed Reordered the map place display list to restore possible missing LCUs.
291) Fixed Converted too many old devices from pool.
292) Fixed TOE upgrades could lose devices as counts were sometimes replaced, rather than added.
293) Tweak to disable ability to turn off Light Industry as it is a permanent industry, like resources (per Andrew Brown).
294) Fixed On turn 1, a mid-turn Allied save can be read by Japan by skipping the password. Only applicable on that one save.
295) Added: Additional release pilot buttons on the Reserve Pilot screen
296) Added: New option to load tenders in port from the ship list screen
297) Changed Show upgrade screen defaults to 'allow upgrade ships'.
298) Removed Right-click from group PILOT keyword as PLANES is now on screen.
299) Tweaked Computer player TOE upgrades are slightly randomized.
300) Removed Torpedo Ordnance from land unit's TOE/list so that device is not treated as a device; tallies are stored elsewhere so it is redundant once scenario is loaded.(was causing some strange occurrences)
301) Fixed Carrier trained status not transferred when recombining split groups.
302) Fixed Ship due upgrade count could have a number but nothing in due lists. (Upgrade ship was under repair. Combination of Ships under repair and Ships due upgrade shows those which are being repaired that might jump into an upgrade at same time)
303) Fixed Wrong pilot reserve being accessed when no pilots in replacement pool.
304) Fixed For TOE upgrade include some non-device items such as Torpedo Ordnance, HQ type/radius change,etc.
305) Added: Show speed mode in TF list.
306) Tweak to message delays - space bar will toggle on/off the general message delay
307) Tweak to exclude spoilage on excess supply/fuel at SPS level for bases in first week of scenario.
308) Tweak to mouse over on land units; unit number is in [], and if too many to list, "plus xx more LCUs" will be added to display. Leave room for "Total" line.
309) Fixed Missing weapons on in-game ship database.
310) Tweak to randomize unit detection affecting base DL
311) Change to turn on normal message delay at end of turn cycle (except for continuous play).
312) Changed: Added more info on mouse over on groups in hex and land/naval list.
313) Fixed CTD caused by TF endurance going below 0.
314) Fixed Low skill pilots could start with high individual skill
315) Fixed CTD caused by overflow of refueling arrays if large number of ships in TFs in same hex.
316) Tweak: Added more detail to 'refitting' messages on ships and limited repair changes after a upgrade.
317) Tweak to move flak attack on air transports to AFTER any CAP intercepts.
318) Fixed Possible TF unloading issue when no squads are present.
319) Fixed Mine-laying mission didn't 'return by same path' if way-points set.
320) Tweak to TF refueling when a ship in TF is below 70% fuel, and limit refuel to ship(s) below 70%.
321) Change to seaplane support/supply for search and strike to behave similarly.
322) Tweaked: Added a "load tender" button to ship screen to complement use of seaplane supply.
323) Changed When ship with no air ordnance left, CAP is limited and no search/asw can be performed.
324) Tweaked: Inactive pilots (delay = 1) should be treated as if active for fatigue recovery.
325) Fixed Refueling ship from port didn't check for available ops points
326) Changed Don't allow ships without free ops points at start of cycle from replenishing at sea.
327) Changed Cloud drawing during order phase enabled.
328) Removed DB diving attack on ships only; was introduced at start of these patches
329) Fixed Incorrect calculation for number of planes at base; earlier patch bug .
330) Tweaked Add ammo levels to the mouse over on the TF-ship transfer screen.
331) Fixed The earlier 70% fuel fix caused refueling if ship was under 70% fuel – was not able to top-off the TF.
332) Fixed Error in calculation of engines for airfield stacking; revealed by previous tweak.
333) Fixed Manage repair error for minimum conversions incorrect from 1108p2; not allowing change from Pier-side.
334) Fixed Overflow of pilot array corrupting map locations.
335) Changed: Restricted HQ indicator changed from (R) to (R) for temp and [R] for perm attached.
336) Tweak to Add "Tonnage" to map task force mouse over.
337) Changed Made sure group secondary mission gets reset when primary mission changed from NAV_ATTACK.
338) Fixed Radar range on air detection was overstated by a factor of 2 or 3. Wrong mixture of ft, yards, NM, miles.
339) Tweaked Added depth check on DC in ASW combat
340) Added On Army list screen, 'soft' value of %TOE strength and unit fortification level with 'p' to show unit is building them (LCUs in hex only).
341) Added to Base List screen a stockpiling switch.
342) Added to Base list additional info for enemy base - AF, port, estimated ships and a/c.
343) Changed: Default cloud setting to OFF during orders. Can be toggled ON/OFF during this. Last setting applies to turn.
344) Tweak to mouse over with lists; shows withdraw, upgrade dates for ships, LCUs in addition to group.
345) Fixed Bug in repair estimates could add random cargo capacity to ships.
346) Fixed Don't allow moving LCUs to be loaded on ships
347) Fixed Groups at off-map locations (base or TF) not performing Training missions
348) Tweak: Made 'Attached to' name GREY when unit is STATIC ATTACHED to it; no visible indicator was previously shown.
349) Tweak to Land combat: Made support devices less likely targets (basically every 10 counts as 1 for target purposes)[Took forever to get hits on combat devices if unit has large support base, like CHI LCUs]
350) Tweak to Land combat: Infantry/Armour/CD LCUs with no current AV are treated like Art for stacking purposes (not made to bear brunt of attack if other AV units present).[Many CHI units end up with much ranged devices but nothing to defend with. But took no loss against the ranged devices in assault]
351) Fixed City attack industry not set when flights were split off from main attack.
352) Change to add a nationality filter to device pool screen.
353) Added mouse-over on device pool upgrade date with * shows upgrade detail.
354) Tweak to refine the static-attached units as added in previous beta
355) Fixed Access to random variable causing combat replay issues
356) Fixed Manage ship repairs not showing weapon damage repair capability properly.
357) Fixed 'Active' filter not showing green initially for group and reserve pilot lists.
358) Changed Enabled combat reporting of non-air attack aircraft losses.
359) Fixed Planes with torpedo as primary weapon unable to be selected for port mining.
360) Added mouse-over on bases/TF/LCUs will show range from the current hex (one with all white sides)
361) Added Upgrade delay to TOE on 'View TOE' mouse over on LCU screen
362) Added Coding of static/restricted group headquarters (like for LCU)
363) Fixed Force a delay on LCU & groups due as reinforcements but arrive early at enemy base
364) Fixed Adjust search arcs range for drop tanks if applicable
365) Fixed Bug in off-map TF calculation
366) Added TF screen shows endurance to target, and back to base
367) Tweaked Group reinforcement/withdraw lists for ship-based groups in queue
368) Fixed Set 'All opMode' to MOVE changed static units
369) Added Additional info to groups in hex mouse-over
370) Added Indicator to LCU type on ground lists for air drop capable units 'p'
371) Fixed CTD due to too many groups in base
372) Tweaked Color-coded R&D devices on the Industry screen
373) Tweaked Allow R&D factory change before starting production if R&D option ON
374) Tweaked Production can be turned off but R&D will still happen
375) Fixed Non-transport TF are trying to un/load
376) Tweaked Show island stacking limit on mouse over
377) Tweaked On Army screen for HQs show ship/air/ground assigned buttons
378) Tweaked Suppress Japanese industry icons for Allied player as not relevant
379) Tweaked Suppressed port icon in lower base panel if not applicable
380) Tweaked Port repairs to consider port damage
381) Tweaked Added codes to HQs on unit lists( c Corps, y Army, m Amph, n Naval, a Air)
382) Tweaked Added type of HQ, op and combat modes to LCU mouse-over in base panel
383) Fixed Added special case of base/shipyard size to weapon repair estimate as in actual shipyard repairs
384) Tweaked Some screen changes to Manage Repair and Ship List screens
385) Added Ship due upgrade time filters to the Ship List screens
386) Changed Arrival base of rebuilt restricted groups may change HQ
387) Tweaked Rebuilding destroyed units: non-Chinese LCU will release/change restriction at a cost, and can change HQ to a higher HQ
388) Tweaked Suppress need for a Convoy army leader
389) Tweaked On Destroyed LCU screen, show the potential TOE AV if unit has not been rebuilt yet; add filter to suppress 'no recall'
390) Changed (S) to [S] for HQ attachment to indicate permanent to align with [R]
391) Added Restriction filter to army lists - filter by [S], [R], (R) or None
392) Added Industry filter to Intel's Resource/Industry screen
393) Fixed Fragment that lost its parent could vanish, rather than stay on map
394) Fixed Industry totals on Industry menu
395) Fixed Missing search patrol level on night mission
396) Tweaked TF list pop-up shows more detailed info for 'load' controls when in a base
397) Tweaked The Restriction filter for (R) will include units attached to Restricted HQ
398) Fixed Bug not letting land based groups see all plane upgrades
399) Tweaked River crossing for total hex control
400) Added Stacking limit check to army lists - RED location for over-stacked
401) Added Show current stacking level if maximum stack value applies to player on mouse-over
402) Fixed Industry Management not expanding (1)x0 size industry
403) Fixed Carry over withdraw type to editor subunits
404) Fixed Fast Transport not updating cargo/troop capacity in creation of TF screen
405) Tweaked Show next re-size for groups in lists
406) Tweaked Allow ships to refuel small amount from port without excessive Ops expenditure
407) Fixed Auto Convoy TF should retain their Home Base as a supply hub base
408) Fixed Auto Convoy TF home base is not supply hub base
409) Added Political Cost to withdraw group screen
410) Tweak Allow more pilots if group is scheduled to re-size within 6 months
411) Tweak Limit Ops expenditure for docked TFs to those ships actually doing something
412) Fixed Error with groups not showing on ships in TF transfer screen
413) Change Group display on ship to show 77 (88) x AIRTYPE (99) where 77 is # ready planes, 88 is # not ready, 99 is group maximum size
414) Change Account for port damage on adjacent hex supply/resource transfer
415) Fixed Group re-size to consider total planes in group rather than maximum group size when considering operational capacity on ship
416) Fixed Force map center on false sightings to help with map sequencing
417) Tweak Global list button for setting build rates (Japan only)
418) Tweak Show naval/merchant yard points on ship availability screen, and allow filter by yard type to set classes using that particular yard points (Japan only)
419) Fixed Restored fully repaired factory needed before R&D starts
420) Fixed Removed incorrect DL addition for TF launched air patrols
421) Changed Updated RD totals to reflect actual R&D available for a/c and engines
422) Fixed Not all dead group fragments being removed stopping upgrade,rebuilding,etc
423) Tweak Changed 'Night ops' on group screen to BLUE to match group lists
424) Tweak Add pool totals on mouse over for a/c and engines on IM
425) Tweak Add R&D % on mouse over for RD a/c and engines on IM
426) Tweak Added some burning fires on land bombing screen for affect
427) Tweak Added unit stacking cost on screen
428) Fixed Correct 'from zone' for TF starting at off-map base for way-points
429) Tweak Allow restricted groups to be loaded on ships from off-map bases
430) Fixed Aux overstated on enemy TF mouse over
431) Fixed LCU mouse over being cut short for large number of enemy units
432) Tweak Added nationality and air type to Destroyed Group screen; revised rebuild costs
433) Fixed No planes, no torpedo ordnance available
434) Tweak Added option to release most EXP pilots from group
435) Tweak Limit off-map movement of restricted groups by ship to sea-locked base only
436) Tweak Skip ACS loading if not at destination base
437) Fixed Player's ACS TFs could be re-directed by AI
438) Tweak Allow CS TF to leave base when not enough fuel if destination has fuel
439) Fixed Suppress AR from being operational if AR has any repair delays
440) Tweak Disbanding/withdrawing groups with no national home base will release static attachment. Higher PP cost to reform some static/restricted destroyed groups; some can't be reformed
441) Fixed Mouse over on Pilot List sometimes gave wrong info
442) Tweak LCU arrival base when no national base. Some restricted LCU will change to temporary restriction when rebuilt from destroyed list.
443) Fixed Retained original delay on LCU if enemy still holds base at scenario start; random delay time could cause unit to return to national base
444) Fixed Restored LCU image on small land unit screen (like reinforcements)
445) Fixed Allow more ships to show in TF transfer screen
446) Tweak Lowered upper altitude limit for AI DBs
447) Fixed Soviet release did not always free Japanese to attack
448) Fixed TOE device upgrade not always occurring
449) Fixed AI could reassign human TK task force for pickup oil/fuel purposes
450) Tweak Added 'Release pilots' buttons to 'Request Veteran' screen
451) Tweak Allow skills for pilot release in addition to Exp
452) Fixed Base movement of off-map groups overriding restricted HQ check
453) Tweak Allow option to retain pilot in group list before releasing pilots
454) Fixed Industry Management screen not checking if base is active before adding RES and OIL pools; affect small map scenarios
455) Tweak Allow Army list filters to be passed to Draw Army screen for next/prev army
456) Tweak Allow rail move between connected off-map bases (CANADA and EC)
457) Tweak Allow off-map movement for '0' ready groups
458) Fixed Suppress option for Withdraw on Intel Screen if not enabled
459) Tweak Allow upgrade exchange between FB/LLB/DB at a PP cost - CAS type intermix
460) Fixed Some level bomber switches in user upgrades not costing PPs
461) Tweak Added ability to set combat mode on the Army list screens
462) Tweak Added reason for inability to recombine units on OOB org screen
463) Fixed Revamped the ability to keep pilot from being release on the group screen. Corrects rank sort error
464) Fixed Army list screen had some overlapping text
465) Fixed Expanding of AF showed strange %
466) Fixed Player upgrade aircraft showing wrong PPs
467) Changed Location of Show TOE button on LCU screen
468) Added Option to stop upgrades in LCU
469) Tweak Made new stacking levels from pwhex override the default island stack size if present
470) Tweak Enabled LCU on ship to be seen on prev/next from army list
471) Tweak Allow prev/next on LCUs on ships in a tf hex
472) Fixed Repair of Air HQ devices with Replacements denied
473) Fixed LCU replacements could cause 'free' upgrade sometimes
474) Tweak Added monsoon effect to aircraft support affecting AF (0-4) service level
475) Fixed Low level altitude penalty using wrong altitude
476) Fixed Defender pilot not always getting fatigue from high altitude penalty
477) Tweak Independent group co-ordination failing
478) Tweak Show group returning info even if withdrawal OFF
479) Fixed Fatigue on groups at range 0 - error exposed in 1108q9
480) Fixed Railway move of groups at heavily damaged AFs not always working
481) Fixed LCU not showing on map
482) Fixed Expanding '0' factories
483) Fixed Sync bug due to AUTO_UPGRADE option test for subs
484) Fixed Possible negative max limit for pilots
485) Added Stacking limit on top line of game screen if present
486) Fixed Possible 'anchored ships' screen pops up on group list
487) Tweak Restore original over-fill % when limited pilot condition removed
488) Fixed Off-loading parent LCU sometimes disappeared leaving orphaned fragment
489) Fixed Removed limit of non-zero port for repairs - left over from WITP and stops use of repair ships in port 0
490) Fixed Arrival ship list sort not working if ship due to arrive in a TF
491) Fixed Error in industry menu for yard points - reporting HI need instead
492) Fixed Air-borne radar not checked in night raid detection; include moon and radar in check
493) Tweak Bomber co-ordination at night depends on skill, moon and air radar; complements above fix to CAP
494) Fixed Air-borne radar not being passed to split-off flights, affects night combat
495) Fixed Search direction not passed to 'Set all' groups
496) Tweak Try to preserve target on group transfer between bases
497) Added Day/night filter to air group list
498) Fixed Lock scroll box on sunk ship list when showing a ship
499) Fixed Wrong nationality test on group arrival if no base set resulting in delayed arrival
500) Fixed NF don't always have AIR SEARCH radar; assume NF with air radar is SEARCH. Problem lies with incorrect data for radar device. If NF can have both air and ground radar, then air should be listed after ground radar.
501) Tweak List base fire damage in player's Ops report
502) Fixed HQ not swapping with fragment sometimes
503) Fixed Auto upgrade of TOE device when LCU upgrade off.
504) Fixed Error in class of re-spawned midget sub
505) Fixed Misplaced TF icon not matching map location
506) Fixed Large number of groups could cause CTD in air attack
507) Fixed Group arriving at a ship still had delay of 1 stopping getting of pilots
508) Fixed Missing troop level in non-base hex
509) Fixed Use Manchuko hex ownership to determine garrison
510) Fixed Patrol air missions from ships took incorrect endurance from TF - relief CAP increased endurance used
511) Tweak Lower DL on base industry FOW
512) Fixed Retain Escort mission if too many ships in new TF mission - causes issues to some code if wrong number of ships present
513) Fixed Incorrect TF# used after surface combat (caused sync but wrong ships used endurance)


Erik Rutins
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RE: New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Be... - 12/17/2011 6:52:07 PM   


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Wow!  I've been away from WitP for a while, but just this morning I was planning to post a "So when will that unofficial beta start looking official?" post!

Congratulations to all you hard-working testers.  This looks very impressive.

(in reply to Erik Rutins)
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RE: New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Be... - 12/18/2011 12:50:48 AM   


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Users of the Tech Support betas should take note to not use the Beta Shortcut anymore (the one created by installing the beta published in the Tech Support forum - aka beta2 folder).

< Message edited by Rainer -- 12/18/2011 12:53:09 AM >


Data base changes by Andy Mac October 16, 2012
Scen #1 Allied vs AI Level Hard Daily Turns
Art Mods by TomLabel and Reg
Topo Map by chemkid

WitW / Torch
1.01.37 - 1.01.44 beta

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RE: New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Be... - 12/18/2011 11:41:12 AM   


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Wow boys. Many thanks for this gift, .

A big Merry Christmas and a happy new year to Matrix, to all the developers and to all the members of this forum and their families.

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RE: New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Be... - 12/21/2011 10:19:26 PM   


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Thanks for the beta, I just installed and the game no longer runs in a window like the previous version I was using. Kind of clunky.

(in reply to littleike)
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RE: New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Be... - 12/22/2011 1:53:25 AM   

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ORIGINAL: a_gonatas

Thanks for the beta, I just installed and the game no longer runs in a window like the previous version I was using. Kind of clunky.

The window was due to the switches set up in the shortcut. Just remove the window switch to prevent it running in the window.

(in reply to Marcus_Antonius)
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RE: New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Be... - 12/24/2011 4:47:46 AM   

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500 fixes to what I view as an already polished gem.  Well done !!!


"There’s no such thing as a bitter person who keeps the bitterness to himself.” ~ Erwin Lutzer

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RE: New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Be... - 12/25/2011 3:31:56 AM   

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Thanks, much appreciated.


" Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room. " President Muffley

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RE: New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Be... - 12/25/2011 8:32:41 PM   

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Guys been busy. Well done. Many thanks!


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RE: New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Be... - 12/28/2011 8:06:29 PM   


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is there a newer 'c' version?

(in reply to Erik Rutins)
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RE: New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Be... - 12/31/2011 12:28:16 AM   

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Updates to this gem are always welcome ..... my compliments ....

Though 500+ changes is alot to read at my age .... rumor has it that one of them involves paying PP's for aircraft upgrades ?
Say it ain't so ........

(in reply to Erik Rutins)
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RE: New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Be... - 12/31/2011 12:29:49 AM   

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ORIGINAL: scout1

Updates to this gem are always welcome ..... my compliments ....

Though 500+ changes is alot to read at my age .... rumor has it that one of them involves paying PP's for aircraft upgrades ?
Say it ain't so ........

For upgrades outside the defined upgrades - Yes, otherwise No... Still it allows some more flexibility as a trade off.


(in reply to scout1)
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RE: New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Be... - 12/31/2011 10:16:33 AM   

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ORIGINAL: Admiral1

is there a newer 'c' version?

There is a beta installer (r6?) in the Tech forum that addresses some bugs since the official Beta was posted.
I will be passing these on so that a new official can be built but not until Matrix returns (about second week Jan)



(in reply to Admiral1)
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RE: New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Be... - 1/3/2012 4:39:37 AM   
Chet Guiles


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So far I have only noticed one quirky thing with the latest beta patch. In the game previously when a flight of aircraft was npoted on screen, such as "Japanese planes observed over Plegramtabata or whatever, it often showed up as only half a message. Now the whole message shows up, but the screen is divided in wierd ways so that the right half is either words with no land mass, or even the wrong segment of map. It rights itself once the message is over, but it's sort of strange.

Hope this makes sense.

Otherwise have noted nothing odd.

(in reply to Erik Rutins)
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RE: New War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Public Be... - 1/15/2012 3:29:53 PM   

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ORIGINAL: michaelm


ORIGINAL: Admiral1

is there a newer 'c' version?

There is a beta installer (r6?) in the Tech forum that addresses some bugs since the official Beta was posted.
I will be passing these on so that a new official can be built but not until Matrix returns (about second week Jan)

Any hope of seeing an updated Official Beta soon?



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