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RE: Master Wishlist Thread

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/3/2011 11:00:19 PM   


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Right Click menu for missions for characters.

For Example:
Enemy Empire base you want to destroy through an intelligence mission. Right click to open menu, select intelligence missions, destroy base, then which agent

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/4/2011 12:00:33 AM   


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2. Job for Explorations ships, after all systems are explored.

Search for Pirates: They visit systems/clouds again, put a timestamp on this visist, so they dont visist this system again in x month.

Explore Ruins: When you buy/find Maps the structures on these planets dont get investigated. Now its time to do it.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/4/2011 2:33:03 AM   

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Think of how CLUTTERED the top info window gets constantly.. Most messages cant even be read "Due to blabla your Blabla scientist increased their energy research skill to.."

In the spirit of readability, i suggest ALL scrolling notifications in the top to be condensed to show quick and easy info.
They need to have a shorter version of the explanatory text you get when you open the actual event log. It makes no sense to clutter the top infowindow with walls of text.

"Scientist Bob Kerbal improved Energy Research to +51%" <--- (the reason WHY, can be seen in the full event log, no reason to spam it here)
"Scientist Bob Kerbal initiated crash program for Improved Armor!"
"Ruins encountered, Kaltor swarm unleashed!" <--- (what the ruins were called, and the story, needs not be spammed here either)
"Colony ship failed to colonize, enemy territory."
"Human Dominion offers Trade Treaty"
"New Troop General has arrived!" <--- (beats the old wall-of-text "because of something you did in a battle with fleet fifteen, a new troop general has appeared at your world homeworld two")

Basically, any message that takes up TWO rows needs to be shortened, as do any message that does not leave at least 50-100 pixels free space at the sides.
Less clutter, more quick easy info, that's what the window is there for! :)

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/4/2011 12:44:17 PM   


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New thoughts...

1. Combat Crosshairs: Tp prevent undesired "incidents", they crosshair would turn yellow for empires you have no relation with and green for empires you have a pact with. This could also bea reminder that you have forgotten to declare war on your intended target.

2. Expansion Planner: Colony Ship picker for new colonies. It would be great if it could show some details of the ships that listed in the pop up. Such as - is it built yet, when will it be built, where, and what type of planet can it colonize. Right now I have 2 planets making colony ships, one is a desert planet and colony ships for desert planets are in great demand. As it stands now, I can't determine from the list whether it is a valuable desert colony ship that I am assigning to a continental world or not.

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Troop Garrison Toggle (Locks in place) - 12/4/2011 1:24:34 PM   

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A way to click a toggle on any division of troops to have them serve as garrisons - i.e., they don't leave where they are, whether on a planet or in a transport hold. This, and a color cue that they are "locked" or assigned in this way would address the problems of loading troops that should really be kept where they are (especially for purposes of discouraging revolt) and also is usable to tailor offensive forces (such as forming crack armies, or ones of raw troops, or those of a race suitable to the target planet).

I'd also like the right click for loading troops to have nearest as an option but also other worlds in order of proximtiy where there are loose troops, and the number there at the moment. This would greatly help the often necessary micromanagement of invasion fleet formation.

Thanks for your attention, and those Daily Updates!

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RE: Troop Garrison Toggle (Locks in place) - 12/4/2011 1:45:58 PM   


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From: Germany
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Diplomacy Mining rights:
An Empire allways should be able to build at other empire space.
When you build there without Mining rights your Reputation decrease with that empire. And the other empire can attack/destroy your Mining base/ship without consequence.
Player need an empire option to enable/disable to build at other empire space like it got at RotS and before.
AI build at other empire space depend on their characteristic.

If you dont allow that, an invasion without declare war shouldn't be possible too.

BTW. Invasion shouldn't be possible with an operative Spaceport around the planet.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/7/2011 11:24:34 PM   


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New Pirates Behaviors/Mechanism
1. They will try snatch the resource out from the mining/gas mining station
instead of destroying it. If they succeed, they will grow in size faster.

2. They will try takeover the mining/gas mining/resort/research/defense base.
They target more remote installations.
If they succeed, they will grow in size.

3. Any pirates group's survival operates around the survival of pirate head character.
Pirates head character must be killed/captured to eliminate a pirate group.
Given those head pirate characters are boarding in a mobile space ships, destroying
all bases of a pirate group helps make the head character space ships strand. Finally make easier to locate and kill/capture. Pirates possess more than one base.

4. Bigger the unhappiness in colonies in galaxy, grows the pirates.

5. Pirates make coalition themselves. And they split in two groups.
Playing bad guys party. They harm empires. Other is Playing good guys party.
They pretend helping finding fight other pirates.

6. They deceives you in certain deals. Money you paid could be found if you
destroy the base.

7. Corrupted tax money partially feed pirates.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/7/2011 11:34:26 PM   


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Defunct Mechanoids

They are old time wanna be Ancient Guardians. Or some sort of.
They have fundamental logic failure and acts like simple few cell animals.
They consume resource, multiplies and destroy every thing in their path.

If they reach critical size and infects Ancient Guardians, Ancient Guardians
turns against all other sentient life form empires. They attack all non mechanoids.

Interaction with pirates
Pirates does feeds Defunct Mechanoids. This can be serious threat to all empires.
(Or use as tool)

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/7/2011 11:45:18 PM   


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Colonies screen:

1. A new column showing what is being produced at the colony (so one can get a quick overview w/o having to step through each colony).

2. Broaden the existing Facilities column to allow all the icons to be seen for the different facilities AND structures (LSP, MSP, SSP, DB, etc.).

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/8/2011 3:31:00 AM   

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What Geosch said about a clearer view of planetary production plus

1) Move the check box to let the AI direct your character's locations to the policy screen from the options screen

2) Have map option for no planet less (empty) stars

3) More race families with greater variety

4) Full sized widow for picking out ship appearance rather than the column w/ more base options

5) Civilian/merchant interaction quests/requests.  

6) More maps!

7) Racial picture diversity amongst characters so not everyone looks like a clone

8) Suggestion subforum

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/8/2011 5:42:15 AM   


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On the Colonies screen where it has the tax rates and revenue, I would like to see or have the ability to add one more column that has Colony Happiness values under it. So I don't have to click on each colony to see what their happiness rating is. Would make it easier to pick an adjust taxes on colonies that have low Happiness ratings. When you get into the 100's of colonies this is a real time saver idea.

EDIT: I just noticed that if you hover the mouse pointer over the smileys in the colony window then the happiness rating appears. I'd just rather see the ratings outright instead of the smiley face as that smiley face doesn't show how close you are to moving to the next lower or higher value.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/8/2011 3:19:32 PM   


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Minefields, Mine layers, etc.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/8/2011 4:18:23 PM   


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The ability to setup what Pop-ups Pause the game. I miss so many research events because there's just too many popups coming at once and they get lost in the list.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/8/2011 8:31:28 PM   


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I think there should be a separate "if" routine when a ship(s) in a fleet need to repair. The whole fleet shouldn't have to goto a repair facility a million miles away when the majority of it just needs refueling. What should happen is ships in a fleet that need repair should break off from the fleet and go repair and refuel and those remaining should goto the nearest refueling point. This is what I'm having to do manually and it's a pain in the patunia to do this everytime a few ships in the fleet need repairing.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/8/2011 9:46:45 PM   

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In the Galactopedia under game concepts add a spot for disasters.

Each race starts out being able to colonize certain worlds. So basically say race a can colonize continental planets by default can have a slightly bigger population on those worlds.

When setting up the game only a few options have random in it. Let them all have a random option in all those sliders (even galaxy shape and the race customization sliders).

New Galaxy Shape Spiral Barred.

Debris field slider in game setup would be nice (so sometimes in games I don't rely heavily on them in games). Maybe a check box for respawn debris fields too.

Add a Corruption slider to game setup.

Keep adding in more disasters in game. Supernovas (hypernova affecting planet quality), black holes forming, planets getting hit by gamma ray burst, etc... A disaster slider in game setup would be very nice if you get the itch for the universe for absolutely hating you at every turn.

Now you guys already have some types of nebulas. You you get some more in.(Think of the Star Trek Armada games)
Ya more types of space terrain.

Wormholes with a slider option in game setup. Also some check boxes to go along with it such as if you want stable, unstable wormholes and or violent wormholes (unstable wormholes only certain amount of ships can go through it before it collapses, and with violent wormholes its possible that some ships will be destroyed as it collapses basically this could happen to a whole fleet too).

More colony options.
Later on in a game you can create small "cloud city" colonies on gas giants (maybe mining stations can upgrade to do that (construction size tech and also a higher tech level requirement as in general research completed) and these colonies can grow from there. The populations on these would be small though.
Asteroid fields in solar systems can be collected to create new worlds.
Barren rock planets later on can be slammed together to form new planets/moons.

In your empire and other empires tab when setting up a game you can create new races from scratch. You can also add them to minor races too. (think GalCiv2)

Random Empire name generator in "Your Empire" game setup.

Expand more on minor races.
When minors appear they can run the chance that they will die off from a disaster of some sort (hey free world for ya). Once you colonize the minor world into your empire though they can't die off from these disasters any more.
Minor races have minor unique tech (only 1 tech for each minor and make it random for each game). These techs are not amazing but they help out.
How about some minors that don't have FTL tech and or ships.
When minors become majors sometimes they only expand so much and while others will take as much as they can.

Moar victory conditions.
Have a options for killing enemy leader and take the homeworld to win (also maybe kill x amount of other characters too). Enemies empires have to kill your characters so if you get new leaders from retirement, death, fights with pirates, monsters etc... these don't count against you. Extra option you have x years to recapture your homeworld or you lose.
King of the hill hold relics that are randomly dumped on places across the galaxy and after x years you win (relics left from progenitors or something). Add extra option if you collect them all you win.

I will add more as I see them. Amazing work! Also sorry if am repeating other stated requests.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/8/2011 9:48:34 PM   


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I'd like to be able to use out of game Pictures for race pictures instead of the cartoon ones. Like Shinobu's picture from Babylon 5.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/8/2011 10:55:11 PM   


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A wider diversity in the size of planets. In my current game the range seems to be 16-32, with the habitable planets further constrained to 20-30. Not much. It would be intereesting to have a few HUGE planets around, and perhaps you could Terraform the smaller planets into something useful.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/8/2011 11:48:57 PM   


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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/9/2011 3:41:35 AM   


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I'd like to be able to quickly see what a colony or starbase is building instead of just the name of the item when I open the construction window. I get all these silly names of ships and a teenee tinee icon of what is being build. Why can't it just say Colony ship and then the name of it? Or Destroyer and then the name of it or always the <base name> and then the abstract name of it. I don't really care what the call name of the item/ship/thing I'm building is I just want to know the Basic name like Colony, Destroyer, Carrier, High Tech Research or even HT Research, etc. etc. is.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/9/2011 4:42:45 AM   


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I was thinking of this earlier today and when i got to the forums I started reading others posts and (I think I have the beginnings of alzheimers) just completely forgot what I wanted to wish for. But, it came back to me in another thread I was posting in. So without futher adoo and getting called a Drama Queen...

One thing about these types of games is the Tech Tree is Always the Same. I sooooooooo wish for some type of randomized teching up sort of like Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri whereby you pick a Catagory of Research instead of the Specific researched item. I know this game is too far gone probably in that respect of teching up, but, in another rendition like a II or III to have Research Catagory choices or an option for them would just be awesome. Alpha Centauri gave you the Option to go either route at the start of the game and that was great because sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don't. ;P

Something else to add in that line of thinking is like Civilization III & IV and probably V do it with Advanced Teching Breakthrus (I'd like to see this happen more often for the AI also just as an option or another advantage for it). Not something that happens real often in a long game but something that would be years in advance of normal research.

I guess I'm just bored with Linear teching up. You learn a path or method and it's hard to break without something in the game forcing you to change your strategy. This is what I want some form of random forced changes or unknown teching up like Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/9/2011 5:02:05 AM   


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- pop up screens with transparent background
- a running mode for game on while pop up on
- additional speed settings
- broader variation in primary and secudary colors
- smaller or better said better optical integration of main function's bar now on the mid top over the map (compare eu3, hearts of iron3)

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/9/2011 5:13:19 AM   

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1. A hotkey + click on component in a design screen to add 5 or 10 components of that type to a ship/base. Will help a lot when designing capitals and large bases. Currently we have to click 40 times to get 40 shields/armor...

2. A button somewhere in selected item screen to instantly jump to its cargo/components (or at least a hotkey). Currently i have to navigate to ship/bases screen and search the required ship there.

3. An option in build order screen that allows a player to choose which fleet the newly ordered ships will go to. Much like the one available in ships/bases screen. Also this screen needs a checkbox/option that will make it stay opened after pressing the build button. This option will greatly improve fleet reinforcement procedure removing the current 'ship/bases screen -> show military ships -> order by type -> select what you want -> select fleet you want' way to add ships.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/9/2011 9:55:48 AM   

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It would be nice to see some fleet formations in this game.  They don't even need to be that complicated.  Just a few that would allow one to have fleets move in formation.

It would make for varied ship designs to be more useful.  One could make a long ranged ship, with lighter shields, and armor and have them stay in the back of the formation.  While keeping the more heavily shielded / armored ones in the front.  The settings could be added to the ship design (i.e. have a designed formation type field) or something of the sort.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/9/2011 11:43:12 AM   
Gelatinous Cube

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Oh my god, yes. Just some basic functionally useful formations that the AI will use. Coupled with fleet posture, this would be big for the wargaming aspect!

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/9/2011 4:58:41 PM   
Gelatinous Cube

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I've had a couple good ideas today.. figured I'd post them here so they don't get forgotten when threads die!

This one is for adding a simple "Suggest and then Evaluate" option for Ai Ship Design/Retrofitting, as a middle-ground for people like me who don't quite have what it takes to dive fully into designing everything, but still wanting to make sure the AI isn't putting something dumb on your ship.


Internally, we already know (if you have AI Ship Design) that the AI is creating new ship types. If there could be a popup EVERY TIME (or evenbetter, every time it equals the shiptype/role that we CHECKBOXED!) asking if you could "Please look over these designs, sir, and modify or approve them." If you then choose to modify them, it should integrate seemlessly with your system as though the AI designed it itself--no mucking about with "Oh, crap, now its internally flagged as something different."

This one is for more fleet posture functionality! I love fleet postures, and I think there is unlimited potential here for added depth. Especially if you can throw some special "pre-canned" situational strategies for the AI Empires in there, too.


A very good improvement to fleet posture would be a few more sub-postures for further refinement. If I could set about half the fleets in those screenshots to something like "Interdict Shipping" or "Harass Weaker Fleets Only" or even "Guerrila"... or on the defensive side "Pirate Hunting" or "Supply Line Defense" ect...

By adding those in to the existing system, you could allow for complete ease-of-management (even ease-of-micro-management) for in-depth strategems of nearly any variety. As it is now, all those are still possible by babysitting... but having specific sub-postures would be too freaking cool.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/9/2011 6:19:07 PM   


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Per Planet Garrison Troop Number Setting
Player can set the number of minimum troops to be kept on a colony.
Facilitate troop management in event of surface warfare during invasion and defending the invasions.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/9/2011 10:28:35 PM   


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Ability to tell the computer AI how much it can spend and be able to keep a certain cashflow per year incoming. Man I give control over to the AI to spend and it becomes a (one of them political things we can't talk about here) and spend spend spends.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/10/2011 4:31:51 PM   

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I'm loving the game! I've seen many of my suggestions mentioned in this thread before, but I'll repeat them anyway.

1. Separate hotkey for colony ships.

2. A way to add 5x or 10x components to a ship with one click.

3. Separate character portraits; at least one per character type would be nice. The only change now is the character's emblem.

4. Ability to request mining/refueling rights? Right now we can give these away; but can we request them?

5. In the category of "I know this would be a major change": an option to some randomness or variability in the tech tree. Maybe some techs would be more expensive in one game, cheaper in the next. That might make it harder for us to do the same thing every time (e.g., always beeline to the colonization techs). I know this would be hard to implement, but heck, this is just a "wish" list, right?

6. Is there an option for toning down but not eliminating debris fields? I keep reading about people finding game-changing tech or capital ships. Maybe keep the feature but reduce the magnitude of the biggest rewards?

7. An easier way to figure out why an item is stalled in your construction queue.

8. Someone suggested more info on the colonies screen; I can't remember whether this screen shows what each colony is constructing. If not, that'd be helpful.

9. Someone earlier suggested a clickable, persistent list of current battles, with desperate fights in red and more favorable fights in green. Maybe close ones in a third color or gray. Then you could click and zoom to a battle you want to see, and let the "green" battles fight themselves. I'd prefer this to the annoying klaxon.

10. Is there a hotkey that allows one instantly to select and zoom to one's home starport/colony? I understand that one can zoom to an item if one has it selected, but I'd like the ability to select/zoom all at once, for my most important things. Maybe I should be using the ctl-# function for this?

11. Make the galactic map toggle off (as well as on) with the G hotkey. Right now, you can only toggle it on.

12. Make that map zoomable, and in general more interactable. I love that it can show me where, say, caslon is. But I have trouble putting that info to good use while I'm in the G screen, and then I forget it once I quit the G screen and return to the galaxy map.

13. Alternatively, maybe give us a find-resource overlay like that on the Galaxy map -- but directly on the main map. Perhaps some ability that would obscure everything on the main map except (1) my ships, and (2) celestial objects with the filtered resource. That would help me figure out what's close to what, what I need to send where, etc.

Some of my wished-for items may already be in the game! If so, please don't hesitate to enlighten me. Thanks for a great game!


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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/10/2011 5:16:24 PM   
Chet Guiles


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From: Southern CA
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1. Make it possible to allow player to choose which designs will be handled automatically by the AI and which ones a player can design or mod himself. This would at least allow the AI to keep most aships current, without undoing all the work we do in designing or modifying selected designs. I like to arm my explorer ships, but the AI (if I use the automatic update) insists on dumbing them down and reducing their armament.

2. As we progress in the game and higher levels of tech become available, often both older and newer components are in the list. Since newer components may not be desirable (maybe they were developed on the way to achieving some better future tech) to apply to existing ships, it would be super to have an "obsolete" asterisk (like on the main ship list) where we can basically tell the AI not to use those components when we do a mass update.

3. The red typeface for ships that are modified seems not to be of much value, since in manual mode the first time the player does a mass upgrade (for instance to use high density fuel tanks) ALL the design screens turn red and stay red. (If we turn back on automated ship design, the designs created by the AI do show back up as white, but often they are suckazoid designs and we have to go through and obsolete or delete many of them or else the AI will automatically build them instead of the ones we want built when we order up new ships.

Since I really enjoy the manual management of research and ship design, this is about the only real gripe I have with the game. Looking forward to see what a redesign of the ship design screen will look like and what features it will or won't have.

Great game, eminently playable, and hopefully this is a "constructive criticism" and not just a whining session.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/10/2011 5:49:37 PM   


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Items for consideration:
1. When a popup for a newly colonized planet comes up, clicking on the message changes view to planet location, not colony manager.

2. When clicking on an attack message, view switches to target ship (good) and then locks on onto it (bad, don't like this).

3. Represent quantities of troops on planet with numbers instead of tiny, overlapping icons.

4. Different icons for unit-locked and unit-unlocked in the unit info window.

5. An option for disabling "default" right-click actions.  Would prefer to always have popup with all options without "control-click".

6. Estimated build completion times, ETA's for ships en route, completion of research, etc.

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