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RE: AAR 1756-58 The Montcalm campaign. Rule Britannia!

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RE: AAR 1756-58 The Montcalm campaign. Rule Britannia! - 2/14/2007 1:18:32 AM   
USS Yorktown

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Turn 10 (December 1756): Twas the night before Christmas

A nasty piece of fight is due to occure any time in the Mohawk valley. Chevalier de Lévis looks like he was expecting me in Crown point but now he stands frozen with his troops. Harsh weather must have caused him some damage... Hope this hurts... Montcalm is still waiting patiently in Oswego, with no less than 20 units (!!!). I don't know who will be the winner but this's gonna to be painfull...

(regions control view)

Meanwhile, in the south, I'm gathering strengths in my new depot.

(strategic objectives view)

Twas the night before Christmas, and everything looks like it's gona to get really ugly next year between the French and the British.

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RE: AAR 1756-58 The Montcalm campaign. Rule Britannia! - 2/14/2007 6:20:01 PM   

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it's gona to get really ugly next year between the French and the British

Go go go!!

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McClellan asked, "What troops are those fighting in the Pike?"
Hooker replied, "[Brigadier] General Gibbon's brigade of Western men."
McClellan stated, "They must be made of iron."

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RE: AAR 1756-58 The Montcalm campaign. Rule Britannia! - 2/15/2007 3:42:43 AM   
USS Yorktown

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My opponent and I play roughly one turn a week.
This might look slow for some readers, but it suits our agendas and I don't think I'ld able to sustain an AAR with more.

However, you might be interested to know that my opponent seems to have updated his own AAR yesterday (he is much more busy than me)

The link is:

and the AAR name is: BOA AAR of the Montcalm Campaign.....Vive la Nouvelle France!
(well, I guess you would have known...)

Learn about his evil plans to turn Hollywood in a black and white subtitled movies industry there...

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RE: AAR 1756-58 The Montcalm campaign. Rule Britannia! - 2/20/2007 11:52:46 PM   
USS Yorktown

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New turn has been processed, stay tuned for the upcoming AAR

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RE: AAR 1756-58 The Montcalm campaign. Rule Britannia! - 2/21/2007 9:35:56 AM   

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in the wilderness, irregulars or light infantry performs better than regulars, so Washington is peharps not as protected as you think with the redcoats regiments. Nice trick to establish a depot, especially if you have spare wagons.


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RE: AAR 1756-58 The Montcalm campaign. Rule Britannia! - 2/21/2007 2:46:16 PM   
USS Yorktown

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Thanks for your advice Pocus
Indeed I have to be carefull no to get caught in an ambush while moving the wilderness, those damn' Indians and Coureurs des bois would slaughter my line infantry...
However, so the French seems to have mainly used his irregular units to garison Fort Duquesne. If I successfully trap them in the Fort and siege it, they won't be able to use any guerilla tricks against me. I would have to be carefull with indian tribes though...

Turn 11 (January 1757): This is the year that will decide the outcome of the battle!

Stewart has sent his orders with the following comment "Good luck! This is the year that will decide the outcome of the battle!". Well, I could not tell less...

The month has been pretty quiet, the two armies are busy gathering forces, waiting for the spring operations... but something tells me that the summer will be red (color of the blood, and color of the British!).
While I'm preparing my plans for the upcoming yer, I'm still slightly worried: Am I overdoing it? This campaign is named "The Montcalm campaign", not the "Wolf, Johnson, Lawrence, etc. campaign". Historically, it has ended with a huge French victory at Fort Carillon. So I should be the defenseur (and so did I), but I'm now planing to take the initiative against Fort Duquesne and to face Montcalm's army in the Mohawk valley... Overconfidence?... We'll see.

In the Mohawk valley, Marquis de Montcalm has set himself in Oswego, while Chevalier de Lévis has taken his winterquarters in Fort Frédéric, abandoning Crown point to the snow.
Meanwhile, I have sent some reinforcement to Sir Johnson in Dayton, and to Colonel Munroe in Fort Henry.

In the Fort Duquesne area, my forces are finishing to concentrate. Taking advantge of this idle time, Washington has trained 1st Virginia milicians in a Provincials regiment, much more efficient. I hope he will succed in training the same way the 2nd Virginia before military operations resume.
(Hum... this ability to train milician in continental soldiers could be usefull one day... )

God saves the King, we've received some replacements from home!

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RE: AAR 1756-58 The Montcalm campaign. Rule Britannia! - 3/11/2007 11:28:23 AM   
USS Yorktown

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Turn 12 & 13 (February & March 1757): Something wicked this way comes.

Nothing really decisive happened. Both French and Britsih have spent the winter resting and getting reinforcements.

In Crown point, I had sent a small troop to take control of this strategic region as Chevalier de Lévis had gone in Fort Frederic to take cover. But this was just an harassing action, and witht the spring coming the men have retreated in Fort Henry before Chevalier de Lévis resume his march toward the Fort and Albany...

In the Mohawk Valley, Colonel Johnson is still guarding the pathway to Albany. After monthes of inactivity, Marquis de Montcalm has just got his men of Oswego's walls. It looks like the decisive battle for the control of Northen America is about to happen.

The French plan is clear enough, it looks like I will have to face a pince attack, Montcalm (1) and de Lévis (2) converging toward Albany (3). And I just have one army...

In Pennsylvania, the situation is still the same. I've decided to send a part of my reinforcements there in order to gain the upper hand.

I've read somewhere a BoA player comparing Birth of America to Chess. I feel this is very true. Especially in the French and Indian War campaign. Everything is about moves, threats, counter-threats and plans. In fact, I even in one of my first posts here (turn 3), I described the deplacement of my Halifax troops to Pennsylavnia to a "castling queen side".

Well, now I would say that the opening moves have ended, let's enter in the middle game: The fight.

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RE: AAR 1756-58 The Montcalm campaign. Rule Britannia! - 3/17/2007 11:08:28 AM   
USS Yorktown

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Turn 14 (April 1757): Armies on the move

Spring has arrived and armies are on the move. Clash of Empires can occur any time now.

The battle for Albany

In the Mohawk valley, Montcalm (1) has resumed as exepected his advance toward Albany. He is now directly facing Colonel Johnson (4) who is guarding Dayton and the way to Albany. Johnson won't be able to resist such a force and will have to avoid destruction.
But Chevalier de Lèvis has surprised me again... I was expecting him to move south to siege Fort Henry in a very "Last of the Mohicans" manner, but instead, he chose a side move, leaving behind him to guard Crown Point a single French Marines unit (3) which constitutes a very tempting target for my troops (6)...
Positioned as he is, de Lévis can either try to join with Montcalm, go to lay siege to Fort Henry or set back to Crown Point. Another interesting move from my opponent...

The Battle for Fort Duquesne

In Pennsylvania, reverse situation: Dunbar has begun his Spring campaign and is on the move to Fort Duquesne. The train of supplies makes the crossing of the mountains really difficult and slow.

Reinforcement have arrived, armies are on the move, respective indians allies are back from their winter quarter: I expect the next three monthes to prove decisive...
However, eventhough they are usually very calm, do not underestimate winters in Birth of America as they set rythm in the war. They are deadly and all campaigns must be planned in order to be able to take winter quarters in a safe place. But you can also suprise your opponent with an unexpected winter campaing. Finally, you can use the semi winter truce to make some strategic moves and prepare your spring offensive plans. I expect the French to have done the same than me...

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RE: AAR 1756-58 The Montcalm campaign. Rule Britannia! - 3/25/2007 12:36:06 PM   
USS Yorktown

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Turn 15 (May 1757): Ennemies at the gates

With May begins the season of battles. Free to move, the armies are now about to face each other.

The Battle for Albany:

Montcalm has now taken position in the Mohawk valley and is now at the gate of Albany. From the walls of the city, my troops can see the fires of the French army sieging Dayton. In the Adirondack mountains, Chevalier de Lévis has once again surprised me. Whereas I was expecting a move to Fort Henry or back to Crown point, he has kept on moving toward the Mohawk valley, it looks like he wants to join up with Marquis de Moncalm's troops to attack Albany. Meanwhile, the French Marines that were guarding Crown Point have retreated to Fort St Frédéric. I have missed an oppotunity to easily take control of this strategic location.

The Battle for Fort Duquesne

Just as Montcalm heads to Albany, Dunbar heads to Fort Duquesne. Indians have been signaled. It looks like the French are expecting us and have been calling all available reinforcements in an desesperate attempt to resist to the iminent British assault.

Petty war

Meanwhile, witht the new season, my faithfull Mohicans are back. I have ordered them to scout Montroyal surroundings.

The summer will be decisive...

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RE: AAR 1756-58 The Montcalm campaign. Rule Britannia! - 4/1/2007 3:02:22 PM   
USS Yorktown

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Turn 16 (June 1757): Discovered Check!!

For monthes, I've been telling you that the battle was imminent. June has proved to be the bloodiest month of the campaign so far.

Mohawk valley

Having scouted an important force in Albany, Montcalm had carefully chosen to retreat in order to join with De Lévis' forces. But the British were out for him, lead by Abercromby they pursued the French and finally caught them in Oriskany where an important battle took place for several hours. Finally, Montcalm successfully escaped. He is presumed to be heading toward Oswego. Casualties are important for both sides but this is a clear victory for His Majesty's troops!


At the same moment, the British were brutally seizing the initiative in the Mohawk valley, Dunbar and Washington savagely attacked some indians villages in the surroundings of Fort Duquesne. Ignoring the important French force defending the Fort, they retaliated against their indian allies. Burning their villages to the ground.

Perfidious Albion

Wait, where was Washington? Where does Abercromby come from?
Well, I must confess in the past few monthes, I have not been telling you everything...

Since the begining, my plan has been to lure Montcalm under Albany's wall, and defeat him soundly thanks to my reinforcements. These reinforcements arrived in February in Halifax. For three monthes, I have been ferrying them secretly to Albany (via New-York). My initial plan was to bring them in while Montalm was sieging Albany but my opponent was so carefull in his approach that I had to take the initiative and strike first. This decision to strike was driven by the opportunity of the split between Montcalm forces and de Lévis forces.

February 57, Abercromby arrive with some important regular British infantry regiments

March 57: The reinforcements sail to New-York

Avril 57: Abercromby is ready to sail up the Houston

May 57: Montcalm is getting ready to siege Dayton, unaware of the new threat gathering in Albany...

In Pennsylvania however, I dramatically changed my plans. My initial objective was siege and take Fort Duquesne, but early 1757 (after having built my depot and on the edge of begining the Spring campaign), I realised that my French opponent had been concentrating a huge force to defend the Fort. Even if my Redcoats are superioly trained and equiped, they will never be able to take a so powerfully defended fort. Thus, I decided to take opportunity of this situation: I pinned down the French defensor with my main force, meanwhile, I sent Washington with a small commando to strike where the French was not...

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RE: AAR 1756-58 The Montcalm campaign. Rule Britannia! - 4/22/2007 11:26:01 AM   
USS Yorktown

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Turn 17 (July 1757): Keeping the momentum

Last month must have been a nasty surprise for my oppenent. Monthes of preparation, patience, doubts (I was wary of a possible Montcalm blitz again Albany) and at a successfull counter attack.

The end of the summer 1757 must be used to take full advantage of this strategic surprise, I have to strike down Montcalm's army and gain strategic positions before the French have a chance to recover.

Mohawk Valley: The Battle for Oswego

Therefore, I order Abercromby (despite him being a slow mover) to rush onto Oswego. Montcalm's army must be retreating in this direction and I have to catch in the open field. If Montcalm has the time to close Osewego's gates in front of me, I should be able to undertake a successfull siege. Indeed, last year my troops were ordered to destroy Oswego's defenses before to abandon the town. The French do not seem to have rebuild them yet.

Some of my troops have been seriously depleted in the previous battle, I order them to go back to Albany in order to get some rest and avoid complete destruction in a new fight.

Lake Champlain

George Munro's troops are still blocking for the French and their allies the road to Albany in Fort Henry. I decide to send my faithfull Mohicans in a retaliation raid against Fort Frederic (it's great this immersive feeling to be in the middle of the movie/book).

The war in the Wild West

While the French have barricaded themselves in Fort Duquesne (7), my troops have bypassed them and have destroyed two indian villages (1&2). These tribes will never be part of the war again... I decide to keep this move ahead and deepen myself further in ennemy territories.
George Washinton (1) will use his superior mobiliy and his abilities in guerrilla tactics to scout Detroit (5) and will seize if undefended. Governor Lawrence (2) will follow him from a distance with more important forces, destroying all indian villages on the way (6). Meanwhile, Dunbar (4) will take his quarters in Fort Leboeuf, hopefully capturing some boats to sail on Lake Erie.

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RE: AAR 1756-58 The Montcalm campaign. Rule Britannia! - 4/24/2007 2:38:09 PM   
USS Yorktown

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Oswego is free!

At last. When I evacuated Oswego last year I promised to His Majesty faithfull subjects that I will be back. The battle for Oswego has been terrible. Montcalm was trapped in the city, surrounded in ennemy territories, with the Lake Ontario behind him.

Unable to retreat, his forces have been routed and destroyed by the mighty Brirtish redcoats regiments.

Losses are severe, one of our dear Highlanders elite infantry regiment has been almost wiped out. Almost of you units have taken heavy losses, but the ennemy is routed. I'll have some time to reorganise my troops. I have captured plenty of supplies and artileries. I won't do the same mistke than Montcalm and I begin immediately to build with them some fortifications and a depot in order to resist a French counter-attack.

War in the wild west

Deep in the west, George Washington (1) has reported to me that Detroit (4) seems to have been left undefended. He will try to seize it next month. I hurry him Charles Lawrence (2) with some solid troops in order to hold this strategic objective.
Meanwhile, Thomas Dunbar is heading north to siege Fort Niagara (5). The French seem to be still baricaded in Fort Duquesne (6), unaware of the threats upon their rear lines.

In New-York, Brigadier-General Jame Murray has just arrived from Europe with a small army. I also expect the Royal Navy to join to the fight next month.

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RE: AAR 1756-58 The Montcalm campaign. Rule Britannia! - 6/2/2007 8:42:16 PM   
USS Yorktown

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Turn 17 (August 1757): New plans

We are in the last tiers of the 1757 war season. In few monthes, the snow will appear and the armies will be forced to take their winter quarters in safe shelters. I have to decide what is going to be my strategy now.
Indeed, I have successfully completed my master plan: I have concentrated my strength in one point (the Mohawk valley) and strike a huge blow one the main ennemy corps. The only failure in my plan has been Fort Duquesne which is still hold firm in French hands.

The scenario will run for 14 turns again, so I have to decide on a new strategy for this second half of the war: Right now, despite my tactical victory in Oswego, the final victory is not yet secured.

Opportunist strategy

The good news is that the French will need several monthes to recover from the defeat they suffered. They need to concentrate new troops, and their indians allies are going to go back to their camps in octover anyway. I don't expect any offensive action from Montcalm before next spring.
The bad news news is my main corps has been badly damaged during Oswego battle. Abercromby men will need at least 3 monthes of rest and replacements before to go back to battle. Therefore, I'm unable to take a decisive advantage here.

Therefore, rather than to go after a decisive victory, I decide to use the last weeks before the winter to begin a new strategy:

1)I'm going to do something I usually never do: I'm going to split my forces in order to simultaneously attack multiple objectives in the periphery of the battlefield;
2) In normal time, this would be a risky strategy and the French paid an heavy price in the Mohawk valley for doing this. But I feel Montcalm is not in shape to react immediatly and the coming winter should protect me from a strong French counter-attack;
3) If Montcalm chooses to contentrate and strike one of my task forces, the losses would be be relatively small and I would still have grabed some victory points elswhere; Plus, as I will fortify the captured positions, retak
4) Finally, if Montcalm sends some forces in the periphery to counter-attack, he would be all the weaker when I will resume my offensive in the center toward Montreal.

By the end of the game, the aim of my plan is to control most of the objectives and strategic cities and hopefully be in position to assault Montreal.

The attack on Montreal

There are 3 main ways for an army to attack Montreal:
1)Through the Lake Champlain. This is the most obvious one. Fort Frederick is guarding it.
2) Through the Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence river. Frontenac and La Presentation are guarding it.
3) Through the ocean and the St Lawrence river? Louisbourg and Quebec are guarding it (!!)

Therefore Fort Frederick, Frontenac and Louisbourg will be top priority objectives.

The battle in the wild west

In the west, Fort Duquesne is still heavily defended, but Fort Detroit has been left undefended, and the garrison in Fort Niagara looks lonely... Therefore, I leave Fort Duquesne alone and go after the most easy to size obectives.

This is the most risky part, as my forces will be quite thin. But, once behind the forts walls, and with an harsh winter; i'm confident I'll be able to lure important french forces away from Montreal.

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