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RE: Use ESC to close Submenues

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RE: Use ESC to close Submenues - 8/22/2013 8:04:02 PM   


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I will first state the problem / motivation, then my idea of improvement.

1 Refuel before meeting with fleet
If you assign a ship that is being built to a fleet, that ship will move to the fleet as soon as it gets finished. However, if the ship does not have any fuel because the space port did not not provide any, the ship still straight up goes to meet with the fleet, even if a suitable gas mining station is nearby.
Instead, the ship should first go to refuel and then meet with the fleet. The corresponding fuel treshold value should be configurable via the empire policies.

2 Empire Defense
I normally use 1-3 quick destroyers as a first line of defense in every system I have. I put this destroyer into a fleet, set the home base and put the fleet to defend system mode. This way my fleet list really gets bloated up and it's difficult to find the actual fleets.
Defending my empire I further use real fleets. These consist of like 3-6 destroyers, 1-3 crusiers and 1 carrier (depends on the situation and power of my enemies). I place one of these fleets into each center point of 4 adjacent sectors.
Ideally, all of that should be manageable via separate screens. For example, change the Colonies Screen to a more general Galaxy Management Screen. Colony Management would be one big tab of that more general screen. Then, we could have another tab "Systems" that would allow to "Assign" or "Build and Assign" a number of space ships for defending a selected system. Yet another tab "Sectors" could allow for assigning fleets for sector defense. If a fleet is assigned to more than one sector, it would place itself in the center point of these sectors.

3 Search Criteria for Galaxy Map
There are many decisions to be made when expanding an empire or when building ships. For example, I might be interested in all the systems I know that provide a given resource.
Divide the Galaxy Map Screen into two tabs. One with the map as it is now, and the other tab for defining a search. You should be able to just add a number of criteria. The game will then display the results via the galaxy map.

4 Extend Build Order Screen
I don't use the Build Order Screen at the moment because I cannot choose where stuff will be built. The screen should show me which space ports have the necessary resources in order to fulfill my job (green). If the space port does not currently have the necessary resources, but is in a good position to get them relatively fast, then that should show up as well (yellow). Then, let the player select where the stuff will be built. If multiple space ports are chosen, the job should be distributed accordingly.

5 Hotkeys
In the late game I usually have more than 10 fleets but no more hotkeys.
Allow STRG+[1-9], ALT+[1-9] as well as SHIFT+[1-9] to be used as hotkeys.

6 Select multiple troops in Colony Management
In the Troop Management tab of the Colonies Screen it should be possible to select more than just one troop at a time, for example to disband or garrison multiple troops at once.

7 Larger Display of Fleet Names
Let the user configure the font size of fleet names via the options screen. Fleet movements are very important information for the player. Yet, they are currently displayed using a very small font size.

8 WASD Keys to Scroll Map
WASD keys are closer to the other hotkeys so it should be possible to use WASD for scrolling instead of the arrow keys.

9 Extra Button for Prevent Enemy Intelligence
It does not make sense that I have to choose a faction before I can choose to prevent enemy intelligence. Instead, it should be a separate button.

10 Leave Fleet button for Troop Transports
Troop transports currently don't have a "Leave Fleet" button in their selection panel.

11 Ships and Bases Screen should not show anything on Startup
Opening up the Ships and Bases Screen takes a long time. That's because it immediately lists ALL the ships and bases. I'm NEVER interetsed in everything. When I open this screen, I'm only interested in specific stuff. Therefore, just open the empty screen and let the player choose what he wants to see first.

12 Improved Event Notification System
Remove the scrolling list of events at the top of the screen. In the mid game or late game it's pretty useless anyways because just too much stuff happens all at once.
The scrolling list of events should replace the right-hand side big notification windows. It should be relatively small. If the player mouses over the notification window (or presses a hotkey), the window expands vertically to show a lot more events. If the player decides he could also pin the window so it would stay expanded.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 8/31/2013 1:19:58 AM   


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Space based merchant nations. Not tied to a planet but to a heavy space station. They would have a lot of merchant type
vessels but these would be armed (sometimes heavily) plus several warships. These merchant spacers would buy and sell cargos
across the galaxy building waystations to repair/build more ships and store cargo.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 9/3/2013 10:06:00 AM   


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I think it would be great if there where different ship hull types and you could build each ship design similar to stardrive.
Even make unique hull types discoverable.
I would be cool to have different weapon mount points (just an idea), but not in a way that restricts the number of weapons.

I wouldnt mind seeing a deeper tech system, or even have each race with its own tech tree's. (thinking of Sword of the stars 2)

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 9/3/2013 10:20:10 AM   


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More building types...they are almost non-existent.
Building up a cool homeworld or settlements is part of the fun!

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 9/3/2013 6:52:54 PM   
Hyena Grin


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I would love the option in the Fleet Menu to set fleets as 'invisible' to the quick-menu on the left side of the screen.

Basically, I want to be able to create dozens of small (three to five ship) fleets for defending planets or stations without them cluttering up the quick-menu and making it hard to find the fleets that I actually want to control.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 9/27/2013 1:04:53 PM   


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This is such a huge thread that it is difficult to know what has already been suggested, but here are a few more anyway:

- The ability to "bust out" the private sector. Basically to donate large sums to private citizens so that they could build new freighter/mining bases.

- The ability to set up "stay away" systems/locations. The system with a silvermist is not a good place to patrol or those nice mining stations in foreign territory.

- The ability to keep a fleet from leaving a system for retrofitting/refuelling. It is frustrating when your defensive fleet decides to leave the half finished starbase and go for refitting in some other sector.

- The ability to ask other empires to break of pirate protection agreements. This is important if you want to starve out some particular pirate faction.

- There could be some time delay in cancelling/signing protection agreements. Currently it is just too easy to just pay of the pirates when they attack and the cancel the treaty a bit later. Maybe some initial payment (3 months?).

- Invading pirate planets requires you to fight them twice since the invasion doesn't destroy the pirate bases. This should be fixed.

- Ai tends to impose sanctions and the repel them repeatedly. It seems quite... well... insane.

- News for refitting and building a ship should be separated. Late game you don't really care about finished retrofittings, but you can still care about finished construction.

- Subjucation should be improved so that you would automatically receive "free trade agreement" and mining and refuelling rights to their territory. Also the subjugated nation should not be able to declare war on any other nation and be forced to help in your wars if you ask them to. Also there could be levels of subjugation (how much of their income you get, diplomatic restrictions.) Subjugation should give a rep hit (maybe one for each year of subjugation possibly depending on the reputation of the subjugated nation.)

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 9/28/2013 6:39:42 PM   

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- Fleet Tenders: When that ship or fleet is stranded with empty tanks half way across the map, send out a Tanker to top them off.

- Allow fleets to equalize fuel, such that ships with full tanks can share with depleted members of the fleet.

- Allow fleets to add a Rally point prior to attacking. All too often ships trickle in and can be destroyed piecemeal. Or alternatively set an option to travel at the slowest speed of fleet elements.

- When a Fleet has elements under construction or repair/refuel, do not allow that fleet to accept attack orders. The AI launched a Fleet to attack when only 2 of the 10 ships were built, and none were fueled.

- Allow setting Patrol zones. Say for instance 2-3 sectors radius of a specific Base/Port/Planet.

- Allow fleets to remember a 'Base' order. Say patrol Planet X, such that after defeating an attacker, refitting or refueling, the fleet returns to the Patrol and not decides to sit in open space on 'no mission'.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 10/14/2013 9:38:24 PM   

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Make the "Fade Civilian Ships and Bases" button hide the abstract representation on the map (the filled circles).
I use hotkeys a lot, and the insert key to go to zoom to system. But mid to late game I get a map filled with circles representing the private sector all over the map making it slower to pan around and very cluttered. Now I have to manually use scroll wheel two "clicks" out so the civilian/private ships get hidden.

To clarify with two images;
With Delete hotkey (Zoom to Sector) I get this. But what I really wanted is this (have to zoom out "two clicks" every time).

Make the screenshots save to Distant Worlds\Screenshot folder instead of Distant Worlds\[version]\Screenshots
Simple thing, but after Shadows release I hade to move my screenshots every upgrade. Now that it's further between updates it doesn't matter that much.

Have a popup dialog every time a faction is destroyed or their homeworld taken over.
It is kind of important news according to me, something that warrants a popup similar to wonders.

Split the "Under attack" popup message into three separate popups.
1) Under Fleet attack 2) Under Planet Invasion 3) Under other attack. The last one is all other attacks which aren't fleet and invasions. Each with its own graphic and possibility to turn on/off in settings.

Change the ctrl+left click ability. Currently zoom to 100%.
If you are not in fairly close zoom you will in almost all cases just get a screen full of empty space when you ctrl+left click (unless you are very lucky). It makes the hotkey fairly worthless according to me.

One idea is to change it to a "zoom rotator" between 100%/System/Sector/Galaxy levels, and have it zoom to the one lower. F.e. if you are between sector and System zoom, ctrl+click would zoom you to System, next ctrl+click zoom to 100% and third ctrl+click zoom back to Galaxy level and so on.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 10/15/2013 2:14:51 PM   


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Economic: 1. Unlimited resources ON\OFF option (Please. Please! I BEG YOU!). 2. Economic facilities (Farms, mines, gas extractors, ship components factories etc.). 3. Nationalization\Privatization of ships, stations (even military), economic facilities and military ground units (PMC's).
Social: 1. Slave labor policy setting. 2. Extended race policy settings.
Diplomacy: 1. "Ask for mining\refuel rights" option. 2. Non-aggression pacts.
Military: 1. Chain of Command for fleets and armies. 2. Training facility (Gradually trains ground units to "Elite" level). 3. Army and fleet mobilization (During peacetime ground forces and ships keep their readiness at 50% and have lower maintenance cost).
Others: 1. Cybernetic\robotic\biomechanoid races and special policy options for them (Forced\voluntary cybernation for organic races.). 2. MORE MODDING OPTIONS!!!

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 10/21/2013 6:14:45 PM   


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I have been thinking about planet development and how to make it more interesting without compromising playability. Here is a few thoughts.

In DW, planet development is highly idealized. The planet uses it resources as efficiently as possible to improve itself and the player just decides how much of those resources get spent on empire-level operation (taxes). The planet improves through pop growth and, apparently, slowly by improving it's development level up to some maximum value. Taxes decrease pop growth ans so hinder planetary development.

The basic idea is good, but in practice it leads to some uninteresting game play. In effect the optimal strategy is to reach maximum pop as quickly as possible and the crank up to the taxes and just leave them there. Planets get "finished." Also, new planets produce so little tax in relation to your total tax income, that you just have them run at 0% tax until they are "finished".

I think there is a rather simple way to making this more interesting. The basic idea is to remove the min-maxing and import more strategic considerations. So I would propose the following:

- The rate at which a colony improves it's development level should depend on colony taxes. Taxes represent, after all, the resources taken from the planet to other endeavours.
- Technology level should affect the maximum possible development level. Pre-warp civilizations should be able to get a lot less from planets than super-advanced civs. Percentile increases from various techs?
- In modern societys, pop growth isn't really affected by taxes. The taxes-growth feedback is crucial, but that role can be taken over by the development level-modifier. So, instead we can have a steady pop growth in steady conditions (no resource shortages, no raids, space port protects, high quality etc.) regardless of taxes. This links growth with security, and thus, strategy.
- Special luxuries could provide big boost to the rate at which development level increases. This should help with jumping cash flows and be more realistic.
- It should not be easy to reach max development level and it should always be feasible to invest in development (no artificial "after this point you have to spend zillions the get 1% higher.")
- Investing in planets should also yield other benefits like increased science output, tourism bonuses etc. (better facilities, education systems, health whatnot.). So even if you have reached max development level, you can still get more out of the planet through investment.

Ok, some of these are already included and there is a feedback with planetary taxes and the private sector, but I think these changes could make the game more interesting. What planet to develop and how fast would be a strategic decisions since you would not have those "finished" planets that can take all the tax load.

Or, you could just have the pop caps harder to reach so get a similar effect (tech increases pop caps.)

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RE: Use ESC to close Submenues - 10/24/2013 11:53:43 AM   


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The recent change adding the option to block tech trading between empire is great.

But I would love to go one step further and add an additional option that disable all tech transfer between empires/pirates like tech stealing, I play games with very slow tech research and tech stealing just feels like a big cheat when an empire take years to research a tech and a single experienced spy can steal that tech in a month.

This. Escape should always close an overlay. Pressing escape on the main screen opens the game menu.

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RE: Use ESC to close Submenues - 11/10/2013 4:54:54 AM   


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I'd like to add my 2cents.

1. Blind tech tree (optional: Let me pick a catagory but not a specific tech or let the computer pick like it does for the ai or randomly)(this was a wonderful option in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri)

2. option to remove agents and ability to spy (this is just an exploit of the ai and nothing more).

3. option to remove player diplomacy and just let the ai initiate it only.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 11/14/2013 2:21:22 AM   


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Must have cloaking devices! Stealth is ok, cloak is moar bedder!

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 11/18/2013 10:09:07 AM   


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I think that you should set a limit of capacity for the ships, it is a little strange that the frigate has the same size as a cruiser or destroyer. Maybe I've missed something in the settings of ship design :)

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 11/21/2013 11:03:08 PM   

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I don't know if this has been said before, and apologies if someone already suggested this... but I have a query regarding ship type names! The name Capital ship in naval terms, equates too Carriers, Battleships, Battlecruisers & maybe Cruisers. There are Carriers & Cruisers in game, why not Battleships & Battlecruisers ?

Also the ship type Escort, Escort is not really a ship type, its a mission! A better name I would suggest should be Corvette, Sloop or Cutter!

Plus in the ship design screen, how can you select all the different Family designs, I would have thought, that you should only be able to, build ship design images, that are race specific only to the race you are currently playing.

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Make it so!

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/3/2013 2:42:58 PM   


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I like the blind tech tree idea.

I would like to have a few random techs be unavailable during a game. toggle it as an option. In combination with a blind tech tree, you would potentially hit a dead end in a tech line.

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RE: Use ESC to close Submenues - 12/22/2013 2:50:04 PM   


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I would Like to be able to order the construction of a ship directly to a fleet. If there were a build option in the fleet menu it would be perfect think the latter total war seris games where the your build troops from the army menu. Its a pain to try to keep up replacing losses if im trying to manually control my fleets. Would be even better if you could make it auto maintain said composition for example you open fleet menu 1st Fleet has 4 destroyers in it, you order 4 more destroyers. they are build and assigned and show up for duty when completed now you have 8 in your fleet. An additional check box option could be to maintain strength ie auto build replacements so that 1st fleet always has the 8 destroyers I assigned Its a pain keeping the smaller fleets especially up to strenght.

A privateer stance would be nice. Basically I can assign a fleet to mimic pirate actions more so than they do now. Or on an even better not a menu that sets priority for targets ie installations commerce, enemy fleets ect

As I understand the ship classes escort, frigate ect they are more roles than the ships themselves. I imagine they have coded behavior ie you could make an identical ship 1000 size assign it as an escort and the ai will use it as such. assign it as a capitol ship and the same will happen. This is really cool I love this feature reminds me of how most naval classes got their names in history battleships were ships of the line of battle frigate built ships were ships built for speed and cruisers were ships sent on a mission to cruise believe it or not. this evolved into the somewhat preconceived notions of fixed ship classes and sizes in real life which I see in the forums which is most interesting. Its not really what it looks like or what you call it its what its used for.

Enough rambling here's my idea to expand on that make a class designer, you'd still have the current classes but add the ability to create new user defined ones maybe I want to make a capital ship sized capital ship gunned ship with less armor and more speed to be a Battle cruiser (like in real life). These would have a separate upgrade path so im not having to be careful I don't accidently upgrade it into my battleships I have for my main fleet. Then have a series of check boxes to determine how the ai uses it what fleets it puts it in ect. A heavy carrier for fleets a light carrier for strike forces ect.

More control over how the ai composes fleets. Tell it strike forces will have x amount of y ships and the same with fleets, then add the ability to create new fleet types and determine their behavior ie commerce raider group ect.

Q ships and ships disguised as the enemy's merchants to infiltrate and attack their shipping

state sponsored piracy ie civilian ships you have no control over who conduct raiding of others merchants to bring back the resources to you. maybe you can request a resource or list of resources from them.

Hope some of this makes sense. Great game


An intelligence menu where my people keep tabs on enemy ship designs their capabilities stuff like that. maybe a surveillance or Intel gathering mission for a dedicated low observable spy ship.

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RE: Use ESC to close Submenues - 12/23/2013 9:59:56 AM   


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I wanna this, like in Space Empires 5. So you can still design fast or slow/armored frigate but you can't make Death Star Frigate like now :) So huls get they meaning.

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RE: Use ESC to close Submenues - 12/23/2013 10:52:35 PM   
Bebop Cola


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Currently, as I understand it, when a new empire forms from an independent world it checks the tech levels of its nearest neighbors and sets it to either the pre-warp or traditional tech levels depending on what its neighbors have.

I'd like an option in the new game setup to set new empires that form from independent worlds to always start pre-warp. Worlds that rebel from an established empire to form their own would be an exception, as they have access to the datanet of their parent empire prior to leaving it.

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RE: Use ESC to close Submenues - 1/3/2014 11:34:20 AM   


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1. "Clear" buttons on the research screens to clear queued research.
2. "Clear" button on the ship build order screen to clear AI suggestions.
3. Enable mass selection of troops/characters to transfer to ship in orbit in the planet troop tab.
4. Automatic accept or reject option for pirate offers:
a. Accept pirate protection: Always Accept / Always reject / Ask me
b. Accept pirate location offers: Always Accept / Always reject / Ask me
c. Accept pirate tech offers: Always Accept / Always reject / Ask me

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RE: Use ESC to close Submenues - 1/5/2014 12:47:53 AM   
Bebop Cola


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1. The AI needs to improve on its planetary invasion assessment. I repeatedly see empires(not pirates) land insufficient troops to take over a world. The occasional miscalculation is fine, but it should at least be somewhat close. What I see fairly commonly is a fleet or individual ship drop a mere handful of troops on planets that have dozens of defending troops. All this does is train the garrisoned troops present on that world, making future invasions even more difficult. I think the AI needs to have(or improve) the ability to determine if an individual ship or fleet has sufficient troops in-system to successfully invade a planet and, if not, to refrain from dropping troops at all(maybe blockading it instead while it waits for more troop carriers to arrive).

2. I'd like to have the ability to land troops to help defend allied worlds, or help assault worlds being invaded by my allies. I think this functionality would require a bit more granular assessment of troops on a planet.

  • Assaults would need to recognize attackers, defenders, and the allied troops of each side.
  • Outside of combat, planets would need to be able to recognize domestic troops and foreign troops, with foreign troops incurring a pretty severe diplomatic penalty unless the proper diplomatic flags have been set to allow them. Some level of discontent even then would likely be appropriate, especially among the population of the planet in question(extralegal armed forces and whatnot).
  • Troops from multiple empires, who may be allied with the planet owner yet at war with each other, should be under a truce while present. However, for the duration they should cause planetary population unhappiness to represent disruptions caused by low level infighting.
  • The first empire who assaults the planet gets the planet if the assault is successful, not the empire with the most troops engaged. If you're assisting an ally in their battle, you don't take the prize just because you commit more troops. You're helping them to achieve their goal.

3. I would like some limited ability for standard empires to engage in certain pirate empire behaviors. Pirate empires should have advantages associated with their "way of life," but standard empires should be able to engage in similar behaviors even if they're not as good at it.

  • A standard empire with surplus military resources should be able to devote those to mercenary missions.
  • Smuggling is a bit different in that the private sector of a standard empire should occasionally "go rogue" and participate in smuggling missions if corruption is particularly high.
  • Just as Pirate empires can become something similar to a standard empire by taking over a planet, there should be a chance that a standard empire can become a pirate empire if they lose their last planet. Empires who retain military forces and one or more constructor ships should have a chance to exist even if their last planet is lost. Some percentage of their remaining forces will surrender to the conquering empire, but the rest will continue on as a space-based empire until they can capture or colonize a new planet, or are wiped out like a pirate(all construction and supply ships destroyed). Chances to continue to exist would be increased for each construction and supply ship they have, as well as any troop carriers that still have troops on board.
  • A standard empire that becomes space-based does not gain the pirate ability to build hidden pirate bases or criminal networks. They have to work with what they have left.

4. I would like to be able to loan ships(and maybe troops) to other empires.

  • Ships would fall under the control of the AI. Breaking them down for tech advances would be disabled, but they could gain a research bonus similar to the one gained from repairing derelict ships while in control of high-tech foreign vessels.
  • Foreign empire would pay the maintenance costs, but could return the ships at any time.
  • Agreements to loan ships would made for fixed amounts of time, but would not be returned immediately upon expiration. Rather, there should be a diplomatic option to recall those ships. The time limit is there to determine the diplomatic penalty, if any, of recalling them early. The more time remaining in the "contract," the greater the penalty. Allowing the foreign empire to retain the ships longer than the contract period would produce a diplomatic bonus.

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RE: Use ESC to close Submenues - 1/10/2014 1:19:16 AM   


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I don't know if this have been mentioned before but:

>Make different Colonization Tech Tree(maybe for DW 2) for every native planet types, for now it's kinda unfair that Volcano Dwellers have easier time to Terraform Earth, while Earthlings must struggle more to colonize Volcanoes, for me their effort should be equal.

>...or maybe make a different Tech Trees for every race altogether and the ability to mod your own tech trees(just like GalCiv2: ToA, i understand tho it's a pain to balance 20-something tech trees)

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RE: Use ESC to close Submenues - 1/11/2014 4:15:38 PM   

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I find the game setting: Colony prevalence at normal to be too much, and at scattered to be too low.
Could we have a setting in between, or rescale all the settings lower.
(Is there anyone that play with this setting at higher than normal anyway ?).

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RE: Use ESC to close Submenues - 1/12/2014 2:35:09 AM   


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I would like to see the editor updated in the next expansion. Can't edit pirate empires and It would be nice to have a character editor as well.

I've been setting up "Dune" games and it would be nice to generate characters for the enemy houses.


Sex in space is not just a good idea, it's survival.

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RE: Use ESC to close Submenues - 1/12/2014 8:16:45 AM   


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An analogue to shipnames.txt called planets.txt where you could fill in a bunch of names that would be randomly assigned to planets.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 1/12/2014 6:21:38 PM   

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My main whishes are these:

- changable start Date between 2050 and 2200 AD
- smaller start popoulation, less than a billion people (or changable)
- smaller colony ships (30 mill. -> 3 mill.)
- playtime more than 99 years
- longer construktion time for ships an bases
- a start option: Start in original Sol system with all 8 planets

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 1/15/2014 3:23:53 PM   


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Some wishes:

1. Please make it that stealing research missions automatically continue until a resarch item is stolen/researched. Having to do it manually each time can become quite annoying.

2. Let the costs of a ship rise exponentially with the size of the ship and add a visible size/cost factor to the design screen. That would make smaller ship designs valid. Currently there is no reason to have anything else then the biggest available size.

3. Make population growth more dependent on other factors like resources.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 1/16/2014 6:50:30 PM   


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Building a starport at each colony is inefficient as resources are spread too thinly. A starbase design can achieve the same goals of colony defence, and planet bonuses.

The policy files only contain options to build a small, medium, and large starport. Please add a drop down menu from which the player can select a design to be built at each of the three population trigger thresholds.

See the following thread for a discussion of the trade distribution/starport issue.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 1/17/2014 2:33:29 AM   

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Building a starport at each colony is inefficient as resources are spread too thinly. A starbase design can achieve the same goals of colony defence, and planet bonuses.

The policy files only contain options to build a small, medium, and large starport. Please add a drop down menu from which the player can select a design to be built at each of the three population trigger thresholds.

See the following thread for a discussion of the trade distribution/starport issue.

Not so. Look in the Empire policies and you can set it to automatically build any base design. I set it to automatically start a custom designed Star Base: Outpost. Look under the build when colonized section.

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Hi Cyclops, thank you for the response. I am aware that the policy files include the option to select a design of starbase/starport to build above a planet when it is colonised. It was that functionality that I was hoping to have transferred to the construction policy section that is currently for starports only.

The reason is that if a starting colony has a starbase set to be built on colonisation, and it is subsequently destroyed, then it will not be rebuilt automatically. When the population reaches one of the player defined thresholds then the relevant starport will be built (or not if there is another starport within the specified distance in the policy files).

If you capture a planet then the same is true.

As far as I am aware there is no way to automate the construction of a starbase based on population levels. That's why I would like the drop down menu to select a design for current population triggers. The design is currently hard coded to be for the latest buildable small, medium, or large starport.

[If anyone is confused by the above, the key point is the distinction between starbase and starport]


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Building a starport at each colony is inefficient as resources are spread too thinly. A starbase design can achieve the same goals of colony defence, and planet bonuses.

The policy files only contain options to build a small, medium, and large starport. Please add a drop down menu from which the player can select a design to be built at each of the three population trigger thresholds.

See the following thread for a discussion of the trade distribution/starport issue.

Not so. Look in the Empire policies and you can set it to automatically build any base design. I set it to automatically start a custom designed Star Base: Outpost. Look under the build when colonized section.

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