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EA Mods Poll

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EA Mods Poll - 6/14/2008 8:18:18 PM   


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I did a poll over at EA Mods about what David would have to do for them to buy the game and here are the results:
Lower the Price
18% [ 4 ]

Add better Graphics
22% [ 5 ]

Get a NFL or NCAA License
13% [ 3 ]

All of the Above
45% [ 10 ]

It was interesting that 18% said lower the price. I would have thought nobody would say get a NFL or NCAA since you can create those leagues. I'm not suprised at about the 45% wanting everything, but I did think more people would say graphics over price and the License. Anyway just thought I would post that over here so everyone could see it. I would say most of the people at EA Mods who play Madden play arcade style so thats why I included the options I did.

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RE: EA Mods Poll - 6/15/2008 3:40:34 AM   

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Well I dont claim to be totally satisfied at the moment with MaxFootball

But lets look at these realistically

18% lower the price:
even buying this title in the UK (which is known for its expensive games)
MaxFootball was not expensive (In my opinion).

22% Add better Graphics:
come on, lets be honest, the graphics on MaxFootball, yep not the best I've ever seen
But there certainly not the worst either..........on the whole I think the graphics are fine
especially coupled with the editing ability this title allows

13% Get a license:
Totally uneccesary, as you already stated.

45% All of the above:
Yep these kinda guys would only be happy if you gave them the best game in the world (for free)
and bought them a top of the range PC to play it on.

Just my 10 cents, Mykal

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RE: EA Mods Poll - 6/15/2008 6:17:50 AM   

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From: Virginia
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Price is fair as is, due to the continued support David has given us.

Graphics are fine.  They aren't Madden, but they are a step up from FB Pro, and the customization of Max-FB more than makes up for its short comings

Lack of license is fine, there are plenty of people working on NFL, NCAA, CFL, and arena mods.

All the game needs is fine tuning at this point, which is fine with me because I like the fact that David listens to us when we bring up concerns, and gives us straight answers (except when it comes to release dates, but I understand that one).


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RE: EA Mods Poll - 6/15/2008 7:44:24 PM   

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From: Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada
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Well, one way to look at it is this...

You could sell 200 units @ $40 (gross = $8,000)...
Or, sell 500 units @ $25 (gross = $ 12,500)...

Now this is very simplified and pure conjecture, but the second case with increased demand due to lower price not only nets a high gross revenue, more people actually have the game - a win, win situation.

Let's get serious... for most of us here who have already bought the game, it is worth the price we paid for it. And many of us here were early adoptors - willing to pay more because it is a product that does something (or plans on doing something) we are very much interested in. But we are well past the early adopters stage. It is time to get the game into many more consumers hands, and by lowering the price point, it will help a lot.

Yes, it's true, many consumers are very cheap and want everything for next to nothing...but you would be kidding yourself if you don't believe that lowering the price will end up generating more sales. There are many people out there who won't touch the game at it's current price, but will gladly give it a try at a lower price point.

For the future of this game, and its continued development, it is very important to generate more revenue from the product and get it into more peoples' hands.

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RE: EA Mods Poll - 6/15/2008 7:55:25 PM   

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Yes I can see your point Redwolf
certainly worth thinking about

but that decission certainly isnt mine to make

besides all present
with the state of things,
any money spent buying this title would be for most people a waste
people want to buy games that work correctly and this aint there yet

If I had purchased MaxFootball from a store
taking it back and complaining whilst asking for my money back
would certainly have been on my mind

Dont mis-understand me, I like maxFootball with all it promises
but at present all we have is promises.


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RE: EA Mods Poll - 6/16/2008 4:45:05 AM   
David Winter


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From: Vancouver, BC
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I'd have to say that #1 and #2 counter each other. Graphics are expensive. As with any product, cars, fridges, TV's, airline flights, video games, what-have-you, added expenses gets passed to the customer.

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RE: EA Mods Poll - 6/16/2008 12:32:52 PM   

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Most certainly David
makes perfect sense to me man


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RE: EA Mods Poll - 6/16/2008 7:10:02 PM   

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its my turn to go off on it.

Graphix- yes i would love for the graphix to be as smooth as Madden. But as we all know you don't always get what ya want. and if we went to madden you would not be making a full league of made up iniforms and stadiums. this can't be beat by any body.

The price. are you kidding me fuss'n about the price of a video game.
they are all in this price range if its to much then sellyour computer and geta deck of cards.
I can't understand a soul saying this is to much. tell mommy to stop smoking her cigs a sewcond and find things around the block to do for the cash. hell move the yard. geta job get a life dudes. this is not an expensive game. and for us at Max it is well worth the cost . Let me ask EA for and update or a bug fix. or hey EA can you look at my file its not working right.

the answer back would be .......................................................................oh thats right they wouldn't answer you . unless it was a generic response form the computer generated stock reply.


Yes we have a few problems
yes i want Madden type Graphix.

But nothing will ever compare to the quality of this game in the edit mood we are given.

Shut the hell up
sit down and quit cry'n cause as we all know theres no cry'n in the video game market.

Buy the game and play it.



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RE: EA Mods Poll - 6/16/2008 11:50:08 PM   

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Well for me and for any of my purchases, as long as im satisfied, its all well worth it

I remember when i first purchased Maximum Football, i believe the second patch was just released and i didnt even know.Version 1.139 or maybe less and
i was already satisfied,it was able to let you customized rules,uniforms and etc.Then as weeks passes by i found more things to edit which i respectfully stopped at a certain point.
Anyhow this game gave me hours of enjoyment and that my $40 was well worth it.

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RE: EA Mods Poll - 6/17/2008 2:11:36 AM   

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I sometimes think people judge their entertainment differently.
I agree with local8h on this one. For the $40 or so I spent, I have got my moneys worth. I have become better at using Paint Shop Pro, and after a long hiatus, im 3D modeling again...I got my moneys worth and more.

My wife and I take our kids to a movie, or for that matter, just the 2 of us go. $20 for tickets plus food either in theater or at a restaurant....$40 easy.
Maybe the movie was so-so and the food average. Cant get my money back, and maybe didnt get my moneys worth.

David doesnt owe anyone a lifes debt because they spent $40 dollars on his software. Neither does EA or Blizzard.
I bought Empire Earth 3 and hated it. Played it less than 3 hours. Now it sits in a closet along with a few others I cant return. It's a chance you take.


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RE: EA Mods Poll - 6/17/2008 2:38:40 AM   

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not liking a title you buy, yep I agree, shouldnt get your money back
but things thats are the faulty, think you'll find bro (at least in the UK)
you are entitled to your money back, certainly not just a chance you take.

Now, dont mis-understand, I aint asking for my money back or anyones blood,
just a simple observation bro.


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RE: EA Mods Poll - 6/17/2008 2:54:29 AM   

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There was a time in the US that you could return software, or at least exchange it for something else....dont think thats the case anymore. I think EB may have been the last chain store to allow returns or at least exchanges.


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RE: EA Mods Poll - 6/17/2008 3:15:54 AM   

Posts: 1777
Joined: 4/3/2008
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Well I certainly cant argue with that bro, I'm not from the US, so you know more than me there

you cant actually return software here either (not because you just didnt like it anyway)
and thats certainly the right way to go, you cant be allowed to muck about in such a fashion, not right at all

But anything Faulty no matter what it is, is actually governed by law over here
its written in black and white, Trades and standards.

That said (as before), I arnt asking for money back or anything of that nature
I would gladly have paid more for max football at the time of purchase (although being from the UK I did pay more than most here)
Its not a money issue with me, I've never complained about price etc.

When its actually working right (or for the most part).................this game will be one kick ass Football title (if I can say ass)
of that there is no doubt, something we will have David and all the tester alike to thank for, trust me, I'll be first in line, cap in hand.


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RE: EA Mods Poll - 6/19/2008 10:03:16 PM   
David Winter


Posts: 5158
Joined: 11/24/2004
From: Vancouver, BC
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When its actually working right (or for the most part).................

What "isn't working right" for you?

I'd just like to determine if you're talking about crashes, or if you're talking about features/changes you would like to see.


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RE: EA Mods Poll - 6/20/2008 2:22:04 AM   

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no none of that stuff David, i was meaning the Stats etc, things like that
and yes , i know the stats bug is corrected now.

Thanks Bro, Mykal

(in reply to David Winter)
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RE: EA Mods Poll - 7/29/2008 9:13:28 PM   


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If the game I don't like is on a tangible device, then I can easily send it to GameStop or post it on Goozex to see if there's anyone who does.

I think a lot more people would jump at MFB if it were at $30 instead of $40

In terms of graphics, the models aren't too bad (I don't know if it would take a new engine to cough out football models comparable to those seen in Madden and faces seen in The Sims), though the animations could be a bit more smooth and realistic. I wouldn't quite have a "CPU-CPU Popcorn Game" with it, but with the unrealistic stats of Madden, I wouldn't have one with that (Madden) either.

The whole team license thing isn't an issue as mods take care of that. I could care less about the rosters as I made them up, even in Madden and NCAA. Plus, with the way MFB is structured, I can get several games in one (NFHS, NCAA, NFL, CFL, AFL, NFLE, fantasy leagues)

The gameplay is solid, but some of the visuals need a little polish

(in reply to Mykal)
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