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Favorite Settings

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Favorite Settings - 12/5/2011 6:03:43 PM   
Gelatinous Cube

Posts: 696
Joined: 10/26/2011
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We had one of these awhile go for RotS, but I kind of want to see how people are playing Legends. So, how do you set up your galaxy?

Type: Varied Clusters. I like the unpredictable feeling of this map.

Stars: 1400 More is better!

Size: 10x10. I've played a lot on 10x10 and 15x15, and I think there's a very big difference in how the two play out. 10x10 feels much more manageable.

Your Race/Government: Random/Random. The only government I just don't like is Corporate Nationalism, and i'll change that right away if it gives it to me. I'm sure there may come a day when I need CN, but it hasn't come yet!

Other Empires: 19 Random Empires. I like not knowing what's going to happen.

Storylines and Disasters: All on, usually. In a game right now where it's almost year 2800 and the Shakturi still haven't shown up--last game, they showed up almost right away. You just never know!

Tech: Expensive. Might even change it to very expensive for my next game. I don't like retrofitting all the time, and having your tech level up slowly really gives every ship design that much more significance.

Plentifulness and Abundance of Stuff: Normal for everything.

Pirates and Monsters: Few Monsters and Normal/Average Pirates. I like monsters, just not all over the place. Pirates I like to be plentiful, but not right on my doorstep.

You guys?

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RE: Favorite Settings - 12/5/2011 7:10:08 PM   


Posts: 333
Joined: 9/28/2011
From: Ukraine
Status: offline
Ring - 700 stars
Size - 8*8
Colony prevalence - scarce. I like competition.
Difficulty - Hard
Aggression - CHAOS . I like TOTAL WAR!!!
Research - normal
Pirates/creatures - normal
Race - random
Home system - harsh or trying.
Location in galaxy - core
Storylines - disabled. Why? If I found field of debris game for my opponents finishes very soon.
Victory condition - sandbox.

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RE: Favorite Settings - 12/5/2011 7:14:56 PM   

Posts: 189
Joined: 5/13/2011
From: Europe, Terra
Status: offline
Type: Ring or Spiral I like ring because it usually splits up into one or two major core empires and 6 to 8 major outer rim empires
Stars: 1400 The more the merrier
Size: 10x10 I haven't played on 15x15 up to date, I'll have to try it soon
Race/Government: Every game with a different combination (But Sluken Hive Mind is my favourite)
Other Empires: Max amount of random or one of each race
Storylines and Disasters: All on but sometimes without the original DW storyline (Flying around the galaxy to forbidden zones in a 24 fuel cell explorer get's boring after some time)
Tech: 800k
Colony: Scarce or max depending on my mood
alien life: max
Pirates: Many/distant
Monsters: normal or max
edit: oh and aggression on restless

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RE: Favorite Settings - 12/5/2011 8:08:42 PM   


Posts: 686
Joined: 6/27/2010
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Keeping in mind I'm pretty new, and have only played a few games:

Type: Even Clusters or Elliptical
Size: Large/Large or Huge/Huge
Race/Government: Teekan or Zenox seem most appealing so far
Other Empires: At least 11, sometimes more, always on random
Storylines: Off for my first few games while I learned the ropes, but on now
Tech Costs: Normal so far, but now I want to go to Expensive or Very Expensive. I want each advance to count, and don't like perpetual retrofitting.

Everything else on Normal.

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RE: Favorite Settings - 12/5/2011 10:03:30 PM   


Posts: 21
Joined: 2/4/2011
Status: offline
Type: Varied Clusters
Ring - 1400 stars
Size - 10x10
Colony prevalence - scarce.
Difficulty - Normal
Aggression - Normal but i'm learning...
Research - very expensive
Pirates/creatures - normal
Race/Government: Random/Random
Other Empires: all of them
Storylines and Disasters: All on

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RE: Favorite Settings - 12/6/2011 4:03:04 AM   

Posts: 1040
Joined: 9/12/2011
Status: offline
It's a bit early for me to have 'favourite' settings as I'm still exploring... That said here are my current settings-

Type: Irregular, Edge start
Size: 1400 stars, 15x15
Colonies: Abundant
Alien Life: Teeming
Monsters: Many
Pirates: Many/Nearby
Empires: 19. One of each, independents do not form empires
Race/Govenment: Human/Republic (this I vary from game to game)
Tech Cost: 999k this game, had been playing with Very Expensive and wanted it slower. Have to see how this goes.
No storylines (hate debris fields, etc). Events and disasters on.
Home System: Normal (I play Harsh and Trying also.)

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RE: Favorite Settings - 12/6/2011 7:22:33 AM   

Posts: 1093
Joined: 5/14/2010
From: Kiadia Prime
Status: offline
Type: Spiral, Ring or either one of the clusters.
Size 700 or 400. Depends on the type of map. 10x10 or 15x15.
Colonies: Normal (usually) or scarce.
Difficulty: Hard.
Tech costs: Expensive, very expensive or manually set somewhere between 500 and 700.
Alien life: Normal or scattered.
Monsters: Normal
Pirates: Normal. Distance average.
Race and goverment: Depends. Favourites are Kiadians (democracy), Zenox (technocracy) and Quamenos (technocracy or republic) but I love playing with Teekans, Ugnaris and other more "comical" races too.
Home system: Normal.
Other empires: Depends. Usually 10-18 Randoms. Size and tech starting. Independents are allowed to form new empires.
All storylines, events and disasters on.


Nothing is impossible, not if you can imagine it!
"And they hurled themselves into the void of space with no fear."

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RE: Favorite Settings - 12/6/2011 7:56:50 AM   

Posts: 551
Joined: 12/3/2011
From: Uranus
Status: offline
I'd like to know what speed and save policy everyone uses. I play at 2x speed and dont save until the game ends. Usually 2 hours for a short game. That reminds me that I need to turn off the autosave.
Does anyone ever use slow speed? Im thinking about using it as an alternative to pausing.
Otherwise spiral galaxy 400 stars and 4-5 races. Colonies minimum. Start worlds trying. Starting level for tech. Everything else may vary.

(in reply to J HG T)
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RE: Favorite Settings - 12/6/2011 8:13:40 AM   


Posts: 808
Joined: 10/10/2005
Status: offline
Slight preference for Varied Clusters but also like Ring and Irregular.
400 Stars - I like the rarity of resources this brings.
10x10 - Low number of stars with distance. Locations have meaning this way.
Expansion Young. I like the AI to have a bit of a head start in colonies and tech.
Difficulty Normal. I prefer to keep the income balanced.
Aggression Unstable. Should bring in the more aggressive races.
Colony Prevalence Normal. I don't have many stars to compensate.
Research Expensive. To draw the game out.
Aliens Normal. Like to have a handful of randoms to make life interesting.
Creatures None. These just annoy me and get in the way.
Pirates Normal. Mainly so I can replenish reputation. Might turn this down in future as it can give you an advantage.
Race Random. But will not play Atuuks, Teekans, or Humans because they are too boring.
Random start position.
Home Normal.
Size Starting. Puts me a bit behind the AI races.
Tech Starting. A little behind the AI races.
Corruption Normal.
Government Random.
6 to 9 Random Empires. With higher aggression you should get more aggressive races spawning. If you play with all races this is nullified. Makes the galaxy much more interesting not knowing who will be around.
Allow Independents to start new empires.
Only Enable Disasters and Race Specific events. The ship graveyards etc turn the balance too quickly.

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RE: Favorite Settings - 12/10/2011 9:40:01 PM   

Posts: 5788
Joined: 10/18/2002
From: The Imperial Palace.
Status: offline
Anyone else care to weigh in? I will soon start my second game, and I'm curious what settings other people like. I'm leaning toward a smallish start like Das's.


(in reply to DasTactic)
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