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Adamo -> Scoring in 8.4? (8/22/2005 11:02:38 PM)

I'm another returnee and I'm still playing ver 8.2. I was wondering if, in any of the 2 updates, 8.3 and 8.4, whether the scoring system has been addressed. I play a lot of solitaire and I have yet to figure out the after-battle scoring system. I've heard others complain about this in the past and I wanted to know if it's been improved and/or fixed since 8.2.



Terminus -> RE: Scoring in 8.4? (8/22/2005 11:08:01 PM)

If you're talking about the casualty report, it's still screwy...

Alby -> RE: Scoring in 8.4? (8/22/2005 11:34:19 PM)

The end game scoring has always bothered me...way too many draws for me...
even if the point differential was signifigant

Twotribes -> RE: Scoring in 8.4? (8/23/2005 4:31:57 AM)

It is a draw if you dont have at least a set percent more than the other side. I dont know the percents, but just cause you have say 3000 points more than the other guy if it doesnt mean the percent needed for some type of victory it is a draw. Keeping enemy points down and getting points yourself is the idea.

Major Destruction -> RE: Scoring in 8.4? (8/23/2005 6:39:10 AM)

We all know who won.

need I say more?

chief -> RE: Scoring in 8.4? (8/23/2005 6:39:42 AM)

Adamo: Its just like you left it a while back. No changes that I can see. Also see previous answers.....Welcome back.

Puukkoo -> RE: Scoring in 8.4? (8/23/2005 10:56:01 AM)

In ver 8.0 I managed to create a scenario that can be won only if you lose less than 10 men. I did not even adjust victory point value of the troops by more than x2.

It seems that you cannot score a decisive victory by Pyrrhic victories, but it's only realistic.

"Joss" Osborne -> RE: Scoring in 8.4? (8/23/2005 3:27:13 PM)

I believe somewhere there is a matrix (no pun intended!) that shows you the ranges for each vic type and I believe this is related to the type of game you play. (Assault, advance etc.) which I believe is why you do not see too many PBEM games played as "assaults".

I'll see if I can find it. This is why I've always believed any ladder/league play with this game should be scored o the raw numbers not the type of victory. This is especially true of draws.

Adamo -> RE: Scoring in 8.4? (8/23/2005 4:57:02 PM)

I must say, in defense of the game, sometimes there's a fine line between victory and defeat. If a unit occupies a victory hex but is 'surrounded' by enemy units can you say that the unit has the hex 'occupied'? With that said, the game's calculations of units lost, etc. is very messed up.


Puukkoo -> RE: Scoring in 8.4? (8/23/2005 6:15:15 PM)

True. Some victories just don't feel like victories. If you lost 50% of your troops you cannot actually have won a 'decisive victory'.

Svennemir -> RE: Scoring in 8.4? (8/23/2005 9:43:34 PM)

A quick google search revealed the following. It's from, which in turn curiously attributes the information to these forums.


SPWaW Victory Ratios explained

This is from a post on the SPWaW forum at Matrix Games and describes how the victory rations are calculated in SPWaW. There has been some controversy in regards to the problem with scoring a Major victory in some scenarios. The reason for this happening is explained below:

I have posted this before but I will post it again.
Human vs computer
More than 1-3 Decisive Loss
1-3 to 3-1 Draw
3-1 to 7-1 Minor victory
7-1 Higher Major victory

The odds vs human player are a little lower. This is due to the predictable action of the AI in computer generated battles.
Human vs. Human
More than 1-2 Decisive Loss
1-2 to 2-1 Draw
2-1 to 6-1 Minor victory
6-1 Higher Major victory

I too think that the odds are too extreme. Fairly even players will get a lot of draws. Also the victory point contribution from taking objectives is far too small in my opinion, at least relative to the typical contribution from losses. The loss of a tank platoon is frequently worse than several victory hexes, meaning that the current system doesn't scale well into large battles, becoming pure wars of annihilation. It would be really cool if the player could apply an arbitrary factor to the victory hex points.

By the way, the "More than 1-2 Decisive Loss" looks kind of strange to me, I think it should be symmetric. The other part of the table resembles what I've heard elsewhere, so that's probably correct.

Svennemir -> RE: Scoring in 8.4? (8/23/2005 10:05:38 PM)

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Adamo -> RE: Scoring in 8.4? (8/23/2005 10:50:08 PM)

What do those ratios represent? Are they the ratio of 'victory points'? 'Victory Points' being a combination of victory hex points and casualty points?


KNomad -> RE: Scoring in 8.4? (8/24/2005 1:24:43 AM)



What do those ratios represent? Are they the ratio of 'victory points'? 'Victory Points' being a combination of victory hex points and casualty points?


Yup - you accumulate victory points by contolling objectives and destroying your enemy.

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