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RE: Man I am hating THESE EVENTS

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RE: Man I am hating THESE EVENTS - 6/22/2014 12:05:49 AM   


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"Real" Documentation.

That would be awesome.

Like, does losing battlebots hit me just as hard as normal infantry for war weariness ?

What do multiple medical or recretation modules give me exactly ?

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Arg. resetting my list to some default - 6/22/2014 11:36:06 PM   

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I am sure this is a oft repeated complaint, I sort a list and come back and it is back to some default. Please retain whatever was used last. The one I get the most frustrated by is the list for ships. I rarely care to see the private stuff or the state bases. I select military ships and when I come back I get everything again.

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RE: Man I am hating THESE EVENTS - 6/23/2014 3:50:05 PM   

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From: Brighton, UK
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I'd like the ability to set more than one special government for a race, i.e. through a comma separated-list of special government IDs.

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Post #: 1743
RE: Man I am hating THESE EVENTS - 6/23/2014 6:29:17 PM   


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Just increase the limit of facilities, races, (among other things), so modders would've an option to add more content.

And please - move the UI event handling routine and the ingame event check routine to separate threads.

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Post #: 1744
RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 6/26/2014 7:25:29 PM   


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Take deployed resupply ships out of the list of available ships so that clicking through the list of ships and fleets without mission is easier to do.

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Post #: 1745
RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 6/28/2014 9:03:52 AM   


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- Introduce a "wait at position x" order for fleets so that I don't have to give a "patrol" order that costs fuel and the fleets are still out of the list of ships and fleets without mission.

- Give troops that are not fully recruited yet an orange background or so so that they are easier to recognize in the planet screen.

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Post #: 1746
RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 6/28/2014 12:32:47 PM   


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In the Potential Mining Location quick menu (on the left) add more filter options (like "In our system" , "By Distance", "Pirate Base system", "Galactic Storm" ecc...). Now there is only Including/Excluding asteroids. It would be useful in the "Exansion Planner" too.

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Post #: 1747
RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 6/28/2014 2:32:39 PM   


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Add an option to every message type to automatically pause the game when an event of that type occurs.

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Post #: 1748
RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 6/30/2014 7:24:33 PM   


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Mark systems with space monsters on the map (e. g. like refuelling points). Add a button to the button list on the left to show systems with space monsters.

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Post #: 1749
RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/2/2014 11:33:51 AM   


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I'd like more options at my disposal regarding fleets & war/defense

In kind of random order
- Another map overlay that allows the player to give priority to systems/areas for defense/attack -> AI will prioritize defense/attack according to that
Nothing more annoying that seeing in the middle of the war a large fleet going patroling a far away system completely out of the combat area OR see strike force after strike force suicide 4 ship at a time in the enemy HW, which leads me to
- Ability to mark system to AVOID (= no ships should go there), it would be awesome if you could go one step further and say
Avoid Everyone
Avoid for ship not in fleet (but then fleet can still go there.. useful for raid enemy colonies)
Avoid for ship not in fleet + strikeforce (useful to keep only big fleets there = HW)
- Option for the default defense stance for fleet.. which i now see as neary systems and would like to move to sectors pretty often

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Post #: 1750
RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/2/2014 5:07:34 PM   


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From: Central Texas
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A png file dedicated to orbital forts so we do not have to use medium starbase graphics without manual changing it in-game.


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.-Edmund Burke
Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; if it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it.-Judge Learned Hand

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/2/2014 6:30:23 PM   


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When explorers are given the order to explore a sector and then are attacked by space monsters or pirates, take the system in question out of the list of systems to explore or at least put it to the end of it. I observe quite often that explorers on auto endlessly explore a system, are attacked, escape, and go straight back to the same system only to be attacked again and so on.
Likewise cancel the build order of constructors if they are attacked, otherwise we see the same endless loop.

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Post #: 1752
RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/4/2014 2:21:55 AM   


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Joined: 7/3/2014
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It would be really cool if we had a "clear" button for the build order menu.

I play with retrofitting automated which only seems to work when suggestions for what ships to build are turned on, but I like to design my own fleets.

On the topic of fleets, it'd be cool if you could set each fleet to have a certain number of each type of ship, and add a button to produce the ships that are missing/destroyed at the fleet menu.

Would save a loooooot of micromanaging :)

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Post #: 1753
RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/5/2014 3:23:18 AM   


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I'd like to add an option to make alliance with pirates (Just like DW Legend). To form alliance with them you must have good relationship (30-40) and let them build base on your colonies (Not criminal network of course). In exchange they will act like mercenary that auto protect your empire and attack your enemy. That will be nice

And the advisor suggest attack pirates bases and spaceports with just a little troop and ship, that's odd

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Post #: 1754
RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/7/2014 4:57:56 PM   


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Add to Expansion planner a column with "distance from selected ship" (colony or constructor). Right now you see only the distance from home world, so that you need to click a lot to find the next spot for a mine (or the next planet to colonize) referred to the selected ship.

Edit: or is it distance from nearest colony that is shown right now?

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/8/2014 6:32:51 PM   


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Make it possible for certain advisor messages to flag them as undesired or unnecessary so that they are not shown again (e. g. let pirates attack a certain space port or send an intelligence agent on a certain steal research misson).
I assume that currently advisory messages are generated dynamically by assessing the current situation at certain intervals so that it would be difficult to flag a specific message as such. But the game could gather the properties of messages and put those in an internal list to check against before issuing messages. For the two examples above that would be:
- action = pirate attack, location = space port name -> suppress all further messages with those two properties
- action = send intelligence agent, mission type = steal research, target = target empire -> suppress all further messages with those three properties
We would then also need a possibility to clear those "black lists".

Another option would be to set up a further settings screen where you could generally inhibit certain advises, perhaps not as fine grained as above system, but something like:
- select action, select target empire to inhibit messages (e. g. no pirate attack missions against empire X, no intelligence missions against empire Y)
- show the list of all inhibited message types, each with a button to delete the entry in question

And no, just turn off advisor messages as a whole is not what I want, I want advice, but not always the same, as it sometimes happens now.

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Post #: 1756
RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/9/2014 3:38:51 PM   


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Customized characters with a random (?) appearance order should not spawn at the beginning of the game (as if they were randomly assigned the value 0).

This behavior advantages the races that have more customized characters than others.

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Post #: 1757
RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/10/2014 8:20:17 PM   


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- Add a new automation feature: set tax rate so that a certain tax compliance level is ensured.

- Mark colonies with max pop in Colonies screen.

- Add a column that shows the current tax compliance level in Colonies screen.

- Add a column that shows the current happiness level as a number in Colonies screen.

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Post #: 1758
RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/13/2014 7:01:08 PM   


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When storyline is active and you don't follow "navigational directions" immediately, then nearly every further investigation of monuments produces the same navigational directions again. That is boring and not logical, I want to be rewarded for exploring monuments (apart from the luckily not so numerous bad events) and that just doesn't happen in such a case.

Btw, what happens when you do explore all monuments without ever following those navigational directions?

And: are monument exploring messages and images moddable?

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/14/2014 1:06:37 PM   

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DW:U is awesome game but original version lacks some immersion related to Races - there could be more of it , and alot .

Choosing certain race should have option to influence UI selection, soundtrack selection, as it influences your ship designs.

UI and Soundtrack are both omnipresent things, which actually build the "feel" of race you play.

Example of it here, in my mod thread:

The problem there no ability to mod it, because current mechanics disallow to create race-specific UIs/Soundtracks.

Please add it as modding feature.

Here is proposal how to do it easy, file-structure wise:

1. Race specific UI is simple.
Add to race file variable racSpecificUI.
if raceSpecificUI = 0, then it will use default ui from installed theme or vannila game ui in ui/chrome directory (same as it works now)
if raceSpecificUI = 1,2,3 etc then it will check for folder ...ui/chrome/ui-01, ...ui/chrome/ui-02 etc - same way as it works for ship art currently

2. For soundtrack its bit more complex but also manageable.
Same thing, in race file variable raceSoundtrack = 0 then it will play all files from music folder of active theme.
if raceSoundtrack = 1 and more it will find text file soundtrack1, soundtrack2 in sounds/soundtracks folder. Each file will have exact names of files which are assigned to current soundtrack. Game will pick random string, find file in sounds/music folder , and play it.

3. Sound effects could be altered same way as UI.

For now, for example, with my mod, its impossible to create different soundtracks, and must replace folders + delete older race/version music folder manually in order to play other race with customised race-specific ui/music.

Thanks alot in advance.

(in reply to Yarasala)
Post #: 1760
RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/15/2014 6:06:56 PM   


Posts: 45
Joined: 6/4/2014
Status: offline
1: Parameters for automated ship design to be editable in game.

2: Two new ship design variables to guide the AI

3: Alternate Ship construction logic to be implemented if the proper file is present. New logic as follows:
a %distribution of component types with a floor, rather than a whole number ( this will allow for size scaling )
-- Example --
Component / Floor / % of size
Reactor / 1 / 3.0% ( guarantees at least one reactor on all ships up to 3% of size dedicated )
EapontTractorBeam / 0 / 5% ( Ships below size 200 will not get one unless a smaller tractor beam is available)

4: pick display fonts at setup, or as part of a theme.

5: All spy work to be target based.
ex. In order to steal a Tech you pick a station or planet to 'attack' and the amount of research stolen is prorated to the amount of research produced by that location down to a floor value.
ex. If you want to prevent research stealing then put your counter intel agent at the appropriate research base. Or to prevent assassination locate the agent with the protected asset.

6: In policies add weighted value to spy missions in order to encourage the AI to perform particular types of missions more often than others.( like ketarov favor tech stealing but Dhayut favor sabotage, etc )

7: Add spying option 'Slander Empire' : PsyOp which lowers relations between two empires. Performable on self.

8: Add spying option 'Steal Ship Designs' : Espionage which give player one ship design currently in use ( possible to get the design for and Ancient Discovery ship )- gives owner a 5% targeting and 5% attackFP bonus against the stolen design. ( Many Bothan spies died to obtain these plans ) The ship plans can be targeted or random with difficulty scaled to tech and ship size. Design can be traded!

9. Add ship mission 'Stage Troops at' : Troop transport will collect all ungarrisoned troops from nearby planets and deposit them at the target location. Mission guided by active range - system, nearby systems, sector.

10. Add target queueing.

11. Add fleet targeting policy by target strength/size. ( choices Attack Smallest, Attack Largest, Attack weakest, Attack strongest, Attack All, Attack base )

I will stop now.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/16/2014 8:30:07 PM   


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On the galaxy show the system names in yellow when there were encountered space monsters on the last visit and orange when there was found a pirate base. And perhaps red when both was found.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/20/2014 11:11:42 AM   


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In the Expansion Planner make it possible to switch Distance column between "distance to neareast starport" (what it is now) and "distance from selected constructor".

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/21/2014 1:51:34 PM   


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I would like to see in the diplomacy screen when your looking a a pirate fraction, they will show what information is available from them so i can quickly look threw all the pirates for info I want.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/21/2014 3:30:58 PM   


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I have three small requests:

1 - When renaming a star, rename all the planets accordingly. Or have a check-box if you'd like to rename planets also.
2 - Show all private sector expenses. I had an issue where they were going bankrupt, because they were buying a lot of Lotus Fruits from a smuggler mission.
3 - Show Pirate protection costs in both monthly and yearly totals. It's just easier than having to multiply the cost by 12 :)


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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/21/2014 7:52:08 PM   


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When you click a star then in the panel in the lower left corner all your mining bases there are shown with one of the mined resources. Since there is still space below that one shown resource show all other mined resources per base by placing them in a column under the respective base. Since you can enlarge the panel there should be enough space for that even if there are five resources at a planet. So you could better discern whether all (kinds of) resources in a system are already mined or not.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/22/2014 7:44:26 AM   

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Please add to modding features:
Allow to tie specific character ruler to specific government
Allow easy unlocking of government by techs
Allow to tie custom characters pool to certain goverement


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What kind of ship is being built? - 7/23/2014 5:58:59 PM   

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I've always thought it would be great if the Construction Yard screen on ports and planets showed the type of ship being bulid rather than just the crane, flag, icon, name, progress and speed. Sure, I can note down the names and switch to the All Ships and Bases view and find them by alphabetical order, but if I click on the ship under construction could the purchase window switch to that type, or a mouseover appear, or maybe double clicking on it could bring it up in the lower left window or in the ships list above?

Then advance orders could be set for fleet etc., and it would be easy to know what is being built locally.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/23/2014 9:46:53 PM   

Posts: 319
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From: LV-223
Status: offline
Things I'd like to have in the order of importance.

* Raise the max number of components from 170 to at the very least 250. The list of components I can't add is growing slow but steady and I'm still in the first research area.

* Add templates for planet destroyers.
Since only beam weapon research leads to planet destroyers I want to add other planet buster weapons as endtech for several other weapon research paths to even out the playground. The problem is I need ship templates for planet destroyers so the various races can utilize the different weapons.

There's also the question how the game recognizes alternate planet destroying weapons. Destructive power only or is there need for a new parameter in the components file?

* Include bonus/malus for weapons like targeting or striking against shields/armor in the components file instead of hardcoding them.

*Add a description field for components similar to facilities and plagues.

* Allow more races. The more the better, but at least 100. A team of modders is thinking about a mega mod for DW Universe and 50 is way to low.

* Make the bundled huge construction size from gaining planet destroyer weapons unusable for ships without such a planet buster in the design.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 7/24/2014 7:10:20 PM   


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I would like a column on the Planets Screen that would show you which planets have or don't have a spaceport or some kind of defensive base (or star base).

Additional sorting options on the expansion planner would be useful too. Currently you have "potential colony", "your region", "galaxy", and one other. And you can select individual resources, all resources and critical resources. I would like to see a box to select one or two sectors as well. This way you can build up in a certain area, preferably close to your home world. Sure you can do that by sorting the table at the bottom by distance but if there are a lot of useful planets you could limit the list by sector.

On most of the tables, you can sort by one column. I would sometimes like to sort by two or more columns. For example, in the ships and bases table, select military ships and sort by ship type and task to see the carriers that have no task assigned or sort by task and fleet to see if you accidentally sent two fleets to the same location and task.

I find it annoying to select an exploration or construction ship, drag my screen to a chosen place, scroll in or out as needed and then try using right click to assign the selected ship to a task only to find my options are 1) assign a character to that ship; or 2) give that ship to some other race. I want to assign a task, not a character.
If I want to assign a character, I will go to the character screen ... besides what character rides around in a construction ship. Please address this...

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