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a511 -> is it a bug? (7/5/2005 6:11:04 PM)

i move a transport into north atlantic 10 region, of which a huge allied fleet is there, so that i can transport the supplies in Morocoo to my isolated fleet in north atlantic 4 region.
the operation is a success and my isolated fleet is able to move again but of course my transport will stay there.
but when i end the turn the system request me to do the combat in north atlantic 10 region and wont let me go on to the production phase and so the game get stuck there. why cant the allied fleet just leave my little transport alone?!?! [:@]

anything i can do ... cos its a tournament game and i dont wont to replay the turn or its just suppose to be like that?? iirc, i did once find a lone allied transport stay in the same region w/o combat in a turn of this same game ...


JanSorensen -> RE: is it a bug? (7/5/2005 6:50:01 PM)

Is the TRS all alone in that sea zone - or which other units are present?

Forwarn45 -> RE: is it a bug? (7/5/2005 7:00:48 PM)

You must be referring to our game. I wish I had sunk that last transport. [;)] Anyway, I have noticed the same thing in our game, I think in my many attempts to supply Gibraltar. I think the game let me leave transports in sea zones with subs in them without forcing me to attack. But when you had the surface ships (battleships and light fleets) in the sea zone - I had no choice but to attack and had to use either an air or ship to do it (althoughh it was still worth it to supply Gibraltar). [8D] I never had to replay a turn, fortunately - but if you have no ships left to move (or want to replay after knowing this) go ahead.

Joel Billings -> RE: is it a bug? (7/5/2005 9:02:53 PM)

There should be a rule that a ship at sea that is getting supplies from an adjacent sea area requires that the adjacent area be free of a required combat situation or that the supplies must be transported into the area of the ship being supplied so that the transport will take Op fire for the supplies moving through the area. This looks like a breakdown in our system since you can supply from an adjacent area even though it has enemy units in it. I suggest you play that this kind of supply effort is not allowed (i.e. you must clear the area of enemy units first before supplying through the area. We will add this to our list for a future patch. We never intended for a transport to be able to sail into enemy waters and supply ships beyond that area without op fire.

Forwarn45 -> RE: is it a bug? (7/5/2005 11:13:26 PM)

I would not do well in a game of "game exploit or feature?" against Joel. The time I thought it was an exploit (early Russia attack against Japan allowed if Russia is close enough) - it turns out I was also wrong. [;)]

Anyway, since I've used the supply "feature/exploit" you can as well A511. What Joel said reminded me of how I got around the forced attack if I did not want to attack. What you can do is after supplying the troops/ships is to actually try to move the supply THROUGH the zone with the transport and enemy ships. If you do this, it will trigger op-fire and your transport will be sunk. [8|]

Joel Billings -> RE: is it a bug? (7/6/2005 1:20:04 AM)

Just talked to Keith. We expect to add a method to force combat to happen in cases such as these so the player can continue on. Keith feels the supplies should get through but the transport will need to "attack" at some point during the turn.

a511 -> RE: is it a bug? (7/6/2005 5:07:20 AM)

alright ... thats the end of the mystery ... i always wonder how u can supply ur troop in GB when i got 5+ sub in north atlantic 10 (as my plan was to drive ur boys into the sea when they were out of supply) ... i just thought u have tried so hard and got a couple of transports sunk by Op-fire b4 u resupplied ur boys in GB ...

i agree the pt that the transports have to be attacked, and i think it should be attack b4 EVERY attempt to transport each unit of supply/ troops thro' the region.

for the turn, no problem then ... lets see what i can do to complete the turn and send back to u later today.


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