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Clan Destine rides agaiin!

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Clan Destine rides agaiin! - 5/10/2009 6:57:57 AM   


Posts: 157
Joined: 5/21/2003
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I'm back.

Let's get this party started.

THis is my squad:

Jock: Nikia aka Valkyre
Squad: Clan Destine

Age: 25 years 10 months
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Rank: ROOKIE [1]
Salary: 3275 $ / month
Titan: NONE
Battles: 00 [Wins/Losses: 00/00]
Hit ratio: N/A
Kills: 0
XP: 0 / 3600
DP: Pilot: 001 / Combat: 001 / Other: 001
Leader: Recruit rookie mod 45%


RECON/LIGHT: 051 % [055]
MEDIUM/HEAVY: 001 % [051] ---
ASSAULT: 004 % [051] ---
JUMP: 040 % [055]
SCOUTING: 035 % [063]

CLOSE COMBAT: 054 % [058]
GUIDED MSL.: 019 % [066] --
UNGUIDED MSL.: 001 % [055] ---
CANNON: 053 % [055]
ENERGY WEAPON: 028 % [055] -
INDIRECT FIRE: 019 % [063] --

EL. WARFARE: 006 % [066] ---
SCANNER: 040 % [063]
DEFENSIVE: 020 % [060] -
DMG. CONTROL: 020 % [065] -
LEADERSHIP: 063 % [063]
BUSINESS: 019 % [066] --
SURVIVAL: 025 % [056] -
MEDICAL: 007 % [065] ---

Jock: Larry aka Skorn
Squad: Clan Destine

Age: 19 years 1 months
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 87 kg
Rank: ROOKIE [1]
Salary: 2250 $ / month
Titan: NONE
Battles: 00 [Wins/Losses: 00/00]
Hit ratio: N/A
Kills: 0
XP: 0 / 4000
DP: Pilot: 002 / Combat: 001 / Other: 001
Manager: Purchase markup 10%


RECON/LIGHT: 051 % [051]
MEDIUM/HEAVY: 013 % [050] --
ASSAULT: 007 % [050] ---
JUMP: 026 % [051] -
SCOUTING: 053 % [058]

CLOSE COMBAT: 019 % [055] --
GUIDED MSL.: 061 % [061]
UNGUIDED MSL.: 028 % [051] -
CANNON: 050 % [053]
ENERGY WEAPON: 030 % [053]
INDIRECT FIRE: 009 % [058] ---

EL. WARFARE: 010 % [061] --
SCANNER: 040 % [060]
DEFENSIVE: 010 % [055] --
DMG. CONTROL: 010 % [060] --
LEADERSHIP: 006 % [055] ---
BUSINESS: 060 % [060]
SURVIVAL: 040 % [056]
MEDICAL: 010 % [060] --

Jock: Loriel aka Gadget
Squad: Clan Destine

Age: 27 years 8 months
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Rank: ROOKIE [1]
Salary: 3350 $ / month
Titan: NONE
Battles: 00 [Wins/Losses: 00/00]
Hit ratio: N/A
Kills: 0
XP: 0 / 4000
DP: Pilot: 003 / Combat: 001 / Other: 000
Mechanic: Repair markup 12%


RECON/LIGHT: 060 % [063]
MEDIUM/HEAVY: 011 % [055] --
ASSAULT: 030 % [055]
JUMP: 005 % [063] ---
SCOUTING: 043 % [058]

CLOSE COMBAT: 040 % [060]
GUIDED MSL.: 019 % [056] --
UNGUIDED MSL.: 002 % [063] ---
CANNON: 055 % [061]
ENERGY WEAPON: 055 % [061]
INDIRECT FIRE: 009 % [058] ---

EL. WARFARE: 032 % [056]
SCANNER: 040 % [053]
DEFENSIVE: 032 % [061]
DMG. CONTROL: 058 % [058]
LEADERSHIP: 015 % [051] --
BUSINESS: 016 % [053] --
SURVIVAL: 043 % [058]
MEDICAL: 016 % [058] --

Jock: Kathryn aka Gun Bunny
Squad: Clan Destine

Age: 23 years 7 months
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Rank: ROOKIE [1]
Salary: 3700 $ / month
Titan: NONE
Battles: 00 [Wins/Losses: 00/00]
Hit ratio: N/A
Kills: 0
XP: 0 / 4000
DP: Pilot: 000 / Combat: 006 / Other: 000


RECON/LIGHT: 056 % [056]
MEDIUM/HEAVY: 017 % [051] --
ASSAULT: 020 % [051] -
JUMP: 021 % [056] -
SCOUTING: 044 % [056]

CLOSE COMBAT: 019 % [060] --
GUIDED MSL.: 020 % [053] -
UNGUIDED MSL.: 056 % [056]
CANNON: 032 % [058]
ENERGY WEAPON: 057 % [058]
INDIRECT FIRE: 021 % [056] -

EL. WARFARE: 039 % [053]
SCANNER: 050 % [050]
DEFENSIVE: 040 % [053]
DMG. CONTROL: 040 % [051]
LEADERSHIP: 013 % [050] --
BUSINESS: 002 % [050] ---
SURVIVAL: 040 % [056]
MEDICAL: 023 % [051] -

Let's see what happens, shall we?
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RE: Clan Destine rides agaiin! - 5/10/2009 8:52:36 AM   


Posts: 157
Joined: 5/21/2003
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First battle, first victory, depsite being outtonned and outgunned.  Woot, I love this game.
3 missions: Polar
0000:  Ok, first campaign is 3 missions on Polar maps.
0000:  First map is fairly flat, but wooded.  (I use dice rolls to determine all this, yes I am a geek).
0000:  I did roll badly for my opponents for the first mission, 0% to 50% weight in enemy's favor. 
0000:  Well, we all start behind a hill and can't see anything. 
0024:  Skorn (in a Will 'O Wisp) sees the enemy, way over yonder.  A light and a recon.  Great.
0026:  Valkyre (in a Duelist) enters Skorn's hex and makes contact too.  Wonder if I can get a scan off?
0044:  Nah, soon as I move, trees break lock.  Before I do I note the thirs enemy Titan, another light.
0074:  The first light pops back into Valkyre's view.  It's an Inferno, great.  Thank Goid for a polar map.
0089:  And gone again before anyone gets a scan off.
0109:  Skorn clinbs a hill and getas a clear view.  There are 4 enemy Titans, 2 lights two recons.
0109:  A Pike, a Firefly, A Wolverine, and an Inferno. Grumble.
0120:  Skorn takes long range fire from the Wolvering and the Pike and is unimpressed and undamaged.
0141:  Gadget (in a Badger) has been trailing behind.  She now ses her first enemy, the Wolverine.
0145:  Skorn gets a yellow scan on the Firefly, the leading enemy Titan.  Move finishes in 1 second...
0146:  Movement done, Skorn alpha strike.  GMH and the AC/4 hit.  First blood! 
0156:  The Inferno strikes Skorn with NMs.  Light damage only and free cover from the steam from the misses.
0164:  The Firefly is within 3 hexes of Skorn.  Too close.  Time to find another hill.
0181:  Valkyre attempts a charge on the Firefly and misses, crashing to the ground.  D'oh.
0184:  The Wolverine enters the fray, pelting Valkyre with Light Mesons.
0205:  Valkyre catches back up to the Firefly but mnisses with her chainsaws.  It is leaving the hex, so she'll have ot turn around to follow.
0206:  Gun Bunny (in a Locust) misses her scan on the Wolverine.  As soon as she finishes moving, she'll open fire.
0211:  Hm, or maybe she'll wait until the enemy moves.  33% to hit.  Yikes.
0212:  Well, that didn't work either.  1 hex away and a total wiff.
0219:  Medium Laser recharges and hits!  Hm, everyone is converging in one spot, except for the Pike.  THis is getting ugly.
0223:  Ow.  Gun Bunny is pelted with LRM's from the Pike and NMs from the Inferno. 
0226:  And retaliates by striking the Wolverine again with her Medium Laser.
0227:  And Gadget gets into the action, alpha striking the adjacent Firefly and hitting with her BRG.
0227:  With Gadget handling the Firefly, Valkyre attempts to break move to go after the Inferno, and falls over.
0234:  Light damage to Gun Bunny's Small Laser from the Wolverine's LMGs.
0235:  Valkyre fils her piloting check and falls again...sigh.
0238:  Being double teamed by two light Titans is bad news.  Gun Bunny is yellow all over.
0245:  Gadget enters the Firefly's hex as it is jumping out.  Strikes again with the BRG but doesn't knock it out of the air.
0247:  Medium Laser to the head of the Wolverine from Gun Bunny!
0273:  Valkyre finally gets into the Inferno's hex and chainsaws the LA twice.  30 damage!
0297:  Finally away from the Light Titans, and badly beaten up, Gun Bunny turns on the Firefly.
0305:  Valkyre catches up to the Inferno and chainsaws again.  It won't stand still, so she'll keep chasing it.
0306:  From two hexes away, Gun Bunny lands a Medium Laser on the Firefly. 
0307:  Gadget charges the Firefly (and gets countercharged).  All fall down!  The Firefly has got to be hurting by now.
0319:  After standing up (on the second try), Gadget puts the Firefly down again with a hit from her BRG.
0330:  Green scan on the Firefly from Gun Bunny.  Yup, it is hurting.  So is Gun Bunny, though.
0335:  The Wolverine hits Skorn with LMG fire, causing an ammo explosion.  Not funny.
0336:  Chainsaw to the head of the Inferno from Valkyre!
0339:  The Firefly ejects!
0345:  Valkyre kicks the Inferno over.  It's not heavily damamged yet, but this is a start.
0352:  Gadget keeps the Inferno down with BRG fire.
0363:  The Inferno ejects!  Two left, an undamaged Pike and a mildly damaged Wolverine.  All 4 of my Titans are battered.
0409:  With a yellow scan on the Wolverine, Gadget knocks it down with her BRG from two hexes away.  Not bad  for a rookie.
0422:  Light damage to Gadget's BRG from the Wolverine's LMGs.  This is getting ugly.
0441:  Valkyre knocks down the Wolverine with a chainsaw.  Still no red locations.  Hopefully we'll be able to keep it down.  Those vibra claws hurt.
0453:  A kick from Valkyre finally turns the Wolverine's LL red.
0455:  Ammo gone for Gadget's MGs.
0458:  Gadget takes medium hip damage, but stays standing, somehow.  Any hits to her LL and it is gone.
0467:  Much like that.  Gadget is down.  The Wolverin won't be far behind, hopefully, so I won't punch her out quite yet.
0491:  Wolverine goes down missing its LL thanks to Valkyre's chainsaws.  Only the Pike is left, reatively untouched.  Gun Bunny has been targetting it, but hasn't done much yet
0491:  Skorn too has locked onto the Pike, but opnly has his GM2 thanks to the ammo explosion.  Still, this is all but won.
0511:  Valkyre gets a kill by putting a chainsaw through the Wolverine's engine.  No explosion, thankfully.
0524:  With a yellow scan, Gun Bunny can really go to work on the Pike.
0545:  And Valkyre misses another charge and falls down.  Sigh.  Oh well.  This still won't rake much longer.
0571:  The Pike moves into Gadget's hex and starts trying to kick her.  Sure, ignor the three Titans punding on you to go after the one that is down.  Spite much?
0604:  Valkyre rips the leg off of the Pike.  This game is over.
0614:  Pike ejects, victory!  Well fought, and though I got battered, much less damage than expected.  I am offered the Infernop, which I accept gratefully.
Salvage plus bounty (the Inferno's pilot screwed up his ejection roll, apparently) + payment - upkeep is $189,308, not bad at all.  I expect repairs will eat into this a bit, though.
A lot of XP all around, except for Skorn, who barely particpated in the battle due to not being able to find a good hill.  Valkyre gets a kill and the lion's share of XP.
$115k in repairs.  A lot of that to Gadget's Badger and the Inferno.

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RE: Clan Destine rides agaiin! - 5/10/2009 10:46:04 AM   


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Great report. Me likes reading it. 

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RE: Clan Destine rides agaiin! - 5/11/2009 4:15:02 AM   


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Second mission.  Even tonnage this time, at least.  Resounding victory, not even close.

0000:  Second of three Polar maps.  Woody and hilly this time.
0000:  +25% to -25% enemy balance, rookie pilots.
0000:  Left side of the map this time, still behind a tall mountain.
0000:  Gun Buynny and Skorn both fine tuned their heat regs.  Surprising for Skorn, given his skill level.
0182:  That took a while, but finally Valkyre spots an enemy Titan in the middle of the map, an Icelord.
0204:  Skorn climbs a hill and spots the Icelord also, attacks but misses.
0236:  Three hexes away from Valkyre, the Icelord alphas... and misses.
0247:  After closing up with Valkyre, Gadget fires her BRG and misses.  Drat.
0254:  Bringing up the rear, as usual, Gun Bunny finally sees the Icelord.  Five hexes away for her.
0259:  Another pair of misses for the Icelord.  Firing and moving not so bright for Rookie pilots.
0262:  Green scan for Valkyre.  Will close with the Icelord in 10 seconds, if it doesn't leave its hex, first.
0267:  Skorn is on top of his mountain, but a little too close to the Icelord for effective GMH fire. 
0267:  Funny, he can see most of the map, and still only one enemy Titan.  Even if I outton the enemy, I shouldn't outton by this much.
0270:  Yellow scan for Skorn.
0272:  Valkyre charges the Icelord... and falls down.  Icelord remains standing.  Drat it.
0273:  Airdrop of Team 2.  Oh.  That explains the missing Titans.  A Needler drops in.
0273:  Gadget misses her scan, and her BRG.  MGs hit, yay.
0277:  Valkyre gets up.  Apparantly the charge yellowed the CT of the Icelord.  A chainsaw turns it red.
0285:  Another pair of misses for the Icelord, but it does land a punch.  It is being a lot less scary than expected.
0297:  And more misses from the Icelord.  The only damage it has done is through physical attacks.
0297:  Chainsaw to the head of the Icelord from Valkyre.  She is just tearing it up.  Quite the oppisite of expected, really.
0299:  After several misses, Gadget finally connects with her BRG
0306:  Gun Bunny gets yellow scan on the Needler.  She and Skorn will engage it while the other two finish the Icelord.
0311:  More misses from the Icelord.  That chainsaw probably messed him up good.
0314:  After missing his scan, Skorn lands a GMH on the Needler.
0317:  Another kill for Valkyre as she saws the CT out of the Icelord.  She took minimal damage, almost all from the charge.
0317:  Four recon Titans versus one light almost seems unfair.
0320:  Gun Bunny gets adjacent to the Needler, alphas but only her Medium Laser hits.
0320:  The Needler is closing to point blank range of Gun Bunny.  She is going to decline the honor and run past it, dance around until her teammates arrive.
0327:  Gun Bunny takes SRM fire from the Needler, mostly misses.  Damage minimal.
0334:  Gun Bunny enters the Needler's hex first, and charges.  And falls down.  The Needler doesn't.  Drat, again.
0339:  Upright again, Gun Bunny alphas.  Everything hits, and now she runs from the hex before the Needler can return the favor.
0340:  There we go, yellow scan for Skorn.  Great range for the GMH, which hits, less good for the AC/4, which does not.
0344:  Ouch, Gun Bunny is getting pelted.  Armor is turning red.  She is still trying to leave the hex, but with knee damage, it is taking a while.
0353:   Gun Bunny is out of the hex and behind the Needler.  CT, LT, and RL all red.  Now to turn around...
0355:  Gadget not having any luck with her scans.  3 seconds until movement complete.
0358:  From one hex away, Gadget lands her BRG.
0361:  Gun Bunny turns and alphas, but ionly one SRM  hits.  Drat and double drat.  Run away, run away.
0366:  Despite a poor to hit, Skorn lands his AC/4.  Still no red sections on the Needler.
0380:  The Needler catches up to Gun Bunny.  Hm, it has a red LT.  Didn't notice that...
0380:  Not standing still, Gun Bunny attempts to leave point blank range...
0392:  Alha strike and mostly a miss from the Needler.  THe one SRM that hit was enough to light damage Gun Bunny's engine, though.  Ow.
0398:  Valkyre enters the Needler's hex and chargers.  No one falls down.
0401:  Gun Bunny moves away from the Needler, again.  Alphas and hits this time.  LT, RT, RA, LL all red on the Needler.
0405:  Needler switches attention to Valkyre.  A little late to do much, I think.
0408:  Valkyre saws the RT off the Needler, and stil it doesn't fall.  Jeez. Oh well, half of its weapons are now gone.
0410:  Gadget misses her scan, again.  But at least the BRG hits.  In the CB, too.  Nice being behind someone.
0415:  And Gun Bunny lands a Medium Laser that takes off the LT of the Needler, and still it does not fall.  Well, this is over.
0422:  Gun Bunny lands another Medium Laser, that takes out the CB of the Needler.  Game over, it should eject now.
0422:  Or the game could end with a victory.

Valkyre is now Green.  Yay.
Salvage + Payment - Upkeep is 148,959.  Les than last time, but fewer Titans, and less repairs.  Except for Gun Bunny's Locust.
Valkyre gets the lion's share of XP again.  But at least Skorn gets a bit of XP as well.  Found a good hill, as it turns out. 
No wonder the Icelord was so innacurate.  That chainsaw halved his health.

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RE: Clan Destine rides agaiin! - 5/13/2009 3:17:44 AM   


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Last polar map before I roll for a new set. Let's see what we get:
0000: Well this should be interesting. Rolled funky for team balance. 0% to 25% in my favor
0000: but my opponents will be 2 ranks higher than me.
0000: Interesting map, too. Wet and hilly, with some woods.
0000: Start in the upper right corner, behind a gentle hill, no line of sight.
0000: Almost a crater thing going on with this map. Hills on both sides and a mostly flat center
0000: Though there is a spire ish mountain almost dead center.
0000: Gun Bunny once again tunes her heat reg.
0134: Gun Bunny, first for a change, arrives on top of a rise in the middle of the map and sees... nothing?
0134: Hopefully the enemy is not trapped behind the mountains on the left side.
0134: Having her wait 30 seconds to let everyone else catch up.
0178: There we are. An Enigma pops out of the woods ten hexes away and shoots Gun Bunny, missing badly.
0178: Glad everyone else has caught up now.
0203: Skorn spots a Cherokee behind the Enigma. Maybe that is all of them?
0212: Gun Bunny takes a AC/12 from long distance. Ow.
0213: Skorn responds by landing a GMH on the Cherokee.
0214: A third Titan pops out of the trees, a Club. So, the fight is even after all.
0238: After being hit by the Cherokee's AC/12, Skorn gets a yellow scan on it.
0238: And lands a GMH and an AC/4 on its head.
0259: While closing with the Enigma, Gun Bunny gets pelted by its HMG, taking light damage to her life support.
0268: Now adjacent to the Enigma, Gun Bunny alphas... and lands only a SRM.
0275: Gun Bunny takes a SRM to the head and loses 15 hps. And then takes damage to her left arm, which gets ripped off. At least she is still upright.
0280: Gadget arrives next to the Enigma and Club and misses her scan and her weapons.
0285: Gun Bunny recovers 3 hp.
0289: Gun Bunny is being pounded on by three Titans. She'll have to eject soon if something doesn't change.
0291: The Enigma rips off Gun Bunny's left leg. Time for her to punch out.
0293: Gadget knocks the Enigma to the ground with her BRG. First time in three games she has done that.
0294: Gun Bunny is ejecting. The Enigma is yellow all over though. Not a good exchange.
0303: Gun Bunny ejects safely.
0316: Now Gadget is being pounded on. Her left leg is red.
0319: Gadget takes the Enigma down with her BRG again.
0320: Cherokee charges and misses Gadget. Alphas and misses too.
0321: Valkyre, who had been trailing, breaks move to go after the Cherokee who is now in her hex, and falls.
0325: Enigma attempts to stand, fails, and falls on its HMG ammo. Boom. Little damage, but I'll take it.
0331: Valkyre stands up, locks on, and misses both chainsaws. Sigh.
0332: Gadget is red all over, and her left leg is about to come off, this looks bad.
0340: Gadget is down. This is real bad. Ejecting.
0350: Gadget ejects, takes damage, but is out safe.
0378: Skorn rips the right leg off the Enigma. Maybe we have a chance, if Valkyre holds together.
0387: As battered as she is, Valkyre knocks down the Cherokee. Her LoT and LT are going, though.
0402: Valkyre loses a leg, but remains standing. If she can take down the Cherokee, we may get a draw.
0427: Cherokee is now missing a RT and is on the ground. Skorn is busy pelting the Club. We may win this yet...
0437: Cherokee gets sawed off its feet while attempting to stand. And STAY down.
0457: Valkyre takes off the LoT and the RL of the Cherokee. It is done. The Enigma hasn't punched out, but hasn't fired either, so its done.
0457: Valkyre, however, has to eject. Can't move, and it is just about in pieces.
0457: That leaves Skorn, mostly undamaged, versus a Club, somewhat hurt from GMH and AC/4 fire.
0457: Draw offered, and accepted. Whew.
Gun Bunny is now green.
Payment versus upkeep is $156k, not bad. I imagine repairs are going to be outrageous.
Ah, that is why the Enigma was silent after losing a leg, no arm weapons.
Damage to the Club was light, though I did almost breach its LT.
Valkyre, as usual, getting most of the XP. She deserves it. Taking down an Cherokee on one leg was just epic. Skorn didn't do badly, either.
Gun Bunny moves up to the Inferno, a nice step up from the Locust.

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RE: Clan Destine rides agaiin! - 5/13/2009 3:23:07 AM   


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Yes, repairs were 100k.  Ouch.

Oh, this is the squad now:

Jock:        Nikia aka Valkyre
Squad:        Clan Destine

Age:        26 years 1 months
Height:        177 cm
Weight:        69 kg
Rank:        GREEN [2]
Salary:        7074 $ / month
Titan:        Duellist [40.0 t]
Battles:    03 [Wins/Losses: 03/00]
Hit ratio:    54 %
Kills:        2
XP:        4986 / 11200
DP:        Pilot: 005 / Combat: 086 / Other: 003
Leader:        Recruit rookie mod 48%

NEURAL SENSE:        11
REACTION:        11
INSTINCT:        12
DEXTERITY:        11
CONSTITUTION:        10        HP: 90
CHARISMA:        12

RECON/LIGHT:        055 % [055]
MEDIUM/HEAVY:        001 % [055] ---
ASSAULT:        004 % [055] ---
JUMP:            055 % [055]
SCOUTING:        052 % [063]

CLOSE COMBAT:        058 % [058]
GUIDED MSL.:        019 % [066] --
UNGUIDED MSL.:        001 % [055] ---
CANNON:            055 % [055]
ENERGY WEAPON:        028 % [055] -
INDIRECT FIRE:        019 % [063] --

EL. WARFARE:        020 % [066] -
SCANNER:        050 % [065]
DEFENSIVE:        025 % [060] -
DMG. CONTROL:        020 % [065] -
LEADERSHIP:        063 % [063]
BUSINESS:        019 % [066] --
SURVIVAL:        025 % [056] -
MEDICAL:        020 % [065] -

Jock:        Larry aka Skorn
Squad:        Clan Destine

Race:        REPLICANT I [MALE]
Age:        19 years 4 months
Height:        190 cm
Weight:        87 kg
Rank:        ROOKIE [1]
Salary:        2520 $ / month
Titan:        Will-o'-Wisp [40.0 t]
Battles:    03 [Wins/Losses: 03/00]
Hit ratio:    44 %
Kills:        0
XP:        2332 / 4000
DP:        Pilot: 003 / Combat: 024 / Other: 004
Manager:    Purchase markup 10%

NEURAL SENSE:        10
REACTION:        11
INSTINCT:        11
DEXTERITY:        10
CONSTITUTION:        12        HP: 108
CHARISMA:        10

RECON/LIGHT:        051 % [051]
MEDIUM/HEAVY:        013 % [050] --
ASSAULT:        007 % [050] ---
JUMP:            026 % [051] -
SCOUTING:        054 % [058]

CLOSE COMBAT:        019 % [055] --
GUIDED MSL.:        061 % [061]
UNGUIDED MSL.:        028 % [051] -
CANNON:            053 % [053]
ENERGY WEAPON:        030 % [053]
INDIRECT FIRE:        009 % [058] ---

EL. WARFARE:        020 % [061] -
SCANNER:        043 % [060]
DEFENSIVE:        020 % [055] -
DMG. CONTROL:        020 % [060] -
LEADERSHIP:        006 % [055] ---
BUSINESS:        060 % [060]
SURVIVAL:        040 % [056]
MEDICAL:        020 % [060] -

Jock:        Loriel aka Gadget
Squad:        Clan Destine

Age:        27 years 11 months
Height:        162 cm
Weight:        52 kg
Rank:        ROOKIE [1]
Salary:        3752 $ / month
Titan:        Badger [40.0 t]
Battles:    03 [Wins/Losses: 03/00]
Hit ratio:    50 %
Kills:        0
XP:        2404 / 4000
DP:        Pilot: 006 / Combat: 013 / Other: 007
Mechanic:    Repair markup 12%

NEURAL SENSE:        10
REACTION:        12
INSTINCT:        12
DEXTERITY:        13
CONSTITUTION:        11        HP: 99
CHARISMA:        10

RECON/LIGHT:        063 % [063]
MEDIUM/HEAVY:        011 % [055] --
ASSAULT:        030 % [055]
JUMP:            005 % [063] ---
SCOUTING:        045 % [058]

CLOSE COMBAT:        040 % [060]
GUIDED MSL.:        019 % [056] --
UNGUIDED MSL.:        002 % [063] ---
CANNON:            056 % [061]
ENERGY WEAPON:        061 % [061]
INDIRECT FIRE:        009 % [058] ---

EL. WARFARE:        032 % [056]
SCANNER:        041 % [053]
DEFENSIVE:        040 % [061]
DMG. CONTROL:        058 % [058]
LEADERSHIP:        015 % [051] --
BUSINESS:        016 % [053] --
SURVIVAL:        043 % [058]
MEDICAL:        016 % [058] --

Jock:        Kathryn aka Gun Bunny
Squad:        Clan Destine

Race:        CYBORG [FEMALE]
Age:        23 years 10 months
Height:        169 cm
Weight:        83 kg
Rank:        GREEN [2]
Salary:        7844 $ / month
Titan:        Inferno [70.0 t]
Battles:    03 [Wins/Losses: 03/00]
Hit ratio:    43 %
Kills:        0
XP:        4008 / 12000
DP:        Pilot: 004 / Combat: 002 / Other: 001

NEURAL SENSE:        11
REACTION:        12
INSTINCT:        12
DEXTERITY:        11
CONSTITUTION:        11        HP: 99
CHARISMA:        10

RECON/LIGHT:        056 % [056]
MEDIUM/HEAVY:        017 % [055] --
ASSAULT:        020 % [055] -
JUMP:            021 % [056] -
SCOUTING:        056 % [058]

CLOSE COMBAT:        032 % [060]
GUIDED MSL.:        020 % [056] -
UNGUIDED MSL.:        056 % [056]
CANNON:            032 % [058]
ENERGY WEAPON:        058 % [058]
INDIRECT FIRE:        021 % [058] -

EL. WARFARE:        043 % [056]
SCANNER:        050 % [055]
DEFENSIVE:        050 % [055]
DMG. CONTROL:        050 % [055]
LEADERSHIP:        013 % [051] --
BUSINESS:        002 % [053] ---
SURVIVAL:        040 % [058]
MEDICAL:        023 % [055] -

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RE: Clan Destine rides agaiin! - 5/19/2010 4:11:23 AM   
grey death


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Hello,Iskandar of Clan Destine rides agaiin!

First a little about me. I went blind in one eye and I am legally blind in the seeing eye 20/300. I lost vision way back in 1995.

I had a win98 in 2000. I used big fonts etc. After many eye operations at UCLA Jules Stien. I took a few classes at my Local Blind Center, (Bakersfield, CA.) and made a webpage Hosted on RoadRunner my ISP.

I do not remeber exactly how I found Titans of steel. It was first free and it didn't have a CC menu to chose HQ FACTORY BATTLE. This was done one at a time in a folder. In other words The folder had all thre exe files.

This is how I played. I think this was first; ""
Then update Battle with: "" There was BattleX.exe and BattleW.exe ....

I am Hazy as to the date I setup My webpahe. But Matrix games was announcing they would soone sell the game to the public. I downloaded a beta which Had the Title Waring Suns and a Shell for a Comand Center which made switching from HQ FAC. Battle user friendly. Smile.

I placed a Banner on Mywebsite Matrix game approved and provided and embeded an hyperlink directly to the game. (

Anyway I had one Jock at 67 years old...Forgot it's name.

I need to figure out how to open the old game.

First my vision was getting worse and in march 2006 they place a second Glaucoma valve and a new cornea on my 20/300 eye...It is now somewhere between 20/200 and 20/300 for distance and Much better with close up glases.

I can see the Game or most of it and I use magnifier for some things.
The doctors if ya can believe it Just removed all the stiches in Feb. 2010. That from 2006 operation...

Around 2007 my win98 Hard drive was going Bad and I had a new HD put in. Then MS stop support and I bought a used Dell June 2008.
Now I have an external drive USB which is the old new drive out of the win98. My dell died in March this year...

I bought an acer Aspire for 200 at best Buy. OS is XP...

Then I found Matrix giving warning suns away...The interface is diff than the Version I had...This one has Missions and campaigns and EMP's and Vibra claw to Name a few changes...Although I like the music and story on the old game before you started a battle...Look out Tiger one, smile.

All that to say i want to play humans although I need to train a jock.
I have callsign wild up to Crack but he is the only Jock I have. I want to get expirence up and leadership before I start recuiting more jocks for my team.

I first played solitary games(what's the diff, between hotseat and solidtary?) Then I went through the first one on the list rooke campaigns and I was going up a rank after each game.

I need to learn how to septup to play online. Also I need to figure how to get a couple of old Titan data from my old Hard drive...I am having trouble finding the setup(install file for the old waring sungs beta command center type interface...

anyway best of luck...

I hope you respond.

Charles Nelson
I post on stock message boards sone as BNWILD56...

Also, I don't know how to use a chat client yet. I suppose we use msn but until know I hadn't an reason to use it...

To all who read this Feel free to contact me...

Oh, P.S. Forgot to say I RoadRuneer(brighthouse angered me and I change isp's last march 2009 not 2010. stiches were remove in feb. 2010.

Needless to say my webpage up load and file were on the win98 drive. And I haven't felt like relearning to up load a webpage...Many year ago 2002 Paul at the Blind Center helped me...

Best regards to all, charles

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RE: Clan Destine rides agaiin! - 5/22/2010 3:59:18 AM   


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I had an experienced team that I lost with the old version, too. I think I was told to just say goodbye. This version is much improved over that one, so I think it was worth it. I haven't done any online playing so I can't help you there. I stick to campaigns and missions mostly. You can only do campaigns in Solitary. Hotseat is good for playing on the same computer with a friend, or friends.

When you start out it is good to have three Jocks. Have each one be good at one of the following: Leadership, Business, and Damage Control. Wait to get the second two until you increase the first one's leadership. Don't get titans until you have your businessman.

Hotseat allows you to alter the setup for your board and opponent. It might be good to do this at first, to make it easier for your Rookie pilots. I think there is still a tutorial that helps understand the game mechanics, but you probably already have them figured out.

Post your questions in the Tech support section. People do read them, though traffic has quieted down recently.

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RE: Clan Destine rides agaiin! - 6/19/2010 9:36:12 AM   
grey death


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Thanks for the advice.It has been a couple of weeks or more since i played.
I had a high school friend die and funeral etc to go to.

I do invest in stocks and it has been a roller coaster last couple of weeks.I mostly follow oil...And of course BP.

I started with one jock and have him at crack. I was hoping to get him higher but i stalled on the arena where we face off with three enemy bots. Mine guy is a close weapin trained at this time.He/I haven't been able to kill all three on several attempts...

I should start playing again soon...I may have to add other Jocks at this point. I have tried to leave a few of the easy campaigns for another team.

I been piloting a medium titan and it has a rough time taking all the hits from three... I;ll update some more. I need to start game to remember exactly where and what campaigns I played...I played one or two an barely survived because was suppose to be fielding more bots.

regards, grey death

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RE: Clan Destine rides agaiin! - 6/29/2010 10:30:44 PM   


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You should definitely add more pilots. I am amazed you got a crack pilot that survived all this time on a team by himself. I had once thought about making a campaign that is specifically for just one titan - maybe on some deep recon storyline. I have already made a couple of missions where the goal was not to be detected. They were actually pretty exciting, and a refreshing change.

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RE: Clan Destine rides agaiin! - 9/5/2010 9:43:07 AM   
grey death


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Ghstbear. TRYING FAST REPLY. Cap lock sorry.

I haven't been able to play. still where i left off some months ago.hopefully I'll be playing later this winter although I'll be in TN Nov.

Good luck, never enough time

grey death

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RE: Clan Destine rides agaiin! - 9/5/2010 4:35:21 PM   


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All the best for you, Charles.

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