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[Suggestion ot developers] Combat and design refit

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[Suggestion ot developers] Combat and design refit - 2/16/2011 10:07:46 AM   


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Hi everybody! English is not my native language, but ill try to to be clear.
Firs of all thanks Code Force and Matrix for a great game, i really love. But I want to help improve this game. Most of all in 4x games i like space combat and designing my own ships, I think in DW its a bit plain, so here is my suggestion:

1.Add firing arcs

Master of orion 2 was an inspiration.
Spinal mounts can be either overpowered standard weapons or specially researched one (it will work great for world devastator weapon or heavy ion cannon)

In design screen it should be 5 separate weapon loadouts for each firing arc.
It will also increase importance of thrust components, as i don't care about it much right now.
Torpedoes and missiles: don't really care where to put them, they are guided.

2.Fighting tactic
As firing arcs will be limited there must be different combat tactics, as current system will not work. So i have some examples:
Red circle - target
Black circle - own ship
Gunboat attack: ship will fly around target firing its port or starboard weapons on a set distance(you choose wich side it will face the target):

Spinal mount facing: ship will face target with its spinal mount and will not move(start fleeing when target is at point blank range

Keep distance: ship will keep its set distance to a target moving from target if its closing

Point blank (close range): ship will rush to the target and will try to be as close to it as possible(good for powerful close ranged beams or lasers

Point defense: ship will try to stand between friendly bigger ship and target to shoot down incoming fighters and missiles

Its just first few that came to my mind, there can be much more of tactics.

3.Weapon abilities and new components
Missiles and torpedoes CAN be shot down but only with point defense weapons, missiles must have better evasion then torpedoes.
I think there MUST be some sort of abilities, like ion cannon right now.
Also every weapon should have shield penetration chance, bigger for beams, less for lasers and missiles etc.
Shields should have different resistance to penetration, or it will be interesting to add new components like shield boosters etc.
It will increase armor importance, as don't really care about it, just add more shields and its done.

4.Weapon variations
3 different blasters, missiles and torpedoes is good, but we NEED more.
For example add long range artillery cannons,not energy based, 1500-5000 range, maybe they must use ammo(one more component - ammo storage)).
One more example: spinal mount, shield piercing fusion beam, with low damage to shield but devastating against armor ant hull...
Just imagine: Long range cruiser trying to destroy capital ship using its artillery cannons flying around it(gunship tactic), few escort-class try to destroy incoming torpedoes from Cap. ship, so they don't reach cruiser. And Cap. ship tries to face cruiser with its one powerful spinal mounted fusion beam, which will crush through cruisers shields in second destroying it (Cap ship captain does not know that enemy have high resistance shields and his fusion cannon will only slightly damage them... etc... etc... etc...
Right now its more important to add more guns and more shields, and the battle is won. I DON'T like it, tactic must be more useful.

I think this thread can be a good inspiration on weapon variations:

ALL of this is just quick examples and can evolve much more.
Sorry for my english, it was really hard to explain what i want, i hope you understand everything.

Please leave your comments and let me know if im not alone in my wishes.

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RE: [Suggestion ot developers] Combat and design refit - 2/16/2011 10:48:26 AM   

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Hi Shuul and welcome to the community. Your requests are clear, more so for another MOOniac like me
Some of them I've already put on the wishlist, some were put by others....not sure how easy to implement they will be but we can at least request them.


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RE: [Suggestion ot developers] Combat and design refit - 2/16/2011 4:28:56 PM   

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Welcome to the forums Shuul. Good suggestions overall.
I'm quite fine with the combat as it is currently, but more features never hurt.

Couple 'o weapons I'd love love to see though (some of these are in wishlist if moi is remembering correctly):

1. Rail cannons/guns. Long range, high damage, low accuracy, kinetic weapons with possible ammunition. Can be used to maul planets also.
2. Beam weapons. We have energy/laser cannons but proper beam weapons are needed. Maybe you could choose your research between beams and cannons (Shatterforce cannons or beams for example). Beams could have longer range, better accuracy but reduced damage.
3. Late game upgrades for missiles to make them viable main weapon. Anti-matter or "phase" missile techs.
4. "multi-resonator" cannons. Medium range energy weapons which hit deals damage to close enemy vessels also. Not same as "wave" weapons.  


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RE: [Suggestion ot developers] Combat and design refit - 2/16/2011 5:10:50 PM   

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Welcome Shuul. Very nice introduction.

Weapons arcs have been discussed before briefly but never presented so well. Good job.

I'd like to see more variety of weapons too. Create some more tech branches for them so we've got options.


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RE: [Suggestion ot developers] Combat and design refit - 2/16/2011 7:46:02 PM   


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Suggestion about Kinetic weapons and their tech trees:
4 different types:

Medium range, low reload speed, high velocity, moderate accuracy, high damage, low shield penetration, very low energy consumption.

Auto cannons
Short range, VERY high reload speed, high velocity, moderate accuracy, low-med damage, low shield penetration, very low energy consumption.

Long - very long range, low reload speed, high velocity, low-moderate accuracy, med-high damage, low shield penetration, very low energy consumption.

Not ammo based, but:

Rail gun
Very long range, low reload speed, very high velocity, moderate - high accuracy(due to high velocity and used technology), medium damage, medium shield penetration, medium energy consumption(need to recharge condensers)

Tech trees: (but hey are really rough)

As you can see cannons separate to 2 more techs: armor piercing (decreases armor effectiveness but a bit weaker) and long range artillery(also have HE version which explodes and damages all nearby ships but a bit weaker)

Auto cannons with great reloading, further upgrades decreases reload speed and range. Also opens point defense tech - flak cannons with low range and reload speed but area effect, good vs fighters or missile racks.

Rail gun - further upgrades increases range and energy consumption and damage. Has a bit weaker shield piercing variant.

Any comments?? Maybe its a useless work, or i should continue, how do you think? Any way I like to create new stuff.

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RE: [Suggestion ot developers] Combat and design refit - 2/17/2011 3:58:08 AM   

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I like your idea about weapons arcs. If they are implemented that would mean that we would have to be more involved in tactical combats as positioning ships would be important and I'm all for that.

Now, that would mean that AI would have to be good at tactics and positioning as well, which would mean a little bit more work of Elliot :)

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RE: [Suggestion ot developers] Combat and design refit - 2/18/2011 12:31:20 AM   


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I can see a DW "Tactics" expansion in the future. Nice initial work guys.

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RE: [Suggestion ot developers] Combat and design refit - 2/18/2011 3:23:37 AM   


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Nice ideas...  It is like an overhaul like they did with the research,  of course,  this time we will be using slots so to pinpoint where is the weapon is and what arc it is,  like this  PICTURE of Space Empires  also this one Star Trek Starfleet command 

Also i see the fleet tactics,  sure,  fleet formations would be nice,  also extra commands to the ships,  like special movements but also it has a negative effect to the ship,  like Increase power to weapons and it reduces the shields,  sure this would be more difficult to do when you have more ships.  Or...

Now that i remember,  some of the games i have have this Right click menu options,  formations,  tactics as in disable engines,  disable weapons,  kill shields,  capture,  also some of the stances,  aggressive stance as they will use more power to weapons,  passive as in more power to shields,  pursuit more power to engines, 


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