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RE: Master Wishlist Thread

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 2/26/2018 12:51:36 PM   


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Hi all,

I'm not a pro in DWU, but I've seen some impressive gameplay.

Many of the suggestions here try to improve the standart 4x gameplay - which is right and important. But I want to emphasize on an aspect of the game, that really lifts it to a plane of quality games like Stellaris could only dream of:

Real macro-economics! When I saw a let's play where the player invested a ton of money into upgrading starbases into the private sector and that in turn really boosted the economy of the whole state (due to increased tax income), I was in awe.

Please make sure your realistic resource gathering/trading and usage stay and are expanded on! The liveliness of the game comes from the fact, that the universe actually does business and the economy actually works!


PS: as a physicist I really love the moving planets (and stars?) in the game! Could be more realistic (elliptic trajectories), but way better than just static positions (like in every other game).

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 3/9/2018 6:36:58 PM   


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Only recently started playing but would love to see some additional features(unless I am missing something)

- Hot Keys for everything!!! (This is probably biggest play issue with this game.)
- Return to Homeworld/capital/assigned world (why do I have to manually tell my ship to return to main worlds. Bottom)
- Pirate missions (ability to click on target and create mission for pirates/mercenaries to attack/destroy)
- Ability to select a resources and then "cycle" through known sources of the resource.
- Colony "side bar" button (like most other unit types, ability to click sidebar button and list all colony ships.
- Ability to modify/override selection panel buttons (bottom).
- On Construction yards screen a checkbox to automatically move Military ships to top of queue...
- Filter Planets - right now you can "ring" systems that have habital planets, what would be nice is say filter so habital desert planets?
- Ability to filter types of missions? Smuggling/Attack/etc.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 3/18/2018 10:25:01 PM   


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What i would also love is more control over being able to control what sector you assign your fleets. Just like how in Hearts Of Iron 4 you can assign your numerous navy fleets to certain areas of the sea, it would be great if i could directly control which sectors I want a fleet to protect. And when I select a fleet, it would show me right away which sectors its assigned to by highlighting the sector on the map with a light color.

Also different scales of orbital bombardment. Light and precise orbital bombardment should be lengthy and only able to destroy some troops (maybe 5-25% of troops depending on fortification levels), and only kill a very small amount of the population. Just to soften a planet up before invasion. Only causing a very limited reputation hit. While full bombardment should be the same as how is now capable of destroying everything on the planet.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/11/2018 2:00:44 PM   


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I love Distant Worlds and can't wait for the sequel. After playing some more recent 4x/grand strategy games, I have a few wishes for the sequel:

1. The living universe, with independent civilians and pirates and a sophisticated-enough economy to give them a reason to exist, is one of the two things that set Distant Worlds apart from its competition. I'm sure it will be a performance hog in 3d, but please don't compromise the living universe for the sake of graphics.

2. That being said, please do streamline/adjust the economy so that it works in a more transparent way. It can be really hard to understand in Distant Worlds where income, expenses, and bonus income come from and why they shoot up or drop off abruptly. For example, maybe more parts of the economy could be based on yearly fees (that could still be disrupted by the destruction of mining stations or civilian ships) rather than one-off payments?

3. The second thing that sets Distant Worlds apart from the competition is the freedom of travel, restricted only by fuel - your ships can travel as far as their fuel tanks allow in any direction. While I'm not averse to having additional FTL types, please don't go hyperlane/space lane only like Sins of a Solar Empire, Endless Space, and now after its most recent update Stellaris. I get that some people like to have chokepoints in space, but I hate it, and there are plenty of games for those who like it already.

4. Mod support in Distant Worlds was OK, but it would be amazing to have mod support on the level of Stellars- being able to use scripts; create custom events, event chains, and missions; create custom systems in detail; add custom 3d models for ships; modify not only sounds and visuals but the conditions under which sounds and visuals occur, and have multiple possible sounds for the same condition, etc.

5. The long-term missions of newer Total War games and Endless Space 2, and the random events of Stellaris, add a good amount of motivation to keep playing that could be lacking in longer matches of Distant Worlds.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 8/9/2018 1:00:43 AM   
FarAway Sooner


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Just keeping an old thread on life support, but since there haven't been additional communications, I assume that this project is still on the back-burner. My requests are pretty straight-forward:

1) Make the AI smarter. Especially in fleet combat. PLEASE!!!! If this isn't improved, I'll really struggle with justifying whether to buy the new game. (No more having my prize flag ship battle cruiser charge within range of 3 Orbital Weapons Platforms because the Frigate he's pursuing went that way!)

2) Reduce the number of strategic elements in the game 33%--and then reduce the abundance of resources accordingly, particularly of rich deposits of multiple resources on a single planet. I LOVE the way the current resource system works, and the sense of scarcity feels about right, but the micromanagement involved with the current number of strategic resources detracts from the game play.

3) I don't need fully scripted storylines for every faction, the way Amplitude has done it with Endless Space 2 and Endless Legends, but having some more multi-chapter stories and events that might pop up randomly would be awesome. All part of the immersion!

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 8/11/2018 4:47:14 AM   


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1. Mutliplayer, period, just do it.
2. Multiplayer. Stellaris is just a ****ty Distant Worlds and It makes us want to play Distant Worlds in multiplayer.
3. I always thought it would be nice if you couldn't really explore the world. In a sense that, yeah you might fully explore your own solar system, or the dozen nearby you, but instead the galaxy is so big, you couldn't send vessels out to explore every single planet and know every single secret about it with one probe, and eventually explore the entire galaxy. My idea is based off of Star Trek, that they are still exploring the galaxy 200 or 400 years into space travel.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 10/20/2018 1:32:11 PM   


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The ability to set up stockpiles of fuel in remote places would be useful.
This could be achieved by creating a new component that works the opposite way round to the Commerce Centre.

Fuel Logistics Facility
Type: Component
Size: 150
Research: High Tech - Commerce
Requirement: Design class must be either Resupply Ship, Starbase, or Starport.
Function: Creates demand missions for empire frieghters to transport fuel gasses to this entity.

The large size is to force Ships/Stations using this to specialise until construction tech allows larger builds.
Subsequent upgrades could engage more frieghters simultaneously and/or from a wider area.
If both are present, Logistics overrides Commerce Centre for Hydrogen and Caslon, but ignores everything else.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/9/2018 10:08:59 PM   


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are suggestions from this thread used for active development of Distant worlds 2?

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 1/18/2019 10:13:50 PM   
Hattori Hanzo

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From: Okinawa
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ORIGINAL: zebanovich

are suggestions from this thread used for active development of Distant worlds 2?

who knows.. ???

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread-Map Editor - 3/1/2019 4:04:24 PM   

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Larry, it is probably a little late, but I really like your suggestion!



"Good times will set you free" - Jimmy Buffett

"They need more rum punch" - Me

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread-Map Editor - 3/2/2019 4:05:18 AM   
Hattori Hanzo

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Larry, it is probably a little late, but I really like your suggestion!

the above short message from USSAmerica mean perhaps that DW2 is finally on the "launch-pad".. ???

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread-Map Editor - 3/2/2019 12:07:55 PM   
Uncle Lumpy

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More likely the developers have already coded all the changes they're going to make in DW2.


I once heard there was a garage, which some said was air tight.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread-Map Editor - 3/2/2019 2:08:03 PM   
Hattori Hanzo

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From: Okinawa
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ORIGINAL: Uncle Lumpy

More likely the developers have already coded all the changes they're going to make in DW2.

Uncle Lumpy, probably you're right.. [the Old Uncles are always right, we know]

but please..

let me living my own illusions.. !!!!!

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread-Map Editor - 3/2/2019 2:38:36 PM   

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Hattori, I'll let you have your illusions.

Therefore, don't read the following.

I don't have anything to do with the game other than being a fan. I was only responding to the way Larrybush wrote his wishlist post. I'm sure by now that any items from this wishlist that will be included in DW2 have already at least been planned for in development. Even if the release is another year away, they would very likely not be looking to add new development requirements at this point. Perhaps a map editor could be included in the first expansion pack.



"Good times will set you free" - Jimmy Buffett

"They need more rum punch" - Me

Artwork by The Amazing Dixie

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread-Map Editor - 3/3/2019 2:59:18 PM   
Uncle Lumpy

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Hattori, we all have our illusions. Not meaning to quash any of yours. My point was the last post of USSAmerica. There are a ton of great ideas on the Wish List thread. Unfortunately we all know that all of them cannot be included in DW2. Hopefully we will hear some positive news soooooooooooon regarding it.

Happy gaming!!


I once heard there was a garage, which some said was air tight.
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RE: Master Wishlist Thread-Map Editor - 3/3/2019 4:48:55 PM   
Hattori Hanzo

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From: Okinawa
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all right, I got it..

I return completely disillusioned to my boring usual matches of DW:U..

which, by the way, I still adore.. !!!!!

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 3/14/2019 5:06:22 PM   


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Option to designate specific system(s) as off limits to civilian traffic. Mining ships and cargo ships won't go to said system. And, of course, option to later lift restriction on said system(s).


Do as you would be done by.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 3/16/2019 8:59:24 PM   


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Name-ing components on/in ship/station/base design pane.

Instead of "Epsilon Torpedo" use
"Torpedo Epsilon"

Place weapon /component TYPE before MODEL name.
Easier to find when list is alphabetized.

(What the .. was name of the reactor? oh, oh, oh yea, fission. Look under F, not R.)

Also, when comparing possible use of older models of same weapon (size/energy/yada varies some) easier of list list in order. (Names are placeholders for actual in game components to illustrate what I suggest.)
Torpedo Epsilon
Torpedo Ultra
Torpedo Ultimate
Torpedo UltraLousy
Reactor Fission Smasher ... caslon
Reactor Fission SmasherPlus ... caslon
Reactor Fusion Render ... hydrogen
Reactor Fusion Rippum ... hydrogen


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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 11/7/2019 6:04:52 PM   


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Not sure if these are mentioned in previous posts in this thread. Forgive me -- it's a very long thread.


In design screen, allow changes to additional ship behaviors, even for designs that have ships built.'

Currently, for ships already built, attempting a change the design brings up a dialog box that says NO changes allowed (or something like that).
However, when one ignores the dialog box, one may change the following:
> weapons sop: (point blank / all weapons). NICE.
> Troop missions (invade / don't invade). NICE.

>> However, one cannot change the 'load troops' behavior. Nor can one remove troop bays from advanced ships. Please allow a way to tell that design of ship (load / NOT load) troops.


Have galaxy creator assign names to all moons that include the parent planet. Currently, moons have names that have nothing to do with the SYSTEM they're in.

"Sol 3", "Sol 3 Luna". (our earth's moon.)
"Sol 4", "Sol 4 Demos". (one of Mar's two moons. I forget other moon's name, Phobos?)

Why? When expansion planner is set to alphabetical list, would be very nice if all the moons in a system were listed WITH the planets (and potential colonies) in SAME system.

Expansion planner would list this as:

Sol 3 (terrestrial)
Sol 3 Luna (rocky)
Sol 4 (Desert)
Sol 4 Demos (rocky)
No more hunt and peck, and loading system map, yada, to 'find' where that dang moon is.



Do as you would be done by.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/21/2019 3:20:32 PM   

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Lots of info, the game looks absolutly brilliant. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

One Question, DW1 we had a tad easier time getting resources. Will getting the necessary resources be a bit more difficult in Dw2. Maybe enough to have wars over fuel, rare materials etc.. ?

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/30/2019 2:06:07 PM   


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My Wish is for the DEVS of the original DW:U release an official patch that enables their game to properly support resolutions higher than 1080P. It's 2019, games should be made to support the growing market share of 1440P to 4K display technology.

Specifically, UI scaling that is properly represented in the latest build. Text, Icons and UI are too small or hard to read.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 2/2/2020 11:36:33 AM   


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All suggestions are on the image regarding pirate gameplay as I believe it needs more love. If possible I hope to see some improvements in sequel as it's my favorite gamemode. In short:

-Corruption needs rework, explanations and ways to combat it or mitigate
-Pirate private economy needs more explanations since it's mechanics are not the same with standard empires
-Owned colonies - implementing taxes correctly, corruption and facilities
-Pirate leader must be a more special position not just disposable and forgotten

EDIT: Sorry about the image res, I'm new to this forum. If anyone or Mod could help fix it I'd be grateful.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 2/18/2020 5:22:29 PM   

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Would be nice if the "Fleets" in DW (2) acts as a "Fleet" ....
Like - chose Formations , attack simultan to benefits from the firepower ...
If i miss not something important, actual a Fleet is only a "pack" of ships that act still on here own and only the move command is shared ...
No real difference from selecting 5 ships and give an attack command to select an fleet (of 5 ships) and give attack command ...

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 5/13/2020 9:40:02 PM   


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These are the things I would like to see added to the game.

- Separate ship class and role -
Military ships should come in size classes progressing from smaller ships like frigates, through destroyers, to cruisers and then battleships. Role could then be more of a tactical designation, controling how they fight in a fleet or how they act under ai control. Ships designated as escorts would automatically stick close to other ships in their fleet and protect them, or if not in a fleet, escort civilian ships. Ships designated as harrassers might try to perform hit and run attacks. and so on.

- Ammunition -
Missiles and ballistic weapons should have lower energy requirements, but require ammunition. They could have high damage for the size of the weapon, but require storage for ammunition to balance them. This would also enable more varied ship design, with some designs having more firepower but running out of ammo quickly, while others might have less firepower, but be able to maintain it longer.

- Pirates -
I'd like to see pirates mostly using smaller, possibly technologically outdated, military ships and converted freighter packed with extra weapons etc

- Fleets/squadrons -
I'd like to see fleets working together as an actual fleet, rather than just being a grouping of ships. Things like organising themselves according to ship roles, with capital ships forming the main fighting force, escorts protecting them, carriers and firesupport ships hanging back supporting from long range etc.
Being able to designate smaller groupings or sub-fleets would also be nice.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 5/14/2020 7:24:25 PM   


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In my opinion, if there was just 1 change to be done from DW1 to DW2, it's the improving distribution of game calculations across more CPU cores, and shift to 64bit. This would allow for super long games with 1000+ stars and eventual extra complexity from mods. With that one change, even if everything else was the same, I would buy at release time :)

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 5/18/2020 2:50:47 PM   


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What I really would like is to be able to use multiple filters/selections on ships/troops panel. For example, I wish I could select all the ships of a certain type being built at a certain space station that belong to a specific fleet.

Also on the Fleet panel, I would like to be able to assign ships directly to any fleets.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 8/3/2020 9:07:29 AM   

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Ships scaled based on their size!

It makes the game look so, so much better with correctly sized ships. Way more immersive!

I have tiny 250-300 (0.25 scale) escorts and explorers zipping around. Then medium freights at 0.6 and juggernaut capital ships, carriers and of course massive freighters at 1.2-1.5. Dwarfing the smaller escort, frigate (0.4-5) and even destroyers (0.7). Carriers are usually around 1x size.

Probably not the best photo example as it only shows a few early ships, but it's an example.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 8/31/2020 6:20:01 AM   


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I generally play DWU by responding to the events scrolling into view at the top of the screen.
This area is way too short! No doubt this has been mentioned before, but opening the full message screen and then going back to the map display is a pain. Making the main message view area larger (dynamically adjustable?) and scrollable would be a big improvement.

I also manually manage my explorers and construction ships. I use the pop-out lists of each on the left of the main screen to see which is idle and needs a new task. Currently, I have to read the fine print to notice which constructor is still building, or idle. It would be vastly improved if idle ships were color coded in these lists. Noticing a color is much quicker to process than reading text. Sorting on idle/busy would also be useful.

The UI should be size adjustable (number of visible list elements) so the user can adjust the amount of information versus map playing area visible at any one time. The wasted area on a large monitor above and below the left side of the screen's pop-out lists is maddening.

In the resource planner, you can select potential locations for mining based on your needs, or the galaxy's needs. Since mining stations are not economical for locations with less than total 120% aggregate resources, it would be nice have a filter to select the sum aggregate percentages at each location be greater than some number you could enter. The ability of hiding a resource source that you've already considered would also be useful. (and the ability to unhide, of course)

The resource planner should remember it's state (new colony, empire resource needs, galaxy resource needs, current resource locations) once it's closed and later re-opened. This would save tons of configuration clicks and make re-entering the resource planner so much easier and useful.

But I'm sure you've already implemented these obvious user friendly interface enhancements in Distant Worlds 2.
Still scheduled for release in 2020, Right? :)

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