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IanAM -> Matrix Forums and Safari (7/2/2005 10:43:41 AM)

Does anyone esle have problems using these forums on a Mac using the Safari browser?

I can't see any of these links/controls at top right

Forums Register Login Photo Gallery Member List Search Calendars FAQ

My Profile Inbox Address Book My Subscription My Forums Log Out

Is this something to do with my setup, or a general incompatibility with this forum software and Safari?

benpark -> RE: Matrix Forums and Safari (7/2/2005 11:20:17 AM)

I don't see it on Safari/Mac at all either. I usually end up checking them with my PC/Mozilla(which has it's own issues).

IanAM -> RE: Matrix Forums and Safari (7/4/2005 7:21:21 PM)

Oh well, looks like I'll have to live with it and switch to Firefox for posting here then :(

IanAM -> RE: Matrix Forums and Safari (7/4/2005 7:26:46 PM)

Just had a thought and tried The Wargamer forums with Safari. I can use those perfectly, and they appear to use the same forum software as Matrix - ASPPlayground.NET, but an earlier version.

Anyone from Matrix know why Safari support seems to be broken in their implementation of the software?

Alex Fiedler -> RE: Matrix Forums and Safari (3/19/2009 3:37:58 AM)

Should be all fixed now :)

Oliver Heindorf -> RE: Matrix Forums and Safari (3/27/2009 6:26:24 PM)

works like a charm now !

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