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RE: Modders Wishlist

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RE: Modders Wishlist - 7/30/2012 1:48:15 PM   

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After playing a lot of games in spiral galaxy maps, I found that habitable planet placement (Continental and Marshy swamp)is a very dumb and nonsensical! That is because they are not spread out property and are in close packs.

So my suggestion is to add modifiable galaxy generator txt. file!

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RE: Modders Wishlist - 7/30/2012 8:03:02 PM   

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Tyrador, I play alot of spiral maps too, but I haven't noticed that issue with planet placement. Maybe I just havnen't noticed it.

A modifiable galaxy map would be immensely cool. I think what we need is the ability to save a map using the editor. The tricky part for the devs would be to make each game start with that map, with each race in their correct starting positions ie, on their own homeworlds.


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RE: Modders Wishlist - 7/31/2012 11:37:06 AM   

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Strange, every time i play 7x7 map with 700 stars and scarce habitable planets, I get very weird continental planet placement...

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RE: Modders Wishlist - 7/31/2012 1:51:41 PM   

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From: Scotland
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You could be right. I haven't played a map that size for a while. I seem to remember something being mentioned a long while back about dispersal of planet types, but I'm not sure.


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RE: Modders Wishlist - 8/23/2012 7:44:30 PM   

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I have a whole list of things I'd like to have modifiable.

AI Behavior:
AI Military Spending - even though it's there now, the high level is very, very low. I'd like more levels with the highest being one where the AI spends most of it's money on military, saving little.

Other AI Spending - although not as important as military, it'd be nice to be able to mod priority to other the fields (expansion, resource gathering, technology). This would be especially useful if the costs of ship / base parts are allowed to be modded as I request below.

AI Ships - ability to put a blueprint for the AI to follow for individual ship types. Or something of the sort.

AI Negotiations:

Mod how the AI values anything that you can trade as well as wars / sanctions. It would be great if you could change individual paths along with levels (i.e. Some races value military techs more, others energy). If techs become modable, this last part might not be necessary.


Ability to mod the cost and maintenance of individual parts.

Ability to mod the base cost of resources.


Ability to mod what each tech actually does. In this way, technologies can be changed.

Ability to mod how much each tech is worth for each race.

I think those are all the big ones I'd like to see. It would allow actual mods that change the way the AI and the game plays a bit.

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RE: Modders Wishlist - 8/23/2012 9:19:42 PM   

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Damn forgot about this master topic,
So some copy pasta:

It would be great to have some "dimensions" control of "displayed ships picture size" in Starmap.
I mean actually I would like to display only small symbols for ships (like triangles, squares, circles, ...) but I can't because if I try to put some 20x20 pixel image, it will be stretched ingame to match some standard ship size.
There is no need to delete this scaling effect (ships get bigger as their hull size increase) but maybe can you allow us to "divide by a number" initial ship sizes?

It would be really great and I would be able to continue total conversion work :)

Thank you anyway for reading,

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Post #: 186
RE: Modders Wishlist - 6/15/2014 12:18:18 AM   

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I want the reputation gained from various acts to be moddable, mainly the positive gain from killing pirates that I'd prefer removed.

The problem is that it trivializes the evil things you do and makes forgiveness too easy.

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Post #: 187
RE: Modders Wishlist - 7/9/2014 12:44:44 PM   

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Please add feature to allow deep soundtrack customisation per race:

1. Assignment of "Racial" hymns/diplomatic tracks.
2. Allow creation of complex soundtrack lists which tied to specific Race/Family/Alignment/Trait family.

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Post #: 188
RE: Modders Wishlist - 7/25/2014 10:29:36 AM   

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From: LV-223
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Things I'd like to have in the order of importance.

* Raise the max number of components from 170 to at the very least 250. I already have 50 new components I can't add. The list is growing, I'm done with just the first research area.

* Add templates for planet destroyers.
Since only beam weapon research leads to planet destroyers I want to add other planet buster weapons as endtech for several other weapon research paths to even out the playground. The problem is I need ship templates for planet destroyers so the various races can utilize the different weapons. Even better would be to allow ship class and template creation.

There's also the question how the game recognizes alternate planet destroying weapons. Destructive power only or is there need for a new parameter in the components file?

* Include bonus/malus for weapons like targeting or striking against shields/armor in the components file instead of hardcoding them. It would be great if there were a new option for the weapon's impact on the crew so I could create a real death ray.

* Add a description field for components similar to facilities and plagues.

* Allow more and various planetary weapons. As of now only one ion weapon per planet is possible. Allow defining new facilities similar to wonders, if possible with more influence options.

* Allow more races. The more the better, but at least 100. A team of modders is thinking about a mega mod for DW Universe and 50 is way to low.

* Make the bundled huge construction size from gaining planet destroyer weapons unusable for ships without such a planet buster in the design.

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RE: Modders Wishlist - 8/1/2014 3:18:41 PM   


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So is this thread still active?

If no, can we start a DW2 modding thread?

If yes, then:
1. Weapons and defenses need fields available to the modder to indicate if a weapon specifically bypasses or reduces a particular defensive component. This exists now but appears hardcoded (grav weapons bypass shields, rail guns bypass armor, etc.) and not available to the modder. If it was, you could have arms races between new weapons and countermeasures (think electron beams that bypass shields and armor but are stopped by new gauss shields). To implement, I would recommend the defense component have a new set of fields to identify each arm TYPE (grav weapons, beams, etc.) and the % reduction.

2. Weapons that have a preference for damaging a specific component - IR seekers that preferentially damage engines, or nuclear dampeners that short circuit fission plants. Could be implemented with new weapon fields to have a component list of preferred damage

3. Wonders and planetary facillities should should have a generic template with multiple fields for changing a colony. All fields (quality, happiness, construction rate, income, etc.) should be moddable for any facility and wonder AND should be moddable as a NEGATIVE modifier or a positive one (note, this may exist, but I haven't tested it). For instance, a giant robotic factory complex may increase construction speed by 25%, but also damage the environment by 15%).

4. Troops should have a generic definition file of their own. Instead of pre-defining 4 types, give us access to components with defined troop types (att, def, log cost, special attack/defense, etc) That way we can use the research tree and the racial components to define our own faction-specific troops.

Thanks - this is a fantastic game. Really enjoying just playing it!


The secrets of this earth are not for all men to see, but only for those who seek them.

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RE: Modders Wishlist - 8/1/2014 3:24:54 PM   


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A note on #4 - also use the table to define pictures for troops, etc.

What I want on that is the ability to treat troops just like component design.

What I really want is new troop types like Mech forces (armored jump forces that enter combat like special forces but fight like armored forces) and grav tanks that can operate in the lower atmosphere as planetary defense, or invade like special forces and fight like armored ones. Or a robotic massive tank with planetary defense and armored assault capability.

yes, I want to mash up TOG grav armor vs. Davion assault mechs vs. BOLOs and Ogres.

Yes, that's exactly what I want....

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Post #: 191
RE: Modders Wishlist - 8/1/2014 3:28:12 PM   


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And a new troop type: artillery. Artillery ground forces should function as a multiplier to all ground attacks (similar to orbital forces I think?) with a low defense. Placement would be behind the front line (and vulnerable to special forces strikes).


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RE: Modders Wishlist - 8/2/2014 9:59:00 AM   


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Please raise the cap of 50 races or at least the cap of 50 used shipImages/familiyXX so that I can use for my race ingame as many ship images as possible. There are so many great modded pictures!

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RE: Modders Wishlist - 8/2/2014 5:50:31 PM   


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Now, I don't know, so I ask is there a cap of 50 races? Or what caps are there to shipImages families?

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RE: The Modder's Masterlist - 8/12/2014 3:42:38 PM   


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Freighter settings.

Freighters are part of private sector and player has no power over them other than making designs. On top of that we got 3 sizes of freighters, however it does not seem like game justifies having freighters of different size. For example. Game will use your large freighters to transport a small amounts of resources to retrofit a mining station, while it'll use your small freighters to take resources from those mining stations.

What I would like to have are priority settings in empire menu to have a little control on which freighters AI use for various tasks.
job type: "Bring resources to retrofit station".
Priorities: small freighter priority 1. So game always looks for a small freighter first. medium freighter priority 2. If small freighters are not available, AI looks for medium freighter next. Large freighter priority forbidden. Large freighters are forbidden from taking part in those jobs, even when they are the only available.
Also switch from hard coded 3 types of freighters to more flexible system, where player could freely add freighters types depending on jobs they wish them to do. So, instead of having just small, medium and large type, when we design new freighter we are choosing a set of priority rules, like in example above. Those rules would be premade in game so AI can use them, as well as they could be made from scratch by players.

With system as it is now there is no point having 3 different types of freighter design. Making all 3 sizes just a copy of one medium freighter is even more optimal.

So my wish is:
Give more control over freighter behavior.

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RE: The Modder's Masterlist - 8/23/2014 9:07:44 PM   

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From: LV-223
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Things I'd like to have in the order of importance.

* Allow more ressources to affect races in the race files. Right now there are 3, I need 7 to implement the 4 different kinds of drugs I've added which have various effects. That also gives the pirates more contraband.

* Allow more than 1000 research projects. I'd need 1200 to implement everything already planned.

* Add a description field for components similar to facilities and plagues.
OR (even better)
* Allow adding new content like component descriptions to the galactopedia. I have added description pages for several new weapon types, but they don't show up at all.

* Include bonus/malus for weapons like targeting or striking against shields/armor in the components file instead of hardcoding them. It would be great if there were a new option for the weapon's impact on the crew so I could create a real death ray.

* Allow setting a certain diplomatic penalty for the use of "evil" tech (now hardcoded only for bombardment and planet destruction).

*Allow defining new facilities similar to wonders, if possible with more influence options.

* Allow building more and various planetary weapons. As of now only one weapon per planet is possible.

* Allow alternate weapons for fighters and bombers and apply their special properties.

* Further raise the max number of components. I'm at 293 already and there still are a bunch of race techs to add. A few more would be nice, but I can also delete some obsolete vanilla ones.

* Allow restricting research projects to certain governments similar to restricing them to races.

* Allow more races. The more the better, but at least 100. A team of modders is thinking about a mega mod for DW Universe and 50 is way to low.

Also thanks for what you already did. Great job.

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RE: The Modder's Masterlist - 9/28/2014 11:32:20 AM   


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THX to everyone who developed this great nearly fantastic game. Please make lurchis mod possible! THX

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RE: The Modder's Masterlist - 10/14/2014 5:55:48 AM   


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It has to be possible to mod the approval of the different population policies.
It's like a bug that enslaved population is happy and you cannot free them by incite rebellion or even you got them free by military, they change to the empire which they enslave again.

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RE: The Modder's Masterlist - 12/3/2014 12:42:51 AM   


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I wonder if this thread is still alive...oh well, I'll just try my luck:

*race specific manufactured resources: Please add the possibility for manufactored resources to be produced by certain races only and, of course, allow modders to determine how many and what kind of race(s) can manufacture those resources.
For example, the Dhayut, being spiders, could produce a silk-like resource that no other race could get without trading.

*resources providing boni to races: Please increase the total number of resources that could provide boni to races to at least five.

*modding ground troops: Please give modders the possibility to mod ground troops like other components. It would be great if we could add new troop types and/or super ground unites (as an equivalent to the super weapons).

Thanks in advance!

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RE: The Modder's Masterlist - 2/4/2015 10:51:38 PM   

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One Dhayut's bodily waste(silk) is another race's treasure.

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RE: The Modder's Masterlist - 2/26/2015 7:29:16 PM   

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I'm actually quite surprised to not see UI mods in the master wishlist at the top of this thread. There is currently no ability to mod the UI layout or functionality. While I really like this game, to me the first thing that needs to be modded before even considering any internal data changes like races etc is to be able to address some of the limitations of the UI itself. Consider ship management for instance. It is extremely tedious to manage ships from the current ship page. I'd love to be able to add filters to each field to further narrow down the view and even additional columns for information not currently displayed. It would also be nice to be able to make certain pages/windows larger or resizable/re-positionable. For me, this is necessary before even considering other types of changes.

So my request is to be able to mod the UI properly and not just theme and skin it.

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RE: The Modder's Masterlist - 6/3/2015 10:34:35 AM   


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- More dynamic Luxury goods and resources -

1. Increased range Resource1Amount in /race/.txt allowing a negative modifier and increasing the max cap by x10 or more
so that PopulationGrowthRate has a possible range of (-100) to (1000)

-I want to crate a race that is dependent on a specific resource to procreate
example: a Mecca race that has natural growth of 1.01, but with access to necros stone that increases to 1.10 (or more)

2. ResourceEffects in resource.txt


depending on how it is coded you could
define a ResourceEffect as you define DISTRIBUTION AND PREVALENCE INFORMATION on planets
so in LocationType where it asks for planet(0)/asteroid(1)/gascloud(2) you define ResourceEffect instead with (-1 or 3)
so the line would be - DefineResourceEffect, ResourceEffect, ResourceAmount, ResourceAppliesToRace, ResourceAppliesOnlyToSource

DefineResourceEffect = flag to define that it is a ResourceEffect and not a Location Type
ResourceEffect = The effect of the resource on this race at colonies. (see p. 36 in mod guide)
ResourceAmount = Amount of resource effect, may be a percentage value. (see p. 36 in mod guide) With extended range to allow negative values.
ResourceAppliesToRace = Which race the bonus is provided to. Race Index Number or (-1) for all.
ResourceAppliesOnlyToSource = Specifies whether the resource effect only applies when the resource is naturally occurring at a colony (i.e. mined at the colony) (Y(1)/N(0))


-Adds more diversity to Resources and races
-Adds possibility to create a luxury good that increases one stat but decreases another, so more happiness but decreased productivity/research/growth (narcotics)

3. Contraband checkbox in-game (if possible)

A checkbox in resources view in expansion window that flags if the resource is a contraband in the empire.

-stops mining of the resource within the empire
-stops private ships in the empire from carrying the resource
-doubles the price of the resource within the empire
-ships found with the resource is flagged as an enemy
-if there are contraband resources on a planet corruption increases (+5/contraband type)

-If nr1 on my list is included, some races might not want to consume resources with negative bonuses.
-gives more possibilities for pirates to create revenue.
-This can also be expanded further for pirates. Adding border control functions to space stations and planets and “safeport” facility to pirates to circumvent those.

4. Population as a resource (moral gray area)

-another population policy "Harvest", essentially between enslave and exterminate.
-Harvest produces a resource from the population on the planet. The amount is based on population times growth (essentially the population growth is transformed into the resource).
-Exterminate also produces the resource (why waste?).
-witch resource is produced by a specific race population is defined in /race/.txt as RaceRecource followed by the resource number, while the resource itself in defined in resource as normal.
(-possibly happiness drop if a /races/ RaceRecource is consumed where the /race/ is located, but this can be added in resources.txt if nr2 is included)

-soylent Green recource
-sometimes you want to be scum of the galaxy
-moral choice, do you want to be a good guy or get access to a special resource you otherwise don't get access to but everyone hates you for it.
-adds possibility to create parasitic races that needs to use other races to grow.

[i might edit this later]

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RE: The Modder's Masterlist - 9/17/2015 2:42:04 PM   


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I would like to make request, if possible (which I believe is), an option that defines wether a race/(faction) can start/spawn as independent alien life.

Like the options that defines wether a race can be/is pirate, empire, colonize, playable. Because if you want to add a "race" that's not really a race but more a faction/alliance/coalition of several races. It doesn't feel right that those "races"/factions spawn/start as independent alien life. To counter, that there is no alien life of their "race"/faction I would then "simply"(at least in theory?) ex. increase pop growth and migration rate. This option should be easy to implant.

Another request i would like to make but have no clue if possible.

Since you can set policy on colonies, to, assimilate, exterminate, resettle, enslave.
Is there a way to add an option policy that "converted"/"forced to convert", "join"/"enlist", "convert or die" kind of thing, so that a faction that could not spawn as independent life could make other races, join/convert to their faction/"race", meaning that a pop of 1000m human would slowly (depending on some rate factor in race/policy) convert/join to a faction's "race".
ex: in a star wars mod, to make The galactic republic (which i made a new species for, multi-species since is not a single race but several races working together) able to convert/enlist humans and other races into their "race"/faction so that the 1000m humans would over time turn into 1000m galactic republic "race".
And also so that you can define which "races"/factions that could have these policies so races that are races, cant make other races into their race, since they are a race and not a faction.

I hope you understand what i am writing and what i am trying to say. :).



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RE: The Modder's Masterlist - 10/27/2015 10:11:21 PM   

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Please add the ability/button to reload a currently selected mod without having to load to a different mod then back again! Please?

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RE: The Modder's Masterlist - 3/13/2021 11:54:53 AM   


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Is there a mod that removes galactic storms?

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