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Useful Hints

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Useful Hints - 5/14/2010 6:17:21 PM   

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I'm creating this thread so that people can post some useful "hints" that they have discovered while playing AE. I'm talking about ideas to minimize part of the "click-fest" of the game,...and not so much in the way of tactics.

If it catches on...great. If not, it will slowly (or quickly) find its way to the 50th page to collect dust.

These can be complicated or easy hint. Some may even be obvious. I'm counting on at least 1 person isn't aware of some of the most obvious suttleties of AE. If you have idea on ways to improve someone's suggestion, please let us know....however, please do not ridicule someone's idea.

My hint:

Say you are creating mutliple TF's at SF, but you want all of these TF's to be based out of PH. Create the first TF and assign it's home base to PH. Then, when you create the other TF's, pick "Create TF" from the TF screen of the first TF you created (not from the base screen or port screen). All of the new TF's will automatically have a home base of PH set.

This works very well when creating multiple sub TFs in say...PH,...and after they finish their patrol you want them to return to Midway.


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RE: Useful Hints - 5/14/2010 7:06:30 PM   

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If I have a stack of LCU's I need to send to a single target hex, but want to leave a unit behind for occupation duty, I will order all the units to move to the target, then go back to the one I wish to stay and give it "destination" orders to the existing hex where it is..(Simple).


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RE: Useful Hints - 5/14/2010 9:10:24 PM   


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TF embarkations from the West Coast, can also be used from other ports under submarine threat.
This is to limits IJN sub attacks.

Stage as many convoys at the same time from the same port that you can.
Load them to the max with troops, supplies, and fuel.

Then shoot them all down the same line of hexes, out to a staging hex, 2-3 movement turns away.
This is preceded by sending as many ASW TF's along the same route.

A mid sea hub, voila!

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RE: Useful Hints - 5/14/2010 9:10:47 PM   


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Keep a couple different types of aircraft at a base. This is especially usefully with bombers and tasking missions. For example, lets say I control Ndeni and I move move some bombers in to begin hammering Lunga(Guadalcanl) to prep for invasion. If I move in 4 groups of B24-D Liberators and 4 groups of B-24D1 Liberators, I can control all eight groups by using only two. I assign one group of D's to port attack, then select the tab "all B-24 D Liberators at this base", then airfield attack and do the same for the B-24 D1s. You can size number of groups you want for the mission and easily rotate them in and out of rest mode.

Doing this gives you a reason to selectively upgrade groups, and is usefully especially with bombers at bases where you do not want to assign "all level bombers" do to some on naval attack, ect.

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RE: Useful Hints - 5/14/2010 11:23:57 PM   

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ORIGINAL: m10bob

If I have a stack of LCU's I need to send to a single target hex, but want to leave a unit behind for occupation duty, I will order all the units to move to the target, then go back to the one I wish to stay and give it "destination" orders to the existing hex where it is..(Simple).

Nearly the same, but I hit "Cancel Move", up in the right hand corner.


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RE: Useful Hints - 5/15/2010 1:37:48 AM   


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When pulling lots of pilots out of a unit or reserve, use one finger to click your mouse/touchpad to select the pilot, and the other hand to click the "Y" confirmation using the keyboard instead of having to slide the cursor back and forth.

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RE: Useful Hints - 5/15/2010 2:46:21 AM   

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To be obvious - you cannot stop an enemy amphibious invasion with air units alone. You must commit naval forces of some type. When on the defensive, dont expect that your ground and air forces will be able to stop an invasion. Your opponent probably knows about what you have and has brought enough to take you down. As a tip, allied player shoudl always keep PT's available to spawn and keep bases supplied so that they can be used in defense, even if no other sea unit is available. Deploy surface combat ships near enough to at risk bases to have combat and at a minimum slow down the enemy advance - generally within 10 hexes, but speed must come into play.

Tip 2 - ALWAYS choose the best commander in naval combat. Usually this means high aggressiveness and naval skills (except for CV's). Many times that is the difference between victory and humiliating defeat.


Andy M

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RE: Useful Hints - 5/15/2010 11:22:21 AM   

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If/when alot of your sub-TFs arrive at PH or another port for upgrades, instead of disbanding them all one by one, first chose add ship to TF in one of the sub TFs, click all subs so that all your subs are located in one big TF, THEN disband the TF. This has been time- and click-saving for me atleast.



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RE: Useful Hints - 5/15/2010 5:46:22 PM   


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to minimize "click-fest", I've assigned the mouse's boutton 1 to do the "back" to close the open page, (Do not need to click back or exit button) this is amazing trust me...

and assigned mouse's button 2 to do control P (for pause) while in battle phase.

Simple free tool: autohotkey


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RE: Useful Hints - 5/15/2010 7:05:13 PM   


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To gain experience while in home airfields, don't just use training. Set your naval attack planes (DB, TB, LB) to "Naval Attack", then set "train" to 40 and "ASW" or "Search" to 40. The aircraft unit will fly missions, gain experience points in "experience, NavB or NavT, and ASW (or search). You get three for the price of one! For fighters, set them to escort, cap to 40, and training to 40. Your fighters will fly missions, and gain experience points in "experience" and "air".

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RE: Useful Hints - 5/15/2010 9:27:48 PM   
Mac Linehan


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Ramjet -

Very useful information. Thank You.

To the other contributors in this thread -

Excellent tips and advice. Please keep it coming!

an enlightened Mac....<grin>

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RE: Useful Hints - 5/15/2010 10:28:26 PM   

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Mine is for pilot relocation, instead of moving the mouse back and forth, use the "Y" key and click right through them!  Much quicker and easier. 


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RE: Useful Hints - 5/16/2010 9:14:49 AM   


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How to Keep Your AO's Full of Fuel

As the Allied player, it can be difficult keeping your fleet on-station for long periods of time in distant places like the Marshall Islands since the ports there aren't large enough to allow for enough fuel to be off-loaded. Thus, the Allied player needs to rely on AO's. The problem is that a large Allied fleet can suck multiple AO's dry in no-time.

So, to keep your AO's full of fuel, here's what you need to do. Have your AO's in a replenishment TF in a coastal hex (not necessary to be docked). Move in a tanker TF (must be tanker) into the same coastal hex as the replenishment TF. Then for the replenishment TF, choose "replenish at sea." This will transfer fuel from the tankers directly to the AO's.

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RE: Useful Hints - 6/29/2010 9:57:48 PM   

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If you want to speed up your turn assignments, change the scroll rate to "0" or "1".  A Scroll rate of "0" moves a little too quickly, but "1" seems pretty good.  The default rate of "3" just moved too slow when scrolling.


"When I said I would run, I meant 'away' ". - Orange

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RE: Useful Hints - 6/29/2010 11:27:45 PM   

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I was having a hard time loading multiple lcu's on amphip tf's (making sure I got the correct ones) for my invasions.  To avoid going back to my op sheets I first set all lcu's to rest or move at a base; then sort for the bases being prepped for; then set back my amphib units I want to load to 'combat'.  Now when I go to load troops I only see the ones I want to load.

However, I have to remember to reset the units at the base back to the appropriate action before moving on (don't want my eng's on rest).

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RE: Useful Hints - 6/29/2010 11:47:35 PM   


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I know most folks know this already but for our newer folks if they don't know.  If you hit the escape key during turn execution it will speed up.  Also If you have animations or reports come up esc works the same as clicking the exit button.  For setting Aircraft patrol levels click patrol and you can select numbers rather than cycling through 10 percent steps.  If I'm going to be setting most units for the same or similar orders I use the set all then unset or give specific orders to the Units I want to give different orders to.

This my not remove mouse clicks but it works for me. When loading a TF of multiple ground units I create a separate TF for each ground unit then merge them all together. I had issues where fragments would be left behind and this cured it. I tend to give each ground unit that fits on a single ship one extra ship so if the ship it's on is hit I don't lose the ground unit.

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